Wood Storage Shelves For Garage

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Simple Diy Shelving In A Stylish Garage

Super Efficient 2×4 Garage Shelves | DIY Garage Storage

Storing your stuff in the garage wont be scary and boring anymore if you can modify it well.

You will need some boards to make a wall-mounted shelving unit. Cut the boards to make the small shelves where you can store some paints. You will also need the big boards to place some storage boxes.

Tips: Infuse the stylish look by painting white the shelves.

Easy Diy Garage Shelves With Free Plans

This is the best, most efficient way to build DIY garage shelves, period. And the best part is you can build these DIY shelves for under $60. The DIY Garage Shelves are 6 feet long, 16 inches deep and 75.5 inches tall. All you need to build the shelves are twelve 2x4s, one sheet of OSB and a few tools. And you can make them longer or deeper depending on what you need for your space.

I wanted these storage shelves to fit on the sidewall of my garage thats why I made them 16 inches deep. Theres still plenty of room for totes or bins on the shelves, but you wont hit them pulling into the garage. And you wont waste any materials because the DIY Garage Shelves are designed to be as efficient as possible.

If you need shelves for your garage, basement or workshop, youve come to the right place. This DIY project is the perfect way to add storage space wherever you need it!

Before we get started, make sure to follow me on , and to keep up with all my latest builds!

Here is what youll need for the project:

Tools Used

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Diy 24 Garage Shelves

Create your own garage shelves during your leisure time to keep your garage way tidier.

The materials you will need are:

Start with the cutting steps after you decided the size that fits your needs. Then, build the frame and the shelves. Last, assemble it perfectly.

Attach the braces to the wall, then attach the end sections to the braces. Fasten them by screwing through each shelf as well.

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Cut The Pieces To Size

If you don’t have a table saw at home , get those pieces cut at the home improvement store instead. This also makes it a lot easier to transport everything home! For one set of 4-foot-long shelves, you’ll need three strips of OSB.

The 2×4’s are easy to cut with a miter saw or circular saw .

If you cut a 2x4x8′ board exactly in half, you’ll get two almost 48″ pieces. The blade cuts away about ” , but it’s nothing to worry about in a rough build like this. No one is going to notice that your sides are 1/16″ off!

Dont Spend Much Money

16 Cheap Garage Storage Projects You Can DIY

It doesnt have to spend much money and also spend much time to create the garage shelves.

  • The materials you will need are:
  • Plywood, MDF, or particleboard

Create the frame in the beginning after you decided the size and measure the wood. Then, assemble the shelves to the legs and fasten them with the glue and the screws.

Note: Ensure creating a wider space of the shelves so that it fits any different size of the tools and equipment.

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Make A Pallet Dolly For Toting Big Tools

I had a truckload of lumber to transport from the truck down a long hallway to my shop, and I wasnt looking forward to carrying it all by myself, an armload at a time. Thats when I noticed a pallet leaning up against the wall and had an idea.

I dont own a pallet jack, but I did have a set of swiveling casters! After adding some reinforcement blocking to the pallet, I installed a 4-in. caster at each corner. It worked perfectly for hauling my entire load of lumber in one trip.

Ive since kept my pallet dolly and use it frequently as my multipurpose heavy-stuff mover. Keith Jones

Diy Wall Brackets From Scrap Wood

Heres how to store your lawn and folding chairs so theyre out of your way with some wooden garage shelves. Take two pieces of 1×4 lumber and create some simple, cheap and useful brackets on the wall. Cut each board 7-3/4 in. long with a 30-degree angle on both ends. Fasten pairs of these brackets with three 2-in. screws to the side of the exposed wall studs, directly across from each other, and youve got a perfect place to hang your chairs.

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Easy 2 X 4 Storage Shelves

The main focus for this week was clearing out the clutter and installing some more storage. I wanted cheap, easy and functional. These plans from Ana White DIY delivered all of that and more. You can check out her site for an instructional video as well.

I built my shelves alone so Ill give you a quick tutorial and my own tips for installing these solo.

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Diy Lockable Garage Shelves

Garage Storage Shelves | EASY BUILD

However, the lockable shelves must be the best choice to store your tools and equipment safely. Try using the pegboard and combine it with the pinewood. Then, assemble and connect each part of the storage with the hinges.

Glue the long hasp blocks on the inside of the doors. Then, screw the blocks from the outside of the doors.

This kind of shelves offers you more space to store your tools and equipment without a needed spacious area.

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Diy Wood Garage Shelves: How To Build One

Modified: March 22, 2022

Never worry about having enough garage space again! These DIY wood garage shelves ideas are quick, easy and great for everyone.

With the busy lifestyles were leading, its not surprising that we tend to neglect our garages. Over time, items pile up and leave little room to walk, let alone work. A great way to combat mess is to install DIY wood garage shelves.

Installing a DIY wood garage shelf is not as difficult nor as costly as you may think. With some durable woods, planks, and carpenter tools, you are good to go. Were sure that youll be inspired by the DIY wood storage shelves ideas on this list. For more home inspiration ideas, explore our comprehensive list of storage ideas.

This DIY shelf will save you a lot of space. One of the smartest ways to get sufficient space is to take advantage of the ceiling. Looking at it from another angle, it will protect your things and offer easy access to them.

Working within space restrictions means that you have to make your existing space work for you. When considering storage shelves, it is important to always sit down and make a plan. This overhead garage shelf certainly makes use of some prime shelving real estate that might otherwise have gone to waste.

  • Locate the ceiling joists.
  • Measure how far you want the shelve to be hung from the ceiling.
  • You may use 4×8 sheets of plywood to create bottom support, and 3 screws to attach them to the downward supports.
  • Arrange your items.
  • Diy Pegboard Garage Shelves

    Hang some of your tools and equipment on the pegboard to make everything way more practical and handier.

    You can find your stuff easily, which helps you while working.

    Also, it is a super easy project you can do within hours without any certain skills.

    Here are the tools that will help you work:

    Create a small shelf on the bottom of the pegboard to keep your stuff stay in place.

    Attach the shelves on the wall a little bit lower so that you can reach the tools easily.

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    Load Up Your New Diy Garage Shelves

    It’s amazing how much storage you can get in a tiny footprint! This set of garage shelves is less than 20″ deep and about 6 feet long.

    After a week of sorting and purging all our old junk, everything left went into these clear plastic bins. The lids click into place to protect the contents from sawdust from the workshop, and each one is clearly labeled to make stuff easier to find! Larger bins sit on the top shelf with a tiny bit of an overhang.

    We got rid of so much stuff when we cleared out the room, we ended up with a bunch of empty bins, although I’m sure they’ll fill up in no time! I’ll be storing all my gallon paint cans on the floor underneath

    I’ll be moving more things from the workshop into this space, like these smaller pieces of hardwood I’ve been hoarding collecting. Mmmm, curly maple . . .

    These DIY garage shelves give us so much more storage space than before, and help keep everything organized. Now there’s no excuse for allowing junk to pile up on the floor!

    Check out these other DIY storage ideas!

    How To Install And Use Garage Shelving

    Garage Cabinets: DIY Wooden Storage Cabinets

    Each garage shelving unit will come with its own installation instructions, whether the unit is mounted or freestanding. Many freestanding units can actually be fitted together with just included materials — some plastic shelving units simply snap together, while many metal shelves come with pins or other fasteners designed to hold shelves in place. Mounting a unit is harder — you’ll need to make sure that your wall or ceiling is strong enough to support the load you’re planning on shelving and you’ll need tools if you’re doing the mounting yourself. If you’re concerned about the balance of your freestanding shelving unit, you can anchor that to the wall, as well — just make sure not to anchor a shelving unit with wheels!

    There are also many different ways to keep your garage shelves organized. It’s best to place the items that will be needed most often in the most accessible places, while items that are rarely used can be placed more out of the way. If you’re keeping automotive tools on your shelving unit, you may want to put them on a low shelf so they’re accessible while you’re working on your vehicle. You might also want to keep heavier items on lower shelves, so there’s less of a chance of them falling off and causing damage. Finally, if you have small children, it might be good to keep dangerous items on higher shelves that are harder to reach.

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    Super Easy Diy Garage Shelves

    This super easy garage shelving project is perfect for those who want to spend less money and time.

    Use the 1×2 MDF to make cleats for the shelves, then attach them to the wall. Besides, you will also use a piece of 1×4 MDF sunk into each stud.

    Attach the shelves and the shelf brackets. This shelving unit is strong enough to hold your stuff and some tools.

    Besides handy, the shelving unit works to keep your stuff and tools in the right place.

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    Easy Diy Garage Shelves

    Keep the garage clean and tidy by keeping the stuff in the plastic totes. Ensure that you choose the right wooden material because the shelves will hold some of the plastic totes, which is heavy.

    And build the multifunction shelves is a good option where you can also hang your coats place the boots or any other stuff properly.

    Keep It Simple And Easy

    The BEST Garage Shelving – Easy One Person Project #anawhite

    One of the key elements of the most wanted project is the difficulties level. Hence, here is the simple and easy ideas you need to consider.

    It is a simple project that could be a good option to make your leisure time way more beneficial. Measure the size of the garage that fits the space in your house.

    After you cut the boards, you can sand down them to create a smooth surface. Create a wider space between the shelf.

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    How Do You Clean Garage Shelving

    The instructions for cleaning a garage shelving unit will depend upon the material from which it’s built. Metal and plastic shelving units are relatively easy to clean — just use all-purpose cleaners or degreasers and scrub them the way you would anything else. Particle board and MDF shelves are more likely to stain permanently if they’re subject to spills. For that reason, it’s worth covering them with plastic sheets or contact paper than can be easily replaced when they get dirty.

    How To Build Diy Garage Shelves

    If youre running out of storage or simply want to take advantage of unused wall space in your garage, shelves are the answer. These simple shelves are easy to build, sturdy, and inexpensive.

    When it comes to garage storage, a sturdy set of DIY garage shelves are pretty tough to beat. Theyre easy and inexpensive to build, and they take advantage of unused vertical wall space.

    And, since theyre a DIY project, theyre even customizable. Best of all, these shelves will keep tools, totes, equipment, and other items neatly organized and off the floor. Heres how to tackle this DIY garage shelf project for your space.

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    Diy Garage Shelves With Plan

    This kind of shelving unit will be the best answer if you want to make a clutter-free garage.

    Choose the right wooden materials and ensure they are strong enough to hold the stuff you have. Other than that, you have to measure each shelf and make sure they would fit the plastic totes or any other stuff.

    Find the plan and get ready to make your own DIY garage shelves.

    How To Maintain Garage Shelves

    Diy Garage Storage Shelves Plans / Cool How to build shelves in a ...

    To ensure your garage shelves last for years to come, there are a few things you can do. If your shelves will be used to store items that could leak, consider sealing the wood using a waterproof sealant. If you plan to store things that could damage the lip of the plywood when sliding items on and off, consider attaching a second horizontal board that covers the lip of the plywood to prevent damage.

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    Diy Easy Corner Shelves Garage Pole

    Modify the corner of your garage with the DIY garage shelves. This basic project is worth making, which good to make your garage cleaner and tidier.

    Anchor the frame to the existing posts to make it sturdier. Use the joist hangers and screws to hold the boards together.

    After that, you can install the shelves. Voila! The shelves are ready to store your stuff.

    Stand And Brace The Shelf

    With help, stand the shelf upright. It might feel slightly wobbly, but youll fix that in this step. First, pre-drill from the outside of the legs and drive two screws through the face of the legs and into the long boards at the front and back of each shelf frame.

    Next, cut six right triangles from the remaining plywood, with the square sides measuring approximately 8 inches long. These triangles will form gussets that prevent the shelf from racking or wobbling. Using the 1 ¼-inch wood screws, attach the gussets to the back of the shelving unit, one at each shelf corner. Each gusset should lay flush against the back of the frame and the legs.

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    Cut The Legs To Length

    Place four studs on edge, side by side, and ensure that theyre evenly aligned on one end. Hooking the aligned end with the tape measure, mark one of the boards at 72 inches. Lay the speed square on the boards and transfer this mark to all four. Then, using the circular saw or miter saw , cut each board to length at the mark.

    Overview Of The Diy Garage Shelves

    Reclaim your GARAGE w/ DIY Garage Storage Shelves FREE PLANS!

    These sturdy and easy to build shelves are designed for easy access. The height is 72 inches, making them the perfect storage solution for most garages. The shelves feature three levels of storage and a storage space at the bottom for frequently used items that need to be tucked away. The 72-inch height also ensure that the shelves are not too close to the ceiling. This allows for ample storage at the top as well.

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