Wood Garage Door Panel Replacement

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Why Is A Wood Garage Door Better

How To Remove and Install A Garage Door Wood Panel Replacement

When selecting a new garage door, there are typically four options for the doors construction material, aluminum, fiberglass, steel, or wood.

Wood garage doors possess a rustic charm that all other material types attempt to emulate. Wood is warm to the touch and soothing to the eye and can reduce much of the clatter associated with the mechanism required to open and close the garage door. Wood also offers higher R values than the other materials to help regulate temperature extremes inside your garage. Wood garage doors require some routine maintenance but are the easiest to repair.

Handling Cracks And Defects In Garage Door Panels

Garage doors are sometimes handled violently. Whether you unintentionally mistake your gas pedal for the break and create a big dent in your door, or your kid gets going a bit too fast on his bike or skateboard, garage door panels will take a great deal of dents and dings. Sometimes the impacts are not so serious and there is no problem with functionality of the door apart from slightly unpleasant look. If you do not mind having these little dents or dings, then nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, in other cases, some of these dents or breaks can ultimately affect how your door works. In these events, you should call a professional garage door maintenance firm for instance Cleveland OH Garage Door Pros.

Wood Garage Door Panel Replacement

Nowadays garage doors are made out of steel. However it was not too long ago that all doors were primarily made out of wood. Many of these wood doors are still standing. However they are aging and many homeowners have not maintained them properly. Over the years this causes the wood to rot. Especially on the bottom section which soaks up much more water. Once a garage door has begun to rot there is no way to reverse the damage. It is inevitable that the damage will begin to spread. Many people are looking to replace just the bottom section and not buy a whole new door.

Ordering a replacement wood section used to be a really easy and inexpensive option. Many distribution centers across the country had many in-stock regularly. Over the past few years that has changed though. Most manufacturers are no longer making them and distribution centers are no longer stocking them. This means that most garage door companies are no longer doing panel replacements on wood garage doors. This is not to say that it is not possible to get it done however, you will find that there are many obstacles to getting the project completed.

These panels come primed and will need to be painted once installed. Which will mean painting the whole door or doors. These panels will also not come with a warranty from the manufacturer that will guarantee the panel will last any amount of time. You will need to keep up the maintenance by painting them regularly.

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How To Choose The Right Garage Door Panels For Your Home

OGD»Garage Doors»How To Choose the Right Garage Door Panels for Your Home

Did you know that about 70% of all new residential construction projects in 2017 included a carport or garage? Despite limited current data, its likely these numbers have only gone up.

With each of these projects, choosing the right garage door is essential. Your garage doors say a lot about you as a homeowner and help you customize your living space. The right garage door is also key to keeping your space safe, easy to access, and energy-efficient.

So, how do you know which garage door panels are right for you? Luckily, weve assembled this guide to help you find out.

Can You Replace Multiple Damaged Panels On Your Garage Door

Garage Door Sectional Meranti Wood 20 Panel

You may be wondering if you need to replace the entire garage door if multiple sections have been damaged. Well, in some cases, you can work on the affected panels only. Lets say a minor accident has damaged two out of four panels. To save money, you can replace two panels instead of working on the whole garage door.

Now, the case is different if most of the panels were affected. Lets say three out of four panels were damaged. The cost-effective solution is an entire garage door replacement. The three-panel replacement will likely cost as much as a new door.

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Garage Door Panel Replacement In Port Angeles

Is your curb appeal is diminished by a garage door with noticeable dents, dings or rust? Has your door been recently damaged by an accidental impact? While purchasing an entirely new garage door may seem like your only option, if the damage to your garage door panels is relatively minimal, you can opt to repair the damaged panels instead. By requesting garage door panel replacement services, you can save time and money while also restoring your garage door to its pristine condition.

Damaged garage door panels are one of the most common issues that local Port Angeles homeowners have to face. With help from the trained and talented professionals at Olympic Garage Door, you can quickly, affordably and efficiently replace damaged garage door panels.

Should You Hire A Professional

Replacing a garage door panel can be a complex project. The opening system must be disengaged and all tension released. The damaged panel must be removed without causing harm to adjacent sections. Once the new surface is in place, it must be refinished to guard against moisture damage.

Due to the skill and precision required, homeowners should consider hiring a garage repair professional. Contact Accent Garage Doors today to schedule a free consultation on affordably replacing a single garage door panel at your property.

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Can I Replace My Garage Door Panels Myself

Can you buy replacement panels for a garage door? Yes, but for the best results, its essential to have a professional replace them. Garage doors can be complex and difficult to install to the point where its dangerous for anyone but an expert to install them. Additionally, if you want to achieve the best color match, relying on a professional is essential.

In some cases, you may need to replace your entire garage door. Replacing the whole door will correct the damaged panels and ensure the internal mechanisms are good to go. Sometimes, replacing garage door springs is also needed, which is best done by a professional.

How To Repair Wood Garage Door Panels

How to Replace Garage Door Panel

If you have a wood garage door, you may need to repair panels at some point. Things happen. Fortunately, you should be able to repair most damage or panel as needed, even for a wood garage door.

In this article, were sharing a few tips on how to repair wood garage door panels quickly and efficiently.


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How To Fix A Garage Door Panel

Fixing a garage door panel is a little critical & technical process. Thats why we suggest, for those who have the right knowledge about fixing garage doors & specialized equipment, those who only attempt to fix a garage door panel. Some modern cutting-edge featureful equipment for fixing garage door panels requires specialized knowledge too.

Heres a procedure to fix a dented garage door panel

  • On the distending side of the dent, place a square wood. To straighten out the dent, tap the square with an elastic hammer.
  • With a bit of 120-coarse sandpaper, sand the indented range to unpleasant up the surface.
  • With hardener on a little bit of scrap cardboard, blend a fitting measured bit of auto body filler.
  • Utilizing a plastic putty knife apply the filler to the indented range on the completed side of the garage door.
  • To smooth the repair further, sand the repair with 120-coarseness sandpaper.
  • For metal applications, paint the repair with a groundwork.
  • Complete the painting to repair the dents on the garage door & leave the garage door open.

Necessary Items Paint, A block of wood, Rubber mallet, 120 & 80 grit sandpaper, Cardboard, plastic putty knife, Auto body filler.

How To Repair A Wood Garage Door With Replacement Panels

If a panel becomes damaged, either from the effects of weather, moisture, or an impact, repairing your wood garage door with replacement panels is a straightforward process requiring a few standard tools, including:

  • Replacement wood panel painted or stained to match

First, on the inside of the garage door, use the utility knife to cut along both edges of the quarter-round trim that hold the panel in place. This step is performed to keep the paint or caulk from peeling as the quarter-round is being removed from the frame. Next, use the hammer to drive the steel putty knife between the quarter-round and the door frame. The object is to use the putty knife to lift the quarter-round away from the door frame pulling out the finish nails that hold it in place. Take care during this process to not damage the quarter-round or the door frame and only remove the trim from the inside of the garage door.

Once all four pieces of quarter-round and the nails are removed, push the panel from the outside to remove it from the frame. The hammer may be used to motivate the panel if it is beyond repair. Next, use the chisel and utility knife to clean any caulk, paint, or previous wood filler from the area where the new panel will sit. Finally, apply the wood hardener to the newly cleaned area to help prevent future water damage.

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When Is Complete Door Replacement A Better Option

It is not always best for the safety of you and your family to replace a single section. It also may not be the wisest investment. For example, if a storm caused irreparable harm to one panel, chances are it also weakened the other sections as well, even if they arent showing signs of damage. Also, if the door is coming to the end of its useful life, replacing one panel wont help if the others are rotting and degrading as well.

Another aspect of single panel replacement to keep in mind is how it will look. If you only replace one, it may stand out, since the material may not match exactly. Only you can decide when complete door replacement may be a better option, but you can contact a repair company such as Concord Garage Doors for a professional opinion and consultation.

Cost To Replace Garage Door Panels

Garage Door Sectional Meranti Wood 10 Panel

Be prepared to pay between $150 and $200 for one replacement panel. The larger the panel, the more it will cost. If the panel is 9-inches, it may cost $240 to get it installed. For a 16-inch panel, installation may cost as much as $690.

Wood panels are generally the most expensive type of garage door panels. Fiberglass panels also tend to be on the relatively expensive side. If your garage door is made of one of these materials, you will pay more for your replacement panels than you would for other materials, such as steel.

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When Should You Replace Your Garage Door Panels

Has your garage door been damaged by a minor accident? Perhaps, youre wondering if you need a replacement even though only one or two of the panels were affected. Well, most of the time replacing is the cost-effective and straightforward option for repairing your garage door.

You have the option to replace the entire door. However, in general, thats not necessary for less severe damage. After all, the average lifespan of a garage door is a decade. Now if youre still wondering whether you should repair or replace a garage door panel, here are some factors to consider:

Garage Door Panel Dent Repair In Richmond Hill

An accident with the garage door can cause a dent in the panel of the garage door. The dent will be a hurdle in the proper functioning of the garage door. Garage Doors Repair Richmond Hill is the maestro in overseeing the Garage Door Panel Dent Repair work in Richmond Hill, Ontario. We have workers who are skilled in repairing the dent in such a way that it will look as it was before. They use state of the art tools to work in this situation. We at Garage Doors Repair Richmond Hill have hired people who are professional and experienced. Their experience is vital in doing this dent repair with great attention and care. Our workers are specifically trained to address your garage door panel repair needs.

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Garage Door Designer Tool

Try our on-line interactive software tool that lets you visualize what your home would look like with a garage door from Overhead Door. This visualizer tool is built for the most common garage door sizes to help you visualize your dream door, but does not cover every possible size we produce.

Odyssey 1000 Belt Drive Opener

Richmond Hill Garage Door Bottom Panel Repair

building garage door panel part 5 replacing one overhead wood door panel

The bottom panel of the garage door is the main fragment to ensure the safety of the garage. Garage Doors Repair Richmond Hill is notable for overcoming the Garage Door Bottom Panel Repair issue in Richmond Hill, Ontario. We have the skilled employees to perform garage door bottom repair service. We work for the solution of a client problem as it is our problem.

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Some Other Easy Garage Door Fixes

Fix the Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are required for opening & closing the door. After using it a certain amount of times, it might start wearing out. When the garage door spring stops functioning properly, you can change them yourself. Use precaution when doing yourself.

  • Cracks and Gaps around the Door

Cracks & Gaps are common when using a wooden garage door. When you notice gaps in the door, fill them with sealant. In the case of bigger cracks or gaps, use garage door thresholds & trims to seal up those gaps.

  • The door keeps opening

In case the garage door keeps opening even after locking the door, something might be blocking the door. Check the eye sensors to ensure they are not dirty or view blocked.

  • The opener isnt working

Sometimes the opener might stop working or sometimes not working. In any case, check the batteries of the remote first. If needed, change the battery. Also, check the motor isnt disconnected from the power or unplugged. Lastly, check sensors to ensure that its not blocked from receiving signals.

Peeling Paint And Cracking Wood

Periodic refinishing of a wooden garage door can maximize its lifespan and keep the garage door looking its best. Over time, the stain or paint on a garage door may begin to peel or crack, often caused by rotting or deteriorating wood. In addition, the finish on a garage door may start to fade or look patchy due to extended sun exposure. If you notice your garage door panel is cracked, it may be due to holes within the wood or excess moisture.

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Contact The Manufacturer Or Distributor

If you decide to replace only one garage door panel, the first step is to contact the original door manufacturer. Find out if they sell individual panels for your doors model number.

In some cases, you can contact the installation company as well. They may keep parts in stock for your door and will be trained on how to effectively install single panels in the products they service. You should also inquire if the panels damage is covered under any existing warranty. You may be able to avoid some out-of-pocket costs, depending on the extent of the contract.

Wood Vs Aluminum Garage Door Panel Repair

And now for our panelbecome a panel expert.

Wood is a traditional choice for garage door panels for decades. Aluminum is a newer material in making garage door panels. Because of lightweight, durable & long-lasting, aluminum is taking the place of the traditional wooden door panel. There are both advantages & downfalls of those two materials door panels available.

Usually, wood garage door panels are heavily built. When a wooden garage door panel gets damaged, repairing them is quite the hurdle. If its some scratches or dents, go for painting the damaged portion in the panel.

Aluminum garage door panel repairing is a little easier than wooden ones but there are disadvantages too. These door panels are vulnerable to deformation or dents. For repairing damaged aluminum door panels, we have to use the auto body repair industrys technique for removing scratches, dents, or other damages.

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Cleveland Garage Door Panel Replacement

With the appropriate garage door installed, your house can get an amazing new look. Likewise, a well functional garage door at your home or business is a great convenience to have. Sometimes your garage door may be broken or perhaps a panel might be damaged due to wear and tear that could be irritating from several points of view. Apart from giving an unattractive look, a damaged garage door panel may impede smooth functioning of the total garage door system. What will you do if you get a cracked or broken garage door panel? You should be calling us for Cleveland garage door panel replacement!

Our Garage Door Panel Repair Services In Richmond Hill

Our Garage Doors Repair Richmond Hill is the reputed company in delivering Garage Door Panel Repair services across Richmond Hill, Ontario. We have a group of employees who are specially coached to deal with all Types Of Garage Door panel repair service. They are talented, experienced, optimistic, and hardworking. Their priority is to satisfy the client with their marvelous work. We have every possible resource and also cover almost all the areas of Richmond Hill, Ontario for garage door panel repair service.

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