White Garage Door With Windows

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Benefits Of Garage Door Designs With Windows

Amarr Lincoln LI3000 – Double Garage Door, Long Panel, True White (TW), Stockton Window

Garages commonly make up a large portion of a homes profile, the portion of the home thats visible from the road. Adding windows to your garage door makes a noticeable difference, tremendously increases curb appeal, and can provide character that sets your home apart from the many others that may look similar in the area. Its been proven that garage door replacements improving curb appeal are a good investment.

Besides the fact that your home will look better and potentially increase the value, windows in a garage drastically increase the amount of natural light in your garage. Depending on if your garage is painted classic white or a darker color, this could make a huge difference in the appearance of your garage. A garage with lighter paint and numerous or large garage door windows will appear larger and more welcoming. Itll also feel like theres more storage room, which is always a plus.

As we noted in another article, your garage door is a vulnerable entry point of your home for thieves. For this reason, we always recommend some sort of privacy glass for any garage door windows. Select windows that are tinted, frosted, or have a mirror design to ensure seclusion from the exterior of your house.

Steel Wood Tone Garage Doors Installed By Absolute Garage Doors In Connecticut

Bead board steel garage door in wood tone with windows and decorative hardware Carriage House steel garage door in wood tone color with rectangular windows and black decorative hardware Bead board steel garage door in wood tone with long panels and windows
Bead board steel garage door with wood tone, short panel without windows Raised Panel steel garage door in wood tone with a short panel design and square windows Bead board steel garage door in dark walnut with large rectangular windows

Steel Bead Board Carriage House Garage Doors Installed By Absolute Garage Doors In Connecticut

Bead board long panel garage door in mocha brown with long plain glass windows Bead board short panel garage door white with arched grilles and plain glass Bead board recessed long panel garage doors with arched grilles and plain glass
Bead board short panel garage door with black decorative hardware and arched rectangular windows Bead board short panel garage door with black decorative hardware and plain arch glass windows Bead board long panel garage door white with arch windows and black decorative hinges and handles

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They Let Floods Of Natural Light In

This is going to be particularly appealing if youre the type of person that spends hours in the garage tinkering around with things. Perhaps you have a workshop or maybe you have a hobby that cant be done inside the home. Whatever the reason, if you spend hours of your free time in the garage, lighting is an important factor. And theres no better way to light a space than with natural light.

Its much better for your eyes if you’ve ever worked in an office 10 hours a day lit by artificial light, you’ll know what I mean. And then there’s the cost-saving. The sun doesn’t charge for the light it provides, but electricity providers do. Depending on how long you spend in the garage, this cost-saving could really add up over the course of a year.

Lots Of Different Options

Pella Carriage House 96

There’s not just one style of window with garage doors there are dozens. And then each of these window styles can be arranged in dozens of different configurations. Thats a lot of options. So whatever the rest of your garage and home exterior looks like, youre sure to be able to find a window design and configuration that fits in perfectly.

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Traditional White Garage Door With Windows

Stamped panel steel garage door from CHI factory, insulated garage door is always the better option since it is stronger and more efficient than a basic hollow one. Powder coating finish will help your garage door prevent scratches and will make your door look like new for a long time. This is a standard lift garage door with clear insulated windows at the top panel and Cathedral inserts.

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More Pictures With Garage Door Window Design Ideas

If you came for the pictures, we wanted to share additional motivation for design ideas that incorporate garage door windows. Whether youre looking for a new garage door, building a new house, or just adding windows to your existing aluminum, steel, or modern wood garage door, we hope you consider these images and they provoke added thought on your part.

Sometimes just a simple white door makes the statement youre looking for. Vertical rectangular panels are less-common and help set the door apart from all the others and dark tinted windows look great against a white door.

Conversely, a dark garage door is sometimes whats required to contrast with the finishes on your home. Larger windows allow for more natural lighting inside the garage area and work great if you intend to spend much time there.

The wood look has become immensely popular over the past few years. They provide a very high-end appearance that is only added to when a few small windows are included. The barn door-style slats also add some additional character.

Some like the look lots of windows provide a garage door. Personally, this is too open for our taste, but to each their own, right? Theres no doubt these windows give your garage space tons of natural light!

A darker garage door with smaller frosted windows appearsv very modern, yet has a simplistic design that weve seen for many years.

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Hormann Sectional Garage Door with Window Glazing

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Prairie Style Garage Doors

If you are looking for a garage door that has a unique look, prairie-style garage doors might be the perfect option. They may include asymmetric or banded windows straight across and connected throughout. A home with prairie styling will usually be just a single story with a low-pitched roof and include strong horizontal lines.

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Privacy And Security Concerns

It’s a double-edged sword, as windows let natural light in, they let you see outside with the door closed, but they also allow others to see inside your garage. And when we say others, most people think “burglars.” They are known to “case” a property, scanning its interior, normally via windows, to look for items worth stealing before they commit to breaking in. After all, the reward has to be worth the risk of doing so. Windows do potentially offer them the ability to see inside your garage and scan its content, which is obviously a drawback to having them installed, but there are a few design choices you can make that negate this risk:

  • Choose a configuration that places the windows at an elevated height that most people wouldnt be able to see in through without standing on top of something.
  • Electing for tinted window glass, although more costly, would mean that outsiders are not able to see in through the windows.
  • Thicker glass panels will provide added protection against potential break-ins.
  • Tempered glass can be installed to protect you and your family against accidental glass breaks. This is often advisable if youre likely to have children playing in the area.

Traditional Style Garage Doors

Clopay Classic Collection 8 ft. x 7 ft. Non

If you are looking for a more traditional garage door with windows, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Many traditional garage doors have smaller windows that let in just enough natural light. They often come with beautiful designs and are made from high-quality materials and are warm and inviting. Their architectural design includes classic styling and may have windows in just about any shape from the standard rectangular to arched and Williamsburg .

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Craftsman Style Garage Doors

If you are looking for a garage door that has an old-world charm, a craftsman might be a good fit for you. A Craftsman architecture garage door will usually have lots of smaller square panel windows, allowing tons of natural light through the front of the house. Youll also find that these doors will have lots of decorative features and commonly have a wood exterior .

Steel Overlay Carriage House Garage Doors Installed By Absolute Garage Doors In Connecticut

Carriage House garage door 3 panel white with arched glass Carriage house garage door with wide window section in white with straight windows Carriage house double garage door in white with a V-brace overlay and arched windows
Carriage house double garage door in x-brace design with rectangular windows carriage house garage door single panel in white with arched square windows Carriage house garage door in A-brace design with straight windows and decorative hardware

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Need Help Deciding Whether Windows Are The Right Choice

Our garage door installation team has more than 20 years of experience and in that time have worked on garage door installations at all kinds of properties in Parker and Broomfield. Simply put, we know what works. And we draw on that experience every time we work on a job and can provide personalized suggestions to help you arrive at the best solution for your home. We will explain all of the different options available to you and answer any questions, as well as address any doubts that you may have.

To arrange a consultation, call our friendly support team today on 303-920-2267.

Colonial Style Garage Doors

DIY Faux Garage Door Window Tutorial

Similar to traditional designs, colonial-style garage doors are simple and symmetrical. While they are far from over-the-top, they are typically well-built and substantial. Colonial styling is almost borderline minimalistic and often includes a lot of white accents to enhance the clean, new look. Garage door windows in Colonial designs are usually rectangular or square and include a grill pattern in them.

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Number Of Garage Door Windows

Just like window shapes, the amount of garage door windows in a single residential garage door is also variable. Some options range from just a double window design to classic and custom model garage door options with an additional 30+ windows on them from top to bottom. Its most common to find roughly 4 or 16 garage door windows on a residential door.

Garage Door Windows: The Pros And Cons


If youre currently looking for a new garage door installation, considering all the different types of doors that you could potentially have fitted at your home, windows is one factor that you may be undecided on. Windows or no windows? As a garage door sales company with thousands of installations under our belts in Parker and Broomfield, we can tell you that its something that is commonly debated among homeowners.

We can also tell you that like with anything in life, there are both pros and cons to having a garage door installed that has windows. Below were going to outline these for you so that youre in a better place to make up your mind.

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Clopay Classic Collection 8 ft. x 7 ft. 18.4 R

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Styles Of Garage Doors With Windows

There are many different styles of garage doors with windows that you can choose from. Some people might prefer a sleek and modern look, while others might want something more traditional. No matter what your style is, there is definitely a garage door design with windows that will fit your needs! In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular styles of garage door windows, the different characteristics you can choose from, and the benefits of adding windows to your garage door.

  • More Pictures with Garage Door Window Design Ideas
  • Contemporary Style Garage Doors

    Another garage door style thats popular and has windows is contemporary. This type of garage door has a sleek, modern look and is perfect for homes that need a little bit of updated style. Contemporary doors often include elements consistent with those in other areas of the home such as garage door windows that mirror others visible. One of the latest trends in this style is to have an entire garage door made of tempered glass panels.

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    Carriage Style Garage Doors

    One of the most popular styles of garage doors with windows is the carriage style. This type of garage door has a traditional look that will complement any home. Carriage-style garage doors are often made from wood and have beautiful, intricate designs intended to look similar to barn doors. They also come with large windows that let in plenty of natural light.

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