Where To Advertise Garage Sale

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What Should You Not Sell At A Garage Sale


When considering what to include in a garage sale, it is important to remember that certain items may not be suitable for sale. Generally, it is advisable to avoid selling any dangerous items or anything that may be illegal such as firearms, illegal drugs, stolen property, hazardous materials, and any items that may be classified as contraband.

Additionally, items of personal value such as family heirlooms, private documents, and sentimental items should not be sold due to the possibility that they may be damaged or lost. High end electronic items may also be difficult to sell at a garage sale, as potential buyers may be hesitant due to not knowing the condition of the items.

In addition, due to local laws, you may not be able to sell items such as perishable food and health and beauty products.

Is There A Facebook Marketplace App

Yes, there is a Facebook Marketplace app. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices and provides a convenient way to buy and sell items on Facebooks Marketplace platform. With the Marketplace app, users can easily browse items available in their local area, message buyers and sellers, and make sales.

The app also allows users to customize settings to tailor the Marketplace experience to their individual needs. Overall, the Facebook Marketplace app is an easy and helpful way to shop on the Marketplace platform.

Organize & Arrange Your Sale

Now its time to set up your items for display.

Arrange your tables and hangers the night before your garage sale. You simply wont have time to do a good job the morning of the sale, particularly not if you hope to get an early start.

If you dont have enough table space for every item, store the remainder in boxes or laundry baskets containing like items.

Secure everything in your garage overnight and prepare to get up early to put everything out on the day of your sale.

Make a map of your yard on sale day so you know where to locate each element during the presale rush.

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Can A Business Have A Yard Sale

If youre a solopreneur looking to clear some space in your home office or even clear some space in the home for an office, a yard sale can be a great way to do that and make some extra cash as well. The same is true if youre the owner of a more conventional business looking to unload some overstock merchandise or supplies.

Of course, you wont get more than a few visitors on a Saturday morning if youre not advertising your yard sale or garage sale in the right places. Luckily, there are numerous options when it comes to getting the word out.

Knowing where to advertise garage sales, yard sales, or estate sales, and publicizing your sale on as many of these channels as possible, will put your location out there to more people and potential customers. And these garage sales app and yard sales sites allow you to sell your products online locally while youre hosting your sale.

Check out the list of where to advertise garage sales here:

Enjoy Your Garage Sale Profits

Castle View Presents Maple Park Community Garage Sale

Thanks to these garage sale tips, youve now had a successful yard sale from start to finish. And if not . . . youve got time to start setting up another garage sale! And remember: The more youre able to take your time and make sense of your stuff, the easier your garage sale will be.

Now that the hard parts over, count up your cash, do a victory dance, and put that money where it needs to go. And if youre not quite sure where to spend it, try out a zero-based budget. Your budget will give each of these dollars a job to do. So, whether youre working on paying off debt, investing for retirement, or even just saving up for next Christmas, your EveryDollar budget can help you stay organized. Want to try it out?

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How To Post A Garage Sale On Craigslist: Tips

One of the best ways to advertise a garage sale is by posting an ad on Craigslist. This is a free classifieds website that receives millions of visitors every day.

When creating your Craigslist ad, be sure to include all of the relevant details, such as the date, time, and location of the sale. You should also include a brief description of some of the items that will be for sale.

If youve never posted an ad on Craigslist before, this video has some helpful tips to walk you through the process:

With a little effort, you can easily reach a large audience and maximize your chances of having a successful garage sale. Here are some more tips!

What Should I Put On My Garage Sale Table

When youre getting your items ready for a garage sale, the first thing you need to do is go through your possessions and decide what you can part with. Remember, everything doesnt need to be perfect or like new to make it onto your table.

Next, give yourself some time to organize and set up your sale. Choose a day that is most convenient for you and allow yourself a few hours to sort, clean and price items. Its also a good idea to check if you need a permit to host a yard sale in your area.

When setting up, try to make your table look attractive. Group similar items together and have each item clearly labeled with a price tag. As you assemble your items, think about the top items or categories you want to showcase.

You could include clothes, shoes, toys, sporting goods, art, décor, kitchenware, furniture, collectibles, books, electronics, and more. You may also want to include some household items or craft materials that may not be worth much individually, but could be of interest to certain buyers.

Display your items neatly on a folding table or a couple of picnic tables, and create visual interest with a colorful tablecloth. A mirror or lamp can also make items look better. Place some extra items in bins or boxes beneath the table, but make sure theyre still accessible to customers.

Lastly, make sure you have enough change and multiple forms of payment . Having a successful garage sale means offering a range of items and accommodating different payment methods.

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Advertise Your Estate Sale And Include Pictures Of Your Best Items

Advertising is key to getting buyers to your estate sale. Theres always a chance that a handful of people will walk or drive by, but the serious buyers scour for the best sales by looking online, on social media, and in newspapers. Be sure to take pictures of your most appealing items, showcase a range of what types of things people will find at your sale, highlight rare items and bargain bins, and triple-check that the date, hours, and address are correct.

How To Advertise A Garage Sale If You Are In A Rural Area


You cant rely on a great deal of passing traffic so advertising is crucial.

  • Place ads 1 2 weeks in advance so people have time to plan their trip or to schedule a visit to your garage sale and others in the same area.
  • Advertise in the surrounding towns. People living in rural areas are more willing to travel further.
  • Advertise in the city paper. City slickers will be on the look for authentic rural treasures like classic machinery and solid wooden furniture that has been stored in the barn ready to be restored. Sell the idea of friendly people, country cooking, fresh air, great scenery. Recommend a picnic spot.
  • Plan your garage sale to run on the same day that a large event is occurring in your town. Place your street signs where the most passing traffic is likely be.
  • Include detailed instructions to help people find your sale.
  • Try to get the whole town involved to attract larger numbers.

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List Directly The App

If you prefer to use the app to list your sale, simply download the Yard Sale Treasure Map app from the App Store or Google Play and create a listing. Photos you take with your phone can easily be attached to your listing.

  • Allow app access to your location when prompted. This will save you time, but you can also search or zoom into your area.
  • Select the blue add sale button or use the app menu button and select Post a Sale
  • Complete the form
  • Tip: App users perform keyword searches to find specific items. Adding more details may drive more visitors to your sale!

    Tip: Photos are critically important to driving more users to your sale. You can always edit the listing later to add or change photos.

    Once you select Submit you will receive a email verification link from info@yardsaletreasuremap.com. Use this link to edit or delete your listing.

    Are you hosting a neighborhood or community sale with lots of participating addresses? Use the Community Sale spreadsheet instead.

    How To Advertise A Garage Sale

    It used to be that yard sales were advertised in a couple of basic ways:

    • Print out flyers and then pass them out in mailboxes or at local shops.
    • Use poster board and some markers to make ramshackle signs to put at intersections near your house or along the streets of your neighborhood.

    Of course, you can still do these things , but there are new ways to market your sale: If you want people to show up at your house en masse and shell out money for your treasures, there are terrific ways you can promote the event beforehand.

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    Apps Sites And Other Places To Advertise Your Garage Or Yard Sale

    Weekly, almost religiously, Americans pile into their vehicles and comb their local environs looking for a whole range of merchandise. Youve got eBayers looking for something they can flip for a nice profit. Then there are the treasure seekers or the bargain hunters.

    Make Sure Everything Is In Good Condition

    Sample Garage Sale Flyer

    All sale items should be clean, unwrinkled, and in good condition. Pump air into tires and balls, and install working batteries in anything that needs them. Throughout the day, have a helper go through and fluff or fold clothing, put together new outfits, and rearrange pieces on tables. Quimby says people might even come back the second day to see what’s new, or what they missed, and buy more.

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    How Should I Price Items For A Garage Sale

    Here are some quick rules about pricing items. For additional details, check out another article weve written on the PODS Blog about garage sale best practices while moving.

    Price your things to sell. People come to garage sales because they want to get a deal. If you have something of real value and want to be paid what its worth, consider selling it through another outlet like eBay or Poshmark.

    Follow the 10%20% rule. Some people suggest pricing your items at only 10%20% of their retail value. It may seem low, but itll move your inventory quickly.

    Be prepared to haggle. Negotiations are a part of the garage sale process. Its half the fun! Know youll likely be asked to lower the price, so consider that when presenting your opening number. How low are you willing to go?

    Label prices individually. Its tempting to dump things in an Everythings $1 bin, but people may pick up items from different areas and not remember the original location, leaving you to do the guesswork. Doing a little work beforehand to label every item will help you keep things organized the day of the sale.

    Pro Tip: You can easily become overwhelmed when you start pulling items out of every nook and cranny of your house. For a more relaxed pre-sale organization, consider taking advantage of the convenience and flexibility of a PODS portable storage container. Its delivered straight to your driveway, and you can simply load and unload it whenever youd like.

    What Supplies Do I Need For A Garage Sale

    Sometimes youve got to spend a little money to make a little money. If you dont already have these basic garage sale supplies on hand, you may want to stock up.

    • Black permanent markers: You may not stick to the sale price, but at least itll be well seen and wont rub off. These will also come in handy for signage.
    • Poster board: Use posters to advertise your garage sale around your neighborhood and to categorize sale areas .
    • Pricing stickers: Shoppers are looking for that price tag. Make it easy to find and avoid answering a lot of questions.
    • Folding tables: Youll need some flat surfaces to display your items. Use folding tables or other tables you have on hand.
    • Cleaning supplies: Before your sale, make sure your items look their best by giving them a quick once-over.
    • Shopping bags: Shoppers may want to buy more than one thing. Make it easy for them by providing some shopping bags. This doesnt have to be a new purchase you can reuse some from the grocery store.
    • Packing supplies: If youre selling fragile items, you may want to provide bubble cushioning roll and packing tape to help shoppers get their purchases home safely.

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    Include A Specific Date And Time

    Okay, so once youve created an attention grabbing headline, you need to tell people when your garage sale is going on.

    Include not only the date that youre hosting it, but also a specific time. This is something that any people forget to do, even though its super important.

    If you dont put a time, then people could show up really early before the yard sale has begun and no one wants a group of strangers knocking at the door at the crack of dawn!

    So, include a time. You dont have to include the exact time that the yard sale will last in your ad. Just include a start time.

    You Arent Restricted In Space So Garage Sale Flyers Can Be A Great To Get The Word Out

    • List all the big and interesting items you think people will want to buy including relevant details such as size, history, condition, etc.
    • Include words to sell your featured items
    • Include large, clear, detailed photos if it helps. Refer to photo tips on www.ebay.com for tips on how to take the perfect picture.
    • Include details of the date and times of your garage sale.
    • Include your street address but not the house number! Shoppers have to wait for the street signs to go up on the day for them to find out where you are otherwise you will be getting visitors all week wanting to see the items. That is unless you dont mind them buying all your good stuff before your garage sale!
    • Tell people why they should come to your garage sale.
    • Dont use the phrase, Everything must go.Its a waste of space because everyone knows that you want everything to go plus it makes you sound desperate to get rid of everything at any price.

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    Collect The Items You’ll Put Up For Sale

    Once you’ve chosen a day, it’s time to decide what you’ll sell at your garage sale.

    Take boxes and search your basement, attic, garage, and closets for long-forgotten items. This is a great time to organise and declutter your property. For the time being, store your sale boxes of smaller items, sorted by items that go well together indoors.

    How Do I Post On Facebook Mobile Marketplace

    Posting on Facebook mobile marketplace is relatively easy and straightforward. First, open the Facebook app on your mobile device. Once the app is open, tap the Marketplace tab at the bottom of your screen.

    On the next page, you should see a sell something button. Tap the button and fill out the fields with some basic information about the item youre selling, such as its name, description, location, and price.

    Once youre done, tap on post. Now your item will be visible for potential buyers to see. You can also include photos of the item with your post to make it more attractive to buyers. Finally, if you want to edit or remove your post, simply go back to the Marketplace tab, find your post, and make the necessary changes.

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    Set Up The Day Before

    Give yourself a day ahead of the sale to set up. If items will be kept outside overnight, cover them with large tarps or old sheets to keep them protected. Porter recommends setting up your sale like it’s a fun shopping experience. Put your borrowed tables to work, so everything is easy to see and no one has to bend over to look at something. Use books or sturdy shallow boxes as risers on tables to create a change in height and add more focal points.

    Quimby sets up different “rooms.” For example, she places all the kitchen or living room items together. Within these zones, arrange coordinated vignettes that resemble a store display window. If people can see the items easily, they’re inspired to buy more. You can also designate a kids’ section. This is the one place you want to put things down low so they’re at kid height. “You want the kids to play with the toys because if the kids are active and playing, the parents get to shop longer,” Quimby says.

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