What Size Torsion Spring For 16×7 Garage Door

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Getting Down To Basics

Common Mistakes Determining Garage Door Torsion Springs Size

A torsion spring stores energy by coiling tightly as the door closes. When the door is at rest, the torsion spring stores an enormous amount of energy. This stored energy is then used when the door opens. As the door opens, the torque on the shaft keeps the cable tight on the cable drum. The cable then winds up on the cable drum, making the torsion spring to unwind.

When the torsion spring unwinds, it tends to lose some of its torque, and when this happens, it loses the amount of lift that it can produce. This is particularly common with vertical or high lift garage doors. When a garage door is fully opened, about 3/4 to 1 turn is still applied to each torsion spring. While the extra torque in the torsion spring is regarded as minimal compared to the torque when the garage door is closed, it still keeps the door open.

Determine The Wire Size


The wire size is the thickness of the wire used to make the spring.

When it comes to measuring torsion spring wire, calipers and micrometers are simply not reliable. This is because of four reasons. First, the coil is bent measuring the curved part of the coil with a micrometer will get you a larger reading. Sometimes there is a straight piece of wire you can measure, but there are other problems. A second problem with calipers and micrometers is corrosion. Rust initially increases the wire size and later reduces it. The third reason you can’t measure an individual coil is that many of the springs in recent years have been coated with a thin layer of paint. The fourth problem is that older calipers measured 64ths and 128ths, and many mistakes have been made converting to thousandths of an inch. We recommend using calipers and micrometers only to confirm your 20-coil measurements.

The only accurate way to measure the wire size is to measure 10 and 20 coils. Since the coils rub together when the garage door operates, the sides of the coils are less impacted by corrosion. In addition, when springs are painted, the paint does not get between the coils. The 10 and 20 coil measurements are highly accurate.

When measuring, make sure all the coils are compressed. If there are gaps between the coils, you will measure incorrectly and order the wrong spring.

Your Homes Three Colors

Each home ought to incorporate three tones: a field shading that fills in as the essential tone, a trim tone for regions like overhangs and door jambs and a highlight tone for entryways and screens. Do you need your carport entryway tone to coordinate with your field or trim tone? It will rely upon the position of the garage door in your home and what shading needs balance.

Pair light field tones with more obscure trim tones and the other way around. Go ahead and be innovative with highlight tones as a general rule, however an emphasize shading utilized on a carport entryway will ordinarily overpower the equilibrium.

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Measure The Overall Length Of The Torsion Spring

Measuring the overall length of the torsion spring, which is integral to its winding capacity, is a pretty smart option. Its one of the critical aspects of the unique power of automatic garage doors. For instance, If you have a larger door and then undersize the spring, you cant expect to get the needed lifting and lowering ability. Therefore, you must measure the overall length of the torsion spring. It involves no unique understanding or special trick, making it perhaps the most straightforward steps. Youll only need to run a tape measure along the length of a spring in terms of inches.

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The Duration It Takes To Install A 16 X 7 Garage Door

Depending on the garage door sizes and materials used, the installation can take up to four hours. If you hire an installer with assistants, the project can even take as little as two hours. Complex and custom garage doors can take up to a day. The installation team will always give you a heads-up on how long the process will take.

A Breakdown of Garage Door Installation Cost

Earlier, we mentioned that the average fee for garage door installation is about $650. We then mentioned that a standard garage door costs $200 and the opener is $150. Where does the rest of the money go to?

Because the installation of garage doors is a complex process, you will need to hire a team to help you out. This team will charge an installation fee and include prices for a new door and opener. Installation fees usually cost $250 for a single size door and $350 or more for a double size door. There are also other factors that affect the overall garage door installation costs, and these include the level of experience of the installation crew and materials used.

How To Measure If The Spring Is Broken

When you need to replace a broken overhead door torsion spring, the task of measuring can be a bit trickier. Once again, youll need to set things down on a table and pull up three scraps of paper. If one of the spring halves is long enough, you can probably measure both the 10-coil and 20-coil lengths on that half. Follow the same steps as you would with an intact spring: Place three scraps at 10-coil intervals youll have a scrap at coil 1, 10 and 20. Measure distances between the first and second scrap as well as between the first and third scrap.

On the other hand, you might need to pull both halves of the spring together to get an accurate measurement of the two lengths. For example, on EZ-Set springs, gaps exist between the coils. Therefore, youre unlikely to get a 20-coil measurement from one half of a broken spring. In a situation like this, youll want to place the first two scraps on whichever side contains 10 coils, then pull it together with the other half. Then, place the third scrap at the 20th coil and measure both distances.

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Torsion Springs And Garage Door Weight

Torsion springs need to provide enough force to equal the weight of the door. This is sometimes referred to as the springs lift powerhow much weight the torsion spring can lift. The springs individual measurements are also important, they determine the springs lift.

In addition to knowing the garage doors weight and height and the springs color-code, knowing how to measure the springs dimensions can help you order the right springs.

To order the correct springs for your garage door youll need to know a few details about your door system. Those details include:

  • Inside Diameter
  • What Should I Do If My Garage Door Spring Is Too Strong

    Torsion Spring Replacement on 16×7 Semi-Insulated Garage Door

    While it may be possible to add weight to the door to counterbalance the problematic spring, its not something you should ever try to do on your own. Your safest and most effective option is to call a reputable garage door repair company and have the springs replaced with ones that are the correct size.

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    How To Measure A Torsion Spring

    To properly size a garage door torsion spring, you will need to take several measurements. These springs come in a variety of sizes and have different spring rates that dictate how much weight they can lift. To size your spring, you will need to measure the width and height of your garage door as well as the inside diameter of your torsion tube. You will also need to know the wind of your spring which is either right hand wound or left hand wound . With these measurements, you can then select a torsion spring with the proper specs for your garage door.

    Do Garage Door Springs Get Weak

    Most garage door springs have a life expectancy of 7-9 years. However, if you open and close your garage door more often than 4 times a day , the springs may only last between 4 and 6 years.

    This is because garage door springs stretch and contract thousands of times during their life. This naturally wears them down and causes them to soften up and become too weak to carry the weight of the door.

    A door with weak springs will move faster while going down and slower while going up. All that extra weight could also damage other components. If the spring is extremely weak, it may prevent you from opening the door, or cause it to slam on the floor when you close it.

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    How To Measure And Order Torsion Springs

    The torsion spring is an integral part of todays garage door. It is a simple piece of mechanical hardware that uses a counterbalance assembly to offset the weight of the garage door. When the garage door is opened, the torsion springs unwind and the stored torque helps to lift the heavy garage door. As the door is closed, the torsion spring system winds up creating a storage of torque ready to be used when the door is opened again and the springs unwind. Each torsion spring is designed to last a certain amount of cycles with a cycle being one full opening and closing of the garage door or unwinding and winding of the spring. Once the spring reaches the designed life cycle, it could break. At this time, the torsion spring needs to be replaced by a professional garage door technician.

    At SSC, manufacturing the correct torsion spring for your garage door repair or replacement is our most important job. From everyday stock springs to custom replacements springs, SSC offers the garage door spring that is right for you to complete your job.

    The guidelines below will give you the information that is needed to order torsion springs from SSC.

    Which Garage Door Springs Are Best

    garage door spring, torsion spring

    Coated torsion springs are best. Torsion springs are safer than extension springs and often last twice as long. Coating a torsion spring makes it last even longer than a regular torsion spring.

    Why are torsion springs safer? Torsion springs are self-contained. When they break, they will not turn into projectiles. Extension springs, however, can fire off. Building code requires that safety cables be installed. That way, when an extension spring breaks, it will not shoot out. Unfortunately, many companies and individuals do not follow these rules. As a result, extension springs have destroyed garages and even killed people.

    Why choose coated torsion springs? Springs with coating do not break as quickly. The best coated torsion springs are shot-peened. Shot peening consists in firing ball bearings at the springs. After going through this process, these springs will last almost forever. For this reason, some garage door companies offer a lifetime guarantee on them.

    That being said, the best garage door springs are the ones that fit your budget and last as long as you would like them to.

    In need of garage door spring repair? Contact your local Precision Door Service company. A professionally trained garage door technician will come to your house, assess your problem, and review your options with you. We always arrive in fully stocked trucks with torsion and extension springs of different sizes and coatings. No need for a return visit!

    Precision Door: We Fix Garage Doors RightTM

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    What Size Torsion Springs Do I Have

    Torsion springs require a few measurements including the wire diameter, the inside diameter, and the length of the spring. It is also important to note if the spring is a left-hand wind or a right-hand wind.

    Torsion Spring Wire DiameterWire size is the first bit of information you need to collect. Firstly, measure 20 coils and divide that measurement by 20 and thats how you get the wire diameter. Be extremely precise with your measurements because if your measurement is even a little off it could have you purchasing the wrong spring. It may also be stamped on there in inches on either the winding cone or stationary cone attached to the spring.

    Torsion Spring Inside DiameterAlmost 90% of garage doors in America have a 2-inch inside diameter, but you still need to double-check the inside diameter because not all garage doors do. Simply measure the interior diameter of the spring with a tape measure. You dont need to take the spring off to take this measurement.

    Torsion Spring LengthThe length of 20 coils is normally around 5 inches but it is vital that you still measure and get a precise reading because even if you get the number wrong even slightly, you may potentially order the wrong size spring. Remember when you are measuring your torsion spring that the spring must be un-coiled. If the spring is in two parts, unscrew the set screws and connect the spring ends together to get your complete measurement but make sure to not include the cones in the final measurement.

    How Do Torsion Springs Work

    Torsion springs are mounted above the garage door opening to a metal rod known as the shaft. Torsion springs work by collecting and storing energy caused by the coiling and uncoiling of the metal springs.

    Torsion springs are able to store energy by winding and unwinding as the door opens and closes. Doing so creates power and relieves weight from the garage door opener allowing the garage door to open and close smoothly.

    Although seemingly simple, understanding the extreme risk associated with torsion spring repair and replacement is extremely important. That is why it is highly recommended to hire a trained garage door specialist for all torsion spring replacements and repairs.

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    Do I Have Garage Door Extension Springs

    If you have a garage door spring running along each side of your garage, you have extension springs.

    To close your garage door, extension springs extend outwards. They stretch.

    Extension springs’ ends form loops.

    Three versions are available: single loop, double loop, and clip. The single loop extension spring is the cheapiest version. Its end is just a continuation of the coil. It does not even complete a full circle to close off the loop. The double loop, on the other hand, makes a full circle and is therefore stronger. The strongest extension spring, though, includes a clip at each end for added strength.

    Extension springs connect to pulleys.

    Just like extension springs, these pulleys run along the walls of your garage. The pulleys connect in turn to cables.

    Do you see all of that? Then you have garage door extension springs.

    What Size Garage Door Springs Do I Have

    How to Measure Garage Door Springs *EASY* ⺠2020 UPDATE

    Torsion springs require a few measurements the wire diameter, the inside diameter, and the length of the spring. Youll also need to know if the spring is a left-hand wind, or a right-hand wind.

    All you need to figure it out is a tape measure, your broken spring, and a calculator. Lay your broken spring out in front of you and count out 20 coils, measuring with your tape measure the distance those 20 coils take.

    Then, take the distance and divide it by 20, and this is the diameter of your wire. While the length of 20 coils is usually somewhere around 5 inches, its important to be precise. Being off by even a fraction of an inch can lead to ordering the wrong spring size.

    The inside diameter of your garage door springs is written on either the winding cone or stationary cone attached to the spring. These are the metal pieces fitted to your spring. Check to see a letter or couple of letters followed by a number. If you see P-200 stamped on the cone, it means its a two-inch inside diameter. Alternatively, you might simply find the size stamped on there in inches such as 1 3/4.

    To measure the length of a torsion spring, youll need to do your measurement when theres no tension on the spring so dont try this if the spring is up and installed over your garage door. You will also need both sides of a broken spring, if your spring snapped.

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    Are You Sure You Have Torsion Springs

    Torsion springs are located on a bar above the garage door opening.

    Learn More: What Types of Garage Door Springs Are There?

    The springs in a garage door system do the heavy lifting when it comes to opening the door. They provide needed support to the opener and cables when opening the door and help lower it gently as well. Because the springs work in every part of the process, they do eventually wear down and need to be replaced.

    Garage door springs cant just be repaired. At a minimum some springs just need to be re-tensioned but at worst they need to be replaced because they can become dangerous and break.

    A functional garage door system lifts the door in a balanced-manner.

    An unbalanced door is a sign of:

    • or poorly matched spring.

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