What Not To Sell At Garage Sale

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Tip : Advertise Your Yard Sale

What not to sell in your yard sale

Go back to basics. Take out an ad in your local paper and draw up handmade signs. Use bright-colored poster board and thick, black markers. These will catch peopleâs attention and be easy to read from a distance. Make sure to place them at main intersections near the sale location and at all turns leading to your yard. Donât forget to draw arrows to point drivers in the right direction. You can also take out an ad in your local paper.

Make sure to include the following information on your signs:

  • The words âGarage Saleâ

Pro Tip

Keep the signs simple so potential buyers can quickly read them as theyâre driving by and easily get to you. Make sure to put the signs out at least the day before so avid yard sale-goers can plan to make a stop at your home, and so you donât have to rush around the morning of.

How to Advertise Your Garage Sale Online

Handmade signs in your neighborhood are effective, but people have the internet at their fingertips everywhere they go. Try taking out an ad on your local news sites and Craigslist to expand your reach. Because theyâre probably a little more expensive than a Craigslist ad, start ads on your local news sites one day before the sale and run them through the sale period. On Craigslist, you might be able to afford starting the ad a day or two earlier than that.

Pro Tip

Draw people in by listing your big-ticket items and popular things like kidsâ toys and collectibles. Snap photos of in-demand items to attract more attention.

How Do You Attract Customers To A Garage Sale

Garage sales are general sales that people hold either in their garage or in their driveway. Sometimes, these spill over to their yard as well.

Unlike online marketplace listings, like selling on Craigslist, or selling in a store, youll be advertising your sale in general rather than specific products.

Attracting people to your garage sale is key if you want to make money. After all, if people dont know that youre even holding a garage sale, itll be impossible for them to see what youre selling.

Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can help people find garage sales and attract them to come check out yours.

Why You Should Not Have A Garage Sale

Many times when decluttering a home, its easy to think I need to store this in the garage and have a garage sale in a couple of months.Sure, its a tempting thought.But let me give you some reasons why you shouldnt:

1. Having a garage sale means all the clutter youve been working to get rid of, isnt actually gone. Its stored. Which means it can still make you feel guilty: guilty for still having it. Guilty for not having a garage sale yet. Guilty for taking up so much space, still.

2. The amount of time and energy put into having a garage sale could be spent accomplishing more: spending quality time with loved ones, or even clearing out more areas of your home.

3. Garage sales take more work than they pay. Take a look at the last time I had a garage sale:

Working on the garage sale:

  • Declutter ~the only thing I actually needed to do~
  • Take boxes to garage.
  • My income: $5.00/hour

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    Anything Thats Illegal To Sell

    This is an obvious one. Dont even think about selling any substance or product that is illegal, simply because it is illegal. The consequences or penalties might be stiff.

    If you are unsure about the legality of something you want to sell, then research it, or dont take the chance and leave it out of the sale.

    Never Sell Personal Items

    Things NOT to Sell at a Yard Sale

    In a garage sale, nothing is in new condition no matter the looks. And whether this affects sales or not depends on the product. Because you cant sell every product you buy.

    Some obvious categories include skincare, shoes, intimate clothing, medication, swimsuits, mattresses, sheets, makeup, and so on.

    Custom products also fit in this group, such as family decorations or tailored clothing.

    If you want to get rid of these, its better to either:

    • Give them to some relatives
    • Give away to some clothing charity

    Other than that, you can sell almost anything and expect sales. Except for, of course:

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    Gaming Systems And Video Games

    Again we discuss the reason why this will be hot on our list. Gaming systems and video games and controllers that used to sell for a couple of bucks are selling much higher.

    An example is Wii Sports which used to sell for $10 and is now selling for $25 to $30. Again, people want to stay entertained. Go through your old stuff that your kids no longer play with and sell it.

    Silver Plate And China

    I hear this dilemma all the time: “I have lots of my mother’s/grandmother’s silver plate and china and I don’t ever use it so I would like to sell it.”

    All I can say, is good luck. Sterling silver is another story, but there is not a lot of hope for the silver plate and the china. My advice is price it low and cross your fingers.

    “Sterling, they will buy,” Denton said. “But silver plate, you cannot give it away.”

    One option for the silver plate is to donate it to Graceworks in Franklin, which has an annual spring silver sale, where they lay out tables full of donated silver plate pieces and proceeds go to help the needy in Williamson County.

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    Our Top Garage Sale Tips And The Answers To All Your Questions

    Keep reading for my top garage sale tips and be sure to sign up below if you want a free step by step guide to hosting a super profitable garage sale. PLUS keep scrolling to the bottom to find out how you can get the ultimate garage sale printable kit that has absolutely everything you need for an organized, profitable garage sale.

    If you want to see my video with all my best garage sale tips ready to set you up for a successful garage sale, then click below to view it:

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    Power And Garden Tools

    I Picked $700+ at this Neighborhood Garage Sale to Flip on eBay

    Power tools are pretty expensive at local hardware stores, but they last a long time. For those in the market for high-quality or vintage tools, its common to search garage sales. Before selling your tools, make sure theyre in good condition and that they function safely. To show the tools to prospective buyers, have a power strip nearby.

    The same goes for garden and lawn tools. Things like lawnmowers, garden tillers, and so on are very popular at garage sales. Even if theres minor damage, handy DIYers might fix them up.

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    How Not To Sell At Your Garage Sale

    Its no secret in business that Even though the product is all buyers care about, selling or not depends on how you sell it.

    Of course, this doesnt work when selling low-value products . But if you sell good products the wrong way, youre leaving so much money on the table.

    The following five mistakes are easy to avoid and will directly affect your garage sales:

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    After The Garage Sale: What To Do With What Didnt Sell

    So you hold your garage sale! You market it like a marketing genius. Youve had a killer location. You displayed your wares thoughtfully and you had fun stuff to entice people to your place. But even the most successful and lucrative garage sales dont sell every item. Heres what to do to make sure the items you uncluttered stay out of your home for good!

    For more content like this follow

    Garage sale day objective: Dont bring anything back inside your home! First, while your sale day is still going, consider having a huge price slash near the end of the day. Have some signs pre-made with the lowest possible price youre willing to sell items at and switch it out as the hour to close comes near. If you had a free pile, let it grow as the day goes on if you see some items just not selling. Get to the end of the day and still have some stuff left? Invite a few friends for a friendly free-for-all to come take what they can carry. If you can get it off your lawn or out of your garage the same day as your sale, theres a good chance youll keep your home feeling lighter.

    If you still end up with stuff to bring back into your home after the garage sale is over, dont let it get too comfortable again. Here are some ideas to help you clear the clutter for good:

    How To Yard Sale Safely: Protecting Your Property As A Seller

    Selling Your Stuff Without a Garage Sale

    Protecting your property is the first step in learning how to yard sale safely. Thats because the single largest risk to a seller at a yard sale is the danger of cash theft or property damage. When you start thinking about yard sale safety in these terms, it helps you make good decisions about what to sell and what not to sell at your garage sale.

    At garage sales and yard sales, where theft and damage can happen in the blink of an eye, you will want to focus on prevention-based strategies that help you avoid damage or theft while still making your buyers comfortable while they shop:

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    Neatly Organize And Label Everything

    If nothings in order, its going to be a lot harder for people to see what you have and may just give up. Arrange clothes in piles according to size, along with a sign stating the size and price. Label any boxes with the contents and prices as well.

    For everything else, use price tag stickers, which can be found at the dollar store.

    Question : What Sells At A Garage Sale

    Garage Sale Tip #5: Understand that not all things sell equally at a garage sale

    When it comes to a garage sale, some items are more popular and sell better than others. Obviously, anything in good condition will sell better that something in poor condition.

    Baby & kids clothing, toys, and gadgets sell super well as well as kitchen stuff . Adult clothing can sell, but its generally not as popular as kids clothing. If you dont have many of the best selling items, a garage sale might not be worth your time. Having things that are in high demand really is key to making good money at your sale.

    Garage Sale Tip #6: Clean Your Stuff

    Clean items sell much better than dirty, dingy looking items. So go ahead and clean any items that are dirty or dingy looking: wash the clothing so it smells fresh, clean any dishes or vases, and dust off anything thats been in storage for a while. Dirty items can turn some buyers off completely. Even if they see just a few dirty items they may assume that everything is dirty.

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    What If You Still Dont Have Enough For A Sale

    What about including:

    • Handicrafts by a member of the family, friend or relative.
    • Baked cookies, cake, muffins, etc.
    • Home grown fruit or vegetables.
    • Divide or dig up some of your plants or grow seedlings and put in cheap pots.
    • Buy something cheaply in bulk and repackage it for sale.
    • Buy additional inventory from other garage sales to fill gaps or compliment the type of items you have. Im sure I dont need to point out that you should make sure youll be able to sell the extra stuff you bought so you arent left with more stuff than you started with! Yeah, Im sure I dont need to say that so I wont.

    Find A Local Gold Buyer For Old Jewelry

    Best Things to Sell at a Garage Sale – Might Surprise You!

    You probably know you can sell gold and silver for cash those TV commercials wont let you forget.

    But dont be tempted by those companies.

    Sell your precious metals locally for a better deal and faster payment. If you have bullion bars lying around, great.

    If youre like most of us and do not stock gold bars, try selling these items:

    • real silverware
    • quarters and dimes minted before 1965
    • wedding and engagement rings

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    Make Sure To Clean Everything

    In the week leading up to your garage sale, clean everything youre looking to sell at your yard sale. Use disinfecting wipes and dust rags to clean off books, electronics, toys, home decor, and any furniture. Also, make sure you run any clothes youre selling through the laundry so that theyre clean. Not only will this help your items look better, but it also allows you to ask for a little more money for an item if its in good condition.

    Tip : Price Items For Your Yard Sale

    When it comes to putting a price tag on items like books, clothes and golf clubs you dug up, remember that youâre trying to get rid of these things. In order to get them to sell, you might need to ask for a lot less than you think.

    So, how do you price items for a yard sale? Generally, items should be tagged at about 10% to 20% of the current retail price. For example, if something sells for $50 in store, price it at $10 if itâs in good shape or $5 if itâs a bit worn. Of course, factors like the itemâs condition, demand and whether or not itâs in season can affect the price.

    Before applying this rule, research to see how similar things are priced in your area. Go to other garage sales to see how much theyâre selling those items for. Watch the shoppers to see if they respond to the prices or walk away. You can even check Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and other online resources to compare prices.

    Hereâs a starting point for some items. However, keep in mind that in addition to the itemâs condition and demand, name brand and size may cause you to fidget with the price as well.

    Recommended Prices for Common Garage Sale Items


    25¢ – 50¢ for paperbacks, $1 – $2 for hard covers


    33% of sale price for used items, 50% of sale price for new items still in packaging

    Pro Tip

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    How To Price Tools For A Garage Sale

    Pricing tools for a garage sale can be tricky. You want to make sure you price them high enough to make some money, but not so high that no one will buy them. If you have no idea where to start, go to Statricks.com for aggregate pricing data from different auction sites online like Craigslist or eBay. Heres a helpful guide on how to price tools for a garage sale:

    Start by looking up the retail price of the tool. This will give you a good starting point for pricing.

    • If the tool is new or in like-new condition, you can price it closer to the retail price.
    • If the tool is used, youll want to price it lower than the retail price.
    • Keep in mind that people at garage sales are looking for deals, so dont be afraid to negotiate on price.
    • Finally, dont forget to factor in the cost of gas and time spent setting up and running the garage sale.

    Any Medicine Supplement Or Chemical Based Item

    The Best Things to Buy at a Garage or Yard Sale for Resale

    When having a garage sale, avoid selling any medicine, supplement, or chemical-based item. These items may be expired or dangerous for others to use.

    There are a few reasons why these items shouldnt be sold. First, its illegal to sell prescription drugs without a license.

    Second, many over-the-counter medicines and supplements expire quickly and may no longer be effective. Finally, chemicals can be dangerous if theyre not handled properly.

    If you are unsure about an item, do not sell it. It is not worth the risk of someone getting hurt.

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    Say No To Useless Items

    Be warned, though, that the following are the hardest items to sell:

    • Niche items such as old discs from your favorite band
    • Cube TVs, home phones, and other outdated electronics
    • 800-page Dictionaries, encyclopedias, albums
    • Overly decorated vases & ceramics

    And you may argue that the right buyer will pay you enough, which is true if youre willing to wait forever.

    Dont sell what doesnt sell well.

    But dont lose hope. Theres a strategy to make you more money, even if nobody wants these. Thats what the next section is about.

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