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Customer Reviews For New Garage Door Installation

Wayne Dalton (i drive) Garage Door Opener | Discontinued

We ordered a new garage door which arrived timely. The installation was both professional and quick. Scott P was very good with communication and took the time to answer all of our questions.

5/5 Rating from Candy Fritz

Read more of our reviews . We have a 4.8-star rating with 3,813+ reviews.

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Wired Wall Station Control For Wayne Dalton Door Openers

This is a simple and straightforward product that performs one thing. To open and close your garage door. It is a two-button device. One of the buttons controls the open and close functionality of the garage door opener, and the other is for the opener lighting. Another advantage of the Wayne Dalton wired wall station is, theres no need to buy batteries because its a wired system. This could save you a few bucks per year.

Aurora Wayne Dalton Garage Doors Opener

Openers are one of the most critical components of modern garage doors. They open and close the doors and allow homeowners to operate them remotely. You dont need to get out of the car to gain access to your garage. Wayne Dalton is one of the most prominent garage opener brands in the industry and manufactures a vast range of cutting-edge products. At Professional Garage Door Services, we have worked with this brand for several years and are familiar with their best products.

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How Do I Program My Wayne Dalton 5 Button Keypad

Press and release the Program button on your garage door motor and the red indicator light will begin flashing for 30 seconds. Press the On/Off/Reset button on your keypad and wait for the light on the keypad to illuminate. Select a four-digit code for your opener and enter the code on the keypad.

How do I reset my garage door code?

Press the learn button located on the side of the motor and hold it down. Release the button when the light beside it goes out to remove the old code from its memory. Push the learn button on the motor again, so its light comes on again. Enter the desired code on your keypad on the garage wall.

Why is my Wayne Dalton garage door opener not working?

If your Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener doesnt seem to be working right, make sure all the batteries are up to date, and the cord, outlet and wall switch work properly. Also check the wires by disconnecting the wires at the opener from the wall station.

Wayne Dalton Factory Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

Wayne Dalton Idrive Pro garage door opener

One thing that helps secure your garage from unwanted pests, harsh weather conditions, dust, and debris is the Bottom Weather Seal. It is fixed beneath your garage door frame and fills any space beneath the garage door when it is closed. The Factory Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal comes in different sizes and width, based on your garage door. They come in size 8, 9, 12, 14, 16 and 18. Before you order, ensure you know the width of your garage door.

The garage door bottom weather seal one of the simplest Wayne Dalton garage door parts to replace, from my experience. Below is a step-by-step video guide on how to replace your garage door seal.

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Safety Sensor Kit For Wayne Dalton Garage Door Openers

The safety sensor kit is a must-have for every home. It prevents your door from closing when there is an object beneath the garage door. This device prevents a lot of accidents which could be caused by your garage door.

Before you think of purchasing a Wayne Dalton safety sensor kit, there are few checks you need to perform on your pre-existing one to confirm its damaged. First, you have to check if the sensors are connected to a power source. The wires connecting your sensors might be broken. Secondly, you need to check if the two sensors are facing each other. If the red light on the receiver is on, it means they are correctly aligned. If none of the fixes solved the issue, then they are damaged, and you need to replace them.

The Wayne Dalton garage door opener safety sensor kit works for all Wayne Dalton openers, and other third party garage door openers as well.

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors Aurora

We have worked with Wayne Dalton garage doors for several years now. These products deliver reliable performance and are designed to handle different kinds of weather conditions. Wayne Dalton is a well-established company that has been a part of this industry for more than 60 years. It has an excellent reputation and a line of products that perform well in real-life conditions.

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Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

Wayne Dalton manufactures a wide array of residential garage doors to cater to your individual design preferences. Residential steel garage doors are available in insulated or non-insulated models. Each garage door offers the durability and low maintenance of steel, coupled with the attractive appearance of wood. Let us help set your home apart with style, safety, and durability.

A commercial garage door can take a beating. Whether it be a Thermacore® insulated door, a rolling metal door, or even a secure, fire-rated door, we have a solution to fit your commercial garage door needs. Our expertise, combined with a reliable product line, will ensure your commercial door fit the needs of your business.

Enhance Your Home with a New Garage Door

Our attractive design options and enhanced safety features will complete your home & lifestyle: from the old world carriage house, durable and stylish vinyl door, or our sleek modern glass doors too low maintenance steel or fiberglass garage doors to the beauty of premium handcrafted carriage house wood doors.

Wayne Dalton builds quality, tough commercial doors to withstand the daily wear and tear of owning and operating a business. Engineered for excellence, our commercial and industrial doors are the premier choice for durability, serviceability, and hassle-free performance.

Wayne Dalton Trolley Arm Operator Bracket

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers on Wayne-Dalton Garage Doors

The trolley arm operator bracket can be found on top of your garage door. And it is attached to the middle section. It fit perfectly on the male section on top of the door. Common problems of the trolley arm are, firstly, it can detach from the frame it is attached. When that happens, you dont need to buy a new one. You simply need to fix it back with screws.

The second problem is the trolley getting broken. This is when you need to purchase a brand new trolley arm operator bracket. Wayne Dalton has made a manual on how to replace the trolley arm, which can be found here.

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Programming The Prodrive Garage Door Opener

The Prodrive garage door opener from Wayne Dalton is made to work with up to twelve devices. There are eight slots for remote transmitters, two slots for wall stations, and then two slots for keyless entry pads. Thats a lot of devices for an entire household, or even a workplace, depending on the size of the firm.

Just keep in mind, if you exhaust the slots, the next programmed device will erase a previously programmed remote from the system. For instance, if you program the 9th remote, the programmeds first remote will be erased from the garage door openers memory. Now that we have that out of the way, here is how to program the Prodrive garage door opener.

To program the Prodrive to a Transmitter,

  • Press and release the PROGRAM button on the opener. A Program LED indicator will turn on. The overhead lamp will also be on. Now you have up to one minute to complete the next step
  • Press one of the buttons on the Transmitter that you wish to control your opener with. The Red LED should blink three times. This means programming is successful
  • To confirm, press that same button once again to see if garage door opener activates.
  • To program the Prodrive to a Wall Station,

  • Press and release the PROGRAM button on the opener. A Program LED indicator will turn on. The overhead lamp will also be on. Now you have up to one minute to complete the next step
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    Wayne Dalton Garage Doors And Openers

    We carry garage door remote controls compatible with Wayne Dalton openers including i Drives openers. Avondale Garage Doors, Inc. services all Wayne Dalton doors and openers. From the Torquemaster spring system to replacing sections on the popular Wayne Dalton 8000 and 9100 model garage doors. Our technicians are experts who will only perform the needed repairs on Wayne Dalton garage doors or openers.

    Wayne Dalton opener parts are not manufactured anymore but we do have some parts in our warehouse. We sell Genie and Liftmaster garage door openers.

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    Wayne Dalton Garage Door Repair In Hampton Roads

    No garage door is immune to damage or malfunction, including Wayne Dalton garage doors. While Wayne Dalton is one of the top brands on the market, theyre susceptible to wear and tear like any other part of your home.

    Our Professionally Trained Technicians can repair, adjust, and replace most models of Wayne Dalton garage doors and accessories. This includes:

    • 8000, 8024, 8100, 8124, 8200, 8300, 8500, 9100, 9605 Classic Steel Garage Doors
    • 7100 Series Wood Garage Doors
    • 7400 Series Carriage House Wood Doors
    • 6600, 9405, 9700 Carriage House Style Doors
    • 8450, 8800, 8850 Frameless and Aluminum Glass Doors
    • Designer Steel, Fiberglass, and Specialty Vinyl Doors
    • 100 Series Colonial Style Wood
    • 40 Series Flush Wood Garage Doors
    • 300 Series Raised Panel Wood
    • Custom Garage Doors

    and more!

    Wayne Dalton Parts For Your Garage Door Opener

    WAYNE DALTON Garage Door Openers Curved Arm

    +Product Type

    Heavy duty 10,000 high cycle life replacement springs for Wayne Dalton Garage Doors using the torquemaster spring system. This specialty spring is made only by Wayne Dalton for their Torquemaster…

    Wayne Dalton Remote Control Transmitter 327310 3973C 3BTM Manufacturer original replacement remote control transmitter for Wayne Dalton garage door opener models using frequency 372 Mhz. Also known by the…

    The Wayne Dalton remote control transmitter 297134 309884 is for Wayne Dalton garage door opener models using frequency 303 Mhz. Replacement remote for 1-button and 2-button remote control transmitters (no…

    Wayne Dalton Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad KEP4 334642 – 372 Mhz LATEST MODEL OF WAYNE DALTON KEYPAD. The unit features a ten-button vertical keypad with cover. Includes: Keypad Batteries Mounting…

    Wayne Dalton Anti Pinch Hinge for 9100 and 9600 pinch resistant doors Top quality galvanized steel. Genuine Wayne Dalton hinges Look at your existing garage door hinge and find the…

    Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Cable Drum Assembly Kit – Front Mount This Front Mount Torquemaster Cable Drum Assembly is for garage doors that have springs mounted to the front of the track directly…

    Wayne Dalton Adjustable Opener Operator Bracket Wayne Dalton 339621 adjustable operator bracket for 9100 and 9600 doors. Adjustable design works with all section heights. Replaces 326211. Wayne Dalton operator bracket…

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    How Do You Program A Universal Remote To A Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener

    Try your remote controls. Press the PROGRAM button located on the garage door motor head unit once. The PROGRAM STATUS light on the motor head unit will turn on and remain lit for one minute, indicating that it is ready to learn the Transmitter code. Press the button on transmitter.

    How do I code my Wayne Dalton garage door opener?

    Select a four-digit code for your opener and enter the code on the keypad. Press and hold the 0 button on your keypad until the garage door responds by opening or closing.

    Where is the program status light on a Wayne Dalton garage door?

    Press the PROGRAM button located on the garage door motor head unit once. The PROGRAM STATUS light on the motor head unit will turn on and remain lit for one minute, indicating that it is ready to learn the Transmitter code. Press the button on transmitter. The PROGRAM STATUS light will turn off indicating a successful learn.

    How To Program The Quantum Garage Door Opener With A Transmitter

    Follow these simple steps to program a remote transmitter to work with your Quantum Garage Door Opener.

  • Press the Program Switch on the side of your garage door opener. A red LED and the overhead light on the garage door opener, will turn and stay on. You have one minute to complete the next step
  • Press the button on the remote youll like to operate your opener with. The red LED should blink three times. This means the wall station is successfully configured to work with your opener.
  • Press the same button on the remote one more time to confirm. You should be able to operate the garage door opener with the wall station now.
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    Wayne Dalton Garage Door Repair Vs Replacement

    While some issues with Wayne Dalton doors can be repaired, others may require a replacement. With our free 25-point inspection, we will assess the situation and tell you exactly what you need.

    Here are the most common reasons your garage door cant be repaired and may need to be replaced:

    • Your door has major structural damage from weather, vehicles, or other trauma
    • Repairs would cost more than a full replacement
    • Youve had a break-in or other garage door-related event that affects your security, safety, or quality of life

    If you need a garage door replacement or overhaul, our expert technicians can provide guidance on your options and give a free estimate.

    Programming The Keyless Entry Keypads

    Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener Battery Replacement
  • Find the program button on the right side near the back of the motorhead. This usually has a red LED light above it.
  • To avoid causing any programming failure, ensure you do this when you are six feet away from the opener.
  • You will be required to put in a five-digit pin and to ensure you stay safe. A quick tip: do not use your address as the pin as this is an easy guess.
  • If you want to know that the programming is complete, the LED light will blink thrice once you enter the pin.
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    Looking For Wayne Dalton Idrive Torquemaster Parts

    If you have problems with your Wayne Dalton garage door opener, give us a call. Wayne Dalton® has stopped manufacturing garage door openers and most of the internal parts of its Torsion iDrive and TorqueMaster®.

    However, if we can source replacement parts, we will do so. If not, we can advise you accordingly of further options. There are common issues with both types that can still be fixed. For example, we can fix non-responsive remotes or wall operators and will most likely be able to fix certain issues with the motor.

    The important thing is always to call a technician to look over and fix your garage door opener you should never attempt to do repairs on your own as it can be dangerous to those without the proper training.

    Trust our experienced technicians to do the work for you, with attention to detail and safety in mind.

    If your garage door is operated with a Wayne Dalton® opener and you are having issues with it, call us to discuss the problem. We have experienced technicians available to repair your Wayne Dalton garage door opener promptly and professionally.

    Wayne Dalton Garage Door Openers Wired Safety Sensor Kit

    • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
    • Wayne Dalton Wired Photoelectric Safety Sensors.
    • For Torsion iDrive models: 3651-372, 370-372.
    • For Quantum/Classicdrive models 3012, 3014, 3016, 3018, 3212, 3213, 3214, 3312, 3313, 3314, 3316, 3412, 3414, 3512, 3514.
    • For DoorMaster models: 3660-372, 3661-372, 3662-372, 3760-372, 3751-372.
    • Kit includes sensors with wire mounting brackets, fasteners, and installation instructions.
    • This item: WAYNE DALTON Garage Door Openers Wired Safety Sensor Kit$94.95Only 8 left in stock – order soon.Ships from and sold by Gate Openers Unlimited.Get it
    • Only 1 left in stock – order soon.Ships from and sold by HouseHold Supplies Mega Store.

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    Programming The Quantum And Classic Drive Garage Door Openers

    The same steps are used in programming both the Quantum series and Classic Drive series garage door openers, so it only makes sense to combine them both. Ill break this part into two sections, which is, how to program the Quantum opener to a Wireless Wall Station, and then how to program it to a Transmitter. There are some significant differences between, which is why I want to do it this way. Lets get into it.

    Where Is The Program Button On A Garage Door Opener

    Wayne Dalton idrive Garage Door Opener for sale online

    Again you will have to look for the program button on the right side of the opener unit, facing the garage door you will see the program button and a red LED light above it.

    Is there a program button on Wayne Dalton quantum?

    The program button or learn button on the Wayne Dalton quantum series and most of their openers have four different functions and they are as follows.

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    Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener

    Elite Garage Door is proud to work with Wayne Dalton to provide cost effective and beautiful garage door for homeowners and business owners alike. But if you are looking for a garage door opener to go with your Wayne Dalton garage door. Than you will need to find a garage door opener from a different provider, as Wayne Dalton doesnt currently provide garage door openers for their garage door products.

    Wayne Dalton recommends Genie garage door openers. But we can also give you other options for your garage door opener if you are looking for different types of providers that may work for you. If you are looking for a garage door opener for your new Wayne Dalton garage door, give us a call today at .

    Elite Garage Door in Minnesota is the best garage door repair and installation company in the state. We have years of experience and plenty of 5 star ratings to show our customers that we are the best option for any garage door service they may need.

    Give Elite Garage Door a call today so that we can install your garage door opener in Minnesota today. We offer same day service and FREE onsite estimates. So you will know exactly how much the service will cost at the end of the day. Give us a call now today at .

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