Waterproof Paint For Garage Walls

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Apply The Tanking Slurry

Waterproofing Basement Walls with DRYLOK® Paint — by Home Repair Tutor

The tanking slurry is usually applied in two coats or more, according to the consistency of the mix and the walls state. Here are detailed steps for both layers.

First Layer

Start the first coat by applying the slurry in a horizontal motion across the bricks. You can use any brush or roller for that purpose.

You can apply the slurry for any height you prefer, but 40 inches should be sufficient to protect your walls and belongings from any waterflood. If you want to go higher, go for it, but lower than that may serve as a risk in some scenarios.

After applying the slurry to the wall, apply it to the floor-wall joint by approximately four inches across the floor. This step is vital to keep the water off weak points.

If you want to make sure the second coat will cover every inch of the first coat, theres a nice trick you can do. Tanking slurries usually come in water or grey colors. If you get the two colors, you can use a different one for each layer. That way, any empty spot will be clearly visible, and you can make sure youre covering everything.

Second Layer

The first layer needs to dry out completely before you apply the second one. It may take a mere two hours, and it may take half a day it depends primarily on your slurry. Youll need to wait until the first coat becomes dry to the touch, so its time for the second one. Otherwise, itll pull off because it wont be able to support the extra layer.

Jetcoat Farm Pride Waterproof Exterior Paint

If your eyes are on a leading brand of exterior paint, youre on the right track. To your blow, Jetcoat Farm Pride, with 50 years+ expertise, comes with a quality waterproof paint. Lets learn more!


It comes with an acrylic formula, which ensures that your paint stays safe from fading and peeling. Be it any harsh climate. It saves your basement surfaces from water leaks.


Youll not disappoint at the one-coat coverage this paint has to offer. If you take its one gallon, you can paint up to 100 square feet on a clinch with subsequent coats.

Versatile Use

Its versatile formula allows you to go for multiple uses. Apart from water-blocking the cellar floor, you can enhance farm roofs, barns, fences, foundations, grain bins, and silos.

  • Overdose and coatings may add efflorescence to the floor


Itll help if you stick to its instructions as the manufacturer states. Make sure to note down the temperature at a minimum level of 60 ºF when you apply.

Waterproofing Roof Paints And Coatings

Waterproofing roof and balcony coatings are available to buy now at Rawlins click to view

In this wonderful country we call home, waterproofing a roof properly goes without saying. Do not at your peril!

Due to higher pollution levels, you should look to benefit from acid resistance in the rain and application in wet weather is useful. Again, climate change considered, elasticity is going to allow your roofs compounds to move and adjust in high and low temperatures without cracking or blistering. Here are THREE of our products:

Rust-Oleum Mathys Fillcoat is an instantly waterproof, seamless, smooth liquid finish for roofs, non-walkable terraces, gutters, ridge-pieces, chimney stacks, pipes, etc. It seals small leaks quickly and simply, even in bad weather and is thick in texture. It is for immediate renovation and waterproofing that can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

U.S. based Gaco are roof paint specialists, so must get a mention in this segment. This professional grade roof coating has a 20year protection guarantee and can be applied to a vast array of materials. If you have an issue with pooling water on a roof, GacoPro Roof Coating is ideal. If you have pooling on your roof, you do not need the same paint as the local swimming baths would.

For more detailed advice on repairing cladding panels and metal sheets, we have a guide on the blog section of our website.

Other Products

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Mixing The Tanking Slurry

Most tanking slurries come as a powder and require mixing on site. It’s important to protect yourself when mixing tanking slurry by covering exposed skin and wearing a facemask and goggles. Always follow the manufacturers instructions closely and only mix enough tanking for 30 – 45 minutes as the product will become unworkable after that time.

PermaSEAL Tanking is supplied in 25kg buckets. You should start by adding the required quantity of clean water to a suitable mixing vessel. Slowly add the powder to the water whilst continuously mixing. We recommend mechanical mixing at a slow speed with a high torque drill and a plaster mixer. Mixing should be continued for three minutes after all the powder has been added to the mixing water to obtain a batter-like consistency. Allow the material to stand for one minute before remixing and then applying.

Waterproofing Drywall: The Ultimate Guide

Waterproofing and Painting your Garage

Regardless of where you live, water damage poses a significant threat to the condition of your home or office. Whether from a natural disaster such as a flood or storm damage or a simple maintenance issue such as a leaking pipe, water damage can severely damage your drywall in a matter of hours. As you can imagine, this creates quite a mess and often requires a significant investment to repair. Fortunately, there are ways to waterproof your drywall to minimize the possibility of this type of damage.

How do you waterproof drywall? There are several ways to waterproof your drywall. However, the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to waterproof your drywall is to paint the surface using a waterproofing primer. This method is recommended for drywall in any area that could be exposed to leaks or water damage of any kind, specifically bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, and kitchens.

So, is waterproofing your drywall necessary? Are there alternatives to using a waterproofing primer? In this post, we will share everything you need to know about waterproofing drywall including why you should consider this extra step, various methods, and much more.

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What Is Drywall Used For

Drywall is an inexpensive construction material that is used by most residential construction companies to create the interior of your home. It often covers the beams and insulation that form the shape of the house to provide an easy-to-paint surface. Drywall is relatively easy to install and repair, making it a popular choice for homes in every region.

In place of drywall, some homeowners choose to invest in plaster or wood to create their walls and ceilings, although this is a much more expensive option than drywall. Drywall is made using a mix of gypsum, paper, clay, mica, and resin. Because of this, it is not very resistant to water damage unless it is properly treated.

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Remedial Waterproofing Of Garage Leak Sealing Injections And Wbe Waterproofing System

The body corporate management of this site in the Sunshine Coast region recently engaged Waterstop Solutions for a remedial waterproofing solution. The garage was experiencing regular water ingress after substantial rain. Water was seeping in through the wall to floor joints and the back wall showed signs of dampness.

To treat moisture ingress through the floor/wall joint that runs along the back wall and the garage, we recommended performing high-pressure leak sealing injections of hydrophilic polyurethane of the floor/wall joints.

The injection system creates a three-dimensional waterproof seal inside the building element by injecting a high-quality hydrophilic polyurethane resin under high pressure. Once the leak sealing injections were completed, the injection ports were removed, and the holes and cracks were plugged with repair mortar.

To treat the damp wall, we recommended grinding the existing paint off and installing a water-borne epoxy reverse side waterproofing system to the wall.

As you can see in the video clip, there is quite a lot of water behind the retaining wall near the staircase. When drilling holes for the injection ports, there was a considerable amount of water running out of the wall, especially in the corner near the stairs. Our on-site leak sealing specialists utilised a few additional steps to the Waterstop Solutions proprietary process to form a watertight seal.

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What Is The Best Color For Garage Walls

Choosing a color for your garage walls comes down entirely to personal preference. After all, the most important thing is that you actually like working in there, right? Still, as a general rule, light and neutral colors are usually the way to go since they reflect light better and will help illuminate the whole room more easily.

Pick a color capable of hiding stains well and, at the same time, making the garage feel airy. The most obvious choices are white, tan, light gray, and beige.

Fill And Cracks Or Holes

How to Waterproof Basement Walls With Flex Seal Products

Heres where I messed up, so dont do what I did.

After I cleaned my walls and got rid of all the dust, dirt, and spiderwebs, I immediately put on the first coat of Drylok.

However, I should have done a better job of inspecting for any cracks or holes that needed to be filled before starting to paint.

Drylok usually takes a few hours to dry thoroughly, so you can get everything done in a single day.

However, I spread the project out over two weekends because I had other projects I was working on as well.

To be honest, Id rather do just about anything instead of paint, so I was definitely procrastinating.

After that first coat , I noticed several holes in my wall and a couple of hairline cracks. As good as Drylok is, anything larger than an Aspirin pill should be filled first.

Instead of compounding the problem and going straight into the second coat, I picked up a tube of Drylok Masonry Crack Filler.

Let me be clear: Any masonry crack filler will do here.

I stuck with Drylok, but you certainly dont have to.

There are many options at your local Lowes or Home Depot, and theyre all pretty much the same as long as its designed for use on concrete.

All you need to do is squeeze the masonry crack filler into the holes and trim off any excess.

If the gap is more than a centimeter deep, youll want to fill the crack in stages and let it dry in between.

The important thing I want you to take away from this is to fill the cracks FIRST before you start painting.

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How To Waterproof Your Garage Walls

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  • The EZ-Drain option
  • Waterproof Walls To Allow Washing Floors

    wssix99 said:An industrial flooring contractor should be able to give you an epoxy coating that wraps up the walls seamlessly. It sounds like you don’t have expansion joints at the wall intersections, so it should be straight forward.Lots of threads on this and I recall the general consensus is sweeping is almost preferable. Unless the room is being used for slaughtering animals, I can’t think of a situation where I’d wash vs. sweep or mop.

    Xray Dave said:Heard of a guy who wanted to wash out the garage on regular basis. He poured a 3″ raised “platform” around edges of garage. Didn’t have to worry about bases of cabinets getting wet/moldy/rotten or wheels of roll around items rusting. Think he did it before putting up walls tho’. Guess you could do something similar “after the fact” using a good concrete sealant between slab and the raised pour.

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    The Spruce Best Home Paint: First Frost

    The Spruce has partnered with KILZ to come up with their own line of interior paints thats exclusive to Amazon. Although the Spruce may be very new to the paint scene, KILZ has been making paints since 1957.

    This interior paint & primer combination is a low-odor acrylic paint that is mildew-resistant when it dries. To keep things simple, The Spruce limits the color palette for this line of paint to only 32 colors.

    I recommend First Frost, which is a cool white with a slight grey-ish tint. Its available exclusively on Amazon.

    Why Should You Waterproof Your Garage Walls

    Damplock Basement Wall Concrete Sealer Garage Masonry Waterproofing ...

    Most homes built in the last 30-40 years have a concrete block foundation because its solid and stable. More importantly, its inexpensive to produce and use.

    However, its also extremely porous.

    When the rains come, and in Florida, that happens just about every day, the wind slams the rain against your house, seeping in anywhere it can.

    Once that water is in your walls or foundation, it can cause damage or act as a breeding ground for toxic mold and mildew.

    The less water that can seep into your foundation, the less chance of that happening.

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    Tip : Mind The Temperature

    Painting your garage may seem like a worthy winter home improvement project, but if you live where temperatures often dip below freezing in the colder months, it may be better left for spring. The same goes for the height of summer in hotter climates. Most paint manufacturers list minimum and maximum temperatures for painting because temperatures outside that range mess with the paint curing process.

    Apply Drylok To The Walls

    If you like painting, youll love this part. Me? Not so much.

    There are two parts to painting a wall the edges and that big empty space in the middle.

    You can get a small roller for the edges, but I dont really trust myself not to make a huge mess, so I prefer a brush.

    Either way, youll want the right tool for the job:

    • Masonry brush: These brushes have heavier-duty brushes that are coarser than regular paintbrushes. The concrete wall is so rough that it will rip a standard paintbrush to shreds in minutes.
    • Paint roller: Opt for a roller with at least a 3/4 inch nap. This will let it soak up enough of the paint and spread evenly over the rough surface.

    The type of paint tray isnt important. You can usually get by with a spare youve got leftover from another paint job if you want.

    Just be sure that any old paint is thoroughly cleaned off first.

    I bought a new one because theyre less than $5 each and you can usually find them at your local hardware store for under $2 each.

    As I said before, Drylok goes on relatively thick and exactly like youd paint any other surface. One gallon covers anywhere between 75-100 square feet.

    So for two coats of paint, I used about a gallon and a half of Drylok for one wall in my garage.

    Its not cheap, but waterproofing your garage walls with Drylok is a lot cheaper than fixing water damage from leaky walls.

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    Waterproofing Wood And Timber

    Rawlins stock an extensive range of protective internal and external wood and timber finishes

    Whether it be fencing, panelling, decking, flooring or garden furniture, wood needs protection from the weather just like your concrete does. Waterproofing such as this however, isnot to be confused with varnishing.

    For a versatile waterproof paint for wood that can cover all the above bases, step forth one of our newer manufacturers!

    This Hydron Protective System wood sealer can be applied to bare or rejuvenated wood to revive and protect. Clear in colour, it will not disrupt any current shade, is resistant to oil, wood, dirt and pollution, and has up to 10 years performance. It is even weather and UV resistant. What more could you want?

    Tackle The Weak Points

    How to Apply Rust-Oleum RockSolid Garage Floor Coating Over a Painted Garage Floor

    Now that your wall is wet and your tanking slurry is ready, you can start working on the weak points, AKA the wall-floor joints. These joints are highly susceptible to leakages, so dealing with them is essential to waterproof your garage effectively.

    Chasing thefloor is your way to do so. A 0.8 x 0.8 inches chase will suffice you can cut into the wall if its possible. After youre done, clean the chase out and remove any dust and debris around.

    Apply a coat of your tanking slurry about four inches up the wall and four inches across the floor. Before it dries out, follow it with a layer of a sealant, and get it inside the chase. That way, you create a sealed area between the wall and the floor so water doesnt get inside. If your floor is waterproof or you intend on waterproofing it, no need to do this step.

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    Tanking For Garage Walls

    Tanking a garage wall is a term used to describe the application of a slurry or waterproof cement to provide a barrier to any water ingress. Tanking is effective at preventing damp walls in a garage and also leaves a smooth concrete finish. This is best suited for garage conversions that need to be waterproof but not necessarily homely e.g. storage or a utility room.

    Choose The Correct Garage Floor Paint

    There is no need to apply a primer when you use DRYLOK® Latex Concrete Floor Paint. This is an all-in-one paint and primer that applies easily to floors. It is naturally non-slip and cleans up easily with soap and water. There are seven colors of this durable garage floor paint to choose from, plus a tint for custom options and a wider variety of styles.

    For the added durability and chemical resistance of an epoxy resin, there is DRYLOK® E1 Latex 1Part Epoxy Concrete Floor Paint. It goes on just as easily as paint and is also an all-in-one paint and primer. Theres no need to mix strong-smelling components, as it comes ready to apply, and it is available in two popular grays and a tint base for more options to choose from.

    The DRYLOK® Latex Concrete Floor Paint is naturally non-slip. The DRYLOK® E1 Latex 1Part Epoxy Concrete Floor Paint has a semi-gloss sheen and a non-skid additive is recommended for extra protection and peace of mind.

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