Wall Mounted Garage Door Opener

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What Safety Features Does It Have

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Install – Chamberlain RJO70

Security and safety go hand in hand. To protect you and your vehicle, a good garage door opener should have sensors to detect obstacles that prevent the garage door from opening. This could be you or your car. Once an obstacle is sensed, the garage door opener should be able to stop the operation and lift the door up.

Garage Door Opener Basics

Although I will expand on these later in the article, here are some of the important points you should consider when planning to buy a new garage door opener.

  • Types of Opener Drive Systems. Belt drive, chain drive, jackshaft drive, or other.
  • Noise Level. Most garage door openers are fairly quiet, but belt drives are quieter.
  • Motor Size. An undersized motor that struggles to lift the overhead door will only make more noise and wear out quicker.
  • Power Requirements. How much power the garage door opener requires.
  • Bells and Whistles. What type of Smart apps are available for garage door openers? Do I really need them?
  • Peripheral Hardware. Tracks, springs, rollers, the door itself. Technically these are not part of the opener, but quite often noises made by other parts of the door system are blamed on the opener. For more information on soundproofing the entire overhead door system, please see our article How to Quiet a Garage Door Opener.

Liftmaster Elite Garage Door Opener

This LiftMaster Garage Door opener is specially designed with better storage, economical space, sleek, and classic. It is much easier to mount this garage opener beside the door or mount on the wall easily. You can operate this unit flawlessly using the 2.0 Security systems. The P3 motors are installed to offer the most reliable and durable performances.

The disturbances are prevented by this quiet garage opener to eliminate sounds and vibrations through the ceiling. It is specially equipped with Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster, roll-up doors, and low headroom tracks. The company offers a 5-year manufacturer warranty for the unit and a 1-year guarantee on accessories and battery.


  • Only a minimal range can be controlled by car remotes.
  • You may face challenging to repair the door opener.

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Control Mechanism/ Remote Control

The means of control is an essential consideration when shopping for a garage door opener. Most openers have remote control units. Some manufacturers give two remote control while other openers come with single units.

Often, the remotes are programmed with the openers at purchase. They also have buttons that allow you to manipulate, and you can reprogram your remote control when it stops working, or you lose the codes.

Sometimes the remote may stop working. You do not need to fret. Below is an article that illustrates why your remote control may fail to function and easy fixes to restore the normal functioning.

The video below shows how to install wall mount garage door opener

Advantages of Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

The Liftmaster 8500w Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain RJO20 Direct Drive Wall Mounted Space Saving Garage Door ...

The LiftMaster 8500W allows homeowners to access their garage door from anywhere on their smartphones through the MyQ app. It comes with extra light that brightens the garage when the door is opened. The LiftMaster 8500W Wall Mount Garage Door Opener weighs 11 pounds and measures 7.5*7.9*21.5 inches


The LiftMaster wall mount gets rid of the central rail, which saves space and equals less maintenance and an overall neater garage. The rail needs frequent lubrication, which can result in a messy garage floor or vehicle.

The LiftMaster works by the motor moving along the rail to open the garage door, rather than pulling the trolley along the rail. This results in a quiet opener. This stylish opener also frees up your garage space. It comes with a deadbolt to ensure your door securely closes.

What we like most

  • It comes with a battery backup, which saves money and is a desirable feature where power outages may be too prevalent.
  • Quiet means you can use it next to your bedroom or in tight residential areas.
  • Easy to install saves you from having to hire an installation expert. Its also a perfect feature for DIY lovers.
  • Wi-Fi capable allows for smart connectivity with your favorite tools like a smartphone for remote operation
  • The automatic mechanical lock ensures extra security when the door closes.
  • The LED ceiling lights are activated by motion so you dont have to reach the switch if entering the garage at night.

What can be improved


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Beamup Volta Bu850 Garage Door Opener

The beamUP Volta BU850 Garage Door Opener starts life as a beamUP Centurionthen gets better. By adding Lithium Polymer battery back up. According to a Stanford University report, Lithium Polymer batteries provide 3 times the cycles and over 10 times the charge cycles than lead acid batterieswithout leaking. Obviously making them more environmentally friendly. At the time of this writing, only beamUP uses these batteries in their garage door openers.

It has an ultra silent belt drive opener with a 1 1/4 HP equivalent DC motor that will easily lift a double door. The Ultra Lift Power Transmission will lift 7, 8, or 10 carriage doors with ease. Quick and easy install with installation guides, product manual, videos, and telephone tech support all included with your purchase. Integrated motion activated 3000 lumen LED edge to edge lighting provides security and lights the entire garagewithout ever having to change a light bulb.

The Volta Smart Garage Door Opener provides smart phone access and control. Works with Alexa, IFTTT, Apple Watch, and HomeLinkall without monthly or annual subscriptions. You can share access with an unlimited number of users and get real time updates and reminders.

Note: Battery back up is require for garage door openers in California.

The Good

The Not so Good

Note: Amazon seems to have a problem with the weight. 0.039 ounces just does not seem correct.

The Good

The Not so Good

  • Some reported problems with Aladdin Connect and WIFI system.

The Difference Between Wall Mounted And Overhead Garage Door Openers

So, what makes a wall-mounted opener different from an overhead one? The most significant difference is in where theyre mounted. The wall mount opener sits to the side of the garage door, while the overhead one sits suspended from the ceiling.

The way they open the door is different too. An overhead garage door opener can use a few other methods in order to open it, such as belt, chain, and screw drives all having their own benefits. As such, you can choose the one that works best for you.

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Beamup Everlift Bu250 Garage Door Opener With Battery Backup


  • Compatible with single or double doors

  • Long-lasting backup battery

  • Only includes one remote

  • Light operation can be faulty

Some garage door openers, including the BeamUp Everlift, have a built-in battery backup that keeps your garage operational in case of a power outage. The Everlift operates via a high-grade reinforced steel chain drive, and it has a powerful lithium polymer battery that kicks in during power outages, offering three times as many operating cycles as traditional lead-acid batteries.

You can use this garage door opener with 7-foot single or double doors, and it has integrated LED light bulbs to illuminate your garage at night. However, sometimes the lights’ operation can be flawed and won’t properly turn off. It comes with one remote control and a wall-mounted controller, and the system is quick and easy to install without any special tools.

Price at time of publish: $216

Dimensions: 27 x 14 x 8 inches | Weight: 31.9 pounds | Opener Type: Chain drive | Lifting Capacity: 0.75 horsepower | Drive Type: High-grade steel-reinforced | Horsepower: 0.75 | PowerDC motor with lithium battery backup

Genie Stealthdrive Connect Smart Garage Door Opener

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener, LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series Jackshaft Operator Review and Install
  • Smartphone and home assistant compatibility

  • Built-in backup battery

  • Lifetime warranty on motor and belt

  • Extension kit for 8-foot doors sold separately

  • App controls could be better

  • Strong Wi-Fi connection needed for app control

Who else recommends it? Popular Science and Bob Vila also picked the Genie StealthDrive Garage Door Opener.

What do buyers say? 92% of 3,200 Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

The Genie StealthDrive Connect Garage Door Opener is powerful yet quiet. It packs a 1.25-horsepower motor with intuitive features and convenient controls into an easy-to-install design, making it our top pick for the best garage door opener.

This model relies on a five-piece rail system that’s lightweight and sturdy. The rails snap together for easy installation and can support doors up to 7 feet tall. Unfortunately, if your garage door is taller than 7 feet, you’ll have to purchase the extension kit for 8-foot doors separately. This garage door opener also relies on a steel-reinforced belt built to last and for quiet operation. If the noise level is one of your primary concerns, this is the model for you.

Price at time of publish: $286

Dimensions: 8.5 x 12 x 28 inches | Weight: Not listed | Opener Type: Belt drive | Lifting Capacity: 1.25 horsepower | Drive Type: Ultra-quiet | Horsepower: 1.25 | PowerCorded-Electric, Battery Backup for Battery Power

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Add Space For All Your Items

Are you tired of the clutter in your garage? Do you feel like your space is overpacked? How and where can you store all your things when you feel like you dont have any room left? We have the solution for you!

But first, lets get rid of all the stuff you no longer need

Deciding what you want to keep can be challenging if youre the type of person who holds on to just in caseitems. Thats why we recommend you read this blog before you proceed to declutter your garage. The author highlights three critical questions you should ask yourself if your hesitating:

  • If I needed it, could I find it?
  • How much would it cost to buy another?
  • What are the chances that Ill need it? And is it actually a need?
  • Plus, it is proven that being less cluttered can lead to health benefits. Decluttering, according to WebMD, an American healthcare information services website, can:

    Would you work in this environment? Imagine all the space you can save if you organize and clutter all your things! Image from Unsplash.

    The best way to see what you have is to clear everything out. You may want to do this by section depending on your garage space and the number of items you own. We can tell you that this whole process of categorizing the things youll keep, donate, sell, or throw in the garbage can take an entire day for some people!

    Then, make sure that your items can be safely kept in your garage

    These items can fall into three main categories:

    • Hazardous objects or substances

    Does It Have Remote Controls

    Garage door remotes are very important. Most garage door openers have 2 remote control units while others may have just a single remote. The remotes are programmed with the opener and have buttons that allow manipulation of the garage door and other features of the opener like lights.

    Buying a wall mount garage door opener with a remote is beneficial as it is a safe way to control the garage door without manually operating it like when its raining.

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    Beamup Centurion Bu800 Garage Door Opener

    The beamUP Centurion BU800 Garage Door Opener is a step up from the Workhorse. It has an ultra silent belt drive opener with a 1 1/4 HP equivalent DC motor that will easily lift a double door. The Ultra Lift Power Transmission will lift 7, 8, or 10 carriage doors with ease. Quick and easy install with installation guides, product manual, videos, and telephone tech support all included with your purchase. Integrated motion activated 3000 lumen LED edge to edge lighting provides security and lights the entire garagewithout ever having to change a light bulb.

    The Centurion Smart Garage Door Opener provides smart phone access and control. Works with Alexa, IFTTT, Apple Watch, and HomeLinkall without monthly or annual subscriptions. You can share access with an unlimited number of users and get real time updates and reminders.

    The Good

    • Ultra quiet 1 1/4 HP belt drive opener.
    • Comes c/w 2 three button remotes, wall switch, wireless keypad.
    • Comes ready to install on 7 high door .
    • Easily lifts heavy carriage doors.
    • Controller included to allow smart phone access to Alexa, Apple Watch, IFTTT, and HomeLink. No fees or subscription costs.
    • Customer service gets rave reviews.
    • Warranty lifetime on motor, lifetime on belt, 5 years on parts, 2 years on accessories.

    The Not so Good

    The Good

    The Good

    The Not so Good

    • A bit of a stripped down model with only one remote and no wireless keypad.
    • A bit pricier than some other garage door openers.

    Does It Have A Battery Backup

    The Elite Series 8500W Wall Mount Garage Door Opener by LiftMaster w ...

    Not so many garage door openers have a battery backup feature. For those that do, either the battery backup is inbuilt or the opener has an option to connect it to a battery backup.

    Battery backup is an essential feature of a garage door opener. In places like California, its now a mandatory feature for garage door openers.

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    Chamberlain Smart Myq Garage Door Opener

    The professionals had created this smart garage door opener to safeguard your vehicles and home. You can use the MyQ app to open & close your home garage doors from anywhere using your smartphone. If the garage door is opened or closed in real-time, this app will assist you with alerts and smart notifications. Any unauthorized access can be controlled with this operation. The Safety sensors with the 1933 Standard are designed to offer better protection.

    The Wireless installation procedure is much easier to use through the step-by-step process included with the package. The MyQ account will allow you to access through Google Assistant & IFTT without any payment. The MyQ Garage door opener will offer other core features like notifications of entire movements of opening or closing the garage doors without any charge.


    • Accidents are prevented by Infrared Sensor.


    • It is required to use the extension kit.

    Genie Battery Backup Model 6072h

    Genie Battery Backup Model 6072H-B Wall Mounted Garage Door Opener, Black is a powerful garage door opener that comes with additional features like Bluetooth LED light, remote garage door lock, etc. It is the best garage door opener for residential sectional garage doors.

    Weight: 31.4 pounds

    Product dimensions: 9*6.8*14.5 inches


    • It mounts perfectly to the garage door sides using a torsion spring and eliminates powerhead and rails from garage ceilings.
    • It has internal tension monitoring of door cables with an electronic pulse and comes with an in-built power backup.
    • It comes with an automatic door lock, wireless wall console, battery backup, and 3-button pre-programmed remote.


    LiftMaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Package is another top product from the leading garage door manufacturing company. Considered as one of the best garage door openers, it ranks high on reliability, durability, and effective performance.

    Weight: 30.7 pounds

    Product dimensions: 48*12*16 inches


    • It comes with a smooth start and smooth stop 24V DC motor that offers noise-free operations.
    • It has a six-foot power cord that ensures an effortless connection to the power supply.
    • It comes with invisible light-emitting safety sensors for protected opening and closing.


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    Which Is The Best Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

    From the above review, the best wall mount garage door opener is The LiftMaster 8500W.

    The LiftMaster 8500W is the most appealing option when compared to the other four. It comes with a battery backup that allows you to access the garage during power outages. It is compatible with smartphones that allow users to monitor and operate the garage door from anywhere. It has a quiet operation and is also a space saver.

    Is Genie Or Liftmaster Better

    Genie Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Model 6170 | Unboxing | Install Review

    Both Genie and LiftMaster are well known for their superior quality and reliability. Both brands also tend to charge similar prices for similar models. However, LiftMaster products are more commonly used, more highly recommended, and widely regarded as the more reliable choice of the two brands.

    LiftMaster also generally offers more features and added conveniences, even though their products and Genie models tend to have similar warranties.

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    Will My Garage Door Opener Work If The Power Is Out

    Since garage door openers are connected to your homes electrical system, they usually wont work if the power is out. However, you can find some models that have a manual release for you to pull the door up or down yourself. Some also come with a battery backup to keep the system running until the power comes back on.

    Compare Best Garage Door Openers

    One battery backup, two sensors, one keypad, one control panel, two remote controls Lifetime motor and belt warranty, 5-year parts warranty, 1-year accessories warranty
    Two sensors, one keypad, one control panel, and two remote controls 15-year belt warranty, 10-year motor warranty, 1-year parts and accessories warranty
    One battery backup, One keypad, one control panel, and two remote controls Lifetime motor and belt warranty, 5-year parts warranty, 1-year accessories warranty
    One control panel and one remote control 1-year belts, part, and accessories warranty
    Two sensors, one control panel, and one remote control 1 year

    Prices taken at time of publishing.

    This garage door opener comes with a keypad for outside of the garage, a remote for inside of the garage, two remotes for remote access, two sensors, and a battery backup for power during outages. Built-in technology allows you to get real-time alerts via mobile app.

    Courtesy Amazon

    Comes with a battery backup that keeps the opener working when there is a power outage

    Has a remote range of up to 1,500 feet

    Works in heat, humidity, and other extreme weather conditions

    The smartphone app requires a subscription to use some of its features

    Has a somewhat older-looking design

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