Used Metal Garages For Sale

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What Is Metal Garage

50x80x16 Custom Kodiak Steel Garage – Sarasota, Florida

Metal Garage is a steel structure building that is built to serve multiple applications as per your versatile requirements. Throughout the installation, high-quality steel metal is used to make your metal garage building. These buildings are considered as strong and durable which can withstand during harsh weather conditions. The entire installation of a Steel garage takes a few hours. In states with disastrous weather, we consider installing steel structures with the vertical roof as it is the strongest roof style to sustain in such weather conditions. The strength of your steel garage can be increased using more anchors, hat channels, truss, and even double leg frame.

How Much Is This Clearance Metal Building

This clearance metal building costs $12,335.00 plus tax in the following states: West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Prices may vary in all other states.

At Alpha Structures, we also offer fixed-rate financing up to $20,000. Call us directly using the button on the top of this page or click below for a personalized metal building quote.

Financing Available

We customize to your needs

We price match

Boat Tractor And Other Storage Space

The outside lean-to is also tall enough to protect a small tractor, or another piece of equipment that needs coverage. The word carport is a bit of a misnomer, as there is ample opportunity to store motorcycles, jet skis, and boats. We hear from many boat owners that their garages are crowded or they end up paying for expensive monthly off-site storagewith an outside lean-to, those problems are easily resolved.

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Are Metal Garages A Good Investment

Yes! Like an attached garage, metal garages increase property function and value. The more functional square footage and storage space you can add to your home, the better its value for future homers and yourself! Detached metal garages are also a good investment considering they are relatively low cost, yet boast a high value and lifespan.

Build The Space You Need

Used Metal Carports For Sale Near Me

A cheap metal garage is one of the simplest ways to create a durable building on any property. Far less headache and orders of magnitude more affordable than putting up a traditional building, a well-placed metal garage can open up opportunities to make use of previously under utilized areas of your property.

Creating new usable space on your property can be a great inspiration. You could use it simply to clean out the clutter in your home, or you could have more lofty aspirations of starting a business or even a band in your garage. Whether you happen to be an auto mechanic or a wood worker, the garage has always been the domain of the tinkerer. The affordability and versatility of design and installation options allows you to install a metal garage almost anywhere on your property, letting you transform a bit of empty land into a space for utility and creativity.

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Ordering Your Oklahoma Steel Building

All Future Buildings metal building parts arrive cut to the required length, welded, punched, drilled and marked for quick installation. No extra modifications are required, as every piece fits into its place. We have worked with clients on many projects and provide easy-to-install building kits that save more time, material and other resources. Some of the popular pre-engineered metal buildings we have supplied include:

Why Are We The Metal Building Code Experts In Ontario Ca

We can build any metal building to suit your needs, satisfying the certification codes of Ontarios local authority. Our skilled and experienced crew can install your structure with careful calculations of all the factors that supply strength to your metal building.

These specialties makes us the best choice as metal building supplier to buy a metal building of any kind whether residential, agricultural, administrative, recreational or commercial to use as Carport, Garage, Shed, Barn, Home, Workshop and anyway you want to.

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Metal Garages For Sale

Need to securely store a car, truck, boat, RV, or anything else? Metal Garage Central can custom design a steel garage for you that will be the perfect fit! Our structures are extremely rugged and versatile, and are fully customizable according to your needs and preferences. You can also choose from different roof styles and from many different color options. These precision-engineered steel structures are known for their strength, durability, & cost-effectiveness as compared to garages made with wood or other materials.

These custom-engineered steel buildings are often used by homeowners who need extra storage space. These buildings function well as storage sheds, car garages, workshops, man caves, or she sheds. Our commercial customers also love the business and industrial applications of our larger steel garage buildings theyre great for use as retail space, office space, restaurants, auto repair shops, warehouses, manufacturing space, horse stables, dairy barns, and much more!

How Much Is This Clearance Metal Two

30x40x11 Steel Garage in Kent City, Michigan

Alpha Structures is a North Carolina-based company with extensive operation in the South. We can offer the competitive price of $12,575 plus tax in the states of Virginia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas.

Expect to pay about 20% more if you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Massachusetts, Nevada, Arizona, and California. This is still well below market price, so dont hesitate to contact Alpha Structures with any questions or inquiries.

We offer fixed-rate financing up to $20,000. Set up a payment plan for this clearance metal building for sale and spread the cost over several months.

In case this particular metal building doesnt match your needs, please reach out to one of our qualified staff. We offer custom buildings that match virtually every specification. The sky is the limit when it comes to prefabricated steel buildings. Give us a call today!

Clearance Metal Building For Sale: 30’x70’x12′ Garage

Have you been looking for an affordable clearance metal building for sale to be used as your dream auto shop or workshop? Look no furtherwe are currently running a special on a metal garage unit that checks all the boxes for the perfect auto shop.

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What Garage Size Do You Need

One of the first things you need to decide when choosing a metal garage is how you plan to use your building. Youll want to consider how much space youll need to be able to accommodate your vehicles and anything else youd like to keep in an enclosed structure. Its also wise to allow for extra space to include future vehicle or equipment purchases. Prefab steel garages are available at Metal Garage Central in any custom size to fit your needs. We can build any size metal garage or workshop, from a single-car garage to a building large enough to store everything from an RV to a semi-truck to a combine harvester! Not sure what size garage you need? Not a problem! Just reach out to one of our friendly and knowledgeable building specialists, well be happy to listen to how you want to use your building, and then we can suggest some design options that will be sure to meet your needs AND your budget!

Garages For Sale Buy From Carport Direct

Carport Direct is a preferred dealer of Metal Garages and Steel Garages. Our direct buying feature allows you to choose your structure and place an order in just minutes, without any pushy upselling. Buying direct means you save money, and we offer several convenient payment options. Our prices also INCLUDE delivery and installation in all of our service areas.

Use our 3D Metal Building Configurator to fully visualize your building before you submit your order. And you can always just give us a call if you need any help or have any questions about our great Steel Garages for sale!

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What Is The Difference Between A Detached Metal Garage And A Storage Shed

There are a few key differences between portable metal garages and storage sheds:

  • Size: First and foremost, most storage solutions marketed as sheds are going to be smaller than portable and detached metal garages.
  • Entry and access points: At ShelterLogic, our portable storage sheds have one to two wide openings for entry and roll-up door kits. Storage sheds, on the other hand, typically have a single or double swing door.
  • Flooring: While storage sheds will be like small buildings with a floor completely enclosing the space, portable garages do not come with flooring.

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Steel Garages For Sale At The Industry

Metal Garages Tennessee

Owning a steel garage is a substantial investment. So, it requires a good research to find a best deal on quality steel garage. Viking Steel Structures has a wide range of steel garages buildings for sale. All our structures are built with materials of the highest quality, and you can save money by ordering direct from us. Final prices can vary depending on your location and chosen customizations.

Below is the real-time updated metal garages pricing by Viking Steel Structures:

Metal garage prices for Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Illinois:

Metal Garage Prices in Above States

Regular Style

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Put Your Metal Garage To Good Use

Classically, a garage is considered a building for housing motor vehicles. The garage is one of the few enclosed spaces where your automobile gets a chance to relax behind the safety of four walls. In harsher climates, areas prone to salt spray, dust storms, or tornadoes, a garage is practically a necessity to properly protect the investment in your vehicle. Just the simple act of parking your car in a garage can prevent everything from cosmetic damage to serious build-up of wear and tear that results from years of exposure to the elements.

While this is an obviously ideal use for your shiny new metal garage, its hardly the limit! Traditionally, the garage is a place of work. Somewhere to store the things too dirty or rugged to be dragged into the home. Somewhere to take on the tasks too messy to do anywhere else. The same wide-open entryway that makes your garage perfect for driving in and out of also substantially simplifies the process of cleaning up any messes you make, and helps you easily move large items without having to worry about the meager clearance of a door frame.

Highly Discounted Used Metal Building Inventory

Metal buildings are used in a variety of industries, for a multitude of purposes. With modern markets at a high demand there are new metal buildings being erected every day. The cost-saving, sturdy and speedily erected metal structures have made a positive impact in the construction world making just about any project possible. However, as inexpensive as steel building materials already are, there are even further cost saving options when planning and erecting your metal building.

Never erected or used buildings are an exceptional option for those on a budget without compromising on quality. Having a freshly manufactured metal building customized to your design is usually preferred, but sometimes there are hiccups along the way that disallow a project to be completed. Issues surrounding financing or permitting can always derail and ultimately end a metal building project. As a result, the buildings that were already factory manufactured are readily available as a highly discounted price.

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Check Out Our Sample Metal Buildings Offer Here

Building Clearance Specials Canada

All of our Flash Sale Clearance prefab Metal Buildings Specials are designed and engineered for the specific purpose and geographic location in our country. This is to ensure our prefab structures adhere to the strict local code requirements in your Province, including winter snow loads for the roof structure with roof pitch options, wind force ratings and seismic for metal buildings nova scotia, overstock steel buildings and small steel buildings.

Be confident knowing that Global Clearance Sale Buildings deliver pre-engineered metal buildings that provide the durability to match your requirements and provide the best steel workshop buildings prices or 60×120 pole barn prices.

With the best in class components and expert building consultants that are second to none, our galvalume plus steel rust perforation warranty assures you of long lasting performance which reduces your steel building costs over time.

Because our building consultants have a combined 30 plus years of experience in the field, we deliver our steel building kits on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction.

The quoted price is based with a prefab engineered for the location indicated. Prices are subject to change with steel commodity, currency fluctuations and applicable taxes are extra. For a current, guaranteed special price please request a quote or call us to speak with a building specialist for your future steel or metal building kits.

Which Roof Style Should I Choose

THEY ACTUALLY SHOWED UP! Metal building dream garage build Ep.4

Your metal roof style can make a big difference to the look and longevity of your custom metal garage. While that choice will affect the price, its very important to consider the weather in your area and the location on your property when choosing the metal garage roof style.

Regular RoofThe regular roof style is an economical choice. However, because the panel ribs run gable-to-gable , the ribs can block natural drainage of rainwater or snow down the roof slope. Its recommended that you purchase this style only if you live in an area that experiences minimal snowfall and in areas where tree debris and foliage wont get trapped between the horizontal metal panel ribs.

Boxed Eave RoofThe boxed eave style roof has an A-Frame Roof design like the vertical style, except the panels are installed horizontally. A boxed eave roof style will provide your metal garage with a similar appearance as the Vertical roof style, but its less expensive. But due to the direction of the metal panels, the panel ribs can hinder drainage, so this roof style is best when there is no concern for snow load, heavy rainfall, or numerous nearby trees that will drop their foliage on the roof.

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Questions People Tend To Ask Faqs

Q1: How much is a metal garage?

A metal garage of 12×21 standard size has a base price of $3705.00. The prices will vary if you opt to alter the buildings dimensions. The site of installation, certification option, and chosen customizations will also cause variation in the prices.

Q2: How much does it cost to build a 30×30 garage?

A 30×30 metal building will cost you around $9154.00 . The prices will vary between $8 to $12 per square feet depending on the various specifications you choose.

Q3: What is the cost for a 2-car garage?

The cost is $4894.40 for a 20W x 21L x 9H A-frame roof 2-car garage in North Carolina. If you alter the roof style, height, width, length, or location, then the prices can vary by $10 to $12 per square feet. Adding more customizations will also increase the overall price.

Q4: Does a garage add value to a home?

Besides having several applications for multipurpose use, a detached garage will increase your property value, and should also increase your selling price, should you ever decide to put your property on the market.

Q5: Whats the best insulation for a garage?

Your choice of insulation should be based on the type of building, and on how you plan to use it. If you plan to finish the building as climate-controlled living space, then youll want to choose to add an insulation with a higher R-value. If your building will primarily be used for outdoor storage, then the standard vapor barrier insulation should suffice.

Covered Picnic Or Grilling Area

This metal garages spacious lean-to is ideal for outdoor picnics, grilling, and all sorts of gatherings. Youll be shaded from the sun and sheltered from the rain. You can beautify your space by adding a cozy chair and table set, lounge chairs, potted plants, or anything else youd like to make your space an extension of your home for year-round family fun.

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Clearance Metal Building Details

This metal garage lends itself perfectly to vehicle storage, boat storage, grilling, general gathering space, and more.

Type: Metal Garage Style with Lean-ToDimensions: 20W x 26L x 12H with a 12 x 26 Lean-to

Dimensions and features:

  • Installation and delivery included
  • Just $12,335.00 installed + tax

This affordable metal garage is functional and has major curb appeal. It offers a wide variety of uses for an unbeatable price, without compromising aesthetics or quality. Many clients have enjoyed this garage for vehicle storage, boat or tractor storage, a picnic and grilling area, a kids play area, a storage shed, and more.

The Versatile S Model Steel Arch Building Kit Is Our Most Popular Arch Building Design With A Variety Of Uses

Metal Garage CarCanopy Lowe Used Carport For Sale from China

The S Model steel arch building has a rounded roof with vertical sidewalls and is available in 10 to 50 feet wide and 11 to 20 feet tall roofs with unlimited length. Because of its unique arched design this metal building kit is used by our customers for horse barn metal buildings, warehouse steel buildings, truck storage garages, fire departments, construction equipment storage, metal airplane hangers, businesses and workshops. This building is ideal for industrial, military steel quonset huts and agriculture applications. The side walls, like the P model arch building allow for shelving and work benches along the sides. With the clear span design there are no beams or posts giving you 100% interior usability. You can design your building with custom door openings depending on the use. Store 18 wheel tractor trailers, farm equipment or recreational vehicles.

The arched rounded roof makes for the perfect building for wind resistance like hurricanes and especially designed to channel away heavy snow loads. You can always expand the building as your needs may increase by just unbolting the end walls and adding more arch spans. Choose from several accessories such as three types of metal building insulation, ventilation, or overhead doors of walk through doors and garage kit skylights.

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