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Are Glass Garage Doors Good

February 2016 – Garage Doors On Sale at Menards

Contemporary and elegant glass garage doors can certainly increase your homes curb appeal. They also make the inside space feel larger and let in natural light and views. However, theyre a sizable investment compared to a standard steel garage door, theyre not as energy-efficient , and their modern, minimalist designs dont suit every home style.

The History Of The Glass Garage Door

Aluminum and glass garage doors took the overhead door industry by storm starting in the late 1950s. The new aluminum and glass garage doors were lighter, stronger, and more visually appealing than what had been on the market in the past. The first applications to embrace the new trend were service and gas station chains. At the forefront of the surge was Jack Dourney Jr., the founder of a thriving garage door manufacturing company that would pioneer the use of his exclusive welded aluminum and glass garage doors on some of the most iconic applications such as Shell, Gulf, Texaco, and Jiffy Lube service stations.

How Likely Is It For A Glass Door To Break

Although the thick, tempered glass panels typically used for full view garage doors are more durable and less likely to break than standard glass, cracks or breakages are still a possibility. However, good fitting and regular maintenance can help minimize the chance of these occurrences. Plus, because glass garage doors feature multiple panels, its possible to repair a single panel rather than the entire door.

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What Materials Are Commercial Glass Garage Doors Made Of

Part of the cost of a glass garage door is the high amount and quality of materials required in the manufacturing. When it comes to the glass, you have options between insulated tempered, plexiglass, wire glass, tempered, DSB glass, polycarbonate all with custom glazing options.

Both aluminum and steel glass doors give you a choice of:

  • Three different high-cycle springs

Glass Garage Door Buying Guide For North Carolina

16x7 full view black aluminum anodized with mirror glass garage door ...

So youre in the market for a new garage door but arent sure where to start. Perhaps youre in the mood for something sleek, stylish and different from your neighbors. Well, weve got three words for you glass garage doors. Residential glass garage doors can make many houses look stunning and stand out from the rest.

Most people expect to see boring white or opaque panels when they visit someones home and will often ignore them. A garage with glass doors can catch them off guard and provide a sense of sophistication to a part of the home that is not often considered sophisticated. This guide will help you decide whether glass-paned garage doors are for you and tell you all you need to know about them and where to buy them in North Carolina.

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Where To Get Glass Garage Doors In North Carolina

Glass garage doors require professional installation. If installed improperly, they can cause potential harm to people and your belongings. Thankfully, you can trust the experienced team at Garage Door Specialists. which has been installing garage doors for over 45 years. Our team in North Carolina will be sure to carefully install the door to make certain that its secure and functional.

Take a look at some of our modern glass and aluminum garage doors in our catalog to see what we have available. Then, request an estimate or give us a call so we can figure out how to best meet your needs.

Is It Expensive To Maintain And Repair Glass Garage Doors

Maintenance for glass garage doors is much like it is for standard types. Things like lubricating moving parts, clearing the tracks, tightening the hardware, and inspecting rollers can help to keep the door operating smoothly. Glass garage doors also need their glass cleaned frequently. One advantage is that powder-coated aluminum frames wont need repainting the way that many standard metal or wooden garage doors will.

The average garage door repair costs$250. For heavy glass garage doors with customized fittings, it could be higher. Another potential major repair cost is replacing broken glass panels. For tempered, insulated glass material and labor costs are likely to be $300 or more.

Are you a Home Improvement or Service Pro?

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Tempered Glass Garage Doors

Many manufacturers offer this type of glass as standard in their full-view garage doors. The average price for a tempered glass garage door is $4,000, but it varies considerably depending on size and design.

Heat-treated tempered glass is about four times stronger than standard glass, and if it breaks, it’s into small, connected pieces, meaning injury from large shards of glass is unlikely.

Wooden Meranti Garage Door Prices

Access Garage Doors – BIG SALE on Clopay Garage Doors!

The price of wooden garage doors depends on the style and size of the door. The price ranges from R14 500 for a premade single wood garage door installed to over R30 000 for a custom size wooden garage door.Most garage doors are made from Meranti which is a strong wood used to make wooden garage doors. There is a wide range of styles and panels to choose from. Quality wooden garage doors at affordable prices. Garage door estimated prices EXCLUDING installation and VAT: :

Contact us today for a quote on the garage door you are interested in, we have a wide range to choose from including single 20 panel, double 40 panel, double brick, double horizontal slat and wide horizontal slat.

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Armrlite Customizable Residential Glass Overhead Doors

With an array of customizable style options, we can create for you a one-of-a-kind commercial or residential glass garage door thats functional for your needs. Well fabricate your overhead glass garage door to fit your new or existing space and can incorporate a variety of options, including crank-out awning windows, matching gate and entrance door systems, ADA-compliant pass-through doors, energy-efficient packages, high-velocity wind resistance, individual interior and exterior paint colors, and more.

Aluzinc Garage Door Prices

Aluzinc is a combination of Aluminium and Zinc, they are a cheaper option when compared to aluminium garage doors and cost R11 200 on average for a single and R15 500 for a double including installation. Aluzinc garage doors and Chromadek garage doors are lightweight and do not rust.Aluzinc garage doors are available in a variety of colours: charcoal, white, bronze and brown as well as wood finishing. Not only are they available in a variety of colours but can also be powder coated to any colour you require.Aluzinc has a range of benefits when compared to other types of garage doors:

  • They have very good light and thermal reflectivity
  • They have good abrasion resistance
  • They do not corrode in high temperatures

Prices of Aluzinc Garage Doors range from EXCLUDING installation and VAT:

Garage Door Roll Up Aluzinc White From R1,800.00

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How Much Does A Glass Garage Door Cost

Glass overhead doors can often cost close to and over $1000. While you may occasionally find a garage door for a price closer to a thousand, the most common price range is over a thousand to several thousand dollars. Custom sizing requests and nonstandard materials could drive the price up even more. In addition, the average garage door installation can cost several hundred to over a thousand dollars, so youll have to consider that when you start budgeting.

Insulated Glass Garage Doors

China Residential Composite Used Glass Panel Garage Doors

Opt for thicker insulated glass rather than tempered glass if you want to increase energy efficiency and keep out more of the cold. This typically adds at least another 25% to your glass garage door price, with an average cost of $5,000.

Even with top-quality insulated glass, thermal efficiency will never be as high as an insulated steel or wooden door. However, you can increase efficiency by customizing an insulated aluminum frame and section rails, but this can increase the price dramatically.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Glass Garage Doors

Before committing to any upgrade for your business, you must take the time to ask the right questions. To get you started, weve put together a list of some of the questions we hear from our customers. Its crucial to know the facts, so you can make the most informed decision possible when choosing a door thats right for you.

When Your Entrance Matters

For more than six decades, home and business owners throughout the USA have depended on the innovative design and manufacturing experts at ArmRLite for customized, durable glass garage doors. Our commercial glass overhead doors and residential glass garage doors feature unique 100% welded construction to offer you the highest degree of garage door customization available. Whether you need a replacement rollup door or an overhead door for a new home or commercial building, ArmLite can design and manufacture a top-quality glass garage door to meet your specifications and provide your home or business with exceptional visual appeal. With ArmRLite, youll never need to be concerned about a broken garage door glass panel or worn-out parts making your garage inaccessible or causing extended business shutdowns. Our overhead doors offer unparalleled durability, and we can provide replacement panels and parts for every glass garage door weve ever manufactured. If youre looking for a beautiful, durable glass rollup door for your residential or commercial building that provides you with consistent functionality, turn to ArmRLite, the glass garage door manufacturer trusted by building owners nationwide since 1958.

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Armrlite Becomes The Industrys Leading Residential Glass Door Manufacturer

Jack named his company ArmRLite a strong name for a durable product. Jacks aluminum and glass garage doors were like no other on the market. By using an exclusive heli-arc welded construction method, Jack provided his customers with the strongest, most durable American-made aluminum and glass garage doors in the industry. Jack understood the need for quality products and designed his doors with four factors in mind: Appearance, Strength, Durability, and Ease of Operation.

Are Commercial Glass Garage Doors Insulated

A complete buyers guide for garage doors!

Yes, you can customize commercial glass garage doors to be insulated.

Insulated doors positively impact a buildings energy efficiency. In addition to lowering your electric bill and increasing your efficiency, insulated doors operate more quietly and have enhanced durability than doors without insulation.

The windows themselves, as well as the glazing applied, can be insulated, and the steel full-view doors come already insulated. All of these details can be customized. Steel full-view doors come with either 3/4-inch insulated tempered or 3/4-inch insulated frosted tempered glass, while aluminum full-view doors come with either 1/2-inch insulated or 1/2-inch insulated tempered glass.

All models of the steel insulated full-view doors come with the following:

  • Joint system: This tongue and groove section uses a continuous foam thermal break to help keep cold or heat from passing through. This detail saves you more as your doors become more energy efficient.
  • Three-stage paint process: This procedure protects your door from the elements and delivers a maintenance-free finish that resists rust perforation in your door after installation.
  • Warranty: Because we believe in the quality of our products and the professional installation our employees offer, our doors come with multiple warranties limited 10-year paint, 10-year de-lamination, and one-year material and workmanship warranty. We stand by the value of our doors and the quality of service we offer.

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Cons Of Glass Garage Doors

  • Cost. Although the exact amount varies depending on what youre comparing it to, the bottom line is that you can expect a glass garage door to cost roughly twice as much as a regular steel garage door. This is mostly due to the materials and manufacturing processes used to create the doors, plus the extra care in delivery and installation. Many reputable companies offer payment plans to help reduce the burden of a large upfront purchase, including us.
  • Insulation. Even with insulated glass, windows reduce the r-value of a garage door. While windows allow heat via solar radiation to enter in, this may or may not be desirable depending on your climate and the time of year. This effect can be minimized by using a mirror or tint finish on the glass.
  • Care and cleaning. Every garage door needs a good cleaning every now and again, but large glass windows can collect dust and dirt on the outside or inside and look, especially with a mirror or tint finish. In most cases, a quick rinse with soap and water will do the trick.
  • Impact resistance. Where steel and other metals tend to dent or bend, glass is more likely to break. While the tempered glass used in these doors does not pose an additional safety hazard , it may be more susceptible to physical collisions from vehicles, tools, baseballs or basketballs, and so on.
  • Applications Of Commercial Glass Garage Doors In Houston

    As a business owner, you know first impressions are everything. Garage and entry doors become an integral part of your buildings aesthetic, because when potential clients walk past your business, they see your entryway first.

    The variety of options available for glass garage doors makes them widely applicable to most traditional and non-traditional storefronts. They are a popular choice because of their versatility and professionalism.

    Glass doors offer traditional storefronts an excellent opportunity to showcase displays of their merchandise. People passing by on the street will be inspired to stop and take a closer look. For any business that has a service or good to display, a glass garage door could be the perfect option to add a sense of space and professionalism. These might include industries like:

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    What Are Glass Garage Doors

    Glass garage doors are just that garage doors with sturdy glass panels. While it may sound like a weak material to make a garage door out of, it can be quite resilient, especially when framed by other strong materials like aluminum. Glass paneled garage doors come in many colors and opacities, which allow you to bring as much or as little light as you want.

    What Are The Sizes Of Commercial Glass Garage Doors

    China Residential Composite Used Glass Panel Garage Doors

    The insulated steel full-view doors start with with the smallest, model 3158 with a maximum width of 18 feet, two inches and a maximum height of 16 feet up to model 3729, with a width of 20 feet, two inches and height of 18 feet. The aluminum glass door option is larger, with a maximum width and height of 24 feet, two inches and 20 feet, respectively.

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    Benefits Of Commercial Glass Garage Doors In Houston

    Clear garage doors offer unique advantages, ranging from an enhanced modern style to increased energy efficiency. Plus, a broad selection of styles and colors puts you in control of a door with increased quality and function.

    Here are some of the many benefits your business could gain from a glass garage door:

    Pros Of Glass Paneled Garage Doors

    Glass garage doors have several benefits, including the following:

    • Modern designs: The sleek design of a glass garage door can make your home look contemporary and elegant.
    • Increased curb appeal: Glass garage doors can increase your homes curb appeal and, in turn, increase your homes value.
    • A greater sense of size: See-through garage door windows can make the room feel larger.
    • Greater efficiency: With glass panels, natural light can come through, reducing the need for interior lighting.
    • An uninterrupted line of sight: Depending on where your garage is located, you can see beautiful scenic views while the door is closed.
    • Security: Tempered glass and optional insulated glass will keep your garage secure against the elements and potential breakage.
    • Low maintenance: Glass garage doors require little maintenance other than the occasional cleaning with glass cleaner.

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    Cons Of Glass Paneled Garage Doors

    While there are many pros to glass garage doors, they have a few concerns as well. Here are some things to keep in mind:

    • Heaviness: Glass paneled garage doors can be weighty and require an upgraded garage door opener to handle the extra heft.
    • Higher costs: Glass garage doors tend to be more expensive compared to traditional garage doors.
    • A very specific appearance: The minimalist design of glass garage doors may clash with homes that dont already possess a similarly modern look.
    • A lack of insulation: Regular glass garage doors dont offer much insulation. While optional insulated glass can offer increased insulation, its not quite as effective as traditional doors.
    • Noticeable defects: If your glass garage door starts to break, the cracks will be noticeable.

    Pros Of Glass Garage Doors

    2015 Metal Garage 18/21 Roll Up Door for sale in Jennings,
  • Natural light. Dark spaces are more difficult to work in, and garages often dont have enough natural or artificial light. Having a floor-to-ceiling series of windows really helps to let in more light, and frosted, tinted, or mirror glass can allow light in while still maintaining privacy.
  • Design choices. Although glass garage doors might seem like the sort of thing that can only be pulled off with a modern home, they are more versatile than you might think. Door manufacturers provide a range of colors, finishes, and patterns to choose from that look great with other styles of homes as well.
  • Curb appeal and resale value. Front-facing garage doors are one of the more prominent, noticeable features of a home, taking up as much as 40% of the facade. Glass garage doors really give a wow factor to a homes overall aesthetic, especially when indoor lighting is used to highlight the feature. It also helps that a new garage door is one of the best cost/value remodel projects you can make to improve the value of your home.
  • Versatility. Overhead glass doors arent just popular in garagesthey can also be used in clever ways to enhance a mixed-use space. At our headquarters in Sandy, Utah, we use a glass door to divide our conference space from our call center to keep the noise levels down for everyone and still allow natural light.
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