Universal Garage Door Opener Remotes

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Genie Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Keypad Safe & Secure Access

How To Program A Universal Garage Door Opener Remote

The device is meant for quick and wireless access to the garage without utilization of any key. The keypad comes with a backlight which enables the user to use the keypad in the night easily. The keypad is easy to install and does not need any skilled labor.

Genie Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Keypad Safe & Secure Access


  • The keypad can operate and is compatible with Genie garage door openers that work on either single or dual frequency technology
  • The Intellicode technology the keypad is equipped enables to keep the property protected by automatically changing the access code every time one uses it

The key comes with a flip cover which helps to protect from extreme climatic condition. Temporary access can be given to guests, relative which helps to even maintain security.


  • The keypad is not sturdy enough and does not last long
  • The instruction manual of the keypad is misleading

Chamberlain B2212t Ultra Quiet Wi


  • Set schedules and receive alerts on your smartphone

  • Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery compatibility

  • Installation directions could be clearer

  • Extension kit required for doors over 7 feet tall

If you want your garage opener to work without creating a lot of noise, the B2212T Ultra Quiet Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener’s DC motor and belt drive system offers impressively smooth and quiet operation. You can control this system via the myQ mobile app, which lets you receive alerts about the door’s activity and set schedules for opening and closing the door and turning the system’s lights on and off. The system is also compatible with HomeLink for remote-free control and Amazon Key for Amazon Prime package delivery to your garage.

Other standard features include one remote, a push-button door control, and safety sensors to prevent closing if they sense people or objects in the way. The installation instructions for this model could be more straightforward, but once it’s up and running, the controls are quite user-friendly. This model also includes a battery backup, so you can still use the opener in a power outage.

Price at time of publish: $239

Dimensions: 26.75 x 13.38 x 8.06 inches | Weight: 30 pounds | Opener Type: Belt drive, Smart | Lifting Capacity: Not listed | Drive Type: Steel-reinforced belt-drive | Horsepower: 0.5 | Power Source: DC motor with backup battery

Use Of Garage Door Remote Control

A garage door remote control is a necessary device now a days, since having a garage door opener is becoming mandate. With the world moving towards technology, automatic door opener and easy access along with security is the most important thing. The only and important feature of the garage door opener remotes come in different appearance yet their one purpose is to safeguard all belongings in the house from theft.

Remote controls of garage door opener are compact design, light in weight, and come with attachments for your cars sun visor. Some of the Remote control garage door openers are even capable of controlling up to three doors independently. Whenever you buy a new Wifi Garage Door Opener checkout our chosen top picks.

The universal remote control links to one or two garage doors or gate systems. The remote control is very easy to program and operate. It can be easily programmed into older door or gate mechanisms. One can operate the doors or gates with one simple click of the buttons.

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Get The Details Of The Garage Door Opener

Get the owners manual of the garage door, then look for the model number and brand of the opener. Now, if youve lost the manual, you can get on a ladder and check the motor unit thats installed on the ceiling in your garage.

You should be able to find the manufacturer and model number. You can also take a photo with your smartphone to make sure you have the details saved. With this information, you can find an exact replica of the original remote provided by the manufacturer.

The Challenge Of Universal Remotes For Garage Doors

SkyLink Universal Garage Door Opener 1 Button Keychain Remote ...

A common and less expensive solution is the universal remote, but these devices do come with some challenges. If you opt for this solution, the keys to success are to do your research before buying and read the instructions for the remote you choose.

Not one size fits all

When it comes to garage door remotes, universal does not mean it will work on any garage door opener. Older opening systems use DIP switches to set the codes, so the remote must also have DIP switches that can be set to match. Newer systems that use rolling code technology will have learn buttons that synch with the remote, but even that does not mean the universal remote will work for your brand of opener. When shopping for a universal remote, check that it lists your brand and model as one that is compatible with that remote.

Get the right features

Universal remotes today are available with more options than earlier designs, but it will likely take some research on your part to be sure the unit you choose will do the job. Remotes may have two, three, or four buttons that can be programmed to open multiple doors and a light in the garage or house separately. Some remotes may also use different technology, which may impact the programming depending on the color of the learn button on your garage door opener. This is especially important to know if you currently have a remote and you are adding a universal remote to your system, as the remotes may not be workable at the same time.

Programming steps vary

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The 8 Best Garage Door Openers Of 2022

Our top pick is the Genie StealthDrive Connect Garage Door Opener

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

The Spruce / Jay Wilde

A top-quality garage door opener provides the safety and convenience of arriving home to an open, well-lit garage. When selecting the right option for your home, Michelle Nichols, a Merchant at The Home Depot, recommends understanding the various types of garage door openers. “Consider what rooms are next to your garage and the times youll be using your garage the most. When selecting a garage door opener, look for one with the right combination of power and noise level. Think about whether a smart or Wi-Fi-enabled system works for your home.”

We spent hours researching the best garage door openers available online, evaluating ease of installation and use, functionality, and value. Our top pick, the Genie StealthDrive Connect Garage Door Opener, has a quiet belt mechanism and an automatic battery backup and can be operated using voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant.

Here are the best garage door openers.

Choose Between A Universal Or Proprietary Remote

Garage door manufacturers produce proprietary remotes for specific openers. The benefit of choosing this option is that you can ensure you have the right type for your existing garage door.

Now, as weve mentioned, a universal remote control will work with many garage door brands and models. The advantage of that is if you have multiple garage doors, you can program one remote for all doors. Lets say you have two houses. You can use one remote for both garage doors. Whats more, you can program the same device for a new door youre installing.

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Chamberlain / Liftmaster / Craftsman 940ev

The keypad enables to enter without using any remote control. The remote control allows to install wireless and has a feature of 4 digit pin for security reason. The keypad also includes advanced features such as a one-touch close button for efficient exits. The keypad also enables a feature of temporary pin which allows specific duration exit and entry

Chamberlain / LiftMaster / Craftsman 940EV-P2 Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry Keypad

  • The keypad is not compatible with other company machines
  • The keypad tends to get hang or stops for a while

Do They Make Universal Remote Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener – Universal Remote – Easy How to Program

With a remote control, you can automatically open or close your garage door. This handy device allows you to enter your garage without getting off your car. Just like your regular television remote, all you need to do is click a button. Once you do that, the device will send an infrared signal to the opener that will trigger the system to operate.

Now, if you lost the manufacturer remote control that came with your garage door, you may wonder if you can get a replacement. Well, universal garage door remotes can be programmed for most types of newer garage door openers.

If you have multiple garage doors, you can still configure the remote to operate the doors. When yours has a light control switch, you can even use the device to control the lights in your garage.

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Chamberlain B4643t Secure View Garage Door Opener


  • Doesn’t include battery backup

  • Subscription required for video storage

The Chamberlain B4643T Secure View Garage Door Opener doubles as a security tool for your home, thanks to its built-in high-definition camera. When the camera senses motion, such as the door opening, it will stream 1080-pixel live video to your smartphone, letting you see who’s home. However, it would be best if you had a video storage subscription to store video footage for up to seven or 30 days. You can manually adjust the camera’s angle 360 degrees, and it comes equipped with a glare-resistant night-vision lens and two-way audio.

You can install this garage door opener on doors up to 7 feet tall, and the high-grade belt drive operates smoothly and quietly. The B4643T has two remote controls with a range of up to 1,500 feet, as well as a multi-functional wall control and safety sensors. You can also control it through your smartphone, customizing alerts, setting personalized schedules, and more.

Price at time of publish: $290

Dimensions: 26.8 x 13.4 x 8.1 inches | Weight: 32.2 pounds | Opener Type: Belt drive | Lifting Capacity: 0.75 horsepower | Drive Type: Ultra quiet steel-reinforced | Horsepower: 0.75 | Power120VDC withplug-in

Myq Smart Garage Door Opener Chamberlain Myq

MyQ garage door opener is easy to install and operate. The garage door opener is compatible with the smartphone and hence allows to open or close the door from anywhere. The garage door opener enables to send alert when the door closes or opens. The device enables the user to check whether the door is opened or closed from anywhere.

MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener Chamberlain MYQ-G0301


  • The garage door opener can be linked to google assistant and IFTTT with an annual subscription of 10$
  • The garage door opener works with Wink, Nest, XFINITY Home, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

The garage door opener can be connected to any smartphone, tablet so that one can have easy and multiple access. The garage door opener enables to set a fixed schedule to close the door after a certain time when the door thereby increasing the level of security.


  • The MyQ app is compatible with both android and iOS and does not require additional charge to install
  • The garage door opener can help to set customise notifications and alerts when the door is opened or closed


  • The device requires extra hardware in order to make the homekit work
  • The installation is not easy as described, the manual is not precise with the instruction

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Genie Stealthdrive Connect Smart Garage Door Opener

  • Smartphone and home assistant compatibility

  • Built-in backup battery

  • Lifetime warranty on motor and belt

  • Extension kit for 8-foot doors sold separately

  • App controls could be better

  • Strong Wi-Fi connection needed for app control

Who else recommends it? Popular Science and Bob Vila also picked the Genie StealthDrive Garage Door Opener.

What do buyers say? 92% of 3,200 Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

The Genie StealthDrive Connect Garage Door Opener is powerful yet quiet. It packs a 1.25-horsepower motor with intuitive features and convenient controls into an easy-to-install design, making it our top pick for the best garage door opener.

This model relies on a five-piece rail system that’s lightweight and sturdy. The rails snap together for easy installation and can support doors up to 7 feet tall. Unfortunately, if your garage door is taller than 7 feet, you’ll have to purchase the extension kit for 8-foot doors separately. This garage door opener also relies on a steel-reinforced belt built to last and for quiet operation. If the noise level is one of your primary concerns, this is the model for you.

Price at time of publish: $286

Dimensions: 8.5 x 12 x 28 inches | Weight: Not listed | Opener Type: Belt drive | Lifting Capacity: 1.25 horsepower | Drive Type: Ultra-quiet | Horsepower: 1.25 | PowerCorded-Electric, Battery Backup for Battery Power

Garage Door Opener Manufacturing Date Is Important

LiftMaster 375LM Universal Gate or Garage Door Opener Remote Control ...

Most manufacturers change their operational frequencies over the years, rendering old remotes useless for new models. For example, if you have an old Chamberlain remote laying around from the early 2000s or 1990s, it will not work with a new edition of their garage door openers manufactured after 2009. If you suspect that the remotes should be compatible, yet the opener does not respond to any programming, there is a chance you have a faulty unit. In that case, you might want to check our guide on how to repair a garage door opener or find a local garage door repair company that can do it for you.

Changing opener frequencies by the manufacturers is the way to keep up with the technological progress and its challenges for the garage door industry.

There are several reasons why garage door opener manufacturers had to constantly evolve and upgrade their operational frequency.

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How To Know Which Type Of Garage Door Opener Remote To Buy

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Extra garage door opener remotes come in handy however, choosing the right opener can be confusing. Each manufacturer makes its own replacement remotes, and universal remotes are also available. You must determine the features you need and the size of the remote. Full-size remotes clip onto the car visor. This is convenient however, it may become a security risk if your car is stolen. Mini-remotes clip onto your key chain and operate just like a full-size remote.

Linear 3089 Multicode Remote Opener

The Linear 3089 is a handheld remote control that only works with Multi-Code 300MHz products, and is backed by a 1-year warranty, so you can buy without worrying about anything. Although the Linear 3089 Garage Multicode Door Remote Opener may not be a universal remote. However, This 3089 is a Linear Garage Door Opener Remote Controller which is compatible with all garage door opener systems or US Multicode gate. This Linear 3089 remote opener also has 10 dip switches, a visor clip, and a button, and a 9-volt battery, which improves its performance. It is one of the best garage door opener remotes on the market today.

Linear 3089 Multicode Remote Opener

  • The battery life of the device is too weak and low
  • The device tends to drain battery easily

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Liftmaster 893max Universal Garage Door Opener

Use this LiftMaster smart Garage Door Opener Remote Controller 893Max as a replacement remote control for LiftMaster 970 series, 370 series, and 80 series. LiftMaster 893Max with easy programming that allows you to monitor up to 3 Universal garage door openers with Smart MYQ accessories. The LiftMaster 893Max Garage Door Opener is compatible with all other models of the LiftMaster garage door openers. Now you can find perfect Garage Door Opener remote Controller for your existing garage doors since January 1993. Best program Garage Door Opener also features security+2.0 rolling code technology feature that virtually gets rid of radio wave interference. And it is ideal for green, purple, and red learn buttons.

LiftMaster 893Max Universal Garage Door Opener

  • Controls up to 3 Openers or Accessories


  • Works within 10 feet range

Garage Door Opener Brand And Model Compatibility

How To Connect a Universal Garage Door Remote to Your Opener

There are dozens of different garage door opener manufacturers such as Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Linear, Ryobi, GUARDIAN, and others. Some of them share the same frequencies, such as Liftmaster and Chamberlain, but thats only because these are two wings of the same company. Every other manufacturer uses its own set of frequencies for its remote controls.If you have two identical garage door opener units, you can easily reprogram the remotes and use one remote to operate two openers simultaneously. In that sense, they are universal, as you can program one remote to run several other garage door openers of the same brand.

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Universal Garage Door Opener Remote Control Kit

The Universal Garage Door Opener Remote Control Kit is a quick, easy, cost effective way to add remote controls to your Wayne Dalton Wizard, Challenger or Allstar residential garage door opener unit.

If your garage door opener does not have remote controls or the remote controls for your unit are no longer available, this is the solution for you. You can also add a wireless keyless entry keypad.

Instructions are included with the kit and the only tool you need to install it is a screwdriver.

  • Works for units that no longer have compatible remote controls available
  • Can be added to your Wayne Dalton Wizard, Challenger, or Allstar unit
  • Additional accessories available
  • Easy to install with included instructions. All you need is a screwdriver.

Garage Opener Universal Remote Control Kit This is an add on kit for all Wayne Dalton Wizard, Challenger and Allstar garage door openers. Also used as a replacement for garage…

Garage Opener Universal Remote Control Kit 2 This is an add on kit for Wayne Dalton Wizard, Challenger and Allstar garage door openers. This kit is for 2 garage door…

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