T Mobile Park Parking Garage

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Where Can I Find Street Parking Near T

Parking and traffic at T-Mobile Arena

Most nearby street parking spots are not available for parking before, during, or after the game. But the same cannot be true for other events. Always look for signs before you use street parking spots. Otherwise, you may end up with a hefty fine for a traffic violation. Even if you find vacant parking spaces, they will be far from the ballpark.

Whats The Home Stadium Of The Seattle Mariners

The T-Mobile Park, located in the SoDo neighborhood in Seattle, is the home of the Seattle Mariners. It is owned and operated by the Washington State Major League Baseball Stadium Public Facilities District.

This retractable stadium has a seating capacity of 47,729. The stadium was initially called the Safeco Field. It was renamed in 2019 after T-Mobile acquired the naming rights.

Whats The Seattle Mariners Schedule

In June, the Ms will be taking on Los Angeles Angels, Oakland Athletics, and Baltimore Orioles in their home and away games. Next in July, the Seattle Mariners will play against the Toronto Blue Jays, San Diego Padres, Washington Nationals, Texas Rangers, and Houston Astros.

Check out the complete Seattle Mariners schedule here. Check out the official website to know Seattle Mariners news, Seattle Mariners score, squad, and upcoming games.

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Is There Tailgating At Mariners Stadium

There is no tailgating at Mariners Stadiums parking lots, but there are plenty of bars nearby to visit before or after a game. Popular bars in the Sodo neighborhood include Triangle Pub, The Hawks Nest, and Sluggers Seattle. In addition to those bars, fans can also visit Hooverville Bar, Bistro Box, and Sluggers Seattle before or after a game.

Popularity And Cultural Impact


Writing in 1919, philosopher described baseball as the national religion of the US. In the words of sports columnist , baseball has long been “a unique paragon of American culture”âa status he sees as devastated by the steroid abuse scandal. Baseball has an important place in other national cultures as well: Scholar Peter Bjarkman describes “how deeply the sport is ingrained in the history and culture of a nation such as Cuba, how thoroughly it was radically reshaped and nativized in Japan.”

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Parking For Events And Hockey

Reserved Event Parking provides patrons an opportunity to pre-pay for parking at facilities with close proximity to the arena. Prices are subject to change. Parking passes are non-refundable. Patrons cannot purchase Reserved Parking on-site at any of the parking facilities the night of the event.

Attention Vegas Golden Knight Fans!There are multiple ways to get to T-Mobile Arena:1. Prepaid Parking Guarantee your parking spot HERE.2. UBER/rideshare .3. RTC .4. Las Vegas Monorail provides quick and reliable transportation 5. Walking from nearby properties New York-New York, ARIA, Park MGM, & Excalibur.

Important Facts:1. MGM Resorts is going cashless for event parking. Acceptable forms of payment are: pre-paid parking pass, credit card or contactless parking.2. Prepaid parking available for purchase up until 7 hours before the start of the game.

Event Day Parking Map

Reserved Event Parking provides patrons an opportunity to pre-pay for parking at facilities with close proximity to the arena. Reserved Event Parking is available at Park MGM, New York-New York and Aria Event Garages on a first-come, first-served basis. Prices are subject to change. Patrons cannot purchase Reserved Parking on-site at any of the parking facilities the night of the event.

Parking & Directions

Duration And Time Stoppages

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Best Food At & Near T

Save Money on Food

One of the best ways to save money on food is to bring your own food with you. Every field has their own rules about outside food and drink so always check before you go. At T-Mobile Park you can bring single-serving size food in a permissible bag. Bags permitted inside are Clear plastic or vinyl bags no larger than 12 x 6 x 12 and you can also carry in a one gallon clear plastic zip-top bags. So put a turkey sandwich in that clear bag, bring a clear water bottle no bigger than 32 oz and head inside. You cannot bring a bucket of KFC and a family-sized bag of flaming hot Cheetos with you.

Food You Shouldnt Miss at T-Mobile Park

T-Mobile Park is known for having a great variety in its concession stands. Yes, the prices are ungodly like every other stadium, but its a nice ballpark to splurge in. The garlic fries are a hit with everyone. One reader suggested that they always buy the Moose Meal at T-Mobile. It is meant for kids, but the tipper tells me that they never ask it includes a hot dog, drink, and Cracker Jack in a bucket. That sounds like a perfect lunch for watching a baseball game!

1. Hamburg+Frites: Located in The Pen, this burger joint offers the best Seattle flavors in the park. The Seattle Dog is authentic a grilled dog topped with cream cheese and either onions or jalapenos. Also check out their Seattle Burger with cream cheese and pickled peppers.

T-Mobiles Seattle Dog Features All the Cream Cheese Goodness

Union Station Garage For Mariners Games

Otis Gen2 Elevators at Park MGM/T-Mobile Arena Parking Garage, Las Vegas, NV

Yes, you can use the Union Station Garage for Mariners Games, but it is located a bit farther from the stadium than the two garages we discussed above. The Union Station Garage is located at 820 4th Ave South, which is northeast of the stadium. If you use the Union Station Garage for Mariners Games, you will be parking on the centerfield side of the stadium.

Yes, it does cost to park in the Union Station Garage for Mariners Games.This is where you can view the current price of parking passes available for Seattle Mariners games at Vivid Seats . Prepaying for parking can eliminate hassle and wait times at the stadium.

a 360-degree view of the entrance to the Union Station Garage for Mariners Games as you approach its entrance from 4th Avenue South. If you are using the Union Station Garage for Mariners Games, the closest stadium entrance will be the T-Mobile Park Center Field Gate. The vehicle height limit for this garage is 66.

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How Do I Find Free Parking Near T

Free parking is hard to come by near the ballpark. Since street parking is not available during game days, you will have to park far from the stadium, which means you will have to walk more than 20 mins to reach the stadium from your parking location. Since the on-site garage charges are high, look for an affordable and accessible parking garage near the ballpark.

Safety And Brain Health

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General Information For T

T-Mobile Park is the home to the Seattle Mariners Seattles own Major League Baseball team. It has been Owned and operated by Washington State Major League Baseball Stadium Public Facilities District since its opening in 1999. With city skyline views the retractable roof is one of the best things about the stadium. The stadium is committed to the Seattle community and through their Mariners Care nonprofit program they are able to raise millions of dollars for the Seattle community. To find the Mariners schedule, tours times and all other information head to their website!

Seattle Mariners Parking Near T


To reduce the expenses, a great number of visitors look for on-street parking and nearby city parking services when coming to check out a Seattle Mariners event. If youre willing to come earlier and take a long walk to T-Mobile Park, there are plenty of low-cost possibilities. Many garages and lots in the CBD to the north of the park provide reasonably-priced parking spaces. Some on-street parking locations near T-Mobile Park are unavailable during Seattle Mariners games, so pay attention to all posted signs to avoid Seattle parking tickets. You can also park along the light rail line and catch a train to the ballparkyoull save both time and money!

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Accessible Parking In Ontario

Under the Design of Public Spaces Standard of the AODA, cities and other organizations building or reconstructing on-street or off-street parking spaces must make those spaces accessible to visitors with disabilities who hold accessible parking permits. Some people with permits will drive themselves, while others will drive with family or friends. Moreover, some people need accessible spaces because they use mobility aids and need more room to enter and exit their vehicles. In contrast, other people need accessible spaces close to the places they are going to because they cannot walk long distances.

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Popularity And Cultural Influence

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How To Buy T

First Look at the T-Mobile Pen at Seattle Mariners Ballpark | T-Mobile

Buy them here > T-Mobile Park Parking

Buy them here > T-Mobile Park Parking Pass

The ballpark was originally known as the Safeco Field until it changed to its current moniker in 2019. It has been used for amateur baseball games like the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association and Washington Huskies games. It also held Wrestlemania XIX and the Seattle Bowl in 2001. The largest attendance has been recorded during the Wrestlemania, where 54,097 fans attended.

Sports fans are familiar with the ballpark as the home of the Seattle Mariners of Major League Baseball. However, besides hosting numerous MLB games annually, the venue also presents wrestling, college baseball and football, soccer, and concerts by various artists. So one can see why getting parking at T-Mobile Park comes with its challenges most times.

Luckily, you wouldnt need to worry about finding the perfect parking spot now that you can pre-purchase T-Mobile Park parking passes online. The park is accessible through various transportation services. You can use public transit if you want to avoid driving yourself. The Stadium Station, King Street Station, and International District or Chinatown Station are only ten minutes away from the T-Mobile Park.

Union Station Garage is located at 820 4th Ave South, best for visitors looking for affordable parking options. Finally, the Lumen Field Parking Garage at S Royal Brougham Way is best for those coming in an oversized vehicle.

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Where Can I Find The Best Seattle Mariners Parking Spot

If you think on-site parking options provided by the stadium are your best bet, youre sorely mistaken. Yes, its a convenient option, but it does not come easy. Let us tell you why. First, there are only limited on-site parking options, which means the competition will be fierce, and finding a guaranteed parking spot will never be easy. Lets assume you did manage to book an on-site parking spot, but youll spend $50 or more on average for these spots.

The next question is: is there street parking near T-Mobile Park? Unfortunately, no! Most street parking spots close to the stadium are not available for parking before, during, or after the game.

So, the best and the most affordable Seattle Mariners parking spots can be found on online parking apps like Way.com. In addition, there are plenty of cheap off-site parking spots close to the stadium. Use the Way.com app or website and book guaranteed off-site parking near T-Mobile Park starting at $10/day.

Most of the parking garages on Way.com offer top-notch services like valet parking, In/Out privileges. 24/7 security, contactless parking, and others for affordable prices.

Things You Shouldnt Miss

  • Before arriving, check out Ebbets Field Flannels, 2 blocks from T-Mobile Park. They sell vintage jerseys, tees, and caps from, well, every baseball team ever. Its almost like a museum just to wander through.
  • Each gate features plaques with quotes from books about baseball. There is also a ton of art scattered around the park. Go by the Childrens Hospital Wishing Well and toss in some coins and make a wish for the kids in the hospital. This is a sweet tradition at T-Mobile Park and everyone can participate. Donations tossed into the well are actually matched and it all goes to the local childrens hospital.
  • Legendary broadcaster Dave Niehaus is honored with a statue. His 33 years of play-by-play are immortalized by section 105.

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