Standard Single Garage Door Size

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Standard Single & Double Roller Door Sizes

Garage dimensions- what size of garage and garage door(s) should you build?

Generally for a roller door, the tracks and the support brackets for the curtain roll inside the garage for maximum use of space and in many cases because the average curtain roll size for a roller door is between 300mm and 450mm it needs to go behind the lintel to maintain a sensible drive through height when open.

Single roller door sizes are varied from 1200mm x 750mm to 3100mm x 3430mm.

Double roller door sizes are varied from 2200mm x 3435mm to 3100mm x 5500mm.

The side room is required to mount the L-shaped supporting brackets as well as the roller curtain guides. In addition, it is highly recommended to include between 80mm to 110mm of additional space for motor installation .

Standard Garage Door Sizes :

Single Bay:

  • Height: 84 1/16

See detailed garage door sizes diagrams below for more detail.

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When it comes to buying a new garage door or putting one in a new home, size makes a big difference.

For instance, we have a two-bay garage with two single garage doors. They are very narrow. Weve already lost a side-view mirror backing out. We only have a couple of inches to spare.

If I were to build a house from scratch or a new garage, Id go with wider garage doors because I like the space.

Regardless, below are your options for various garage door dimensions depending on the type of garage and garage size.

Garage doors, being plural, can be twice the size of a single garage door plus about three feet of space between the vehicles parked in the garage. Alternatively, with proper structural support between them, two identical doors can be hung side by side.

Tips For Choosing The Right Size Garage Door

If you need to replace your garage door, you’ll need to go with the current dimensions. Just take the measurements of your existing garage door, and you’re good to go.

However, if you need to renovate your garage and get new garage doors, you’ll need to take new measurements. These tips will help you determine the best garage door dimensions to help you get the best garage doors for you.

Assuming that you know the number of vehicles you’ll want to park in your garage, then finding the right dimensions for your garage door will be relatively easy.

  • It would be best if you took the measurements of your garage door’s height and width to help you determine the door size you’ll need.
  • Next, you should measure the clearance to the left and right of the vehicle.’ Factoring in the width of your vehicle will help you determine the amount of clearance you’ll need to drive in with your car and exit quickly.
  • Measure the headroom. The headroom refers to the space between the top of your garage door and your garage’s roof or ceiling. The space between these two points is crucial since it’ll be used to accommodate the opening mechanisms.
  • You should also measure the backroom or depth of the garage to the nearest obstacle after the door. The reason behind this is because this space is where the opening machines hardware will extend. The most common extra space you may need is 18 inches or 46 centimeters.

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Canadian Garage Doors Garage Door Sizes

Choosing a garage door is like science there are several things to study and think about: type swing-up, side hung door, or roll-up size standard or customized, single, double, or triple color neutral or coordinated with house design scheme style flush or with windows or glass inserts Material wood, aluminum, steel, or fiberglass?

Making a list and evaluating the options are, by themselves, a challenge, apart from the practical considerations, such as installation, security, and maintenance.

While the size of your garage is the ultimate factor to consider in choosing your garage door size, other considerations, such as vehicle type and size, your lifestyle, and your homes architectural design are equally important. There are different garage door sizes for various types and sizes of vehicles. Standard garage door sizes of 8×7 , 9×7, or 10x7can house a single car. Sizes of 8×8, 9×8 and 10×8 are also available to choose from, to accommodate taller vehicles, such as SUVs and vans.

For housing two cars, standard garage door sizes available are 12×7, 14×7, 16×7, and 18×7, as well as 12×8, 14×8, 16×8 and 18×8. Most manufacturers offer the same standard garage door sizes. However only a few have their ideas for particular models.

Garage Door Sizes Canadian garage door Vancouver

Minimum Single Car Garage Size

Standard Garage Dimensions for 1, 2, 3 and 4 Car Garages (Diagrams)
  • 10 ft wide x 18 ft long

The absolute minimum one car garage size is 10 ft wide by 18 ft long. This kind of scaled-down space is only appropriate for compact vehicles. A garage this small is forced to use the minimum single garage door width of 8 feet instead of the more common 9-foot wide door.

You wont find many garages this small because of the increased risk of damaging the car, side mirrors, and fenders through the narrow doorway. The minimal space to open car doors once inside is another drawback.

The recommended minimum one car garage size is two feet wider and longer. Dimensions are 12 ft wide by 20 ft long.

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Triple Car Garage Door Size

This monster-size garage door can comfortably fit 3 vehicles and can be an economical as well as an aesthetically better option instead of installing 3 separate single doors. Although the downside is whenever you open the garage, you expose all the parked vehicles. The standard size of a triple car gate is 36 feet to 40 feet in width and 8 feet in height.

Dimensions Of A Smart Car In A Single

Smart cars are technically a brand based out of Germany. However, Smart Car has become an umbrella term used to describe new, smaller cars with advanced electronics.

The average smart car is about 9 feet long and 5 feet wide. You could realistically fit two Smart Cars in a single-car garage. However, it would be difficult to maneuver in and out since garage doors are usually 9 feet wide.

With a Smart Car, you will have over 10 feet of extra space in your garage. This gives you ample space for storage.

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Standard Single & Double Sectional Door Sizes

Sectional garage door can also be known as panel lift doors. These can be described as horizontal panels which are hinged and extrude back up over the tracks and then against the ceiling when the door is opened. Panel doors can be viewed as one of the most appealing doors and have a variety of styles and colours to choose from. These garage door types have various garage door sizes. Each opening is specific to each home whether it being a single garage opening to a double garage door.

Single sectional / panel lift door sizes are varied from 2010mm x 2415mm to 3415mm x 3500mm.

Double sectional / panel lift door sizes are varied from 2010mm x 3505mm to 3415mm x 6700mm.

This differentiating standard garage door widths and heights can help determine the sizes standard sectional / panel lift door which needs to be ordered. Specifically there is a certain way which a garage door can be fitted. This is dependent on the space you have available. This option can fit in the inside of the opening or between the gap provided.

It is important to keep in mind that sectional doors extend back into the garage and the motor is strung at the top of the ceiling. To make this possible the minimum headroom required is 400mm.

Problems That Affect Garage Door Sizes

What You Need to Know About Garage Door Sizes

When renovating an existing house, most people are limited to the original size of the garage unless they are undertaking structural work. Many older homes in Brisbane, such as the iconic Queenslander, have limited height under the house. These types of houses benefit from installing tilt doors as these often give the best height clearance.

You can also excavate under the house to give more height by building a carport underneath or at the front of the house. Other factors to be aware of can reduce the height of a garage door installation if you choose the wrong type of door for your property.

The factors that can restrict the height of your garage include:

  • Structural beams
  • Electrical conduit

When installing a garage door, make sure to keep these factors in mind, so you do not encounter any problems if you are unsure about which size or style of garage door is suitable for your property.

Get in touch with the team at Doors Direct, who can provide expert advice about your garage door installation.

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When Building A New Home How Does One Determine Which Garage Door Size Is Best

When discussing construction plans for a new build, talk to your designer or architect about what vehicles you plan to keep in the garage, and how you plan to use the space. If you have a large SUV with a top-mount bicycle rack, you may want a door height greater than 7 feet, and if youre planning to park two cars in the garage, a third garage door can provide easy access to other items, like bicycles or a riding lawnmower.

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Double Garage Door Size

The double garage door size offers a maximum width to allow more than two vehicles at a time. Its perfect for homeowners with two cars. The standard size for a double garage door is 16 ft. wide and 7 to 8 ft. high.

Many double garage doors are designed with single 8-foot garage door bays, separated by a central post or column. Many modern double garage doors are designed with the size from 16 ft. to 20 ft. width.

Although two-car garage doors and double doors have comparable prices, two single doors each require a garage door opener and separate insulation. In contrast, a double door will only require one opener and insulation.

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Guide To Garage Door Sizes

Kelly Bacon is a licensed general contractor with over 40 years of experience in construction, home building and remodeling, and commercial building. He is a member of The Spruce Home Improvement Review Board.

The Spruce / Alex Dos Diaz

As house sizes increased steadily through the latter decades of the twentieth century, so did the garages that accompanied them. Not only did traditional one- and two-car garages grow in size to accommodate the heftier vehicles they had to house, but the number of bays in garages increased from one to two to three, and even more. It soon reached a point where the typical garage in a new housing development had the same square footage as the average new house of a few years earlier.

Whether you applaud or deride this super-sizing of residential housing and consumer automobiles, making an older, smaller garage with smaller doors accommodate modern larger vehicles is a very real problem for many consumers.

Average Single Garage Size

See our pages for a whole lot more with regard to this superb garage ...
  • 3m width x 6m depth

An average single garage is perfect for parking your car, however its important to take into consideration your everyday schedule to ensure it caters to your basic routine. For example, if youre living with someone who has a disability, you will need to consider the space youll have around you in a single garage, so that you can maneuver a wheelchair with ease.

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Types Of Garage Doors

Theres a wide range of garage doors to choose from. They differ not only in sizes, but also in materials and styles. To make the choice easier for you, lets have a look at 4 main garage door types. Knowing these types will help you to decide which garage door works best for you.

When deciding on which type of garage door to chose, be aware of the standard sizes available for the particular type of doors as well. The size of your garage door depends on the size of the garage itself and on how youre going to use it.

With the right garage door size, you can make the most of your garage and its free space.

Garage Residential Track Option

Residential track options, to be blunt, arent very popular as a current building style, but they are available and can be a great option for certain residential building styles. Its a double door specially designed to allow access to either side at any time, but not to both sides of the garage at once.

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Planning A New Garage

If youre planning to build a new garage its important to take the time to consider what function your garage will have, this will determine how big your garage door should be.

Will it be used primarily to safely secure your vehicle? Maybe you want to use the garage as a DIY workshop. Maybe both!

A standard double garage will suit most needs, but dont feel constricted if you want more or less space. You can be sure to find a garage door that can be custom built to meet the size of your garage opening.

Double Standard Garage Door Dimensions

Garage Door Size How Big How Tall Do I Need

Double standard garage door sizes are similar to standard garage doors in height but have wider dimensions. Dimensions of double standard garage doors are 7 to 8 feet high and 12 to 16 feet wide. This door size is ideal for two-car garages or if you use the garage as a workshop or recreational space.

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Single Car Garage Door Size

For homeowners with just one automobile, a single garage door should meet their requirements. Single common gate sizes range between 8 feet to 10 feet wide and between 7 feet to 8 feet in height. Standard off the shelf doors are available in 8 feet x 7 feet, 9 feet x 7 feet, and 10 feet x 7 feet with a taller 8-foot variety available. Sizes of those doors should be wide enough to accommodate any car type and still have enough space for storage.

Homeowners with 2 vehicles can opt to build a garage with 2 compartments or garage openings and have 2 standard single doors sizes installed.

Garage Door Extension Spring Size Chart

Extension Spring Chart
25-42-300 TAN

If the door weighs 115 to 125 lbs, itll need a green extension spring which is 25 long at rest and 67 when stretched. It has a 150-inch wire diameter and 1.34 outside diameter when the spring is at rest.

The blue color is for ones that weigh 135-145 lbs. They are 170 in wire diameter and 2,50 of o/d. Accordingly, the length in the rest state is the same as in green and the other following colors.

For 155-165 lbs of weight, youll need a purple spring that is 160 o/d and 180 of wire diameter.

Finally, the orange color is the one you should choose when the weight fits into the range of 175185 lbs. In this case, the wire diameter will be 195 and o/d 1,75.

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How Wide Is A Single Garage Door

It generally has a breadth of 3m as per Australian standards. The door sizes for this type of garage are 2100mm high and 2400mm in the door width.

The average car size is generally 1.8m wide and 4.6m long. So, if you are a small family with one car, you can have a small garage and save space for other uses on your property.

The local council also requires you to follow r-zoning and garage-property distance guidelines. You should check up before building your carport and storage space.

Higher Cost Of Customization

Size and layout specifics for a one car garage

Garage doors are available in many sizes, but in case your requirement does not meet these ready-made models, then customization is your only option. Unfortunately, custom sizes require a higher cost due to measurements, custom cutting, bigger rollers sizes, and installation. This is normally encountered by homeowners adding a new garage or upgrading an open garage.

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Contact us now to set up an appointment so we can help you plan your project. We can supply you with a precise plan showing how to prepare your door frame and the overhead space needed for your new garage door to work correctly. We also provide electric garage door openers and smaller-sized doors for sheds.

To view all our Garaga door models, simply use our Design Centre. This way you can create your next dream garage door!

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