Single Track Garage Door Bottom Seal

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Are All Ushaped Weather Stripping Models The Same

Clopay Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal single track Part 1

No We use products that stand up to harsh Canadian winters. To convince you of this, ask for a sample of weather stripping that is more economic than what we carry, and put it in your freezer for 48 hours. Then, take it out and examine the elasticity of the strip. Youll be surprised by the low quality of some U-shaped weather stripping found on the market today.

Single Channel Retainer: Clopay Garage Door Rubber Bottom Weather Seal 18

This is our pick for the best single channel retainer. This is for those with garage doors with a smaller track to attach a bottom seal, which only attaches at one contact point. Single track garage doors are typically smaller so its important to get a bottom seal that fits properly.

The thicker than normal rubber is great for sealing up the garage door and keeping out dirt and debris. It comes in 18 sections so that it fits up to a standard double garage. The t type clasp is relatively easy to use so that theres not a lot of work with installation.

Best for: single track Clopay doors that want an easy to use tight seal.


  • Easy to install

Keep in mind:

While this is an excellent product, it is designed specifically for single track Clopay model doors, which means youll need a different product or have to alter this one in some way to make it work.

Bulb Type Bottom Seals

Bulb type bottom seals are circular at the lower part and contracted at the upper side. It forms a P or T shape at the bottom of the garage door.

It fits best on even surfaces and literally tightly seals the gap between the door bottom and floor surface. These seals are normally made of high quality flexible rubber material which resists wear and tear and doesnt break or deform under load.

These seals dont have anything to go in or out of the garage. These protect the vehicles stored in the garage and avoid rusting or ducting of vehicles. These are best for weatherproofing the garage.

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Beaded Type Bottom Seals

The beaded type bottom seals are particularly designed for the double channel retainer garage doors and doors having circular grooves.

These seals form a T and are ideal for completely flat and even floor surfaces. These are normally 3 inches wide and have ribs at the outer surface.

These seals help to avoid freezing on the floor surface. These seals slide into the door channel to tightly seal the door bottom. These seals are not suitable for uneven and curved surfaces.

Installation And Replacement Of Garage Door Bottom Seals

Garage Door Seal

The rubber seals installed at the bottom of the garage door are likely to deteriorate after a useful life mentioned by the manufacturer. The heavy load and friction of the garage door also play an important role in the depreciation of rubber seals.

The continued bad weather can also be detrimental for these rubber seals. Once this rubber gets worse, its replacement is necessary to protect the vehicles stored in the garage, if the damaged rubber seal is not replaced at the time, it can really damage the garage items.

Necessary precautions must be adopted while replacing and installing the old rubber seal. It can be comfortable carried out by two persons.

You must also have the right tool to undertake the job. Following steps must be followed while replacing the damaged and worsen old garage door bottom rubber seal.

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Seal A Garage Door Gap Part Two

Heres how to deal with gaps caused by an uneven bottom door panel or sunken concrete.

The easiest but least elegant method is to install several pieces of bottom seal retainer and rubber gasket in the gap areas. Just measure the thickness of your bottom panel and buy sections of seal retainer and gasket from a garage parts supplier. Mount the retainer to the bottom panel wherever theres a gap. Finish the job by sealing the top edge of the retainer with caulk and then paint to match the door. This fix works on wood and metal doors.

If you have a wood door and want a cleaner look, remove the existing bottom seal and scribe/cut the bottom panel to match the contour of the concrete floor. Seal the freshly cut wood with wood sealer. Then remount the bottom seal.

Garage Door Bulb Seal

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Garage Door weather stripping

T Bulb bottom weather sealT-Bulb style.Slides into a single track on the bottom of the door.T is ¼ wideAll lengths are 2 min. longer than size listed for a perfect fit.Easy to cut.We carry this style of seal in a 1 and 1-1/2 bulb as well.

It is possible to convert from this style of weather seal to the more common T style U shape simply by replacing the retainer on the bottom of the garage door. If you have an uneven floor or other issues sealing the garage door to the floor that this style of weather seal will not accommodate, consider replacing the retainer.There is a wide variety of weather seal available in the T style, U shape.Different widths, thickness, rubber and vinyl. If your door is not sealing the floor and this is the type of seal that is on the door we can help you solve that issue.We have many different types, styles and profiles of bottom retainer in PVC and aluminum that used in conjunction with our large selection of weather seals will allow you to seal any door.Browse our store under weather seal to see a variety of options.If you have special needs and do not see what you need listed please drop us an email or call.

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Maintain The Garage Door Bottom Seal

Take good care of the rubber seal installed at the bottom of the garage door. Inspect the seal periodically and replace if any part of the seal is damaged or worn out.

This will extend the life of the bottom seal. The garage door bottom is very important to protect the vehicles stored in the garage.

It also saves your tools, spares, and other equipment. Properly maintained garage door bottoms seal will keep the rodents away from the garage and keep it neat and clean.

Garage Door Seals: Bottom Retainers

Clopay Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal single track Part 2

Bottom garage door seal retainers are made of aluminum or plastic. They come in various widths: 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-3/8″, 1-5/8″, 1-3/4″, and 2″. Each of these have different shapes: flat, L, C, tongue & groove, and rolling door.


Huge inventory of parts and torsion springs for same or next day shipping! Here you will find all you need in the most common sizes of 1 3/4,” 2,” 2 1/4,” and 2 5/8″ inside diameter springs. Larger 3 3/4″ and 6″ inside diameter commercial and industrial springs may require a day or two to ship. You’ll also find TorqueMaster Springs, Extension Springs, Self-Storage door springs, steel rolling door springs and springs for one piece single panel doors. EZ set springs are currently back-ordered, but our videos will show you how to easily convert to standard torsion springs.

COVID update. Because we care! When picking up parts please wear a mask. We’ll gladly provide one. Please honor the six foot social distancing rule. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please note. Shipping times and costs have changed. Normal transit times are currently not guaranteed, even on next day and second day shipments. Shipping prices on items over eight feet have more than tripled.

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What Is The Garage Door Bottom Seal And What Does It Do

The garage door bottom seal, or weather seal as it is also called, is a long strip of rubber material attached to the bottom of the garage door. When closed, the strip compresses down to cover the gap between the bottom of the garage door and the floor or ground.

What this does is create an airtight seal between the garage door and the outside.This prevents air, moisture, dirt, debris and critters from entering your garage.

Garage bottom seal benefits:

  • The first and most important benefit is that it acts as a barrier between whatever is in your garage and the outside elements, whether they be wind, rain, moisture, mold, or foreign animals and critters.
  • Another benefit is that you can keep in your heat or a/c and wont be letting it seep into the outdoors, wasting energy and making your home uncomfortable.
  • A good seal also helps protect and prolong the life of your garage door by preventing components from being exposed to the elements.

How To Install A Single Channel Garage Door Weatherstrip

A garage door has a weatherstrip along its bottom to seal air out of the garage. The profile of the weatherstrip, or astragal, varies depending on the model and manufacturer of the door. If you look at the profile of a bulb, or single channel weatherstrip, it looks like a large O with a T attached to the top of it. The T slides into the single channel to hold the garage door astragal in place. When the door closes, the O compresses to form a tight seal. Changing a bulb weatherstrip is a simple process.

  • 1.

    Locate the emergency release cord for the garage door opener. Its a red cord hanging directly over the garage door. Pull down on it to disengage the garage door opener.

  • 2.

    Raise the door manually so it is even with the track junction. This is where the track curves from vertical to horizontal. By placing the bottom in this location, you can easily see the bottom of the door. Hold the door in place by clamping locking pliers in both tracks slightly below the door.

  • 3.

    Insert the tip of a screwdriver into the end of the garage doors weatherstrip channel. Pry the channel open. Repeat on the opposite end of the door. Spread the channel opening wide enough so you can slide the old astragal out either side of the door.

  • 5.

    Center the new weatherstrip in the channel. Trim off any excess from either end with a sharp knife. Close the channels on the end by tapping them gently with a hammer.

  • Tips

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    Garage Door Bottom Track

    This item has a shipping fee due to its size/weight

    Garage Door Bottom Seal Retainer.

    Overhead Door, CHI, Wayne Dalton, Clopay,

    Raynore, ALL BRANDS Universal

    If mounting to a metal surface, we carry screws here Weather Seal Retainer Screws

    54 x 1-3/4 Flat PVC Retainers

    Accepts ¼ Wide T Style Weather Seal

    We have many types of weather seal that will work with this retainer.

    Additionally we have this in kit form as well. Retainers and weather seal all in one package.

    Sold in 54 lengths for shipping purposes, these butt together for a nice finish.

    Square cut ends, easy to cut and modify.

    Great option for wood garage doors and any type of door with a flat bottom.

    Combine with any of a variety of 1/4 T U Shape weather seal to accommodate any job site condition.

    See our store under weather seal /T Style for many options.

    This retainer can be used in many other applications, edge of gates, sliding doors, entry doors and many other types of situations.

    Rubber, Vinyl, PVC, Rodent Proof, 6 Wide and other weather seal options available for this garage door bottom retainer.

    We also offer this retainer in a kit form with weather seal included.

    We also have a wide verity of retainers and also complete garage door bottom kits to suite any need.

    Consider adding Threshold seal if you have water coming into the Garage, we offer Hard Rubber and Aluminum Thresholds.

    We carry side and top seals in a verity of colors as well. can help you seal any garage door.

    Replace Garage Door Bottom Seal

    Action Industries Garage Door Bottom Seal Kit with L

    If you have a track, you need to give the seal a U shape. This process is not very convenient, especially if you choose the wrong position for the door, so take care of this in advance. Then put one end of the seal into the tracks channel, slowly sticking it inward. To do this, you have to bend the seal.

    Perform it slowly. Sometimes the seal can get stuck, so go back a little and continue operating.

    Once youve pushed the seal into the channel so that it spans the length of the door, cut the remaining piece from one end.

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    How To Seal The Bottom Of Your Garage Door

    Unfortunately, even when doing garage door maintenance, the bottom of the garage door is often something that is left out. Whether it is due to forgetfulness or because youre not sure how to go about maintaining or replacing the seal at the bottom of your garage door, neglecting this part of the process is quite harmful to your door and the things in your garage.

    To help you with getting your garage door maintenance back on track, weve put together this guide to garage door bottom seals, how to maintain them, and what products to use in specific situations. Well walk you through the steps and give you the benefits and uses of each product as we go along.

    Remove The Old Damaged Rubber Seal

    Raise the garage door at a convenient height. Put the vise grips on the vertical tracks just below the bottom track.

    Untuck or unscrew the end of the seal from one end of the retainer, pull the seal y slide through the track. You can also use a sharp knife to remove the old seal.

    Also, check the condition of the retainer, if it is okay, keep it attached to the door bottom, it is damaged or broken, remove the retainer as well.

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    Vinyl Door Stop With Integrated Weatherstrip

    The Spruce / Meg MacDonald

    Door stop molding with weatherstripping is a great option for doors that have old, rotted, or damage door stops that need replacing. This specialty stop molding typically is made of vinyl and has a wood-look molding strip and a flexible weather-seal flange all in one piece. It cuts easily with a saw and installs with galvanized or stainless steel siding nails.

    To install the door stop, position each piece parallel to the door face, and push the molding toward the door so the weatherstrip flange is slightly compressed against the door, and then fasten the molding to the door jamb with nails. Typically, it’s best to install the top molding first and then overlap the ends of the top molding with the side stops.

    Best Overall: Magicseal Rubber Universal Weather Stripping Kit

    Garage Door Bottom Seal Retainers: Single Channel

    This is our best overall pick for a garage bottom seal kit for many reasons. While there are many options out there we wanted to give readers something that covered a wide variety of needs. This particular product is made of high grade durable rubber, meaning it will last a long time without needing to be replaced again.

    The kit comes in multiple lengths, all of which are easy to cut to size for whatever type of garage door you have, meaning you dont have to worry about this kit not fitting your particular door. The T-Type ends are flexible enough to fit nearly any retainer type securely.

    The rubber is completely waterproof providing an excellent moisture barrier for your garage door. It also includes a wide temperature range that lets it hold up even in extreme heat. This helps to improve the longevity of the seal compared to other products.

    Lastly, the kit has some soundproofing qualities that help to reduce outside noise while in the garage with the door closed, making it an excellent choice for those that like to use their garage for projects without being interrupted.

    Best for: Those that want a complete weather stripping system with additional qualities and temperature resistance.


    • Comes in a variety of sizes to fit most garage doors
    • Easy to install
    • Adjust to fit nearly any size or shape threshold

    Keep in mind:

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    Types Of Garage Door Bottom Seals

    A garage door bottom seal isnt just a strip of rubber you attach to the bottom of your garage door. In fact, there are 4 types of bottom seal and each one has a different intended use.

    • J Type. Single channel retainer seal that fits under the door and forms a J shape on either side of the door when the door is closed.
    • T Type. Similar to the J Type except in the form of an inverted T when the door is closed.
    • Bulb or Tube Type. These types of seals are long flat tubes that press against the bottom of the door and the concrete and spread out over uneven spaces to provide a solid seal between the concrete and the door.
    • Beaded Type. These are used specifically for double channel retainers and are made to fit snugly in-between the grooves by bending upwards a bit. They prevent moisture from entering into the space below the door.

    Lets go through recommended bottom seals for every garage door scenario.

    How Should I Take Care Of My Perimeter Weatherstripping

    We recommend reading the general instructions for maintenance of your garage door. Dont forget an important point: U-shaped weatherstripping is made of PVC. Applying a petroleum-based lubricant will greatly impair the effectiveness and elasticity of the weatherstripping. The petroleum affects the PVC by hardening it over time. Always use a silicone-based lubricant, like the one we carry in our store.

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    Garage Bottom Seal For Insulation: Loobani Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal

    For a strong and durable product that keeps out moisture and sounds incredibly well, then this one by Loobani is an excellent choice. The rubber material on this product is very high grade and heavy making it the right product if youre looking to insulate your garage door from the outside world.

    Installation is easy, requiring no screws or nails. The thickness of the rubber makes it durable and able to handle manipulation while being installed without worrying about breaking or cracking the rubber like on some seals. The T Type inserts are easy to use and the entire process is fairly stress free, aside from the increased weight of the heavier seal.

    Besides the insulating properties, this seal is good in temperatures as low as -40 and 140 degrees giving it extreme temperature resistance. You likely wont have to swap seals again for a long time

    Best For: Those that want to keep the outside out, whether its noise or weather conditions.


    • Fits most garage doors up to 2
    • Flexible and durable

    Keep in Mind:

    This seal fits tracks up to 2, anything wider and youll need a different product. Also, the product is much heavier than standard seals so it may take a little extra muscle to install.

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