Saferacks Overhead Garage Storage Installation

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Attach The Ceiling Brackets

SafeRacks Installation and Assembly Video
  • First locate the joists on both sides of where the first post will be installed. This can be done using the stud locator.
  • Use the pencil or pen to mark the outside and the middle of each joist. You can use a tiny nail to make small punctures along your guidelines to ensure they are correct. To fit the screws, you may also have to install another piece of wood in the ceiling .
  • Create a 3 long pilot hole in the exact middle of each marked location. This can be done using the drill and a 316 bit.
  • Place a washer under the head of a 3 lag screw. Next, insert the screw through the ceiling bracket and into the pilot hole. Repeat this process until all of the lag screws are installed.
  • With the first ceiling bracket in place, next take the measurements for the remainder of the ceiling brackets. This can be done in various ways.

Saferacks Garage Shelving Installation

Nine Best Overhead Garage Storage Units For With Diy Installation Strong Racks 4ft X 8ft Ceiling Platform Steel Garage Storage Assembly Instructions Saferacks Saferacks 4 X Overhead Storage Rack 12 21 Ceiling Drop Is It A Good Idea To Go With Wood Or Steel Overhead Garage Storage Saferacks Overhead Garage Storage Racks Ceiling Hanging

White Wood Garage Shelving Follow Ana on Instagram: https://www.Instagram.Com/anawhitediy/Garage shelving has in no way been simpler or quicker to construct! Follow Ana on Instagram: https://www.Instagram.Com/anawhitediy/Garage shelving has in no way been easier or quicker to build! Simple constructing hack simplifies gara. Now you can get manipulate of your storage. Start with large metal or heavy-duty plastic devices for storage.

Installing the brackets are straight forward set approx 32″ aside per the instructions, predrill 3 holes in step with bracket, into studs and use the bolts and washers to steady. Pretty easy. Now, my studs are a weird duration apart from wherein I desired to mount them, so I needed to pass into dry wall.

Bob and Kitana mounted a SafeRack organizer at the garage ceiling for a long time client. While the actual meeting isn’t all that.

Our installers are fully licensed and insured and feature years of experience in the storage. Overhead set up normally takes a mean of 40-five mins to an hour in line with rack. You can ebook by means of phone, talk with our customer support team, or e-book on-line your self.

Locate The Exact Spot For Your Installation

Select the exact location where you want the overhead rack to be installed.

When selecting your location, be sure to take into consideration any objects that the overhead rack may obstruct. For instance, will the rack hinder the garage door operation? This will not only help you determine the perfect spot for the unit but also its hanging height.

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Garage Ceiling Storage Installation The Coachella Valley Ca Residents Adore

We want to make the garage ceiling storage installation of our sturdy rack solutions as efficient as possible so that our customers can move on with their day. Good Garage customer service team is always available to you for any questions you might have. You just need to pick up the phone and well set things in motion. You can even get a free price estimate before we seal the deal.

Once you make an appointment, well help you get through this process hassle-free. Our reliable team will come fully equipped with garage ceiling storage installation materials at the agreed time. After a thorough consultation, theyll roll up their sleeves and get down to business. Afterward, let inspiration spark when you read our blog post on how to convert your garage into an art studio!

Attach The Deck Hooks Rail Hooks And/or Utility Hooks

Saferacks Overhead Garage Storage Installation

Some kits may also include deck hooks, rail hooks, and/or utility hooks. These attachments enable you to hang various other items from different areas of the rack.

The deck hook is designed to hold items throughout the center of the rack. It easily installs on the rack by snapping the flat top over a pair of wires. The rail hook resembles the deck hook, and it is installed around the edge of the rack to hang items.

Lastly, the utility hook allows you to hang very long items on the rack. It attaches to the vertical posts using washers, locking nuts, and bolts.

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How Much Do Motorized Overhead Garage Storage Cost

An overhead garage storage system costs roughly $100 to $300 per storage rack. A 220-pound electric lift for overhead garage storage might cost $150 to $250. Small garage organizers such as baskets and pegs can cost anywhere from $5 to $50 and up.

For this DIY installation project, use high-quality materials. You dont want to cut corners on a garage ceiling space project.

Anonymous Problems With Product/service Complaint

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    I ordered online directly from the company. I was sent the wrong size of side rails and . I never received an invoice via email or with the packaging. I sent emails and called multiple times and placed on indefinite hold for more than 40 minutes. When I finally did wait long enough to speak to someone I was told the correct parts would be sent. They were never sent. I called and called again – finally reaching someone who argued that I received what I ordered. I asked for documentation – never got it. I’ve left messages, emails, etc. I am filing a dispute with my credit card company.

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    Runner Up: Saferacks Heavy Duty Garage Storage Rack

    The SafeRacks overhead garage storage rack is comparable to the FlexiMounts rack but with some key differences.

    The product dimensions are 48 by 96 by up to 21 inches, allowing for up to 56 cubic feet of storage space for your garage. I specifically chose the smallest rack because many manufacturers dont offer small garage rack sizes.

    The SafeRacks model extends between 12 and 21 inches from the ceiling, allowing you to accommodate lower ceilings than other storage racks while still being able to store plenty. The small space is also convenient for fitting the rack above garage doors without complications.

    This rack holds 600 pounds of storage weight. The design is firmly supported by strong alloy steel components and an industrial-strength powder-coated finish. The only downside is that the rack itself weighs 80 pounds, but thats a testament to the products durability.

    This model comes in both white and hammertone color choices.

    Assembly is easy thanks to the step-by-step instructions and live customer support that all SafeRacks products provide. The product comes with all the steel wire decking units, steel brackets, steel beams, posts, and hardware needed for assembly. Some markets have installation services for an added cost.

    The SafeRacks ceiling storage rack comes with complimentary accessory deck hooks, rail hooks, and utility hooks, granting extra storage space for your tools or other items.

    What Causes Most Garage Fires

    SafeRacks Installation and Assembly Instructional Video

    Electrical malfunction is the leading cause of garage fires. A flame frequently gets started when there is a short in the wires, the wires are damaged or electrical outlets are overloaded. Garage fires are dangerous and more severe because of the number of flammable materials often stored inside a garage.

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    Overhead Storage Racks In Sarasota Fl

    Overhead garage storage racks are the perfect solution for small and large items alike. Keep your things organized in the comfort of your home, rather than dealing with the inconvenience of traveling back and forth to storage sites.

    Our overhead storage racks come in a variety of sizes and dimensions to help maximize your storage space. You can easily install these hanging units in any garage, closet, or workspace. The sturdy design of these units can handle all of your clutter neatly and safely.

    Our garage storage racks are available in sizes including 4×8, 3×8, 2×8, 4×6, 3×6, 2×6, and 4×4. The 4×8 size is our most popular.

    Make the most out of every inch of your garage storage. for more information about our garage racks and installation services in Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, and Sarasota, Florida.

    Dont Forget Removable Options

    Most of us think of overhead storage as a semi-permanent solution. Once you start drilling holes and mounting the rack into the ceiling, its there for the long haul.

    However, there are also ways to create short-term, removable overhead garage storage for your house.

    For example, you could use velcro, Command Hooks or screw-in hooks that we mentioned earlier. Once you remove them, most small holes can be filled and adhesives can be scrubbed off.

    These solutions dont have an excellent weight capacity, but theyre good for lightweight needs.

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    Eagle Industrial Group Recalls Saferacks/monsterrax Overhead Garage Storage Racks Due To Impact Injury Hazard

    • Recalled SafeRacks/Monsterrax Overhead Garage Storage Racks
    • Recalled Overhead Garage Storage Rack bolts located in the areas circled in the image and are stamped with the letter E on the heads of the bolts
    • Recalled SafeRack/Monsterrax Overhead Storage Rack
    • Recalled SafeRack/Monsterrax Overhead Storage Rack

    The hex bolts in the overhead garage storage racks can bedefective, causing the rack to collapse from the ceiling, posing an impact injury hazard.

    About 12,800

    SafeRacks toll-free at 877-927-2168 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT., Monday through Friday, or by email at or online at and click on the button near the bottom, in the center that is labeled Recalls or and click on the button near the bottom right that is labeled Recalls or click on or for more information.

    Installing The Vertical Posts

    Saferacks Overhead Garage Storage Installation
    • Change the length of the vertical posts to fit the height you want the rack to hang. Make sure the lower vertical post piece is placed on the inside of the top half of the vertical post. The rounded part of the teardrop-shaped slot should also be facing up towards the ceiling. All the vertical posts should also be the same length.
    • Place one nut and bolt along with a washer on the front of the top vertical post. Then place another nut, bolt, and washer at the bottom where the two ends of the vertical posts overlap.
    • Place a washer on both sides of a bolt. Use the bolt and a locking nut to connect the top half of a vertical post to the ceiling bracket. Attach the remainder of the vertical posts to the rest of the ceiling brackets. Be sure they are installed using the proper measurements.
    • Avoid fully tightening the lag screws on the vertical posts to the ceiling brackets. This will allow you to install the outside frame as well as the center support with no problem. The vertical posts will be fully tightened on the ceiling brackets once the other components are installed.

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    Easier Access To Stored Stuff

    Believe it or not, objects stored in an overhead garage racks and shelves are easier to access than those stored on floor.

    If you store stuff on floor, you will end up stacking objects over objects and over card boards until it becomes tedious for you to find a specific object.

    Stacking is not possible on overhead garage storage, making it easier to access stuff stored there.

    Garage Ceiling Storage Installation In The Coachella Valley Ca That Guarantees Satisfaction

    Good Garage brings the best overhead garage ceiling storage solutions that are bound to delight you. We know that our products are the best you can find and we can back it up with a satisfaction guarantee. If for some reason you arent happy with your garage storage, you can contact ys within 30 day and our team will come back to uninstall the racks and we will give you your money back. Our storage racks are safe, sturdy, and made of the thickest steel and our lifetime warranty is here to prove it. See for yourself!

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    Saferacks Overhead Garage Storage The Pros & Cons

    If you want to increase the storage capacity of your garage, you dont need to buy wall cabinets. In fact, cabinets can often take up a significant amount of space, especially in a small garage. Overhead storage can offer a convenient space saving solution.

    In space-lacking situations, you may be better off installing ceiling-attached shelving. Although you can greatly increase storage capacity, you dont have to give up the floor space in your garage.

    In fact, you can use the area underneath the rack to hang bicycles, strollers, scooters, gardening equipment and more. Keep floor space clear and give each piece of equipment its own designated spot.

    Attaching The Center Support:

    Overhead Garage Storage Racks Installation | SafeRacks
    • Connect the center support using the remaining slot-head bolts and wing nuts .
    • Use a flat head screwdriver to fully tighten the bolts to the wing nuts.
    • Once the center support is installed go back and tighten the vertical posts to the ceiling brackets .
    • Take the wire decking and place it on the rack unit .
    • Wire decking remains in place by gravity and can slide freely side-to-side.
    • There will be a small space between each deck .
    • Take one last look at all of the rivets to make sure they have not backed out during the installation process.

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    Flat Panels Or Open Grates

    Most overhead garage storage is designed to have open grating on the bottom so dust doesnt accumulate. It also makes it harder for spiders, bugs and other little critters to build nests.

    Open grating also helps you to quickly see whats in the center of the rack. In most cases, getting a porous rack is better because you can hang items from the bottom to get additional storage.

    Note: You dont always need hooks or strings to hang items on racks. If you have backpacks or purses, they can tie to the rack by themselves. Gym bags, sports ball bags, and many other products come with strings or hooks built-in. You could even hang lanterns from a porous rack if you dont have a ceiling light in the garage.

    Freeing Up Floor Space

    Many homeowners prefer to keep the floor of their garage free of clutters.

    They need ample floor space to park their cars and smaller vehicles, including motorcycles and bikes. Using ceiling and wall to accommodate storage units is a great way to keep the floor clutter-free.

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    Overhead Garage Storage Conclusion

    When installing an overhead garage storage rack, you will need a few tools. A stud finder will be necessary as the tool will help you locate the studs in your wall. Youll also need lag bolts, lock nuts, and ceiling joists.

    Installing overhead garage storage racks is a good DIY project. If you do not have advanced DIY skills, ask a friend to help you to ensure safety. You dont want to make any mistakes when working with ceiling brackets, for example.

    The effort you put into it will be worth it as overhead garage storage shelves provide you with more garage space.

    Here Are The Best Overhead Garage Storage You Can Buy In 202:

    Advantages and Disadvantages of the Saferacks Overhead Garage Storage ...
    • Easy To Install: MonsterRax 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack
    • Best Budget Option: Redeo 4×8 Adjustable Ceiling Rack
    • Best For Concrete Ceilings: FLEXIMOUNTS 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack
    • Best For Wooden Ceiling Joists: NEWAGE PRODUCTS VersaRac 40151
    • Best For Heavier Loads: POWERACK Overhead Garage Shelving Storage Rack
    • Best For Lighter Loads: SafeRacks-2×6 Overhead Garage Storage Rack
    6 Best Overhead Garage Storage
    Easy To Install
    • Easy to install Clear, step-by-step instructions & including all the necessary mounting hardware
    • Spacious The 120-cubic-foot storage capacity


    • The brackets could be thicker

    To be honest, it’s never easy for us to install overhead storage racks even after we have tested dozens of models. Until trying the MonsterRax 4×8, our team all agreed that it would be our pick for the easiest to install.

    It’s like a puzzle with only a few pieces while hooks and all the necessary mounting hardware are included.

    You can have this ceiling rack installed on your own if you’re good with your hands but it would be easier with two people. But the point is you don’t need to spend a fee to ask the white-glove service for help. And, it makes sense once you read the directions.

    The rack is very strong, solid, and truly a great space saver. Its storage capacity is up to 120 cubic feet – which is one of the largest we tested.

    MonsterRax 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Specifications



    Redeo 4×8 Adjustable Ceiling Rack Specifications



    How To Istall Overhead Garage Storage Racks:

    Ceiling-hung shelving may seem like a daunting task. However, DIY packages like the Saferacks Overhead Garage Storage Kit give you all of the supplies you need.

    With complete instructions included, you can complete the task in an afternoon. Then, you can get all of your miscellaneous boxes and bins off the floor of your garage and out of sight .

    Check out the video below for a quick and easy installation and assembly demonstration:

    Types Of Overhead Garage Storage Systems

    Not all overhead storage systems are the same and there are a few distinct types to consider. You can differentiate these types by where theyre meant to be installed. For example, some storage systems are designed to be placed over the garage door.

    Others are meant to go above the hood of your car or truck. There are also modular storage systems that come in multiple units.

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