Rv Garage With Living Quarters

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What Is Rv Garage Kit With Living Quarters

Rv Garage With Living Quarters

An RV garage kit with living quarters is a type of garage that is designed specifically for housing an RV or other large recreational vehicle. These post and beam building kits typically come with everything you need to build the garage, including the flooring, walls, and roof. Some also include an apartment or guest suite above the garage, making them perfect for those who want to have a place to stay while theyre on the road.

Add Square Footage With Garage Apartment Plans

How many times have you caught yourself wishing for just one more bedroom, another few hundred square feet or a truly secluded space to get some work done? If you’re like most people, a lot! Thankfully, the solution is easier than you might expect. Garage apartment plans give you the extra living space you need without requiring costly and complicated additions or modifications to the main structure of your home. Our collection of garage with apartment plans features several versatile designs to suit your style and meet your needs.

Versatile Pole Barn Plans For Serious Storage

Big things require big storage. Whether you need a place to keep a heavy-duty combine or a few heads of cattle, our versatile pole building plans can accommodate serious storage needs. As suitable for farm equipment as they are for livestock, our pole barn plans are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles and are specially designed to support the demands of a rural lifestyle or agricultural business.

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Get Paradise On Earth With Metal Garage Central

A metal garage with living quarters can make your life so much easier, but you want to work with a provider who can make that experience even better. Thats what we offer when you work with Metal Garage Central. Our products are of the highest quality on the market because they come directly from the nations top manufacturers. But its more than just the quality of our garages that make them great our renowned building specialists are the leading industry experts when it comes to all things metal buildings. If you have a question about the size, color, material, or anything in between, they have the solution. Call us today at and let us help you find your dream steel garage and living quarters today!

Gray Water Drainage System


What if you had a clean and simple way to drain greywater, without chasing down the closest truck stop?

Check with your builder to find out if there is enough space on your property to place a gray water drainage system on-site. But, its likely youll be ready to go. Think about it, no more last minute stops at Flying J when you just want to get home.

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Why Would You Want An Rv Garage Kit With Living Quarters

There are a few reasons you might want to consider an RV garage kit with a living space.

First, if you have an RV, its a great way to protect your investment from the elements. It can also be a great way to keep your RV safe from theft, as these garages are typically much more secure than a standard storage unit.

Second, it can provide you with a place to stay while youre traveling, so you dont have to worry about finding a hotel or camping spot. It can also be a great way to save money on accommodations, as you wont have to pay for a hotel room or campsite every night.

And third, if you often entertain guests who come to visit in their RVs, an RV garage can be a great way to give them their own space. It can also be a great place to host parties or other events, as youll have plenty of room for all your guests.

Steel Garages With Living Quarters

Metal garages with living quarters are the most popular option for anyone looking to consolidate their home and working spaces.

Are you looking to bring home and work together? If so, you need a metal garage with living quarters. These buildings are the perfect way to those two worlds together since they feature dedicated spaces for work and relaxation. These separations make steel garages with living quarters the most efficient option on the market youll save money, time, and space by putting everything you need together. Nothing fits our fast-paced modern world better than this!

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Dream Eclectic Bunk Living Quarters With An Rv Garage

This bunkhouse and RV garage by 360 Construction & Design has everything you can dream of about a holiday home. From the outside, it may look relatively small and limited. However, once you enter it, you will know the reasons why we said so.

The guest quarters on the second floor bring an open style. At one of its ends, there is a set of bunk beds to accommodate up to four people.

Right next to it is a dining table set with four chairs. It is placed right in front of a window where beautiful scenery can be seen, making it a perfect spot for enjoying breakfast.

There is a living area in the center of the open floor with two sofas and a coffee table. We love how there are also windows here, giving a more open feeling to the relatively small interior.

From this point of view, we can also see a restroom with a rustic sliding barn door and a master bedroom dominated with red at the very end of the guest quarters.

Still, in the living area, we can see a television included for entertainment value. Right below it, there is a wet bar making the place perfect for adult dwellers.

Here is a sneak peek at the public restroom door we saw in an earlier picture. There are no other pictures of its interior shared, but there may be a toilet at the other end of this room. If that is so, it is then suitable to call it a powder room.

An addition like this boosts the convenience when spending time in the living area. It is especially when there are some guests over.

Here Are 2 Floor Plans Of Pole Barns We Recently Built For Clients In The Midwest

2021 Sundowner 53′ Two Car Trailer (33′ Garage) + Living Quarters
  • 40 x 72 x 16 building size
  • 40 x 32 lower living quarters
  • 40 x 16 loft area
  • Office space, meeting area, break room
  • 1 bathroom, utility space
  • 60 x 112 x 18 building size
  • 30 x 32 lower living quarters
  • 30 x 32 loft area
  • 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, closets
  • Kitchen, dining area, laundry
  • 2 Overhead doors

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Why Build A Metal Pole Barn Home

Do you spend countless hours in your workshop? If you want a venue to work in without being away from your family, a pole barn with living quarters could be exactly what you need! There are a lot of advantages to choosing a Shome® over a traditional stick frame with foundation home. Check out some of these advantages here:

Open Floor Plan: Large, clear span ceilings give customers the flexibility to create an open floor plan without load-bearing walls. A Shome® can span up to 100 wide providing virtually limitless opportunities for lofts, balconies, second levels, or just an open feel to your pole barn house design.

Energy Efficiency: Post-frame construction offers great energy efficiency with thicker wall cavities allowing for more insulation. Fiberglass blanket or closed cell spray foam are both great options to consider. Our fiberglass batts are 8 wide to minimize seams and gaps, while closed-cell spray foam seals the building envelope and can add to structural integrity.

Shop and Storage Space: For some people, a shop is their life. Build the shop of your dreams and work from the comfort of your home. The Shome® is known for its large storage options, which can spaciously accommodate your RV, boat, equipment, or hobby collections.

Choosing The Best Rv Barn With Living Quarters

RV Barn With Living Quarters If you are in the market for a recreational vehicle or RV barn kit with living quarters, you may be wondering which one is the best option for you. There are a few things to consider when making your decision, such as size, features, and price. Use this guide to help you choose the perfect RV barn or RV garage kit for your needs.

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Adventure At Your Finger Tips

How many times have you second-guessed leaving town because of the hassle of packing up?

Lets be honest, it takes some effort to pack up and drive cross-country. What if you could prep for your next trip in your own garageaway from rain, snow, and wind? You dont have to drive an hour away to pick it up from storage, and you dont have to unpack it at 11 pm every time you return home.

You can pull in, close the garage door, and crash right into your bed.

Rv Garage With Living Quarters Floor Plans Best Options And Ideas

Bradley Mighty Steel RV Garage for sale, RV Shelter pricing

6 Best Ideas for RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans

As RV adventurers, we love outings in our caravans! But at the same time, we need to ensure that they are taken well care of. A safe and legal place to park your RV during the off-season is a must. Here we will dive into RV Garage with Living Quarters Floor Plans.

But before that, lets take a quick look at a few other options you might want to consider too.

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Why Choose An Rv Barn With Living Quarters

There are many reasons why you may want to choose an RV barn kit with living quarters. Perhaps you need a place to store your RV when its not in use, or you want a safe and secure shelter for it during inclement weather.

Additionally, the living quarters can be used as a guest house, home office or even a short-term rental property. If you frequently have overnight guests, the living quarters can provide them with a comfortable place to stay.

Budget: How Much Money Do You Want To Spend On The Design

As with any home improvement project, its important to set a budget for the design of your RV Barn With Living Quarters. Decide how much money youre willing to spend on furniture, decor, and other items before you start shopping. This will help you narrow down your choices and stay within your budget.

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Options And Upgrades Available

DC Structures offers many upgrades and options for their structures, including the Shasta. These include but are not limited to:

  • Siding: cedar board and batten, cedar tongue & groove, Douglas fir tongue & groove, fiber cement, half-round cedar log cabin siding and barnwood.
  • Dormers: Gable, shed, Nantucket and faux
  • Cupola: Vented and window
  • Insulation: Insulating concrete forms, cellulose, foam, fiberglass and structural insulated panels
  • Interior: Douglas fir ceiling upgrade, pine ceiling upgrade

The Shasta from DC Structures is a beautiful RV garage turned residential home and offers all of the comforts of modern living with extra amenities.

See complete build details at 

Inside Dc Structures Shasta 84 Nc Barn Home Project

#022 60×40 Shop House Walkthrough! (Shouse, Garage with living quarters, Barndominium?)

Located in Sugar Grove, North Carolina, the Shasta barn project from DC Structures is a stunning example of how rustic RV barns can be transformed into comfortable living spaces.

Home Specs 56 x 84 Shasta

  • 8,563 square feet
  • 2 x 14 RV drive-thru bays
  • 5,180 square-foot main floor
  • 3,383 square-foot second floor

The two-story barn home features a large garage with two RV bays and four 14 overhead doors. An enclosed 12 x 36 shed roof serves as a dog condo and storage room.

On the opposite side of the barn, there is another large storage room, a modern kitchen, a media room with a full bathroom, a walk-in pantry and a powder room.

Climb the stairs to enter the great room, which features an impressive 14 circular bar under an 8 x 8 cupola. Theres space for a gaming room, grand piano and lounge room with access to the massive 14 x 84 covered deck.

Off the great room, you will find a large home gym, laundry room, home theater, another powder room and a guest bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. This space gives you access to an uncovered deck.

The master suite, which is 28 x 42, boasts three walk-in closets, a dressing area, a prayer closet, a walk-in shower and a Jacuzzi hot tub.

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Metal Houses With Nominal Maintenance

Every homeowner is responsible for house care,which is a crucial consideration when purchasing a shed. The upkeep should beminimal so that you dont have to spend as much time and money on it.Traditional constructions are not long-lasting and are susceptible to a varietyof variables that increase the need for upkeep.

Damage-resistance and anti-rust qualities inmetal garages with living quarters keep the steel constructions intact overtime and reduce maintenance.

Steel structures cannot rust or rot, and youcan keep your shed looking good with little effort. Furthermore, unliketraditional constructions, steel garages with living quarters do not harborpests, molds, or termites and require less upkeep. As a result, if you acquirea metal garage home with living quarters, youll get the highest quality steelhouse with the least amount of maintenance.

These are some of the features of steelgarages with living quarters. As you can see, you get a one-of-a-kind designtogether with great structural advantages. Steel garage homes offer all of thenecessary qualities to resemble a persons ideal home. So, if you want agorgeous house with fantastic features, buy a metal garage with livingquarters.

Furthermore, your building will be covered bya 20-year corrosion warranty, a 10-year panel warranty, and a 1-yearcraftsmanship warranty if you purchase from us. So, place your order now totake advantage of all of these benefits.

You can reach us at if you require any assistance.

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Different Types Of Garages With Living Quarters Available In The Market

There are a few different types of RV garage with living quarters available on the market. Below is a brief overview of each type:

Pole Barns: Pole barns are a type of garage that is typically built with metal or wood frames. They are easy and relatively inexpensive to build, which makes them a popular choice for many RV owners. However, pole barns are not as durable as other types of garages, and they are not typically insulated, so they may not be the best choice for those who live in colder climates.

Post and beam garages: Post and beam construction garages are a more durable option than pole barns, and they can be insulated to protect against the cold. However, they are more expensive to build, and they typically require more maintenance than other types of garages.

Stick Built Garages: Stick-built garages are more durable and better insulated than pole barns, but they are also more expensive to build.

Metal Garages: Metal garages are a good choice for those who want a durable and low-maintenance garage. However, metal garages can be noisy, and they are not as energy-efficient as other types of garages.

Wood Garages: Wood garages are a good choice for those who want a more traditional look for their garage. However, wood garages require more maintenance than other types of garages, and they are not as fire-resistant as metal or concrete garages.

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Use It As An Apartment

Are you looking to make some extra money? If so, you could use your metal garage with living quarters as an apartment. The finished living space could be rented out, while you could use the remaining space for storage or anything else you need. Thanks to the long-term affordability of steel, this is a great way to make extra money without high maintenance costs.

Step : Creating Your Design Plans

Pin by Lisa Watson on RV Living
  • Schematic Design Sheets Created
  • Construction Documents Finalized
  • Plans Approved by Engineering Partner

Their designers work with you and your project coordinator to create the detailed blueprints for your building package. They also create a 3D building model for you to explore and modify in real-time using their VR software.

After schematic design plans are approved, construction documents that ensure building code compliance are prepared. Your contractor gets involved at this stage to address any questions that they may have.

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What Size Garage Do I Need For An Rv

It all depends on the size of your RV. The bigger the model, the larger the space you would need. One key point in garage building I would suggest is that you should never be stingy with space!

No matter how enough it might seem, for now, you will always have extra stuff to keep. Tools, luggage, gadgets, other materials the list is endless. Go for the largest you can build in your space. A few extra 100 bucks spent would be worth it!

To get an idea of the space needed, you first need to identify which category your RV falls in:

  • Class A Motorhomes:
  • These are the biggest of all RVs. With height averaging about 10 feet and lengths ranging from 20 to 45 feet, they would require more space than any other RV. A typical garage for class A motorhomes should be at least 14 feet tall and about 50 feet in length.

  • Class B Campers and Vans:
  • These RVs are usually 8 feet tall and can be 17 to 25 feet in length. A 12 feet high garage with 30 to 35 feet of length should be enough for your Class B vehicle.

    These motorhomes are about 10 feet in height and can be anywhere between 20 to 35 feet in length. They usually require a 14 feet high garage of about 40 to 45 feet in length.

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