Rubber Tiles For Garage Floors

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Interlocking Rubber Gym Tiles

Install EASY|tile Utility Tile recycled rubber interlocking flooring for your garage floor.

Gym fanatics usually look at the gym area before they join the gym, besides any gym having the best facilities and equipment and aesthetical looks, it is especially important to consider possible injuries because of lack of best interlocking rubber gym tiles.

One would not want to perform an exercise where it poses a danger to their well-being. It is equally important too when considering having a home gym, the same rubber mats for the home gym are the same applied for in commercial rubber gym flooring tiles.

Some private individuals prefer to convert their garages into gyms, therefore the same rubber matsfor garage gym can be used for the same purpose, there is no need to change the flooring.

There are two types of rubber mats for a home gym that can be used, the first is the use of PVC rubber interlocking tiles, and the second is rubber tiles for home, these are a bit different in texture and sponginess.

The best thing regarding rubber tiles for sale is that they are easily available online and in physical stores. Pvc Floor Tile sells these rubber squares in 4s as a square meter, special considering is given to those who wish to have rubber interlocking tiles edging.

The best rubber flooring gym tile is the one that can offer safety and comfort to the users, great caution should be exercised when one is considering purchase rubber foam mats. It is a requisite for every gym, whether it is a home gym or a commercial gym to have interlocking rubber gym mats.

Flexible Tiles You Can Park Your Car On

Norsk PVC tiles are a perfect fit for any garage, basement, gym, kids play room, and many other areas. All tiles are created with safety and durability in mind. Whether you need a garage floor tile or a basement tile, Norsk multi-purpose flooring is easy to install and is extremely durable and resilient. The multi-purpose interlocking tiles are easy to clean, resistant to most chemicals and solvents and provide excellent acoustic and thermal insulation. Unlike cheap rubber tiles with distasteful odours that shed rubber granules, our odourless proprietary raw material formulation provides excellent anti-fatigue characteristics. We are confident that Norsk multi-purpose floors will exceed your expectations. Rated for up to 3 tons with 10 year warranty. Available in Dove Grey & Black.

Measuring And Ordering Garage Floor Tiles

An accurate measurement is a crucial first step. Clear everything out of the way on the floor and get your dimensions down as accurately as you can. Note any odd shapes and sketch yourself a diagram. You’ll want this later. Also, measure any entryway to your space and mark those down, too. Any openings where you’ll be driving or rolling anything onto the tiles will require transition tiles. These are angled pieces that allow you to drive on to or off of your new floor more smoothly, protecting the edges. Both RaceDeck and Swisstrack include online design tools, so plug those figures in and request a quote. Don’t forget to add in those edge pieces, and I’d highly recommend getting an extra handful of tiles for when you make a mistake while cutting, or just in case you somehow manage to break one down the road.

After installation, the tiles provide an amazing look. It’s a huge upgrade over the old, stained concrete.

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South Africas Leading Supplier Of Sustainable High

With a shore hardness of 90A and resistant to most chemicals Klikflor is an instant flooring solution for Domestic Garage, Industrial and Commercial applications. Our Klikflor tile has natural thermal, acoustic and absorption properties, is so easy to fit and is available in 8 colours making it the ideal flooring solution AND when you move you can take it with you!

We offer a variety of coloured tiles namely Black, Grey, Burgundy, Red, Yellow, and Blue. Black is the most commonly requested type of mat and is made from eco-friendly recycled PVC products, whilst the other colored tiles are form virgin based PVC pellets. Our lead time for supply is the SHORTEST in the market on all varieties of interlocking mats

The Downsides To Wooden Floors

Rubber Tiles Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles 12x12x0.5 Inch 55PCS Deck ...
  • Cost: Installing wooden floors can be cost-prohibitive. These floors simply may not be within your budget. You’ll also need to account for the cost of professional installation in most cases.
  • Durability: Wooden floors aren’t the most durable flooring surface. It can be irreversibly damaged by water, and everyday traffic will eventually wear the flooring so much that it will need to be refinishing. Refinishing is an expensive process, driving up the cost of your floor’s maintenance. This is an important consideration if you’re purchasing wood floors for a commercial application where they’ll see high amounts of traffic.
  • Cold: When you get out of bed early on a winter morning, you’ll quickly discover that wood floors can get cold – really cold. They’re not the most inviting surface for homes, unless you plan on instantly slipping into your slippers.
  • Hardness: Wood floors are unforgiving if you or someone in your home slips or falls. This is an important consideration if you have young children in your home.
  • Limited versatility: Because wood floors can be destroyed by moisture, you’re limited in terms of where you can use wood flooring. For instance, you can’t install wooden flooring in basements or other areas where moisture may be an issue, and will need to choose an alternative flooring for these spaces.
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    Rubber Garage Floors Are Tough Enough For Any Man Cave

    To some, its known as the Man Cave. To many families, a parking spot. To a few, its a place to hide, to find solace and reprieve from an overbearing parent or significant other. Residential garages are versatile and can be used for whatever tickles your fancy. Whether you use your garage for parking, lifting weights, or forming your own band, you need a garage floor that can survive almost anything.

    Rubber garage floors can protect you and your possessions easily. Here are just a few reasons why rubber garage flooring is tough enough for any man cave.

    Whether your garage is a fortress of solitude, a car park, or a home gym, it requires the toughest floor protection. Protect yourself and your possessions with durable rubber garage floors. Install DIY garage floor mats for ample comfort and protection that can really take a beating!

    Why You Need Rubber Garage Flooring

    Garage floor tiles are a great way to protect your garage floor from stains, cracks, and other damage. Made of durable rubber, they are designed to withstand heavy traffic and high temperatures.

    Garage floor tiles are also easy to install and come in a variety of colors and styles to match your taste. In addition, they are slip-resistant and easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for busy families. Whether youre looking for protection from the elements or a more stylish Garage floor tile solution, rubber Garage floor tiles are a great option.

    Garage floor tiles are a popular choice for many homeowners because they are easy to install and maintain. Garage floor tiles are made of durable material that can withstand heavy traffic, making them ideal for cars and other vehicles.

    Garage floor tiles also provide a slip-resistant surface, which is important in a space where there is potential for oil and grease spills. In addition, garage floor tiles are available in a variety of colors and styles, so you can create a unique look for your space.

    If you are looking for an easy way to upgrade your garage floor, rubber garage floor tiles may be the perfect solution for you.

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    Faq Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the procedure from the request for quotation to the installation?
  • Dimensioned sketchPlease send us a dimensioned sketch of the surface that is as accurate as possible. This sketch is required to be able to make an offer. This could look like this:
  • OfferBased on your dimensioned sketch we will send you a non-binding offer. If you like it, we can proceed to the next step.
  • There are two options for the design to be printed: Design by our floor designers: Click on the following link to the image portal, select 5-10 images and send us the link or Creative # so that we can identify the images beyond doubt. You can neglect the prices of the individual pictures. The first draft is free! Several designs and changes will be charged fairly.

    Designed by your own advertising agency or marketing department: Send us the print file in vector format created in the correct scale. In order to avoid colour deviations in the print, this should be created in CMYK colour mode.If you zoom in on this vector graphic in the document, you will notice that, unlike pixel images, the motifs do not become pixelated. Therefore, the vector format is perfect for printing on large areas.

  • Approval of printing dataIf you decided to create the print file by yourself, we check your data for printability and point out any necessary changes.
  • InstallationThe installation on site must be carried out by the customer himself using our installation instructions .
  • Which motifs can be printed?

    Swisstrax Ribtrax Garage Tiles

    How to Install Flex Tile Garage Flooring

    At 3/4 thick, Swisstrax Ribtrax Tiles are one of the toughest garage floor tiles ever created. It looks fantastic. We just finished an overdue remodel of our garage. It looked good, but the tile was the cherry on the sundae. It’s worth the money and has a quality look and feel. John B from Muncie, IN Cost:$$$$$ 1 – least expensive to 5 – most expensive Durability: 1 – least durable to 5 – most durable Style: 1 – good to 5 – best 10+ Ways to Use Your Garage: From Functional to Fun

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    Drawbacks To Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

    There may be downsides to installing overlapping flooring in garages. A major problem with interlocking floor tiles in garage areas is that they might not completely smooth out. Buying interlocking tiles that easily connect will eliminate most of this problem and taking correct steps to fit them properly will take care of the rest of it for you, leaving you with a perfect new floor space!

    How To Install Interlocking Garage Tiles

    One big advantage of interlocking garage floor tiles over some flooring options is the free-floating design. This means that the tiles sit on top of the floor with nothing to affix them to. As a result, there is very little floor preparation required prior to installation other than possible cleaning of the garage floor.

    Mildly pitted concrete, surface cracks and other imperfections in the floor do not need to be repaired prior to installation unless it is a structural issue that needs attention.

    The only tools absolutely necessary are a tape measure and proper cutting tool such as a saw or utility knife. A rubber mallet comes in handy for snapping in the tiles, but is not required.

    Read Garage Floor Prep Tips for Interlocking Tiles

    For cutting the hard plastic garage tiles, a circular saw, jig saw, or table saw with a fine-tooth blade works well. One tip we suggest is to cut the tiles with the underside facing up. This creates a cleaner edge on the surface in most cases. Regardless, a file will clean up the edges nicely.

    For the PVC garage tiles, you can use the same type of saw as the plastic tiles or you can use a sharp utility knife.

    This is a good video that will give you an idea of how interlocking tiles are installed. We do not recommend a rubber underlayment if you live in a wet climate or have moisture issues with your concrete. Synthetic landscape fabric should be used instead.

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    Affordable Garage Floor Tiles

    Versatile, affordable, decorative, safe and easy to install our garage tiles are ideal for D.I.Y enthusiast as well as large industrial and commercial garage applications.

    This easy-to-fit interlocking system is both simple to install and cost effective.

    Our versatile product is ideal for the D.I.Y. enthusiast – Very easy to install. We have conveniently put together 2 standard types of garage floor kits

    Safe And Playfully Learning

    China Vinyl Garage Rubber Flooring PVC Interlocking Rubber Garage ...

    The EUROFLEX® Letter and Number Slabs are ideal for designing playgrounds in schools, kindergartens and day care facilities and provide educational enhancement for all play and sports areas, as well as amusement parks. In combination with standard and colourful impact protection slabs, these slabs can be used for numerous games involving hopping. While exercising their natural impulse to be active, children can heighten their coordination skills and reinforce their knowledge of the alphabet and numbers.

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    Why Our Interlocking Rubber Floor Mats Are Superior

    Look no further than Pvc Floor Tile Pty Ltd, we offer a unique and great alternative to other flooring types such as ceramic, wooden, and cement floors.

    Our interlocking gym floor mats deliver such high quality and durable seamless finish that gives your floor a unique professional look. Mostly having gym equipment without considering flooring is non-wiser, great equipment should be complemented by interlocking rubber tiles.

    Our interlocking rubber floor tiles offer protection from substrate damage from high impact fall of heavy equipment thereby lowering your cost of repairs. Therefore, our interlocking floor tiles are suitable for both home gym and commercial gym places.

    Interlocking rubber gym tiles offer resilience not matched by many products on the market. Many competitors that offer interlocking rubber mats for sale do not keep them in stock. We as a manufacturer of interlocking PVC tile make sure you are never disappointed.

    The other reason why you should choose our interlocking PVC floor tile is that our design is 100% south African and offer secure and safe, eco-friendly and less expensive product than the ones that are imported.

    They are means there are many fewer rubber tile manufacturers and dealersand consequently fewer options than with the conventional flooring tiles.

    Pvc rubber flooring also has fewer applications in the typical home.

    As great as it is for utility areas, most rubber flooring doesnt have the right look and feel for living.

    The Original And Still The Best Modular Garage Flooring

    Tired of looking at your cracked, stained garage floor? RaceDeck Garage Floors are engineered to turn your garage into a showplace while withstanding even the toughest garage environments. Transform your garage floor in hours, not days with RaceDecks patented garage flooring system. No tools for installation, no mess or toxic fumes associated with coatings and epoxies. RaceDeck offers garage floor tiles for all your needs. Classic designs like Diamond and CircleTrac® showcase your space in timeless style, while cutting edge products like TuffShield® and Free-Flow® create custom high-tech looks. Choose from our standard garage flooring line-up that includes 9 styles and 14 colors or opt for custom colors, logos, and designs to create the garage youve always wanted. Our DIY garage Flooring makes it easy to reclaim your garage.

    Celebrating our 20th anniversary, RaceDeck Garage Flooring was the first modular garage floor in the industry and has continued to offer the most cutting edge garage floor tile technology!

    With 33 Patents and Counting, You Can Rest Assured Youre Getting the Most Advanced Modular Garage Flooring in the World.

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    Garage Flooring In South Africa

    Rulo Tools are leading manufacturers, suppliers, sellers and installers interlocking PVC floor tiles in South Africa. The interlocking floor tiles are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials under exact quality standards. Rulo Tools sell Plastige products direct to the public as well as to the retail industry.

    Garage Flooring Faq And Q& a

    Swisstrax Garage Rubber Floor Tiles

    What is the best garage flooring?Is vinyl flooring good for a garage?What is the best way to cover a garage floor?Are garage floor interlocking tiles any good?Can vinyl flooring be installed on concrete?Vinyl checkered garage floor coatingsHow to Clean Commercial Garage Floor Tiles Vs. Epoxy Paint

  • Sweep to remove debris.
  • Use a shop vacuum for further cleaning.
  • Damp mop with hot water and a common household cleaner.
  • Why You Should Choose Interlocking Garage Flooring LLC

  • Multiple styles and aesthetic appeal
  • Ready for quick layout
  • Shock absorption properties and comfort level for those standing on it
  • Liquid and/or chemical resistance
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    The Original And Still The Best


    We are counted among the most renowned manufacturers and suppliers of supreme quality Interlocking PVC Mats in Africa.

    Made using high-grade PVC pellets, these Interlocking Mats are flawless and meet international premium quality parameters.

    These Interlocking PVC Mats give maximum cushioning and protection for the floor underneath and also prevent serious injury.

    The interlocking design ensures that easily lay out your PVC rubber flooring with ease.

    The Interlocking Mats that we offer are easy to assemble and disassemble, durable, soft, and eco-friendly.

    Our black PVC floor tiles defintely are the most popular preference for many, they are also our fastest moving item off the factory floor. These are followed by the PVC grey tiles with others preferring checkerbox mixes that may include yellow, red or blue tile combinations all whilst Black PVC Floor Tiles continue to be in the mix. All our rubber tiles come with a coin flex top design for maximum pressure adoption.

    Garage Floor Tile Maintenance

    Once they’re down, there’s not a lot that you’ll need to do with your tiles. As mentioned above, if you’re working with old-school jack stands with sharp edges, you may want to put something beneath them if your car will be sitting on them for an extended period. But in my testing, the resulting marks were light. What happens if you spill some oil? Fine sawdust poured over the spill and vacuumed up later will get the worst of it, but you’ll need to pull the tile if you really want to get it all. Really, though, you don’t need to. You put these tiles down to hide oil stains, right? Don’t sweat a few more. And road salt? Slush and road grime will melt down through the grates in your tiles and can accumulate down beneath the tiles. If your floor has the right slope or, ideally, drains, hosing the tiles down is an easy fix. But, you may still need to lift the tiles to clean beneath them every few seasons. This is easier than it seems since you can split the tiles down a seam and pull them out in large segments, then slide them back into place.

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