Roll Up Garage Door Sizes

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Do You Need A Special Garage Door Opener For A Roll

How To Install a Garage Door

Roll-up garage doors wont work with chain or belt-drive garage door openers, unfortunately. Most will use a custom motorized opener, specific to the manufacturer. Some can use an off-the-shelf jackshaft garage door opener, like the LiftMaster 8500 series.

However, all of the ones I looked at also have a crank that lets you open the door manually.

Please Remember Safety First

Important safety notices:

Read the enclosed instructions carefully before attempting installation. If there are any questions about any of the procedures, do not perform the work. Instead, have a qualified door agency do the installation or repairs.

  • Operate the door ONLY when it is properly adjusted and free of all obstructions.
  • The door is constantly under EXTREME SPRING TENSION. Repairs, adjustments, installation and removal, ESPECIALLY of SPRINGS AND RELATED PARTS, are dangerous so that such work should be performed ONLY by qualified door service people.
  • DO NOT PERMIT children to play with the door. Children could get caught between the door and the floor causing serious injury or death.
  • Avoid standing in the open doorway or walking through the doorway while the door is moving. One could get caught between the door and the floor causing serious injury or death.
  • Should the door become hard to operate or completely inoperative, it is recommended that a qualified door agency correct the problem to prevent possible injuries or door damage.
  • Avoid installing the door on windy days. The door could fall causing door damage or injury.
  • To prevent injuries due to loose components, at least monthly check all bolted connections to make sure they are secure.
  • To prevent injuries, never place hands or fingers between the curtain and the guides while the door is being operated.
  • Thoroughly familiarize yourself with the construction codes in your region before initiating work.
  • Model

    Custom Size Domestic Garage Doors

    Adams Doors offers customers the option to put in unconventional sized doors, should our customers need them. We will typically visit the site, do our measurements and then make recommendations accordingly, ensuring that we keep all specifications in mind.

    Adams Doors specialises in the fitting, replacing, servicing and repair of all types of garage doors and garage door automations. Contact us for advice and more information!

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    What Is The Best Way To Measure For A Garage Door

    Measuring for a garage door is simple, and you can do it in a few steps.

    Start by measuring the width of the garage door opening inside horizontally from left to right. Measure the height of the opening next, starting at the highest point and going to the floor. Write these measurements down, then proceed to take the next set of measurements.

    Measure the width between the opening and the side of the actual garage. Next, measure the height between the top of the door opening and the ceiling. Finally, measure the distance from the opening at the top of the door to the rear of the garage.

    Ordering Your New Garage Door

    Hormann Rollmatic Garage Door

    Once youve determined your garage door size and are ready to move forward with purchasing a new door, well be here to help. Call , and a member of our team will be available to assist.

    Please be aware, though, that as of summer 2021, supply chain issues such as material availability, labor shortages, and shipping delays continue to affect product availability and installation timelines. Even common-sized garage doors may require special ordering. Our team is doing everything we can to ensure you receive the best product in a timely manner, but we ask for and appreciate your continued patience.

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    Measure The Rough Opening

    The rough opening needs to be larger than the garage door, and you should determine it before installing the framing. The distance from the floor to the rough header should be 1 ½ longer than the garage door. For example, if the door is 7 feet tall, the header needs to be 8 ½ inches from the floor.

    The header needs to be wider than the garage door, measuring 3 inches longer than the door. If the garage door is 12 feet wide, then the rough opening should measure 15 inches wide. To find this, measure between the left and right edges.

    Make Sure Your Roll Up Shed Door Is Wide Enough

    Adding this cedar trim and weather stripping is going to decrease the working opening space for your door by about 2″ so make sure to factor this in for your planning. If you have a mower that that has a 54″ deck on it, with a chute, you’re probably going to want to go with a 7′ wide door to have enough room to pass through your opening.

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    Supplies You Need To Frame A Garage Door

    You need a tape measure, a bandsaw or circular saw, 2×6 inch lumber, and a pencil. When purchasing the lumber, you will need enough for double the length of the garages floor-to-ceiling height. You will also need enough lumber for double the height of each side of the rough opening.

    The jambs can either be lumber or PVC you will need to decide before calculating the garage doors finished opening. The thickness of the jambs material will determine how big the garage doors opening is after installing the frame.

    Types Of Garage Doors

    Measuring for a new roll up door

    Theres a wide range of garage doors to choose from. They differ not only in sizes, but also in materials and styles. To make the choice easier for you, lets have a look at 4 main garage door types. Knowing these types will help you to decide which garage door works best for you.

    When deciding on which type of garage door to chose, be aware of the standard sizes available for the particular type of doors as well. The size of your garage door depends on the size of the garage itself and on how youre going to use it.

    With the right garage door size, you can make the most of your garage and its free space.

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    Commercial Rollup Door Sizing Guide

    When designing a commercial space or replacing an existing rolling door, architects, designers, contractors and other involved parties need to find a door that will fit the opening. When you work with Cornell, any rollup door you order will be made to fit. We love solving unique specification challenges and offer more sizing and design flexibility than other products on the market. We’ll work closely with you to determine your sizing needs and can even spec out your rolling doors for you.

    Learn more about the custom rollup door sizes we offer and how to measure an existing doorframe for a new Cornell rolling door.

    What Sizes Do Roll

    While sectional garage doors usually come in only a few standard sizes, roll-up garage doors can come in a wide array of sizes.

    Sectional garage door sizes vary slightly depending on where you live. In general, a door for a single car measures 8 or 9 wide by 7 feet tall. If youre looking at a double garage door, they measure 16 wide by 7 high.

    If you want something larger, you could go with a custom build, but that will increase the cost quite quickly. Custom doors normally max-out at 16 wide and as tall as 10-12.

    However, roll-up garage doors come in a more flexible array of sizes because of the way theyre built.

    They usually start at 7 by 7, which works for a small storage shed or a motorcycle garage. However, that can reach up to 20 wide by 18 high, which is enough for industrial or commercial buildings that house heavy equipment or construction vehicles.

    With such a wide size range, its easy to customize roll-up doors to fit any residential garage door opening.

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    What Is A Rollup Door

    Rollup doors use slats of galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel that roll up to store in an overhead coil. They provide industrial, commercial, institutional and other buildings with security against unwanted entry and weather protection. They are often wind-rated, designed to meet wind load requirements to help businesses adhere to stringent building codes.

    Our durable rolling service doors feature an overhead coiling door design with industry-leading advantages like:

    • Selection: You get your choice of manual or motor operation for ease of use.
    • Customization: We manufacture custom door designs with commercial-grade materials.
    • Reliability: Our rolling doors have minimal maintenance requirements.

    Every rolling door is custom-made to your specifications, designed to handle up to 50,000 open and close cycles and engineered for daily use. Additionally, all rollup doors are customizable with a variety of standard colors, finishes, treatments, windows, door sizes and more. They provide unequaled quality and value.

    Double Car Garage Door Size

    20 Best Side Hinged Insulated Garage Door

    A double car garage door is one door unit that is big enough to accommodate 2 cars. Some homeowners with just one vehicle opt to install double doors so they can have space for cabinets, garden tools, and workshed. Double garage door sizes are usually 12 feet to 18 feet in width and 7 feet to 8 feet in height.

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    What Are The Standard Garage Door Sizes

    An attractive garage door increases the curb appeal of your home. One of the first steps to garage door installation or replacement is to determine the size of new garage door that you need. Read this guide to review the standard garage door sizes as well as how to measure a garage door.

    Making Your Choice: Standard Industrial Garage Door Sizes And Types

    The style and material of your future garage door matter more than you might think. Thats why your knowledge about commercial garage door sizes and types is important. You want to make the right choice for your industry needs. Now that youre familiar with the main kinds of standard industrial garage doors, here are more details about specific commercial garage doors, their sizes, and their benefits.

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    Wooden Roll Up Garage Doors: Custom Handcrafted In Any Size

    Aren’t the regular old standard garage doors boring? Yes. Yes, they are. If everything else in your home is custom, why settle for factory cloned garage doors? That is why we created these this custom carriage style wooden roll up garage doors, with European castle inspired design and hardware. At, we custom make not only entrance doors, but also garage doors. We can make your custom garage doors as carriage doors, barn doors, or as a roll up door. The style choice is up to you.

    This custom wood garage door has been handcrafted in a castle style with decorative wrought iron clavos. Inspired by the castles of Europe, these carriage style garage doors have a very unique and old world feel and add personal charm, as well as security, to your home. This customer also had a matching entrance door custom made to keep the continuity in the façade of the home. We can do the same for you. We have over 400 finish choices, so we can match any existing trim or wood on your home or any color from nature. All our decorative iron is hand forged, so any decorative additions you choose can be customized to your taste. We also use an advanced patina finish on all of our ironwork, so that can be colored to your taste as well.

    Recent Project Allura Rolling Shutter Collection

    Mueller Roll Up Door Installation Full Length Video

    This custom home located in Washington, DC features a beautiful Overhead Door Allura Freestanding Alley Door. This door was designed specifically to provide security and restrict unwanted access from the street into driveways in high traffic areas. It is the perfect solution for a consumer looking for a freestanding rollup garage door in Washington, DC. For the homeowners convenience, this door is electrically operated and UL-325 approved for residential use! This door is available in three slat configurations, four standard powder coat finishes, and a complete spectrum of premium finishes. Add curb appeal and improve the security of your property today.

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    How To Measure A Garage Door

    Measuring a residential garage door is more than determining the dimensions of the door. Make sure the garage can accommodate a garage door opener with the door in both open and closed position.

    • Begin by using a tape measure to determine the width and height of the door opening in inches. The size of the door will be approximately the same as this. This is sometimes called the “rough opening.”
    • Measure the sideroom, or space available on the left and right sides of the opening. Most vertical track systems with torsion springs or other hardware require 3 3/4 inches on each side. Some systems can require up to 5 1/2 inches per side.
    • Measure the headroom. This is the distance between the top of the door opening and the ceiling of the garage. Standard systems require 10 inches of headroom, while some require 12 inches, while garage door openers often require an additional three inches of clearance.
    • Measure the backroom. This is the distance from the garage door opening to the back wall of the garage. A garage will need backroom that equals the door height plus 18 inches. It could be possibly more based on the installation of the type of automatic garage door opener.

    Use a step ladder to more easily measure the ceiling height.

    Install The Side Jambs

    Cut two pieces of either the lumber or PVC door jambs the same height as the new opening. The side jambs will hit the bottom of the previously installed header. These need to be the exact height of the door minus ¼ inches.

    Once you install the side jambs, the opening should be the same dimensions as the garage door. Try using double-sided jambs to support the weight. However, you will also install two trimmers on the left and right sides.

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    Framing Your Shed For A Roll Up Shed Door

    Framing for this style of shed door is not hard, and is just a simple matter of following the manufactures guidelines for framing. You will want to wait before framing your wall that will contain your roll up door until you know the exact rough opening dimensions, but here is an example below for a 6′ wide x 7′ tall rolling door.

    Is There A Single Standard Door Size For Three


    Three-car garages, depending on a homes construction, may be configured in different ways. Many newer homes feature one single door of 8 or 9 feet wide, and one double door 16 feet wide. Some homes have three separate doors of 8 or 9 feet wide. A single door spanning the entire width of a three-car garage might be too heavy to operate safely, which is why three-car garages are generally constructed with more than one garage door frame.

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    What Sizes Do Commercial Garage Doors Come In

    The standard size of a commercial garage door can vary depending on the specific type. Different types of commercial garage doors are available to you, and each comes in various sizes:

    • Overhead doors: Commercial overhead garage doors offer your business the benefits of being weather-resistant, energy-efficient and secure. These doors typically come in a standard size of 32 feet by 2 inches wide and 24 feet by 1 inch high.
    • Roll-up doors: Commercial roll-up doors can be extremely long-lasting and easily withstand weather conditions. They are usually around 30 feet by 4 inches wide and 28 feet by 4 inches high, making them ideal for smaller-sized spaces with less headroom. Sometimes, these doors will be manufactured in variations such as 18-, 20-, 22- and 24-gauge.
    • Insulated garage doors: Commercial insulated garage doors protect your building from corrosion, extreme temperatures and moisture. While they are on the smaller side, they can help improve your buildings energy efficiency. They are usually around 30 feet by 2 inches wide and 24 feet by 1 inch high.

    Depending on which industry you are in and what your typical applications are, the standard commercial garage door size youll need could vary. If you dont know the specific measurements, you can work with a team of experts who can help you accurately measure the correct height, length and width.

    Why Choose A Garaga Door

    • Garaga can provide residential doors based on the size you need from 4 to 20 feet wide , and from 6 to 12 feet high , which will save you carpentry costs for preparing the door frame.
    • Some of our garage doors models are insulated and very weatherproof, providing a thermal resistance value of R12 or R16.

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    How To Measure And Headroom Guide

    Roll-up doors are ordered to the size of the rough opening. Note that the door will be larger than the rough opening because it installs behind the opening. Reference the sideroom and headroom requirements in the charts below for the overlap amounts.

    Measure Your Rough Opening

    A by B = the rough opening dimension is the size you need to order.

    Determine Bracket MountingSurface Areas

    Refer to the height charts below for minimum areas required for your door to operate correctly.

    Determine Clearance Areas

    Refer to the height charts below for minimum areas required for your door to operate correctly.


    Garage Door Designer Tool

    How to Frame Garage Door Opening for Most Roll up Doors

    Try our on-line interactive software tool that lets you visualize what your home would look like with a garage door from Overhead Door. This visualizer tool is built for the most common garage door sizes to help you visualize your dream door, but does not cover every possible size we produce.

    Odyssey 1000 Belt Drive Opener

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