Reznor 60000 Btu Garage Heater

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Why Wont The Eburner Light On My Reznor Heater Stay Lit

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If you own an older model Reznor heater with a pilot light, the eburner light may stop working. It may come on and then blow out immediately. That is likely to happen when the pilot tube is blocked.

You can unclog it using compressed air and then light the pilot again. Your eburner light should work correctly. If it does not, you will need to replace the thermocouple. Follow these easy steps to install a new thermocouple.

  • Lift the control panel cover and turn off the gas. Ensure that the eburner light goes off and turn the valve on the gas supply line perpendicular to the gas line. Remove the old thermocouple.
  • Take your new thermocouple from the box, then unwind it. Make sure you use the manufacturer-recommended thermocouple for your device.
  • Hold the bulb on the end of the wire, reach into the burner and locate the clip adjacent to the pilot tube.
  • Snap it into place, ensuring that the tip extends past the tube opening.
  • There is a container on the gas valve at the end of the thermocouple tube. You will find it near the red control knob. Screw the connector into the receptacle using a small wrench.

How To Install A Reznor Garage Heater

You can install a Reznor garage heater in your garage to ensure that it stays warm. First, make sure that you choose a heater that produces sufficient heat for your garage. Bear in mind that you will need a block and tackle rigging to set up this ceiling heater. Follow these easy steps to install your garage heater.

Reznor 60000 Btu Gas Fired Unit Heater Natural Gas

    Overview for Reznor UDAP-60Reznor UDAP-60 60,000 BTU Gas Fired Unit Heater Natural Gas.

  • Reznor UDAP-60 Features
  • Multi-try direct spark ignition with 100% lockout
  • Vibration isolated fan and venter motors
  • 2-pt and 4-pt suspension points
  • External gas connection
  • Product Note

    The image may not reflect actual product features. The Reznor UDAP-60 comes with four horizontal louvers.

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Reznor Garage Heater Is A Natural Gas Heater

If you have a natural gas heater in your garage, you should make sure that it is properly grounded and phased to avoid electrical shocks. If the unit fails to light, check that the burner relay is working properly and is connected to the power supply. If the burner fails to light, it could be because the vents are blocked. This issue is easy to repair. Check the gas lines to see if there are any kinks in the hose.

If you dont want to put a lot of effort into maintaining the unit, the UDX unit heater is perfect for you. The unit heater has a glossy white cabinet finish and has less noticeable hardware. The UDX heater is suspended from two or four suspension points and has a G terminal for power strip installation. The unit has a sleek, white and black powder coated cabinet. It features an angled corner and an external LED light that indicates its status.

The UDX series is ideal for space heating and features up to 82% thermal efficiency. They have different BTU outputs to meet the needs of your home. They are approved for commercial buildings, attached garages, and larger commercial spaces. You can even suspend it from the ceiling. This model features a low-maintenance design, which is an excellent option if your garage is not heated all year round.

Lack Of Proper Maintenance

Reznor WS6085 60000 BTU Hot Water Hydronic Heater

It is essential to provide maintenance to ensure that appliances work properly. Good maintenance and care ensure that your devices work correctly and serve for a very long time. Ensure you service and visually inspect your garage heater at least once every six months and dust it regularly. It is also advisable to call a heater technician to look it over once every year. That will ensure that they spot serious issues early and save you expensive repairs or replacements.

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Burner Not Igniting On Reznor Ft60

  • If your Reznor FT60 burner does not ignite, it could be due to a blocked exhaust pipe, sags, and water collecting in them.
  • If the exhaust pipe has no problem, check the vacuum tubing for blockage, kinks, or breaks.
  • If those are working, turn off the power supply to your garage heater and remove the pressure switch leads. Wait a few minutes and turn the heater back on. When the fan starts, join the pressure switch leads together. If the burner fires, then you have a weak fan or a defective pressure switch.

It Is Popular On Amazon

The warranty for the Reznor garage heater is excellent, with the unit coming with a five-year parts warranty and a ten-year warranty on its heat exchanger. The heaters are very easy to maintain, and their warranty is excellent, allowing them to replace any defective parts at no charge. The Reznor natural gas shop heater V3 Series Model UDAS is available in 14 sizes, with gas inputs ranging from 30,000 to 400,000 BTUs. These heaters can be installed anywhere from a small garage to a large commercial establishment, with gas lines going up the chimney.

A good model for a garage is the Reznor 75,000-BTU. This heater has a thermal efficiency of 82 to 83 percent, and rises to 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a 115-volt open fan motor and an integrated circuit board with diagnostic indicator lights. It also features an in-built disconnect switch and a 20-amp 115-volt rating.

Another great option for a small garage is the Reznor 45,000-BTU garage heater. The heater produces 45,000 BTUs and heats 750 square feet. Alternatively, the 30,000-BTU heater is ideal for heating smaller spaces, and provides 30,000 BTUs. As the lowest-BTU heater in the V3 UDAS series, the Reznor 30,000 BTU heater is less efficient than the 60,000-BTU unit.

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It Is A Propane Heater

If your Reznor garage heater is not firing up, it is likely to be the LC3 circuit board. To fix it, simply reset the LC3 or replace the component with a new one. If your heater is still not working, check the lockout and the vent motor to see if these are the culprits. Otherwise, you may need to replace the entire unit. The other parts of the heater may need repair.

Another propane heater is the Martin Direct wall-mounted unit, which is perfect for permanent installations. It is both beautiful and efficient. It features a glass door and a room thermostat for regulating heat output. This propane heater also uses a regulator to prevent fuel leaks. For added convenience, it comes with an optional hose, which lets you fill it with propane while the heater is not running. For even better results, you can also purchase a tank that can hold more fuel than the tank can hold.

Another option is a 125,000-BTU unit. This powerful unit can safely heat up to 3,000 square feet. This heater can warm an entire garage. The ProCom Forced Air Heater is significantly quieter than a traditional propane heater. And it works on both natural gas and propane. If youre looking for a propane heater for a larger garage, the 60,000-BTU model is perfect for you.

Why Is The Burner On My Reznor Heater Cycling On And Off

Reznor V3 UDAP Unit Heater

There are several reasons that your heater is cycling on and off. Here are some of the reasons why and what you can do to rectify the problem.

  • If your burner is cycling on and off, check the gas pressure for the unit. It should be 37 mbar for propane gas and 15mbar for natural gas. If the pressure is higher or lower than that, your burner will cycle on and off.
  • Check the burner relay to ensure that it is grounded if it is not, ground it, and your burner will stop cycling on and off.
  • Check that the flame sensor is not grounded and ensure that the ceramic and insulation are not damaged or cracked. If they are, make the necessary repairs and replacements. If the ceramic at the sensor is broken, replace the sensor immediately, and the burner will stop cycling.
  • Check the polarity switch and, where necessary, reverse line voltage wires on the terminal block connections.
  • A faulty burner relay can also cause this problem. If there are no other problems and the relay gets 220-240 volts, make sure that you replace it.

Converting your garage heater from Natural gas to propane: What does it entail? Should you do it?

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How Do You Turn On A Reznor Heater

After installing your garage heater, you need to turn it on so that you can enjoy the warmth. You can do that by following these easy steps.

  • Switch on the electrical supply for your heater.
  • Make sure that the manual disconnect is in the ON position.
  • Set your thermostat to your preferred temperature.
  • The heater should fire when the oil temperature is at the right level. At that point, the light on the burner junction box will turn green.
  • Bear in mind that there may be some delay when you turn on your appliance for the first time. Also, some Reznor models take longer to fire than others, so be patient.

Our Reznor Garage Heater Selection

For small spaces and single carports

Reznor UDX-30 and UDX-45 Power Vented Gas Fired Unit Heater

These single-stage gas-fired heaters boast a best-in-class 82% thermal efficiency, thanks to Reznors patented heat exchangers made of titanium-stabilized aluminized steel. A newly designed circuit board allows for fan-only operation without the need to add relays.

All these are packaged in a sleek design that does away with messy hardware: everything is hidden behind an easily accessible hinged door, while external LED lights indicate the units status.

The UDX-30 has a 30,000 BTU output, while the UDX-45 is good for up to 45,000 BTU.

For medium spaces and garages

Reznor UDX-60 and UDX-75 Power Vented Gas Fired Unit Heaters

Like their lower BTU cousins, these higher capacity single-burner unit heaters have the best-in-class thermal efficiency rating .

Installation is a breeze: the gas line input is located on the backside for convenient connection, and the whole unit can be installed from 2 or 4 suspension points, or mounted on the ceiling with an optional hanger kit.

The UDX-60 is capable of 60,000 BTU, while the UDX-75 goes up to 75,000 BTU.

For larger spaces and multi-car garages

Reznor UDX-100 and UDX-125 Power Vented Gas Fired Unit Heaters

Like the rest of the UDX lineup, these high BTU unit heaters have industry leading thermal efficiency ratings thanks to Reznors unmatched heat exchangers and proprietary design.

For commercial and industrial applications


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No Power To The Circuit Board

Reznor WS6085 60000 BTU Hot Water Hydronic Heater

When you do not get 24-volt power to the circuit board, the venter motor will not work correctly.

That problem could be due to the thermostat being set too low so make sure you turn it up.

If the thermostat is at the right setting, check the control board transformer, and if it is faulty, make the necessary repairs.

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Mr Heater Big Maxx Vs Modine Hot Dawg Vs Reznor Reviews

Best Overall

The best way to keep your garage warm is with a natural gas heater. There are many to choose from, but we narrowed it down to our top three. We considered price, heat output, build quality, and user reviews to find the best of the best.


The Modine Hot Dawg is usually mentioned right alongside the Mr. Heater Big Maxx when talking about the best natural gas garage heater. It may be more expensive, but its a reliable, high quality heater that gets the job done.


The Hot Dawg heater measures 26 ¾ x 22 x 12 ¼ and weighs 60 lbs. Its flatter, wider, and less boxier than the Big Maxx. Its silver in color and has an industrial look to it.

Next to the Hot Dawg logo on front is the heating vent with three adjustable louvers. On the back of the unit is a 3 flue transition piece, a cutout for the gas pipe, a cut out for electrical, and a large fan with a finger-proof guard.


The Modine Hot Dawg is shipped to run on natural gas but can run on liquid propane with a conversion kit . If youre going to be using propane, you should contact the seller and ask if they will ship you a propane-fitted heater instead. Some of them keep both in stock and will be more than happy to oblige. Not only will this save you installation time, but money as well, as you wont need to purchase a conversion kit.






  • Fan/blower OFF delay
  • Mounting




    Tips For Reznor Garage Heater Maintenance

    It is essential to provide maintenance for your Reznor garage heater. Correct maintenance will enhance your heaters longevity and performance. Here are maintenance tips that you can use.

    • Clean all lint, dust, and grease off the fan blade, motor, and fan guard. Dirt can affect the performance of your heater and lower the durability of its components.
    • Regularly check the heat exchange for evidence of damage internally or externally.
    • Check your burner for lint, dust, and scale, and clean if necessary.
    • Regularly check the vents for defects and replace any damaged parts.
    • Make sure that you also check the wiring for damage and replace it.
    • Ensure that you use manufacturer-approved parts when replacing damaged components.

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    How To Reset Your Reznor Garage Heater

    Troubleshooting No Heat On Reznor Unit Heater

    If your garage heater is in lockout mode, you will need to reset it. For example, if you have a power outage and your heater does not automatically switch on, you need to reset it. To do that, follow these steps.

    • Press the red button on the controller and ensure that you hold it down for about three seconds.
    • When air is pushed out of the and oil gets to its nozzle, the heater should fire.

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    A Guide To Reznor Garage Heaters

    When it comes to heaters, few brands can boast the same level of experience as Reznor. Ever since it started in 1888, Reznor HVAC has 130 years of rich history making HVAC products, both for residential and industrial use.

    The company has built a reputation for high-quality and reliable products covering heating, cooling and ventilation needs. More than just a leading brand, Reznor founded several industry firsts, such as the first gas-fired unit heater in the US in 1920, as well as the first gas-fired industrial heater in 1935.

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    Why Will The Burner Not Light

    If the burner does not light, then you will not be able to heat your garage. When a burner does not come on automatically after a power outage or when you turn it on, here are some of the reasons why and how you can make repairs.

    • Burner not lighting could be a sign that the main valve is not working. During ignition, check the voltage on the valve. Make sure that you also check the main gas valve and the burner relay. Replace the main valve if necessary, and the burner will start working.
    • Check the gas line if there is air in it, the burner will not light. To fix that, you need to purge air from the line.
    • If the gas pressure is too high or too low, the burner will not work. Check it and make the necessary corrections.
    • If there is no spark, the burner will not light. The lack of a spark could be due to loose wire connections, wrong spark gap, short-circuited spark cable, or spark electrode. Incorrect grounding of the burner relay or unit will result in the lack of a spark. To find the problem in your spark, follow these steps.
  • Start by checking all wire connections.
  • Tighten loose ones and replace those that are damaged.
  • Check the spark gap and ensure that it is at 3mm.
  • Replace the spark cable and the ceramic spark electrode if they are damaged or grounded.
  • Inspect the burner relay wire and ensure it is in good condition. Make the necessary repairs.
  • Confirm that the unit is correctly earthed and phased, as that will affect the operation of your garage heater.
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