Reset Craftsman Garage Door Opener

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My Door Will Not Close And The Light Bulbs Blink On My Motor Unit

How to reset a craftsman 1/2HP or any craftsman garage door opener!

The safety reversing sensor must be connected and aligned correctly before the garage door opener will move in the down direction.

Verify that the safety sensors are properly installed, aligned, and free of obstructions.

If you can hold the wall control pressed down until the door completes its cycle and it stays down. Its usually the photosensors.

Check diagnostic LED for flashes on the motor unit, then refer to the Diagnostic Table.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Craftsman Garage Door Opener

The entire opener has different parts with a motor. The pieces last for three years from the time of purchase. If you buy a defective opener, you are free to request free repairs within 90 days. The motor has a lifespan of 10 years but will also be replaced if damaged, save for installation cost and poor maintenance. The warranty is limited to the garage door opener but does not include light bulbs.

Control Your Craftsman Opener With A Smartphone

You can control the opener with your smartphone using the Craftsman AssureLink app. The app is available for iOS devices and Android.

With the app, you can:

  • Open and close the door.
  • Receive alerts when anyone opens or closes the garage door.
  • Set a schedule for the door to open and close.
  • Add, delete and share users.
  • Check the status of the door.

You often wake up to confirm if you closed the garage door, only to realize that you didnt. What about letting the delivery guy or the handyman in when youre not around? With the app, you can do all that and more. The app is free to download and easy to use.

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Press Srt Button On Garage Door Opener

Go back to the mounted garage door opener and locate the SRT button on its back. Press the button and hold it down. You should do it while youre still holding down the button on the remote with the fingers of your other hand.

Pro Tip: Dont think you can hold down both the buttons at the same time? Then get yourself a helping hand. Ask the person helping you to press and hold down the button on the remote as you locate and press down the SRT button on the mounted garage door panel. This way, the chances of anything going awry will be extremely slim.

How Do I Reset My Garage Door Opener

Craftsman Garage Door Opener Reset Keypad Code

Press the button and hold it for at least ten seconds to allow the garage door openers memory to reset. Then press the large button on your remote and press and immediately release the smart/learn button.

You need to reset all your remotes. For a mass reset, follow the steps below

  • Place all the remotes on a table or chair.
  • Then press the learn button on the main motor unit and the learn button until the LED indicator light turns off. This will deactivate all the garage door remotes.
  • Then resync all the remotes by pressing the learn button and press your remote to reprogram them.
  • Press the button you wish to reprogram on your remote until the LED light on your motor begins to blink. And repeat this process with all the other remotes.

Note: You should reprogram your remote within thirty seconds of resetting the garage door opener.

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What Are The Three Buttons On A Craftsman Garage Door Opener

Usually, garage door openers only have two buttons, but Craftsman offers garage door openers with three buttons. Each of the buttons receives a unique signal from the transmitter. From the left, the first button is used to activate the garage door opener.

The second button is used to activate the access gate and the third button is pressed to activate another garage door operator like another remote control, a phone app, or other wireless receivers.

How To Program Craftsman Garage Door Openers

Gone are the days of manually opening and closing your garage doors. While we all have the luxury of opening our garage doors from our cars, technology doesnt always work as planned. If youve got a Craftsman garage door opener, learning how to program it is crucial.

To program the Craftsman garage door openers:

  • Locate the mounted garage door opener and find the Learn button.
  • Press the Learn button for ten seconds, then release it. The button will light up for 30 seconds.
  • Press the remote control and SRT button, and if the indicator flashes, the program is successful.
  • Craftsman garage door openers make your life easier, but its frustrating when they dont work. In some cases, a little troubleshooting its all that you need to get it working again.

    If you have to buy a new remote control, heres a guide explaining how to program Craftsman garage door openers.

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    Craftsman Garage Door Opener Wont Close All The Way

    There are several reasons why your garage door is not closing all the way. Here are some ways you can troubleshoot and fix the issue

    Check for binding or sticking of the garage door.

    Check to see if the door tracks and roller are damaged or unbalanced then fix as needed. If left unchecked, the damaged parts may cause the motor to overheat and ultimately get destroyed. To inspect the damage, follow the following steps

  • Pull the emergency pull cord to disconnect your Craftsman opener from the door.
  • Then proceed to lift the garage door manually. If the door is balanced, it will lift with ease.
  • Look out for areas where the door binds or sticks. Then inspect the tracks at the places where the door sticks and check for dents or any damage.
  • Repair any damaged parts or hire a garage door technician to fix the door.
  • Note: To reconnect the garage door opener back to the door, activate it. It will connect automatically.

    Adjust the Travel Limit

    Increased travel limit as a slower travel limit will cause the system to assume the door is entirely closed after a certain period.

    Adjust the Force Settings

    The garage door force needs to be varied if the rollers are wet during a stormy period or when they are old and have become corrodedas such, adjusting the force setting is essential when you have an older garage door. Newer models will automatically change the force settings as needed.

    Replace RPM Sensor

    Can A Smartphone Be Used As A Craftsman Garage Door Opener

    How to Program a Craftsman Garage Door Opener Remote

    Losing your garage door remote can be a real inconvenience. You may have to order a new remote and it may take days to arrive.

    The good news for Craftsman garage door owners is that buying a new remote is not necessary. The company offers their own app that can be used to operate their garage doors. The Craftsman myQ app can remotely control the garage door.

    Aside from opening and closing the door, the app can also be set up so that it sends you notifications. You can set up the app to send you notifications when theres activity close to your garage door. App users can also set schedule times for their garage door.

    Some third-party apps can also be used to open garage doors. However, you usually have to install other components if you want to control your garage door using a third-party app.

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    How Do You Program A Craftsman Garage Door Opener With A Purple Button

    Craftsman garage door openers models from 2003-2011 feature a purple learn button. They are specifically made to receive 315mHz frequency. Purple learn buttons are compatible with the following remote controls:

    Programming learn buttons fairly follow the same steps. As such, you must follow these steps:

  • Press and release the purple button for just five seconds. Do not hold the button down or all pre-programmed settings shall be erased. Check if the LED lights flick for 30 seconds.
  • In that 30-second window time, press any button in the remote control. You may have to press a couple of buttons or one button for several times before it could pick up.
  • As soon as the remote LED indicator blinks twice, it means that you have successfully programmed your purple button garage door opener.
  • If nothing happens, check the remote if it can operate your garage door up and down. If the door does not move, repeat the process.
  • Will Unplugging A Garage Door Opener Reset It

    Reset Garage Door Opener The first thing you will likely need to do in order to reset your garage door is to unplug it or shut off the breaker that it is connected to. This will shut off power to the door entirely. From there, you should wait at least ten seconds before turning the power to the door itself back on.

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    How Do You Fix A Washer That Wont Start

    How to Fix a Washing Machine That WonÕt StartActivate the power button. Test the outlet. Reset outlet if necessary. Make sure the power cord is plugged in. Check if fuses are blown or the circuit breaker is thrown. See if Delay Start has been pushed. See if Control Lock has been activated.

    Q: What Are The Benefits Of Craftsman Garage Door Openers

    How To Reset Garage Door

    A: Following are the major benefits of the Craftsman garage door openers:


    Imagine a scenario in which you have just returned from the grocery store. Would you prefer opening the garage door from the comfort of your car via remote control?

    Of course, you would. Especially when the other option would be for you to leave your car, walk to the garage door, and manually open it. Thats how garage door openers add convenience to your life.


    Make sure you get a garage door opener with rolling codes. These devices change their built-in password every time you press the remote button, meaning only you can access your garage.

    Another great option that some garage door sensors provide is Vacation mode. Activating it will disable the remote and wont let anyone open the door from outside, thereby keeping thieves and burglars at bay.


    One great feature that most modern garage door openers come with is built-in lighting. They have small LEDs dotting the entire upper strip of the opener that would otherwise have lay vacant.

    This type of lighting can be invaluable, especially if theres no street lighting in front of your home. It will also come handy in bad weather or during the long winter nights.


    One study has found that garage door openers pose a risk of death or severe brain injury to children. The danger is realized when children walk past malfunctioning openers and are crushed by them.

    Low energy consumption


    Peace of mind

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    How To Program Old Craftsman Garage Door Opener With Dip Switches

    DIP stands for Dual Inline Package which is found in older models of Craftsman garage door openers. They are usually located inside the remote control, near the batteries. It is encased in a slide cover. When you open the cover, you will see at least eight rows of tiny switches.

    To program Craftsman garage door openers with DIP switches, here are three steps to follow:

  • First, match the external receivers of your old remote and your DIP switch. They should be leveled in the same direction.
  • Check for the position of the two switches. The switches could be up and down arrows, left and right arrows, or +, -, and 0.
  • Using a pencil tip, match the configuration of the old remote to the new remote. Put the DIP back in the casing and test if your garage door opens and closes. If it does not work, repeat the process, or reset configuration.
  • The Opener Motor Hums Briefly Then Wont Work

  • The garage door springs are broken.
  • The trolley may be jammed into stop bolts. Pull or push on the door while the motor is humming to release the jammed condition. Re-adjust door limits to prevent over-travel.
  • REPEAT SAFETY REVERSE TEST after adjustment is complete.If the problem occurs on the first operation of the opener, the door is locked DISABLE DOOR LOCK. If the chain was removed and reinstalled, the motor may be out of phase Remove chain cycle the motor to the down position Reinstall chain.REPEAT SAFETY REVERSE TEST after adjustment is complete.
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    Craftsman Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting The Safety Reversing Sensor

    If the sending eye indicator light does not flash steadily after installation, check for:

    • Electric power to the opener. The sensors should receive sufficient power from the motor unit. Replace any short circuit or damaged wire at the power outlet.
    • A short in the white or black wires. Power surges and heavy storms can cause a short circuit at the staples or the opener connections. Use a multimeter and test for continuity, and replace the wires as required.
    • Incorrect wiring between sensors and opener. The white wire should connect to the white and black wire to black.
    • A broken wire. Pests and bad weather can damage sensor wires. Replace the wires as required.

    If the sending eye indicator light is steady, but the receiving eye indicator light doesnt:

    • Check the alignment of both sensors. Adjust the sensors until the bean light touches the opposite sensors lens and then tighten the brackets.
    • Look for an open wire to the receiving eye and replace it.

    If the receiving eye indicator light is dim, realign either sensor.

    When the beams path is obstructed or misaligned while the door is closing, the door will reverse. If the door is open, it will not close, and the opener lights will blink ten times.

    How To Reset Clicker Garage Door Opener

    Craftsman 315 Outside key pad fix and reset garage door opener

    If your Clicker Garage Door Opener is not working properly and needs to be reset, it can be done either with or without the keypad code. If you either do not have the code or simply may have forgotten the code, you can take the following steps to reset your Clicker Garage Door Opener.

    If you want to know how to reset your Clicker Garage Door Opener, go ahead and reach up to the motor unit which you will find on the top part of the Garage Door Opener. You will usually need to use a ladder to reach the top of the Garage Door Opener.

    Now, look for what is known as the Learn Knob that is usually found on the side of the motor unit. Press and hold the Learning Knob and you will eventually see the lights stop lighting up.

    Pressing and holding the Learn Button will fully and completely erase all the previous passwords and now the garage opener will be able to function without any passwords or codes.

    At this point, you will need to reset a new passcode. Tap on the Learn Button until you see the lights beginning to flash again.

    Reach up to the keypad again and type in a new code which is complex enough to avoid someone guessing what it is. When the lights begin blinking again, it indicates that the code has been fully reset.

    Then, tap on the Learn Button again and you should see the garage door opening.

    If there is no keypad, take up the Remote and take off the cover. Once the cover is open, you will see some switches within it.

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    Garage Door Opener Not Working

    If you find your Craftsman garage door opener not working, it could be due to issues with either the remote or the door controls. Check Power Supply Start by examining the socket. If there is the power to the opener but its still not opening, unplug the opener and try plugging in a different device. This will let you know if the problem is with the plug or the unit.

    Craftsman Garage Door Opener Reset


    The most common question for people who dont know how to reset their garage door opener is, what do I do if my remote doesnt work?.To answer this question, you should know that most Craftsman home garage door openers use a hand-replacement transmitter with two green and red buttons. Check out the best garage door opener here.

    Each button is assigned to a specific function. For example, if your remote doesnt open and close the door, in most cases, you can use the green button to activate the opener. If it doesnt open and close the door, in most cases, you can use the red button to start the opener.

    The problem with using the red button is that it is a universal button. To assist you in knowing if its the green or red button, this article will show you how to reset your Craftsman garage door opener.

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    How Do You Change The Code On A Garage Door Opener

    People often change the entry code if it has been forgotten or found out by someone outside the family. Without the entry, code the remote and indoor control panel are the only way of operating the opener. Open the garage door from the inside and stand in front of the wireless outdoor control panel.

    Why Is The Orange Light Flashing On My Garage Door Opener

    How To Reprogram Garage Door Opener Craftsman : 6 Steps To Program Old ...

    A solid orange LED, with a beep sounding approximately every 2 seconds, indicates the garage door opener is activating the door and is operating using battery power. A flashing orange LED, with a beep sounding every 30 seconds, indicates battery power is low. Once power is restored the battery will recharge.

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    Test The New Remote Control

    Before you put the ladder away and call it a day, you must test the new remote control. You can stand in front of your garage and press the Open button on your remote. If the door opens, it means youve successfully programmed the garage door opener. If it doesnt open, repeat steps four and five.

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