Replacing Garage Door Torsion Spring

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How Do I Know If A Garage Door Spring Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced

How To Replace Garage Door Torsion Springs

If a garage door spring breaks, the other spring then takes the entire load. Look for these signs:

  • The garage door rises slowly.

  • The door wont open at all.

  • It gets stuck in the tracks.

  • It’s difficult to open the garage door manually.

In some cases with torsion springs, you won’t even notice one went out until the second one does. Contact alocal garage door spring repair professional if you notice any of these symptoms.

How Can I Calculate Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement Cost

You can replace the garage door torsion spring yourself or have the job done by professionals. The answer to the question How much does garage door spring replacement cost? depends on several factors. Do you call an expert or want to conduct this work without third-party help? What spring types do you need? Do you need to replace a single or a double torsion spring?

Replacing the torsion spring yourself will cost you considerably less. First, you will need to purchase a torsion spring. On average, they cost between $15 and $100, depending on the type and size. Also, add the cost of tools and extra materials to this amount if you dont have them now. You will need to buy protective gloves and goggles, a ladder, and C-clamps. But consider that you will need to spend a lot of time on this task. Moreover, this job is not always safe, and you are putting yourself at risk of getting injured.

The professional torsion spring replacement service will cost considerably more. Expert services usually already include the cost of the torsion spring and additional tools. In total, you will need to pay a technician between $140 and $270 for the garage door single torsion spring replacement. This cost includes $30 to $70 for the new spring and $110 to $200 for the technicians work.

An employee of our company will be able to tell you a more accurate price after personally inspecting your garage door, identifying the problem, and determining the specifics of your door.

Trust The Garage Door Doctor

The Garage Door Doctor in the Houston area makes house calls for emergency maintenance, repairs, and installations. We will provide a FREE estimate of repairs and service before we start any work, and we will not begin any work not addressed in the original estimate without discussing it with you first. That means there are no surprise fees.Call now 855-9300 or .

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Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Cost

Replacing broken garage door springs costs $100 to $300 on average. When referring to garage door spring “repairs,” you’re always talking about replacement. You can’t repair a broken spring, but you can hire a garage door pro to provide a tune-up to keep your springs in working condition. Keeping your doors maintained is much more cost effective than the cost of new garage doors.

By Step Guide To Replacing Your Garage Door Springs


The garage door should be closed to provide easy access to the spring. To prepare, have all your tools ready at hand. Ensure the garage door opener is unplugged. As a precautionary measure to keep it from opening, affix a C-clamp to the track just over the roller at the lowest part on either side of the door.

Install The New Springs

Before you start the installation, it is always a good idea to check for any other worn or rusted parts that need replacing. An example would be to ensure that the bearings are moving fluidly if not use a silicone spray garage door lubricant to help it move smoothly. If this doesnt help, then purchase some new bearing plates at the same time as the torsion springs.

Begin with the left spring and slide it into place on the torsion shaft and just the same way you took it off, replace the cable drum repeat on the other side, assuming your garage door has two springs.

Once the new cable drums and drum have been replaced, center the torsion shaft in the bearing plates. Then bolt the stationary cones to the center plate using the nuts and bolts that you removed earlier.

Well done! You have successfully replaced your garage door springs, finish off by giving your springs a light spray with garage door lubricant and reconnect the electric opener.

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Important Safety Considerations Before Replacing Garage Door Springs

Garage doors are dangerous, which is confirmed by the statistics, with over 30,000 people injured each year. This isnt just limited to injuries but deaths from garage door accidents. A garage door can weigh over 400lbs if the springs break, it can fall and become damaged or, in the worst-case scenario, result in injury or death.

But the biggest potential danger is when the spring breaks and people without the right knowledge or experience attempt to undertake the replacement. This is why unless you are totally confident in your abilities and are prepared to follow safety procedures and use the right tools, then leave it to the professionals. With reports of people being maimed, losing limbs, and even killed replacing garage door torsion springs, this is why we strongly advise you to consider your options.

You should make sure that you are wearing personal protective gear such as safety glasses and strong gloves, ideally made from leather or some other durable material.

A lot of the work will be carried out on a ladder and will require a reasonable degree of arm strength as you will be working overhead a lot of the time. Make sure that the ladder is steady ideally, it will make the job much easier if you have someone to assist you. They can hold the ladder in place, pass you up tools, and help you finish the task faster. When you are winding or unwinding, ensure you position the ladder to the side of the ends of the spring.

Why Do Garage Doors Break

The three most common reasons for garage doors breaking are wear and tear, rust, and not maintaining them properly. Rusted spring parts can lead to the coils degrading faster than they should. In addition, not following a maintenance schedule or getting regular tune-ups can lead to quicker wear and tear of your doors.

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Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Tips

Here are a couple of tips to consider before you carry out a spring replacement.

Replace both torsion springs Most garage doors have two torsion springs if you discover that one spring is broken, it is always wise to replace them both. As they are both used equally in the garage doors open and close cycles, the other one wont be far behind if one suffers from wear and tear.

Automatic garage door opener If the spring is broken and you have an automatic door opener, stop using it straight away. If you continue to use it with the broken spring, you stand a high risk of damaging the garage door opener components. Experts suggest that until you can get the torsion springs repaired, release the door from the opener and use C clamps to hold it open. Youll likely need some other people to help you with this as garage doors can weigh anywhere up to 400lbs.

When Is Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement Necessary

Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement: How to by [Professional Tech]

Garage door torsion springs are located at the top of the garage door horizontally. When the door is closed, the spring winds up, and it unwinds when it is opened. The wind springs mechanism helps lift that heavy garage door, which usually weighs between 70 and 120 kilograms.

But sometimes, the springs fail to work. And this can lead to serious danger. Below, well tell you why this happens and how to understand if a spring is broken and replacing up and over garage door springs is needed.

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How To Replace Garage Door Torsion Springs: A Step

If your garage door torsion springs are broken, it can be a real hassle. Not only is it dangerous to try and repair them yourself, but it can also be quite expensive to have a professional do it for you. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to replace your garage door torsion springs safely and efficiently. We will also provide tips on how to extend the life of your torsion springs. Lets get started!

Why Do Torsion Springs Break

A torsion spring is a durable mechanism. But what can make it vulnerable? The causes of breakage can be different. In our garage door spring replacement guide, we have described the most common ones:

Even such garage door parts as torsion springs cant live forever. Sooner or later, they simply get worn out. The average garage door spring lifespan is 10,000 cycles. It means the more often you use your garage door, the faster the springs will deteriorate. Therefore, if you open and close your garage door several times a day, you need to be prepared that the springs will weaken after several years of usage, and the garage door spring torsion replacement will be necessary.

Torsion springs can fail due to rust. Rust causes friction on the tracks. Because of it, the springs become weak. Fortunately, this is easily preventable. Just apply lubricant to the garage door springs several times a year.

  • Lack of maintenance

You should conduct a technical inspection of your garage door several times a year. This will allow you to fix minor problems before more severe damage occurs. Checking, adjusting, and lubricating your torsion springs regularly will help you avoid unpleasant surprises. If you dont know how to adjust garage door springs, you can invite a technician.

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Get Replacement Springs At Garage Door Nation

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How To Replace An Extension Spring On A Garage Door


When a spring breaks or has lost its tension, it must be replaced, and while youre at it, you might as well replace its partner spring on the other side of the door.

  • Look for a spot of paint at the ends of the old springsit will help you determine the type of replacement to buy. If you cant see any color, youll need to measure the door height in inches and divide by half that will give you the correct length of the spring.
  • Now estimate the weight of the door. The best way to do this is with an analog bathroom scale. With the door fully lowered, detach the garage door opener and the springs from the door. Lift the door enough to slide the scale underneath, then lower it and read the scale. The new springs that you choose should correspond to the height and weight of the door. This is a good time to evaluate the other parts of the system and replace frayed cables or worn/rusted pulleys at the same time.
  • When youre ready to replace the springs, park the car out in the driveway and gather your tools. Youll need two C-clamps, an adjustable wrench and/or the correct sized box wrenches, a stepladder, and work gloves. First, raise the door until its fully in the up position. Tighten a C-clamp onto each side of the upper portion of the vertical door track to prevent the door from accidentally coming back down. Its also good to unplug the garage door opener and disconnect it from the door.
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    How Garage Door Torsion Springs Work

    The torsion spring is an essential component of your garage door, playing a crucial function in opening and shutting. You are likely aware of how a spring works by storing energy in its coils when retracted and releasing that energy when the coils are released. A torsion spring works like any other spring but is stronger and more durable than regular springs.

    Typically the torsion spring is mounted horizontally on top of your garage door when the door is closed, the springs will wind and when open, unwind. As garage doors are exceptionally heavy, the torsion springs purpose is to assist in lifting the garage door. If the torsion spring breaks, the tension required to open and shut the garage door wont be available. As the spring will be holding the most tension when the door is shut, if it breaks, it will be most likely when the door is closed.

    Sears Garage Door Spring Replacement In Langstaff Ontario

    Our Sears garage door springs repair services at Door RepairLangstaff, Ontario are trustworthy and we are also excellent in providing you all the Sears Garage Door Repair Services to home and commercial garage doors in Langstaff, Ontario ON. At Door RepairLangstaff, Ontario we offer Sears Garage Door Spring Replacement Services for the residential and commercial garage doors across Langstaff, Ontario, ON.

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    Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost

    Replacing garage door springs costs $150 to $350 on average. The springs alone typically run $30 to $75 each, but you may find them as low as $15 and up to $100 each. Commercial grade springs can run $300 or more. Keep in mind that most doors have two springs and you’ll need to replace both at the same time.

    When repairing your garage door springs, consider these facts:

    • Garage door springs last 10,000 to 20,000 cycles. Over time, the garage door springs will weaken and eventually break.

    • Springs the part of the garage door thats most likely to break. When your garage door malfunctions, the springs are the part you’ll most often need to have repaired or replaced.

    • They come in two different types. You can choose from extension coil or torsion coil springs.

    Compare Garage Door Spring Replacement Estimates

    Measure The Inner Diameter And Length

    Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement How To

    Measure the inner diameter of the broken spring as shown. Loosen the setscrews on the broken spring and slide the broken portion over to meet the stationary section. Measure the overall length of the springs .

    Most home centers don’t carry all the replacement parts you’ll need for garage door spring replacement, and most garage door service companies won’t sell you springs. So you may have to order the parts online and wait for the shipment to arrive. and are two online sources . First, inspect the condition of your cables and brackets. If you see any frayed strands on the cables or rust on the bottom brackets, replace them now before they fail. Bottom brackets cost about $15 per set. Premium-quality cables last much longer than economy cables and cost only about $4 more. So it’s smart to buy the better cables for about $12 per set.

    Standard torsion springs have a service life of 7,000 to 10,000 open/close cycles. However, you can buy double-life replacement springs for about $65 per spring. If you have a two-spring setup and one spring breaks, the second spring will break soon. So replace them both at the same time. To get the right springs for your door, you’ll have to provide the supplier some details. Here’s how:

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    Identifying The Type Of Springs On Your Garage Door

    There are different types of springs on different garage doors, and there is a big difference in how easy these springs are to replace. There are extension springs and torsion springs. Youll be able to easily identify what kind of springs you have by looking at your garage door. If you have a door system with long springs that run parallel to the tracks on either side of the door, those are extension springs. They are long and thin, up in the air. Torsion springs are fatter springs that sit on a metal rod next to the door opening.

    If you have a really old door, a single piece that swings up in the air, then you may have vertical springs on both sides of the door. These are side springs, and they usually compliment additional extension springs in the air.

    Now, both extension and torsion springs work in a similar way. They use the weight and gravity of the door to tense up and load when the door closes, which gives you a reserve of energy to move the door back up when it is being opened. The difference is that extension springs stretch to be loaded, so the energy is stored outward and wants to get back to center, while torsion springs are twisted when the door lowers, and they release energy by untwisting back in the other direction.

    Determine The Hand Of The Spring

    View the end of each spring to determine its wind direction, or âhand.â If the end of the spring is pointing up on the right, it’s a right-hand wind. If the end is pointing up on the left, it’s a left-hand wind. Doors with two springs will always have a left- and a right-hand spring.

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    Types Of Garage Door Spring We Repair In Langstaff Ontario

    At Door RepairLangstaff, Ontario we offer the following garage door spring repair for the residential and commercial garage doors across Langstaff, Ontario, ON:

    • Langstaff, Ontario Garage Door Opener Spring Repair
    • Sears Garage Door Spring Replacement in Langstaff, Ontario
    • Langstaff, Ontario Commercial Garage Door Spring Repair
    • Genie Garage Door Spring Repair in Langstaff, Ontario

    At Door RepairLangstaff, Ontario, we are working for a long to provide you with genuine peace of mind with our Garage Door Spring Repair Servicesin Langstaff, Ontario, ON. Repairing the spring on a garage door can be difficult and even dangerous, yet our trained and skilled experts in Langstaff, Ontario, ON can take care of the job appropriately and perfectly.

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