Refrigerator In Garage In Winter

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Best Beer Fridge : Newair Nbf125bk00

[LG at CES2021] LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator with Craft Ice

If youve ever thrown a party and forgot to get the drinks, or had to make a mid-party beer run, then the NewAir NBF125BK00 was made for you.

Building on the success of the AB-1200B, the NBF125BK00 adds two modes: Turbo mode and Party mode.

Turbo mode drops the temperature down to 23° F, well below-freezing, to chill your drinks as fast as possible. Party mode keeps the compressor running for a full six hours, so your drinks stay cold, no matter how many times the door is opened and closed.

Speaking of the door, the double-pane glass door is heated on the outside so the door never frosts over.

Looking at other higher-end beer fridges, most of the other manufacturers only cool down to between 34° F and 37° F. Its rare to find one that will go below the freezing point until you get to a much higher price-point.

The NewAir NBF125BK00 isnt cheap, by any means. It costs about as much as the full-size GE garage refrigerator that we recommended above. But for that price, youre getting a really nice beer fridge, with some amazing high-end features.

Most Refrigerators Arent Designed To Operate Above 100f

Many refrigerator manufacturers such as GE recommend you dont use their refrigerator above an ambient temperature of 110F degrees as it will cause the motor/compressor to burn up. Running the refrigerator in 100F or higher temperatures will cause the compressor to run almost non stop meaning it will cost a lot and not be very efficient.

Is Gfci Required For Refrigerators In The Garage

If youre not familiar with GFI or GFCI, they stand for Ground Fault Interrupter and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter . In laymans terms, both mean exactly the same thing. They are the special outlets you see in your bathrooms and kitchens that will trip if it senses a sudden increase in load. This basically makes it impossible to electrocute yourself by dropping the toaster in the bathtub like you see in the movies.

Here in the United States, the National Electrical Code has mandated that all commercial kitchen outlets have GFCI protection. But for residential dwellings it gets a little trickier. GFCI protection is required for outlets along the kitchen countertop, but not for major appliences like your dishwasher or refrigerator.

However, once we move to the garage things change considerably. Every outlet in your garage must have GFCI protection to meet code. For those of you following along at home, this is outlined in section 210.8A of the 2017 National Electrical Code, bullet #2.

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Is 45 Degrees Cold Enough For A Refrigerator

It should be at or below 40 degrees F to slow bacterial growth, but you can’t know it’s cold enough unless you use a thermometer. … As many as 43 percent of home refrigerators have been found to be at temperatures above 40 degrees F, putting them in the food safety danger zone where harmful bacteria can multiply.

Can You Put A Fridge In A Cold Garage

Putting a Fridge or Freezer in the Garage [2022] Winter

Can you put a fridge in a cold garage? Yes, but cautiously.

Major manufacturers typically recommend that you avoid placing a refrigerator in any location where the temperature is below 50°F. Low temps can trick the fridges temperature regulator, causing the compressor to stop.

If the compressor stops creating cold air, two things happenfirst, the food in the freezer section thaws. Second, the food in the refrigerator section either freezes or thaws, depending on the exterior temperature.

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How To Use A Side By Side Refrigerator In A Cold Garage

During the summer months, the fridge in my not insulated garage works fine, and has for some time. During the cold winter months the KitchenAid KSRS25Q side by side fridge won’t cycle the compressor, unless I position space heaters around it . Even then, on the coldest days , the freezer internal temperature will still go higher than 10F/-10C.

Looking for solutions, I hear of something called a ‘garage kit’. Seems straightforward. You add a heater inside so that the compressor continues to work even when the ambient temperature is lower than the fridge interior. Problem is, I have only found garage kits for top freezer models. It seems that, somehow, there is a difference between those and side by side models, and the ‘garage kits’ kits wouldn’t work in my side by side model.

Is the problem just that I can’t find the answer, that no such answer exists, or that the answer is so simple that no kit is really necessary?

In other words, what can I do for a ‘garage kit’ for a side by side refrigerator?

There are refrigerators & freezers designed for outdoor use. One semi-random example:

The basic problem is that ordinary residential refrigerators & freezers are designed for indoor temperatures. From a GE side-by-side installation manual:

Best answer I know of is: Put the spare refrigerator or freezer in your basement or in an area between the garage and the house so that it gets at least some climate control.

It’s sort of like making a heat pump work when it’s too cold.

Why Do You Trust Chanrefrigerators

Based on 684 of consumer reports in 2022 we compared 16Bestcan you keep a wine cooler in garage during winter with the same type to give the best products for you. Over the past time, ChanRefrigerators has spent time researching and testing thousands of can you keep a wine cooler in garage during winter, finding the advantages and disadvantages of these products. From a fair and objective point of view, we will only evaluate can you keep a wine cooler in garage during winter which are good quality to make sure you don’t waste your money as other sites do.

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Build An Enclosed Conditioned Space

The ideal approach to keeping your garage refrigerator running at peak performance is to regulate the garage air temperature, heating or cooling it as needed. Since this may involve retro-fitting the garage with insulation and venting, it will likely get expensive quickly. A better option is often to condition a small space within the garage, by framing an enclosed space around the fridge.

This allows you to moderate the heat and cold only around the fridge. As a bonus, a climate-controlled space allows you to store other temperature-sensitive items like paint without worrying about them freezing or overheating.

If creating a warm area to keep your beverages cool seems like overkill, then read on for tips for a variety of budgets.

How We Chose These Products

Best Refrigerator in India 2022 â¡ Best Double Door Refrigerator â¡ Best Refrigerator 2022

Unlike our homes, garage temps arent usually controlled by a thermostat, so a fridge-freezer needs to be designed to keep contents chilled in all sorts of weather, from hot to cold. To that end, all of these models come garage-ready, meaning they can operate consistently in extreme temperatures. Since garage fridges are meant to be a second cold-storage space, we prioritized those that can easily accommodate large items and have highly adjustable shelving. Brand reputation, warranties, and footprint were also important considerations.

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Should You Keep A Fridge In A Garage Especially During Winter

You can leave your refrigerator in the garage. However, you must take the temperature into account if you intend to leave it there. Extremely low or high temperatures can interfere with the refrigerator’s operation because of the ambient temperature.

Always choose a refrigerator that can withstand a wide variety of temperature changes. This guarantees that it operates efficiently throughout the year. You may also use the old refrigerator you already have in the garage.

Detecting temperature changes is usually less effective in older refrigerators. That means they wont feel the impact of the seasons much unless it is extreme.

What Kind Of Fridge Works Best In The Garage

Some fridges are more suitable to use in garages than others. The primary issue with keeping a fridge in the garage is that the thermostat can become confused if the temperature inside the garage falls outside its acceptable operating temperature range.

Therefore, purchasing a fridge with a wider range of acceptable operating temperatures is a wise choice if you want to keep it in the garage. Older, less efficient fridges can also be better because they aren’t as sensitive to outside temperature fluctuations.

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Can You Put A Fridge In The Garage

You can keep a fridge in the garage, but you should first consider the temperature inside your garage. Understanding how modern refrigerators function can help you decide if your setup is suitable for a garage refrigerator.

Most refrigerators work by sensing the surrounding air temperature and adjusting the temperature inside the fridge accordingly. Fridge freezers work by adjusting the temperature inside the freezer and diverting cold air to the fridge from inside the freezer. Very high or low temperatures inside your garage can interfere with this process. Therefore, it’s important to consider your local climate before investing in a garage refrigerator.

Keep Ice In The Freezer

Fridge Freezer In Garage

Storing extra ice in the freezer can allow it to handle outside temperature swings better. Ice and water are good at storing heat or cold. Keeping ice in your freezer will allow it to stay cold when its really hot in your garage or if your refrigerator turns off which can save your frozen food. It will also let you know if it warmed up in your freezer because all the ice is melted and no longer in cubes.

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Install A Garage Fridge Inside A Cabinet System

Garage Living helps our clients make their garages an extension of their living space. Adding extra amenities to the garage like a fridge is one way we make this happen.

Our garage cabinet systems can be designed to incorporate a garage-ready mini-fridge under the countertop like the one pictured below and in the top photo.

You can view additional photos of this Ferrari-themed garage remodel by viewing the Performance Garage gallery.

A mini-fridge wont even feel like its taking up space in your garage because its recessed into the cabinet systems design!

Other traditional indoor living space amenities that can be added to a cabinet system design are a TV and a sink with a faucet.

This garages cabinet system was designed to include an under-counter mini-fridge.

Can You Keep A Fridge Outside

Below freezing, your refrigerator may even seize and stop working completely! So, like I said above: yes, you can move your fridge outside. However, there’s a reason why patio and garage refrigerators are typically relegated to beverages. You’ll likely experience some problems in the hotter and colder months.

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Give It Room To Breathe

Naturally, your garage is much dirtier than a kitchen. Over time, sawdust and other nameless debris can get stuck in a units coils. Keep clean air flowing throughout your refrigerator by cleaning your garage first and setting the fridge up in an area thats free of bikes, tools, and sports equipment.

A Garage Fridge Is Convenient So Is Indoor Parking

LG French Door Refrigerator- In Door Ice Maker Operation (2018 Update)

Having a fridge that is specifically designed for use in the garage is convenient.

Being able to park your vehicles in the garage and having a well-organized space is even more convenient.

Update your garages appearance and optimize its functionality by scheduling a free design consultation with Garage Living.

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Should You Regularly Inspect The Garage Refrigerator

The freezer component may have a problem if the refrigerator stops working. It will cause the frozen food in your refrigerator’s freezer to thaw.

However, if it has two thermostats, it is the least exposed. Always check the garage refrigerator. You can adjust the temperature of the room if it isn’t functioning properly.

How Do I Safeguard My Garages Freezer

Install a fan to keep the cooling coils at a comfortable temperature. A ceiling fan or a stand-alone fan ought to help a little ensure the freezers back and sides receive air from the fan. Too chilly? When the temperature in the garage becomes too low, you might need to reheat the air around the thermostat in your freezer.

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What Happens When You Keep A Refrigerator In The Garage

The mechanism in modern refrigerators is very sensitive to temperature changes.

Therefore, a fridge in a garage will have to work harder than one in the kitchen, for example. Especially if the ambient temperature in the garage starts to veer towards extremes.

Generally, most manufacturers will recommend using a refrigerator only in temperatures between 0°F and 110°F .

If you live in an area where the temperatures reach these limits, your fridge will find it challenging to work efficiently. In most houses, the garage is always hotter or colder than your living areas.

In hot weather, the compressor constantly runs as it attempts to keep the compartment cold. This will lead to higher energy consumption and quickly wear down the refrigerators parts.

This is even more pronounced for fridges with a freezer section or standalone garage freezers.

During winter, the compressor will cycle on and off a lot more frequently to balance the effect of the chilly ambient weather against the temperature inside the refrigerator. You might find frozen food thawing faster than youd like in this scenario. If the weather gets too cold, the thermostat may fail to turn on the refrigerator.

When In Doubt Dont Run The Risk

Can you have a freezer refrigerator in a garage in Seattle ...

Unless a fridge is kept in the stable conditions of your garage, winter weather runs the risk of damaging its compressor.

You can keep your outdoor refrigerator or beverage cooler safely stored in your backyard patio or outdoor kitchendespite living in rainy and snowy locations. Just be sure it is emptied and unplugged during times when you know it wont be used it for weeks or months at a time. That way, you know your fridge will have a long life.

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What Is A Garage Kit For A Refrigerator

I gotta admit, this is a cool concept.

If you remember from earlier, the problem with refrigerator\freezer combo units with only one temperature sensor is that when the outside air gets between freezing and around 40 degrees, the freezer will start to thaw out because the compressor isnt turning on.

The garage kit is a small heating element that wraps around the temperature sensor in the fridge and tricks it into thinking the air is warmer than it really is.

Thankfully both Frigidaire and Whirlpool sell heating kits for their standalone refrigerators. If you have a Samsung or LG, unfortunately youre out of luck.

You could probably rig the garage kit to work with other models, but thats more MacGyver than Im willing to be.

*diy Tip: Build An Insulated Refrigerator Area

Here’s an odd recommendation I found on various sites around the Internet.

If you live in truly extreme weather conditions , have an uninsulated garage, and it’s too expensive to insulate the whole thing , you might want to consider sealing off a small area just for your refrigerator.

It could be as simple as a small plywood shed inside the garage that’s just large enough to contain your fridge, with a little extra space for air circulation and a heating or cooling device. A little insulation wouldn’t hurt.

The important thing is that you keep the ambient temperature around your fridge in the operational temperature range. It’s much easier to do this in a small shed than in your entire garage.

In extreme heat, you’ll want a cooling device for your refrigerator room, like a small garage air conditioner. In freezing temperatures, you’ll need a heating device for a small room. Maybe something as simple as a hot light bulb in some cases.

I know, running an extra appliance with your fridge sounds like it will be extra expensive. But remember, you only need to bring the temperature around your fridge up or down to just within the operational temperature range .

You can even plug your heater/cooler into one of these thermostat controlled outlets, so that it kicks on only when the space is above or below the recommended operational temperature range.

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Skip The Fridge Section

I grew up in Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. Almost all of my friends who had homes had an extra freezer in their garage to store extra food. Occasionally they used the freezer to store meat from their last hunting trip. Often, they stored extra frozen entrees or the Thanksgiving turkey instead.

It seemed everyone had their extended family close by. Having an extra freezer meant that theyd always have enough food in the house to prep for the next family gathering.

Hot or Cold?: If the temperature in your garage gets below freezing in the winter, you can still have a standalone freezer. The manufacturers I talked to all said that temperatures colder than 32 degrees wont affect the units operation and extra heating elements arent necessary. But, if your garage gets above 110 degrees F in the summer, youll be overworking the compressor and your unit will wear out faster.

Price: You can find standalone freezers at most of the big-box stores and online, but you wont have as many options as combo-units. Prices range from $300 for small 7 cubic foot freezers to around $800 for the larger 20 cubic foot varieties. To give you a frame of reference, if youve got a side-by-side fridge\freezer in your kitchen, the freezer section is likely around 6 cubic feet in total storage.

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