Portable Air Conditioners For Garage

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Which Air Conditioner Is Best For Large Garages

Garage Portable Air Conditioner DIY Install – No Window?! EASY Venting Idea

For large garages, a window air conditioner or a split AC is the best. They output even more cold air for the same amount of electricity. Window and split ACs have a higher cooling efficiency than portable ACs.

Because they dont have these cheap hoses that portable ACs have and because the hot air-releasing part of the AC unit is always located outside, they dont have the same efficiency problems as portable ACs.

Is There An Air Conditioner That Doesnt Need To Be Vented

As a garage owner, you probably want to spare yourself the hassle of setting up an AC in your garage. But, a vent is necessary.

All air conditioners have to be vented. Any air conditioner that claims to need no vent is a marketing scam and has no technical foundation.

Air conditioners absorb heat from a room. And the heat has to go somewhere. Now, if you dont vent it, the heat will stay in your room and the temperature wont change.

Without a vent, cooling is impossible.

It might be possible to change the perceived temperature of a room without a vent. For example, using a humidifier or a pedestal, or a floor fan. However, this does not reduce the actual temperature.

It only changes your feeling about the temperature.

So: If you want real air conditioning in your garage, you will have to set up a vent.

Home Labs Portable Air Conditioner

Technical Characteristics Table

Votes Chart

General Review

This is a portable and quiet air conditioner for your workshop. Its an easy-to-install option that works well in any space that you have in your house. It has wheels that make it easy to move around several rooms inside the house. Most of the people who have used this air conditioner claim that the installation only takes about eight minutes.

The air filter for this device is washable, and this makes it quite easy to maintain. The remote control makes it easy to adjust any settings on the air conditioning unit. Try to clean the air filter every two weeks to ensure an efficient operation.


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What Kind Of Maintenance Does A Tent Ac Unit Require

Most of these air conditioners have air filters that collect airborne particles like dust and other allergens.

Usually, these filters are reusable and washable, but in case theyre not, youll have to buy replacements. Depending on how dirty the area where youre camping is, you should clean the filters every one to two weeks.

Serenelife Slpac125 Portable Air Conditioner

10 Best Portable Air Conditioners for your Garage  Best Home Fixer

Consider this portable air conditioner by SereneLife if you need an air conditioner for your garage that doesnt have windows. It has a strong operating system and a sleek, light exterior design that work together to cool your garage efficiently. The unit also has wheels, so you can move it out of the garage and use it in another room when the garage isnt being used.

Lastly, the AC has three cooling modes, including a dehumidifier and an automatic swing mode, that make it easy to control the temperature in a closed garage. It also has an easy-to-use remote control system that lets you change the settings whenever you want. The unit can cool a space thats more than 450 square feet and up to 12,000 BTUs, making it perfect for medium-sized to large garages.

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Best Air Conditioners For Garage With No Windows

Believe it or not, your seemingly useless garage can become a highly functional and productive space if it is ventilated correctly. While most people use their garages as workspaces and studios, they can also be used as garage gyms and other recreational areas.

However, with most garages coming without windows in modern houses, it can get difficult to control the temperature. Trapped hot air creates a stuffy atmosphere inside during summers, while winters can make the space freezing cold.

The best way to regulate the temperature inside your garage is to install an air conditioner. But, what is the best air conditioner for a garage with no windows? Read below to find out.

An Important Note About Garage Insulation

Insulation is the most important aspect of alternating current.

Uninsulated, your garage will barely keep the air fresh !

Insulating your garage is easy, but it can be expensive. It all depends on where you live, how well finished it is and how far you want it to go.

There are several lengths you can reach to insulate your garage. You may need to purchase just a few depending on how long you plan to spend there and how expensive your fresh air loss will be.

However, all the insulation in the world will not solve the common problem of garages: air leaks. While it may not work in a home with old window frames or doors that are slightly larger than the rest, air leaks can be a problem out there.

If cold air manages to escape from them, doors, windows and insulated walls are useless

The insidious part of these leaks is that you may still be able to cool your garage as the air slides out. Also, it will make your air conditioner harder and more frequent. This will result in a higher energy bill and a shorter duration. Not to mention the discomfort of having to wait longer for cooling.

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The Best Air Conditioner & Heater Combo

Good for: one-car garages

Power: 12,000 BTU

To get the most out of your unit year-round, you can invest in this portable air conditioner that also has a built-in heating function. Besides the heating and cooling options, this wheeled unit also works as a fan and dehumidifier, making it the most versatile option overall on the list. You can adjust the settings, set the temperature, and activate timer and sleep modes directly on the machine or with the included remote. According to the brand, this unit is designed to cover rooms up to 330 square feet, making it a good choice for a one-car garage . Investing in this unit is a budget-friendly choice, as you wont need to purchase a separate space heater to use your garage in the winter months.

According to a reviewer: Plan on purchasing another unit. Works better than expected. The unit has wheels on the bottom. Has like 3 different fan speeds and works excellent. The remote has a display so you can see the temp you selected and other info. The ac works great as does the heater part. I expect to save money going from a space heater to a heatpump. The thermostat works great when it hits your present temp it switches to fan only.

  • Available coverage option: 300 square feet

Garage Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

How to install a PORTABLE AC unit in the GARAGE, on a BUDGET!!!

Mini-split AC units are the best type of air conditioner for the garage. Unlike central AC, they are ductless and can deliver up to 30,000 BTUs of cooling effect. This makes them appropriate even for the biggest 4-car garages.

Here are the specific advantages ductless AC units for the garage have:

  • Above all, extremely energy efficient. The SEER rating is through the roof 20 or even more. They are the most cost-saving AC for the garage.
  • Can be vented via a designated hole in the wall. Mini-splits consist of 1-5 inside units and 1 outside unit, connected via AC cables. You can easily drill a hole in the wall and have a dedicated AC for the garage.
  • They can provide heating in the winter. Most mini-splits for the garage are heat pumps they can deliver lets say 15,000 BTU of cooling effect in the summer and 12,000 BTU of heating effect in the winter. Its a 2-in-1 all season device, and you wont have to buy a garage heater for the winter.
  • They are usually the only viable option for bigger 3-car and 4-garages. What is more, most 2-car garages can also be cooled with 12,000 BTU mini-splits.

    The only initial drawback is the higher price of the unit. In short term, that might be a problem, but in long term, mini-splits are the most cost-efficient ACs for garages because they have superb energy-efficiency and a long lifespan .

    Which mini splits are the best for garages? Here are the two best options:

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    Properly Venting Hot Air Out Of The Garage

    Every AC unit, including the one in your garage, has to be properly vented. Venting is just letting the hot air out, and there is no way around that.

    For proper venting, you need an opening in your garage. Window venting is most commonly used but for that, you do need a garage window. The exhaust hose is simply installed through the window with a specialized window seal kit that envelops the exhaust hose and covers the window, preventing cool air leakage.

    Of course, everybody who doesnt have a garage window immediately asks this question:

    How do I use an air conditioner for a garage with no windows?

    Heres what you can do: Use an opening in the garage door to vent the air conditioner. Youll have to insulate all the openings that are created when the garage doors are opened. The best choice is to create a hole in the wall yourself especially useful for garage mini-split AC units and vent the air conditioner directly through the wall.

    Heres what you cant do: Use an evaporative cooler for the garage. Its the that these units dont need to be vented, and there is a good explanation for that. Evaporative coolers or swamp coolers are not air conditioners at all they do not decrease the garage temperature, they have 0 BTU of cooling effect, and if put in an insulated space like a garage, they will rather increase the temperature instead of lowering it.

    In short, a window, garage door opening, or drilling hole in the wall are the only 3 options.

    Midea Window Air Conditioner

    Cools Up To : 150 | BTUs: 5000 | Sound Level:< 54 dB | Weight: 42.3 lbs | Dimensions: 15.98 x 15.35 x 12.05 in | Power Source: Corded electric

    Weighing in at only 42 pounds, this window air conditioner is one of the lightest on our list.

    That means that you can let your teenage kid carry it from your car to the campsite, while youre trying to take your bulky grill out of the trunk. Great teamwork!

    This model has 5,000 BTUs. If you dont think thats enough to cool your tent during hot summer nights, other models from this series go all the way up to 12,000 BTUs.

    However, for the majority of campers, this model will do the job.

    There are 7 temperature settings and 2 air direction options to choose from. Its very energy-efficient, which is important in case your campground charges electricity per usage instead of a flat fee.

    To make sure your air is always clean, this AC uses removable and reusable air filters.

    These filters absorb the bacteria and other airborne particles inside your tent. Cleaning them is a piece of cake just rinse it in the sink once a week, and send the dirt down the drain.


    • This light and compact window AC can fit into the smallest of tents
    • The 5,000 BTU model is the most affordable one on this list
    • Its very energy-efficient its Energy Efficiency Ratio is 12
    • You can choose from seven different temperature settings
    • The manufacturer provides a limited 1-year warranty


    • The controls are mechanical and it doesnt come with a remote

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    Ductless Air Conditioners For Garages And Other Applications

    Find a Carrier ductless air conditioner for garage sizes of all types. For a space that may not be connected to your homes central HVAC, ductless mini split systems offer compact cooling and heating to keep you comfortable all year long. For example, a garage is not typically an area that includes ductwork and venting for heating or cooling. Looking for additional living space, using it as a woodworking shop, or do you spend a lot of time tinkering with your cars?

    Your garage offers a number of inviting uses besides just housing your vehicles or your lawn mower. And that makes it a likely candidate for installing a ductless mini split system. With a number of indoor unit options to choose from high wall, under ceiling, in-ceiling, or console you can easily find a model that fits your needs. Once its installed, you can save money on your utility bills by only using it when youre using the space.

    Carrier® ductless air conditioner systems can be easily integrated into any home, no matter the demands of the space. With endless ductless applications and configuration options, ductless mini split air conditioners and heat pumps work where traditional HVAC doesnt, and they offer easy solutions for rooms without ductwork or with hot or cold spots, supplementing areas that conventional heating or cooling systems dont adequately keep comfortable, like garage spaces.

    How To Install A Portable Ac In A Garage Window

    10 Best Portable Air Conditioners for your Garage  Best Home Fixer

    To install a portable AC in a garage window, you can use the window kit included with the AC. If it doesnt fit your garage window, you can build your own venting construction.

    If you only have a small garage window, consider drilling your own vent instead. Its easier to set up, does not block the window , and you can place the vent anywhere you want.

    When you use a window as a vent, the placement of your portable AC is locked to the area around the window.

    If you have multiple windows, then choose a window thats closest to where you are spending the most time. This exposes you to the cold air coming out of the AC and reduces the perceived temperature in the garage for you.

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    What Sort Of Air Conditioner Should You Use In A Garage

    Garages come in all shapes and sizes. Some are big enough to house multiple large cars, while others barely fit a single small sedan. No matter the size of your garage, youll want to make sure its comfortable and that means having the right air conditioner.

    There are a few things to consider when choosing an air conditioner for your garage. The first is the size of the unit. Youll want to get an air conditioner thats big enough to cool your entire garage. The second one you should consider is the type of air conditioner.

    There are three main types of air conditioners that work well in garages:

    • Portable air conditioners
    • Window AC units
    • Ductless mini-splits

    You might be thinking, Why dont I just use my central AC unit for my garage? However, you should never use a ducted central AC unit in your garage and share it with your house.

    Just think about it your cars, lawnmowers, etc., all produce CO2 and other toxic gases when they run. And if your ducts connect to your house and garage, you would circulate these gases inside your home. Obviously, this isnt ideal.

    Choosing The Right Portable Air Conditioner Garage

    How to Choose the Right AC for Your Home The best garage air conditioner depends on your personal preferences and unique circumstances. We have listed the most important factors to consider.

    The right air conditioner comes down to a matter of initial cost, power consumption, life / maintenance, noise levels, and simple effectiveness.

    Unfortunately, there is no single best air conditioner, but by identifying which of these factors are important and which are less vital, you can find the air conditioning that suits your needs.

    There are four main categories of air conditioners that you may want to consider: portable, window, through the wall, and mini-split, as well as the bonus category of swamp coolers.

    No matter which one you choose, make sure you size it correctly with our air conditioner size calculator. , poor insulation and direct sunlight where necessary).

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    The Best For Most People

    Good for: one- and two-car garages

    Power: 14,000 BTU

    Suitable for spaces ranging in size from 450 to 600 square feet, this portable air conditioner has the just the right amount of power to cool down a two-car garage. The versatile unit has a control panel that allows you to adjust your desired temperature and toggle between four modes: cool, auto, fan, and dehumidify. Plus, for energy efficiency, the wheeled unit lets you set timers and enable sleep mode. The included remote allows you to operate the air conditioner from across the room, and if you use your garage as a hangout space, youll appreciate that this units sleek and streamlined design will blend right in.

    If you like this pick but have a one-car garage, you can opt for a 12,000 BTU version that offers 300 to 450 square feet of coverage, but keep in mind that the relatively high BTU rating may use up a bit more energy than is necessary for the space.

    According to a reviewer: Had new garage built but unfinished inside. Needed something portable as we finish the inside. Later we’ll install mini split and keep this one as a spare. Very strong built and solid. Like the sleek style and operating panel. Very easy to use. Our summers can get to 120 degrees so having an extra unit is a must…especially if your regular home a/c breaks down and you are a disabled senior citizen waiting for a repair tech for 12 hours. Highly recommended.

    Zero Breeze Mark 2 Best Battery Operated Ac For Garages

    Midea Portable Air Conditioner Overview | Garage Conversion Plans

    Zero Breeze has a portable solution for your home, garage, truck, tent, or camper. The 2300 BTU, battery-powered unit can go virtually anywhere. You wont get stuck without AC either as there is a plug-in power option for any standard 100-240V outlets.

    There are very few battery-powered AC units on the market and although they are not perfect, they can keep your garage cool.

    This is the newest, updated version from Zero Breeze so expect the Mark 2 to be effective in cooling down small areas such as one car garage. If you have a low square footage garage then this can provide direct cooling relief.

    It claims to drop the air temperature 30F within 10 minutes but this will depend on the size of your garage. When using this second-generation Mark 2 AC unit, we found it worked best on areas under 50 square feet.

    One major difference from the previous AC unit is the dual hose which allows for more sustainable cold and hot airflow.

    We recommend placing the heat dissipation pipes out of a door or window so they draw air from outside, cool your workshop area down, and flush the warm air back outside.

    When you unpack the machine, it is almost ready to use. However, because of the refrigerant, you will need to let the AC sit for a few hours to allow the fluid to return to the compressor.

    If you run the unit prior to the refrigerant settling, you can ruin the compressor and void your warranty.

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