Pole Barn Garage With Apartment

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Add Square Footage With Garage Apartment Plans

Carriage Pole Barn Apartment – (24×48)

How many times have you caught yourself wishing for just one more bedroom, another few hundred square feet or a truly secluded space to get some work done? If you’re like most people, a lot! Thankfully, the solution is easier than you might expect. Garage apartment plans give you the extra living space you need without requiring costly and complicated additions or modifications to the main structure of your home. Our collection of garage with apartment plans features several versatile designs to suit your style and meet your needs.

Building The Ultimate Pole Barn With Living Quarters

Pole barn with living quarters are becoming a more popular option for rural property owners. The ability to have your animals and storage space close by is a major advantage, especially if you live in an area where the winters are long and harsh.

There are many different ways that you can set up your pole barn with living quarters, so it is important to take some time to plan out what will work best for you and your family.

Types Of Post Frame Building Kits

There are many different types of post-building kits available on the market. Some of the most popular types include:

1. Pre-Cut Kits Pre-cut kits are a great option for those who want a fast and easy way to build a pole barn with living quarters.

2. Panelized Kits Panelized kits are a great option for those who want a cost-effective way to build a pole barn with an apartment.

3. Shell Kits Shell kits are a great option for those who want a versatile way to build a pole barn with living quarters.

4. DIY Kits DIY kits are a great option for those who want a durable way to build a pole barn with living quarters.

5. Green Kits Green kits are a great option for those who want an eco-friendly way to build a pole barn with an apartment.

6. Custom Kits Custom kits man cave is a great option for those who want a kit that can be customized to meet their specific needs.

No matter what your needs are, theres a post-frame kit thats right for you. With so many different types of kits available, its easy to find one that meets your specific needs and budget.

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Bedroom Small Barndominium With Shop Floor Plan

Heres the perfect little barndo for way back in the woods, Check out, for example, the wood stove in the kitchen and the ironing board in the master bath closet. Were not sure, but we would bet this plan was originally drawn on a roadhouse bar napkin somewhere in Oregon.

One of the best things about this shop plan with living quarters is the fact that the bedroom is located at the back. This means that work can be getting done in the shop without disturbing the occupants. This is a great way to separate your work and life. When you work from home, separating these two things is essential.

To get the high-resolution, non-watermark version of this floor plan enter your email address below.

A Luxury Garage With An Apartment

medium size barn with loft designs truss apartment top pole kits and ...

This is no normal Amish Built Prefab Garage, to say the least! Most prefab car garages built-in PA are quite basic in nature. But when Fred from Upstate NY came with a request for a garage, it was many revisions and two years later before the project was actually completed!

While we love the way it looks, there are things on this GARAGE WITH APARTMENT SPACE that Sheds Unlimited would not do again. But we could build a Luxury Prefab Garage with Apartment Space that could serve as a granny pod, extra apartment or bed and breakfast.

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A Bed And Breakfast In A Shed

When Susan of Yorktown, VA bought this two-story shed, her plan was a Bed and Breakfast in the second floor. This Two Story Barn Shed sports a lot of space on the second floor. It features a wide-open area that could serve as a small suite for an Air BnB Guest House and would not cost a lot to get into operation. You could even create a Two Story Barn with an exterior entrance and a deck to the second floor then have a Prefab Garage with a small Apartment Space.

Pole Barn Garage Kits

Pole barn garage kits are the perfect combination of doing it yourself without the guesswork involved. You simply figure out the size you need and purchase a kit online or go to one of the builders listed at the end of this article and custom create your kit.

You can buy standard kits on Menards, Home Depot and sites like New Holland Supply. Or, if you prefer to customize your pole barn garage kit, you can choose a pole building retailer that allows you to put your kit together like Hansen Pole Buildings.

Most all pole barn garage kits include everything you will need to build your own garage and includes the following:

  • Poles, framing materials and trusses
  • All hardware and brackets to hold the building together
  • Roofing material and hardware
  • Instructions and sometimes DVDs.

Garage Kit Pricing:

The prices of pole barn garage kits can vary depending on where you purchase them. For instance, this 25 x 30 x 9 garage from Home Depot is $19,305. And on the other end of the spectrum, this post-frame barn garage kit from the same Home Depot is $77,853. Another example is APB Pole Barns which offers pole barn garages ranging from $15,000 to $28,500 for an RV one. You can clearly see that price ranges vary greatly, but now at least you have got an idea of approx. ranges.

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Entertainer Of The Year

If you and your significant other are entertainers, we recommend building aspacious hobby shop. Lets take a look at this gorgeous pole barn located in Tipton County .

For starters, the color combination and wainscoting are bound to grab the attention of passersby. The Matte Black and Regal White is a stylish choice.

Other attractive features include the wrap around porch and colorful landscaping.

Should you include one, your porch should be a statement piece. Nothing welcomes visitors like a well-designed entrance. Also, its the perfect opportunity to showcase your decor taste.

As you can see, patio furniture and surrounding greenery draw attention to this pole barn porch. Altogether, the buildings exterior oozes curb appeal.

Inside, the pole barn is divided into living space and equipment storage .

The living space includes a full kitchen, bathroom, and dining area for hosting impressive parties. Your guests will be in awe of the interior finish and stamped concrete. Who knew pole barns could be fancy?

Oppositely, the garage area can house vehicles and equipment . The 16 x 12 overhead doors allow you to move your belongings with ease.

The Pinnacle Of Pole Barn Living

40×60 POLE BARN GARAGE- Your Building ?s Answered.

A pole barn with living space is the perfect way to have your private floor plan on your property. With a pole barn home, you can have a floor plan to store your tools and equipment, as well as a place to house your animals. If you have a large family, you can even use your pole barn home as a guest house.

Many different companies offer pole barn home kits. These pole barn home kits come with everything you need to build your pole barn, including the materials, the plans, and the instructions. If you are familiar with carpentry or construction, a pole barn home kit can be a great option for you.

However, if you have some experience with these things, you may want to consider building your pole barn from scratch. Either way, if you take the time to plan out your pole barn and consider all of the important factors, you will be able to create a pole barn that is perfect for your needs.

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Is Bigger Better How To Calculate The Space You Need

Depending on the type of pole barn garage you are building, the first thing you will need to do is calculate the space you need. According to the FBI Buildings company, You should allow one 12 wide bay per vehicle.Meaning, you have space for your car or truck and 3 space around that vehicle. The length or depth of the pole barn garages depends solely on the type of vehicles you are storing or if you want additional space. For instance, if you consider a garage with loft, apartment or pole barn house with a garage you will definitely need to account for more space than your cars only.

You should allow one 12 wide bay per vehicle.

A Small Apartment In A Shed

If you love Tiny Living, this Small Apartment Shed will make your mouth water! The inside featured a bathroom, kitchen with an apartment-sized fridge, a sitting area, and a beautiful loft area for sleeping. It was created for a small living space that had a touch of modern class.

One quick note: This Apartment in a Shed was built by the Sheds Unlimited Team in 2016. Since that, we have discontinued our line of small apartment sheds and tiny homes. But nothing would keep you from buying a shed shell just like this, and doing all the interior work on your own. You will have a beautiful masterpiece that you can admire and enjoy for years to come.

This Portable Apartment Shed is built from our Premier Portable Garden Sheds.

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What Barndominium Floor Plans Are Best Suited To A Shop

Once you decide how big a shop you want, then you can simply look for different size floor plans. A Google search turns up a few. But a Google Images query reveals dozens of them although many dont lead to a site from which you can download plans.

How to Build Your Own Barndominium & 200+ Floor Plans

Get started today with our program “Barndominiums Made Easy: How to Build Your Own Barndominium” and get 200+ barndominium floor plans included!

This is because a couple of enterprising webpreneurs have decided to bait you with floor plans copied from elsewhere on the Internet. The links lead most often to a phony domain, seeking only your attention on a variety of Google ads.

This is annoying but ultimately useful as you can often come away with a floor plan you havent seen before. And with some help from barndominium design software or a live architect, you can begin turning those downloaded and altered plans into your dream barndo.

Who Usually Need Pole Barn That Has A Loft Feature In The Interior

24x24 2 Car 2 Story Garage

About the fact that there is a loft included as the main feature of the barn interior, we can say that there are several parties who usually need this type of building. We can say that the answer to this kind of question is also related to the different kinds of main functions applied to the building itself.

For example, there is a farm pole barn in which a loft is used to store hay and other supplies. Another example is a workshop where space under the roof functions as extra storage for placing items. We will talk more about some other examples in the inspiration list later.

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Two Car Garage With Apartment Space

Honestly, were not sure what Steve O from Ipswich MA was planning to do with his two-car garage building, but taking a look at the photos, it would make a lovely 2 car garage with apartment space. The large dormers and the very nice sized windows would make a lovely place for a small backyard apartment or Bed and Breakfast.

This prefab car garage was custom built in our shed and garage building facility in PA. We loaded all the parts onto a trailer and drove to MA to setup this two car garage. The blue siding on this garage was a custom color and the large windows were also a custom order.

Get started with your Apartment Garage today by requesting a Free Quote.

Know Your Local Codes

Before you even start planning your pole barn living building, you need to know what the local building codes are. This is because each city and county has different codes that need to be followed.

For example, some cities might require that your pole barn have a certain amount of ventilation or that it be made out of certain materials.

Other cities might have different requirements. So, you must know what the codes are in your area before you start planning your pole barn.

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Barn Living Quarters For Commercial And Private Use

Barns with living quarters are the ideal choice for both personal and commercial use. Traditionally, these are horse barns with apartments built on top or attached on the side. However, with the increasing popularity of this style of architecture, these versatile buildings are becoming more common outside the equestrian world.

You can turn your barn into a one-of-a-kind guest experience, create a stunning wedding and event venue, or provide accommodations for tenants and employees. You can also host friends and family on your property, or simply enjoy your very own barn apartment. The purpose of your barn determines the design.

Ready to get started on a barn with living quarters? Need an apartment built on to an existing structure? Get in touch with our building consultants to get started.

Different Ways To Design A Pole Barn With Living Quarters

3 Car Pole Barn Garage | (32×48)

When you hear the word pole barn, what do you see?

Most people picture a red barn with a white roof, cupolas, and sliding doors for moving heavy machinery. Its the epitome of a farm building in the rural Midwest.

However, the latest construction trend is a pole barn with living quarters.Yes, you read that correctly.

You may wonder, Why would someone want to live in a barn? Nowadays, building usage goes beyond the realm of agriculture.

Post frame structures are constructed in a timely manner. Most importantly, they offer design flexibility and energy efficiency.

For these reasons, customers call or message us with their questions. Can I add living space to my pole barn? or Do you have any residential floor plans available? The answer is yes.

Shome. Barndominium. Post frame home. Man cave. She shed. Whatever term you use, there is a building design with your name on it.

In this article, we discuss the custom features of our favorite pole barns with living quarters. We intend to get your creative juices flowing.

If a particular project catches your eye, but youd like to tweak it, please let us know. All of our post frame buildings are customizable. No cookie-cutter floor plans here.

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A Commercial Pole Barn Complete With Loft With Wire Railing

In the old time, a pole barns exterior and interior design completed with a loft under the roof may be limited to the simple one. Although so, right now, we can find a lot of variations.

Take a look at the picture of Morton Buildings. It is a retail outlet, by the way.

The exterior appearance of this pole barn does not only seem fabulous because of the classic combo of red and white. It also looks terrific because of the use of the green roof, which color is complementary with the red.

Another interesting thing is that this commercial building has several doors. Three on one side and one on the other.

The interior of this pole barn is dominated by wood. Thanks to the siding material for that.

An interesting detail that we found is located in the staircase design. It comes with a wire railing that supports not only the safety value but also beauty.

This one is the picture of the loft interior. It may look ordinary but is still very functional for the retail outlet, particularly in providing extra storage that does not disturb any storage on the first floor.

The Benefits Of A Pole Barn Home Vs A Conventional Home

There are lots of reasons to consider a pole barn home over a conventionally built stick-frame house. If you recognize your needsor wantsin the following, a pole barn home could be right for you.

Consolidated structures

Construction costs go down with a single building, and so can your taxes. By combining structures, you can potentially reduce taxable square footage.

Faster construction time

Pole barn home construction involves fewer overall building components than a conventional house. On top of that, the majority of components used in a pole barn home will be prefabricated, arriving at the project site ready to put into place. These factors can shorten the construction time significantly.

Better foundation options

There are several options for pole barn home foundations, but well focus on the one type that is unique to pole barn homes: post in ground. Posts, either treated wood or concrete, are sunk 4 to 6 feet deep into the ground. A concrete slab is then poured around them. That slab will be at a fraction of the cost of a continuous foundationwhich is generally required for stick-frame construction.

More adaptability to site/soil conditions

Post-frame systems in pole barns can be designed to accommodate varying soil wall pressures, either from within or from the exterior of the building wall. This can be accomplished without the extensive excavation costs and expensive concrete foundation system needed for stud walls in stick-frames.

Easier additions down the road

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