Plastipro Loc Heavy Duty Garage Floor Tiles

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How Durable Are Vinyl Pvc Garage Tiles

How I upgraded my garage floor (HUGE Difference)

PVC garage floor tiles are extremely durable more so than hard plastic tiles in some cases.

Weight capacity for vinyl garage tile is usually not an issue. This is due to the very dense, rubber-like PVC material and shallow grid construction under the tile. The tile distorts very little before contacting the concrete under extreme weight.

Weight from tool boxes, floor jacks, heavy cabinets, car lifts, and etc. will not damage the tile. Just like plastic garage tiles, the one exception is the thin, L shaped metal legs that produce an extremely small contact patch.

PVC garage tiles are also resistant to many petroleum products, chemicals, salts, and acids. Though they can be very stain resistant, the surface does not have the glass-like surface feature of many hard plastic tiles. As a result, some petroleum chemicals, dirt, and road tar can impart a stain if allowed to sit.

It is not uncommon to see PVC tiles installed as industrial flooring for warehouses and fire houses. The thicker versions are known for performing well with forklifts, fire trucks, heavy equipment, and in high traffic areas.

Problems With Plastic Garage Floor Tiles

Interlocking plastic tiles are a popular choice to finish off a garage floor. The plastic tile systems sold by Swisstrax and Racedeck® are rigid PVC tiles that claim unbeatable strength and durability.

While we know that plastic floor tiles do have their place , for the homeowner looking for long-term reliable and durable garage floor protection, epoxy coatings are usually the hands-down best choice.

We, Stronghold Floors, chose not to sell plastic floor tiles even back when we were owners of the franchise, PremierGarage of Central PA. About 7 or 8 years ago, a black-and-white checkerboard floor which was featured in many popular car shows was sought after and as such, the plastic floor tiles were also growing in popularity. They offered an easier solution to achieving this look than epoxy coating and other materials on the market at that time. Even today, creating a check board floor is one of the few reasons where do recommend the tiles.

As a national franchise network, PremierGarage decided to offer the plastic tile products, but we, as a local franchise at the time, decided to skip offering the plastic tiles. Why? Because leading up to that point, we had replaced over a dozen garages where plastic garage floor tiles had been installed and each time the homeowner had valid complaints about these systems.

Here are five typical problems with plastic garage floor tiles:

Motofloor Modular Garage Flooring Tiles

The MotoFloor Modular Garage Flooring Tile Kit offers something different from all the rest two colors in one package. This set comes with 24 black and 24 alloy colored tiles, giving you loads of options when it comes to created checked or bordered designs. Unfortunately, though, they dont offer any other variants to further customize your garage floor.

Like the other options in this post, they are nice and easy to snap together, and most people will have no trouble getting them installed. Having been tested and designed to work in tough environments, they will be able to withstand the weight of your car with ease.

The Pros

  • Multicolored packs: As long as the colors match your preferences, this option could offer an affordable way to make a two-tone garage floor, without having to spend money on tiles which will be left over.
  • Toolless Installation: Like the other options available on this list, you can install the MotoFloor tile kit without any need for tools. This could make the job take as little as a couple of hours.
  • Easy to clean: Being made from high impact polymer, these tiles are nice and easy to clean, and they wont get stained by things like oil and fuel.

The Cons

  • Limited color options: While having a two-tone option is nice, many people will find that the color restrictions in place on this option will make it hard to achieve their design goals in their garage.

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What Do I Clean The Tiles With

Cleaning solutions such as Simple Green work best, no need for harsh chemicals. If your tiles are uncoated and they get a stain you can try Magic Eraser to remove the stain.

Please note that newer tires have additives and plasticizers to make them last longer, these new chemicals on some tires tend to cause the rubber to leach out and stain the tiles. We strongly recommend a coat of a good commercial wax or a combination cleaner wax such as Hillway Direct Plus Cleaner and Maintainer

How Much Clearance Should I Leave For Expansion


All materials expand and contract. if installing tiles in the heat of summer you can pretty much go up to the wall. If installing in the dead of winter we would allow about 3/8″. You can cover the gap with non hardening caulk or base molding. Also note that if you have any part of the floor that will sit in direct sunlight for extended periods of time we recommend you apply some of our adhesive under those tiles to prevent those tiles from expanding at a different rate than those tiles in the shade.

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Heavy Duty Pvc Interlocking Garage Flooring Tiles Orders 300 Sf Or More Ship Free

These are our standard heavy duty 19.5″ x 19.5″ Armor Interlocking Garage Tiles that are a fast and great looking solution for just about any floor regardless of its condition! Their unique water tight seams and the highest rated roll over capacity of 160,000 lbs and an incredible 80,000 lbs static load capacity make them perfect as garage flooring, showroom floors, workshops, mechanical rooms, production areas, gyms, or vehicles as heavy as fully loaded fire engines! They are so strong they can bridge over cracks and divots 3″ wide! American made with the highest quality solid PVC in the industry!

No other garage tile comes close to the type of performance of Armor Tiles. There’s a big difference between roll over capacity and static load capacity. Some garage tiles have nice sounding roll over capacities but their static load capacity are only a fraction of that and will deform into a U shape with the edges sticking up when you have a heavy static load on them. Long stationary loads are even worse on hollow tiles such as car storage or product storage. Other tiles that look similar are not the same they will slide, separate and deform with wear and slight aging.


Flexible Garage Floor Tiles

There is a variety of interlocking flexible garage floor tiles. Like rigid plastic, these softer tiles are easy to install and remove.

One of the major advantages of flexible garage floor tiles over rigid tiles is that they are much easier to stand and walk on over long periods of time. Some types of interlocking rubber tiles are made for use in family rooms and daycare centers.

They can handle a lot of abuse and clean up easily, but they may not be suitable for use under cars and other heavy machinery. They do, however, make nice, comfortable flooring around a workbench. Flexible PVC tiles, on the other hand, are usually perfectly suitable for normal garage use.

You can find flexible garage floor tiles in just about any color, available with many patterns and profiles.

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Racedeck Garage Flooring Tile Kit

The RaceDeck Free-Flow Open Rib Design Garage Flooring Tile Kit takes a turn in a refreshing design direction, offering tiles with an attractive mesh of interlocking bars. The gaps between these bars allow air and water to circulate, preventing the build up of mold and other unpleasant life underneath your flooring. Like the other options on this round up, these tiles are made from high impact plastic which is designed to have an incredibly long lifespan.

The Pros

  • Good airflow: Having good airflow between your floor and the garage floor tiles on top of it can help to prevent mold, fungus, and other types of growth. This is great for preventing odors and keeping your garage clean.
  • Easy toolless installations: Being able to install these tiles without any tools is a huge boon, making the job take far less time.
  • Multiple color options: This tile kit is available in 10 different colors, and comes in 3 pack sizes, giving you loads of room for flexibility with your own designs.

The Cons

  • Limited safety features: The lattice shaped construction will prove less grippy than diamond tops, and this means that this kit will offer less safety in environments which involve moisture or oil.

Rigid Plastic Garage Floor Tile

How to Install Vented XL Modular Garage Tiles

The best rigid garage floor tiles are 100 percent PVC. They are usually about 1/4-inch thick and can stand up to most chemicals, oils, grease, and other nasty substances found in a garage.

They are strong enough to support cars and car jacks. And if you have any questions about that statement, check with Jay Leno. Some of the vintage cars in his Big Dog Garage collection rest their high-priced tires on Swisstrax garage floor tiles.

You can get higher-end options that have meta tread surfaces and offer a unique look.

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Where Can I Buy 1818 11 Pro Loc Interlocking Pvc Floor Tiles 18 X 18 Black 18 Pack 40 Sq Ft Online At The Best Price In The Fiji

desertcart is the best online shopping platform where you can buy 1818 11 Pro Loc Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles 18 X 18 Black 18 Pack 40 Sq Ft from renowned brand. desertcart delivers the most unique and largest selection of products from across the world especially from the US, UK and India at best prices and the fastest delivery time.

What Is The Warranty And What Happens If A Tile Is Defective

The tiles are guaranteed for life. If a tile is defective we will replace it free of charge. In the unlikely event that you manage to somehow damage a tile you can easily replace it with one on your shelf. The tiles can be popped out as easy as they were knocked together. If for some reason you don’t have any spares we will ship you out new tiles for just the cost of the shipping.

6PPD is an anti-oxidant and is added to rubber products to resist environmental attack by ozone and ultraviolet light. It also has other beneficial effects in the molding of rubber itself. Since it adds to the cost of making tires, manufacturers usually only add it to the softer high performance tires. So there are some off road tires and high performance tires with soft compounds that leach rubber onto the tiles. Recently we have seen these stain causing additives in regular street tires also so we strongly recommend Hillway Direct Plus Cleaner and Maintainer for all tiles. You can even order the micro fiber application mop from the same website which from our research has the best prices. This is a great product that will give you years of maintenance free service. We have never had a complaint about this product.

Our 19.5 x 19.5 Garage Floor Tiles come standard in Coin Pattern or Flat Pattern, please note that other tiles of similar size that look the same will not interlock with our tiles. Our other size tiles are available in Textured, Slate and Diamond finish.

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Modutile Garage Flooring Interlocking Tiles Diamond Top

The ModuTile Garage Floor Interlocking Tile Kit is another diamond top option to add to the list. The design of the diamond pattern is different than the other options available in this article, though, making it a little harder to make the tiles line up evenly. They are designed to be extremely durable, taking the weight of cars and light machinery in residential garages. Like the other tile kits, you wont need to use any tools to get this product installed, making the process much easier.

The Pros

  • Advanced safety features: The diamond pattern on these tiles will be as good as the rest, offering great grip and making it easy to stay safe when youre working in your garage.
  • Good airflow: Airflow is important under a floor like this, and these tiles have been designed to provide a clear space for air to travel through once they are installed.
  • Multiple color options available: There are 8 color options available for this product, but you can only get packs of 27 tiles.
  • UV resistant: UV resistance can be a great feature in garages with windows or for those who want to keep their garage door open during the day.

The Cons

  • Harder to line tiles up: The pattern used for these tiles will make it trickier to line the tiles up and keep the pattern consistent across the whole floor. This makes it worth being mindful during installation.

The Top 7 Garage Floor Tile Kits


Posted by Tommy Mello on April 20, 2020

When it comes to decor, many people will overlook their garage, not giving any thought to the decor of the room, and especially the flooring, despite all the available garage flooring options. Usually reserved as a room for utility and work, it often doesnt feel important to focus on what this space looks like. Of course, though, if you spend a lot of time in your garage, it makes sense to put some time into the way that this space looks and functions.

The floor will always be a big part of this job, forming a large element of the fundamental style of the space. Along with this, though, the right flooring can also provide a huge range of practical benefits – especially if you deal with functioning water heating in your garage as well!

Not everyone has the option to or wants to hire someone to replace their garage floors though. Does it mean that theyre stuck with the flooring they have at the moment? No! Thats exactly what garage floor tiles kits are for.

Garage floor tile kits come with everything you need to cover the floor in your garage, offering an easy way to improve the form and function of a space like this without any major costs. Similar to car floor mats, you can handle the installation yourself without any special tools or chemicals, and most people will find the process incredibly easy!

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Garage Flooring/car Show Flooring

PostsPostsPostsv1 rot8I used VCT tiles in my garage. Very happy with it so for. Been down 1 1/2 yrs. I did buy two mats that I put down each winter to help protect the floor from my two daily drivers coming in with stuff dripping off. You can see the mat behind the lift.RiverdogGoat 2 Vette — just checked the Costco website and they no longer show the same tile I got from them. Mine are solid, so dirt and liquids do not fall through to the actual garage floor I sweep it/blow it off regularly , and wash it with household cleaner/soap and water twice a year. It’s pretty much impervious to anything I’ve spilled on it–oil, paint, auto maintenance products, etc.–so I’m really happy with it. My two-car garage is a little oversized, with one side being a couple of feet longer and the floor along the sides are a little angled to direct any liquid–as in flood water since I’m only 1 1/2 miles from the ocean–to the center of the garage and out, so I actually bought more tiles than I needed–one full box–because I was going to cut/trim the tiles along the angle to do a really neat wall-to-wall installation. I also bought two trim/completer sets which are tapered tiles that start the floor at the garage door entrance, and I paid between $1800-1900 for everything.

Garage Tiles Vs Epoxy Coating: Which Option Should You Consider

However, a little time and effort completely change the atmosphere of your garage. What was once a bland room hidden away becomes the room of choice for sports games and hangouts.

Once you begin your search for different types of garage floor options, youll find theres a lot more to it than you thought. Figuring out what product to cover your garage with is daunting to many homeowners.

Two popular and well-known choices are epoxy and garage floor tiles. Both products have their costs and benefits. Information on the pros and cons before purchasing a product sets you and your floor up for success. It is essential to compare these products to make a well-informed decision. Heres the breakdown on each of these garage flooring options:

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Garage Floor Tile Kits Faq

What Is A Garage Floor Tile Kit? A garage floor tile kit allows you to put a new surface over your existing garage floor. Aside from refreshing the look of your garage, the right flooring can also provide a huge range of practical benefits!
What Color Are Garage Floor Tile Kits? The short answer is they have a lot of colors. Depending on what type of garage floor tiles you are after, you will probably be able to find them in a wide range of different colors, like blue, red, white, black, and so on.
What Tools Do I Need To Install Garage Floor Tile Kits? In many cases, you won’t need any tools to install a garage floor tile kit!
How Much Do Garage Floor Tile Kits Cost? Its hard to give you one answer as there are several things that influence the cost of a garage floor tile kit, like the material, whether they are interlocking tiles, peel and stick garage floor tiles, or even the store you are purchasing it from makes a difference. Generally speaking, however, most kits cost $100.00 and up.
What If One of the Tiles Gets Damaged After Installation? In case one of the tiles gets damaged after installation , nothings lost, as with most garage floor tiles, you can simply replace the broken one without having to remove the ones around it. As long as you have some leftover garage floor tiles from the kit you used, you should have no issues with adding a new one.The Sum Up!

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