Pictures Of Garage Doors With Windows

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Number Of Garage Door Windows

Smartifying My 25+ Year Old Garage – Z-Wave Garage Door Opener

Just like window shapes, the amount of garage door windows in a single residential garage door is also variable. Some options range from just a double window design to classic and custom model garage door options with an additional 30+ windows on them from top to bottom. Its most common to find roughly 4 or 16 garage door windows on a residential door.

Traditional Style Garage Doors

If you are looking for a more traditional garage door with windows, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Many traditional garage doors have smaller windows that let in just enough natural light. They often come with beautiful designs and are made from high-quality materials and are warm and inviting. Their architectural design includes classic styling and may have windows in just about any shape from the standard rectangular to arched and Williamsburg .

Beautiful Garage Door Styles With Windows

Thinking about updating your garage doors?

The garage door is one of the first things people notice about a property, so it has a pretty big impact on the overall curb appeal of your home. If your garage doors havent been updated in ten to twenty years, theres a good chance people will notice.

Theres a wide range of garage door styles available, but we thought wed take a moment to focus on a popular request we hear from people in the area

Today, were taking a closer look at 25 beautiful garage door styles with windows.

Lets get started!

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Case Studies With Windows And Doors

Check out some of the projects weve completed in the past with some great windows and doors:

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Residential Garage Door Designs

Plexiglass Garage Door Windows Aluminum Glass Garage Door Price

Garages arent the most exciting part of a home.

But in our culture, theyre important and are a large part of most homes.

The good news is that todays homes actually strive to make garages and garage doors look good often replicating the design of the home.

Our massive gallery of garage door designs includes pictures of many styles of nice garages and garage doors. Why nice? Because we want to give you many ideas of whats possible with your garage.

One big trend is going with carriage garage doors in an effort to make garages look like the old carriage houses of the 19th century. Im a big fan, so youll see plenty of carriage-style garage doors in our gallery.

Weve organized our gallery into 5 main sections as follows:

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Removing Walls Or Windows To Install Two Doors No Problem For A Plus Garage Doors

Thats a before-and-after on the left. Distracted homeowners hit their own garage doors ALL THE TIME it is easier than you might think! If your garage door is in need of repair, contact A Plus Garage Doors today!

When was the last time you examined your garage door? Check out our blog about why garage door maintenancematters to learn what simple steps you can take to increase the life of your door.

A new commercial garage door can make your business quieter, safer, and more attractive. We have almost thirty years of experience installing every type of commercial door, and no job is too big for A Plus.

This before and after shot of a residential door replacement shows how even a simple change can make a huge difference in a homes curb appeal! Adding windows to a door is a great upgrade.

The above before/after shows a residential job where we took two single car door and combined them, complete with new framing.

These are some more of our finished residential garage door or garage door opener jobs. We pride ourselves on our reliable quality and service. See more of our work by clicking on the sides of the images to scroll between them.

Glazed Glass For Privacy

If your garage faces the street, its doors need to work with the rest of your house’s face. A pair of industrial glass and metal garage doors match the windows on the front of this house and give the garage a lit-from-within look that’s much livelier than blank metal doors. Glazed glass on the door panels keeps your possessions from being visible to passersby but is transparent enough to let in light.

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Great Garage Window Ideas

Dont overlook windows when designing a garage. Garage windows an often-forgotten feature can add major functionality and style to your space. If you use your garage for DIY projects or car maintenance, windows provide much-needed natural light and ventilation. Garage windows can also add character to your home and boost its curb appeal.

Garage door windows come in a variety of shapes and styles and can be tinted, frosted or etched for added privacy. Many garage doors feature a row of windows along the top edge to let in light while keeping cars and other belongings out of sight. For modern homes like the one pictured here, a vertical column of windows on one side of the garage door is a sleek, stylish choice.

For windows within the walls of your garage, consider coordinating with your homes other windows to make the garage feel like a cohesive part of its design. Browse our gallery for more garage window ideas youll want to copy.

Window Boxes For The Win

How to Stop Garage Door Break-Ins | Number One Way Thieves Get Into the House!

Treat the windows on your garage just as you do those on your main house: make them pretty. Especially since the garage is often the first part of the house you see when you get home. Here, a window box garden brings a shot of summer color against this cedar-sided garage in Martha’s Vineyard.

See More Photos: Garage Pictures From HGTV Dream Home 2015

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Other Garage Door Styles

We are proud to provide a virtually limitless range of residential garage door styles and designs. We invite you to visit our showroom in Branchburg, NJ, so you can see a variety of garage doors up close and personal. Our family-run business has over 150 years of combined garage door experience. We stand behind every garage door we sell.

Carriage House Garage DoorsAlso known as barn garage doors, these are currently one of the most popular styles of garage doors. One reason is that they are available in so many varieties. A carriage house garage door, regardless of the materials it is made from, is built to look like an Old-fashioned swing-out pair of doors in it most basic design however modern carriage house doors are actually built to open up over your head, just as a normal garage door does.
Modern Garage Doors | Contemporary Garage DoorsWe offer insulated and non-insulated modern-looking garage doors. Ourcontemporary-style garage doors, with their clean lines and classic functional details, are a great option for the modern home. Designs are available in a variety of materials including aluminum and glass, steel, and wood.

Residential Garage Door Repairs and Preventive Maintenance

Whatever brand of garage door , or garage door opener , our service professionals are qualified to service them. We stock replacement door parts and opener parts for nearly all major brands.

Prairie Style Garage Doors

If you are looking for a garage door that has a unique look, prairie-style garage doors might be the perfect option. They may include asymmetric or banded windows straight across and connected throughout. A home with prairie styling will usually be just a single story with a low-pitched roof and include strong horizontal lines.

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Carriage Style Garage Doors

One of the most popular styles of garage doors with windows is the carriage style. This type of garage door has a traditional look that will complement any home. Carriage-style garage doors are often made from wood and have beautiful, intricate designs intended to look similar to barn doors. They also come with large windows that let in plenty of natural light.

Carriage Houses With A Garage

Clopay Classic Collection 9 ft. x 7 ft. 6.5 R

This carriage house in forest green and bold red features three garage doors with upper panel windows under a second-floor balcony.

This similar three-stall carriage house features white carriage-style garage doors separated by white columns under a balcony.

Natural wood shingle carriage house with three stall garage separated by white columns.

. Green and white three-stall carriage house features upper panel windows on white garage doors, white pillars, and upper level balcony.

Cozy red shingle carriage house features two stalls separated by a central window, with brown painted wood carriage-style doors.

Arched roof barn style carriage house in white features two stall matching garage doors with 3/4 height window panes.

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Contemporary Style Garage Doors

Another garage door style thats popular and has windows is contemporary. This type of garage door has a sleek, modern look and is perfect for homes that need a little bit of updated style. Contemporary doors often include elements consistent with those in other areas of the home such as garage door windows that mirror others visible. One of the latest trends in this style is to have an entire garage door made of tempered glass panels.

Garage Doors With Windows

If youre installing a new garage door for your home, youve probably been looking at pictures and doing research to make your decision easier. With so many things to consider , it can be difficult to narrow down your options!

In this blog post, we are focusing on windows. Are you interested in installing a garage door with windows? There are different sizes, glass types and configurations you can choose from.

Browse the pictures of garage doors with windows below to get ideas for your home:

View our residential photo gallery to see more pictures of garage doors!

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Benefits Of Garage Door Designs With Windows

Garages commonly make up a large portion of a homes profile, the portion of the home thats visible from the road. Adding windows to your garage door makes a noticeable difference, tremendously increases curb appeal, and can provide character that sets your home apart from the many others that may look similar in the area. Its been proven that garage door replacements improving curb appeal are a good investment.

Besides the fact that your home will look better and potentially increase the value, windows in a garage drastically increase the amount of natural light in your garage. Depending on if your garage is painted classic white or a darker color, this could make a huge difference in the appearance of your garage. A garage with lighter paint and numerous or large garage door windows will appear larger and more welcoming. Itll also feel like theres more storage room, which is always a plus.

As we noted in another article, your garage door is a vulnerable entry point of your home for thieves. For this reason, we always recommend some sort of privacy glass for any garage door windows. Select windows that are tinted, frosted, or have a mirror design to ensure seclusion from the exterior of your house.

Garage Door Styles With Windows

Doors: Concepts of new entities.

If youve ever seen a garage door with windows, you know how much more aesthetically pleasing it is to the eye.

Adding windows the design adds dimension and visual appeal to your garage door, which enhances the overall look of your home or office. The windows are positioned near the top of the garage and often come in a variety of different visibility levels, so you dont have to worry about people looking through the windows into your garage.

There is a wide range of garage door styles available, so weve put together a list outlining the differences. There a few general types of garage doors that can be varied in terms of color, panel arrangement, and window shape.

If youre not sure what style you want, you might want to take a look at our collection of garage doors first.

Here we go

1. Raised-panel doors: These are more traditional and typical they usually have some pattern of raised panels, typically rectangles of varying lengths. Windows can be added at the top in a variety of styles and shapes. This is a very common garage door style.2. Carriage house: These garage doors that look like barn doors or carriage house doors, hence the name. They usually have a set of square or rectangle windows at the top, with white/earth tone outline contrasts to make them look authentically like a barn door.3. Contemporary: This is a rather modern look that works best with modern homes. A mix of metal, glass, and symmetrical framework makes these look modern and non-traditional.

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Garages Under The Home

This rustic-look home features a front-facing garage under the large upper balcony, with natural wood doors featuring upper panel windows.

Bold light stone brick home features attached, under-home garage with twin smoked glass panel doors framed in black.

A discreet single-door garage sits under hedge rows, surrounded by large stones in this home. The flat concrete overhang provides shade for beige toned doors.

This stone facade garage is nearly hidden beneath vegetation, with brown square paneled doors.

What Are The Best Garage Doors

Im partial to wood in a carriage design. However, you may prefer a translucent door or aluminum. With respect to design, I prefer individual garage doors instead of large two-car garage doors. They look better and thats the design you get with a carriage design.

At the end of the day, the best garage doors are a matter of opinion. However, the key is to use quality materials and have them professionally installed. Also be sure to research the latest technology available such as sensors for opening, heating options, remote control options, mobile device syncing, and other smart garage technology. Obviously, youll want to hire a professional garage installer or discuss these options with your home builder .

In some cases, adding windows to your garage doors can enhance the design as well not always, but sometimes. Our gallery below features many garage doors with windows.

The main point of this gallery is to show you that your garage should not be an afterthought. Instead, you should put as much emphasis on the exterior and interior design of your garage as on your home. Speaking of garage interior design this is a wonderful opportunity to proactively create some great storage space for your home.

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Steel Wood Tone Garage Doors Installed By Absolute Garage Doors In Connecticut

Bead board steel garage door in wood tone with windows and decorative hardware Carriage House steel garage door in wood tone color with rectangular windows and black decorative hardware Bead board steel garage door in wood tone with long panels and windows
Bead board steel garage door with wood tone, short panel without windows Raised Panel steel garage door in wood tone with a short panel design and square windows Bead board steel garage door in dark walnut with large rectangular windows

Craftsman Style Garage Doors

25 Beautiful Garage Door Styles with Windows

If you are looking for a garage door that has an old-world charm, a craftsman might be a good fit for you. A Craftsman architecture garage door will usually have lots of smaller square panel windows, allowing tons of natural light through the front of the house. Youll also find that these doors will have lots of decorative features and commonly have a wood exterior .

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More Pictures With Garage Door Window Design Ideas

If you came for the pictures, we wanted to share additional motivation for design ideas that incorporate garage door windows. Whether youre looking for a new garage door, building a new house, or just adding windows to your existing aluminum, steel, or modern wood garage door, we hope you consider these images and they provoke added thought on your part.

Sometimes just a simple white door makes the statement youre looking for. Vertical rectangular panels are less-common and help set the door apart from all the others and dark tinted windows look great against a white door.

Conversely, a dark garage door is sometimes whats required to contrast with the finishes on your home. Larger windows allow for more natural lighting inside the garage area and work great if you intend to spend much time there.

The wood look has become immensely popular over the past few years. They provide a very high-end appearance that is only added to when a few small windows are included. The barn door-style slats also add some additional character.

Some like the look lots of windows provide a garage door. Personally, this is too open for our taste, but to each their own, right? Theres no doubt these windows give your garage space tons of natural light!

A darker garage door with smaller frosted windows appearsv very modern, yet has a simplistic design that weve seen for many years.

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