Outdoor Exterior Garage Lighting Ideas

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Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Front Of House

60 Outdoor Garage Lighting Ideas

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If youve ever struggled to see the keyhole or unlock your front door after dark, you know how important it is to have outdoor lighting thats not only functional but also safe. This is important in particular when dealing with children. The proper lighting can also make your home appear welcoming and secure.

A well-lit home can provide comfort, security, and a sense of community to your visitors. A well-lit home will also raise the property value. If you plan to sell your home, consider upgrading your lighting fixtures today.

Idea : Light Bales From Trees

Hang string lights from tree branches and use them as a background for outdoor sitting.

Admittedly this lighting solution doesnt have a broad appeal, but it is a unique idea that stands out from the rest. If you have a lovely tall tree in your yard, why not make the best out of it by using it as a gazebo replacement.

Short string lights hanging from tree branks will look like a glowing ball of light. Add multiple light strips according to your desired lighting requirement, and place a table and some chairs underneath.

We are essentially combining landscape lighting and outdoor dining lighting into one idea. It maximizes the efficiency of landscape lighting by turning a tree into a lamp post. Instead of needlessly lighting up a tree and a dining area, you can combine the two lighting styles into a single spot in your house.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Maximum Curb Appeal

Its the little things. The details of your homes exterior design make all the difference. There are tons of decisions to make when updating your homes exterior, from paint colors choices to front door options to outdoor lighting ideas that will maximize curb appeal. In this post, were hoping to inspire you with exterior light fixture ideas. The images below demonstrate how intentional outdoor lighting choices can elevate the entire aesthetic of your home.

So many details, big and small, go into designing your homes exterior. Our expert designers are here to ensure that none of them are missed. At brick& batten, we are committed to creating a customized design plan that fits your style and needs. Find out more about our virtual design services.

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Idea : Gazebo Light Curtains

Use parallel runs of fairy lights to create a pseudo curtain and drape this curtain around your gazebo.

We understand that most people wont have a gazebo in their backyard. But this lighting idea applies to any outdoor sitting area with a small roof.

Fairy lights dont have much luminance, but you can overcome this minor shortcoming with enough lights. Since fairy lights are cheaper than most lighting solutions, you can use as many as possible without worrying about cost or power requirements. So far, this is the most accessible and easy to execute lighting style. But if you want to kick this idea up a notch, you can add bale plants on the top of your gazebo. Plants will help camouflage the cables of the fairy lights and give the effect of floating lights.

Dusk To Dawn Black Outdoor Wall Lights

50 Outdoor Garage Lighting Ideas

From dusk to dawn, these outdoor garage light fixtures are here to light up your garage area all night long.

You can make a statement with their design and this makes them one of the best lighting ideas for your garage. The lighter color of the inner surface of the lampshade enhances the intensity of light that emanates from the fixtures.

Install them on either side of the garage door or just over the door to create a well-lit-up atmosphere. Thanks to their matt-black finish and minimalistic design, these lighting fixtures can complement any design style you adopt for your outdoor garage.

Rustic exterior garage lighting ideas are a big hit with homeowners. Take a look at this lantern-shaped wall light which is so apt to be used on either side of your garage door.

As simple as it is, there is a subtle charm to this matt black light fixture.

The seeded glass panels against the geometric metal frame create visual drama. It is easy to maintain and is compatible with a 60 watts E26 base bulb to brighten up your garage area.

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Chicago Vintage Industrial Gooseneck Light

While The Chicago recalls early 20th-century explosion proof lighting, its rounded shape and industrial edge also appeals to contemporary décors and the latest trends. Both interior and exterior spaces can embrace this eye-catching fixture thanks to its durable gooseneck arm and meticulous construction. Multiple shade sizes, finish options, and guard styles let everyone create a unique look reflecting their individual preferences! Made exclusively in the United States, this gooseneck demonstrates the dependability associated with Barn Light Electric. Hand built with an American made RLM warehouse shade, this quality industrial wall lighting is a lasting gooseneck option. Made-to-order, learn more about the process here . Learn more about the Chicago Vintage Industrial Gooseneck Light over on our blog !

Selecting Your Garage Lighting Fixtures

Choosing your exterior garage lighting fixtures may seem like a daunting task. Some fixtures are designed for specific applications while others can be used in a more general way. Fixtures come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have a vintage look while others offer more of a modern or traditional style. As if that werent enough, bulbs have specific brightness and color values to choose from. To help you with your selection and to keep you from being overwhelmed, here are some important factors to consider so that you can achieve the best combination of style and functionality in your exterior garage lighting:

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Where To Light Areas Around Your House Or Garage

Lighting up your house and garage increases the functionality, security and style of your home. Exterior lighting reduces the risk of tripping or falling when its dark out and allows you to enjoy the outdoors even after the sun goes down. Outdoor lights also increase the safety of your home, especially if you have motion-activated lights. Lights increase the visibility of your property and will likely deter potential burglars, and a sudden light coming on will also scare away animals and pests. Lighting up the attractive features of your home will also increase curb appeal and enhance the style of your whole property.

Where To Position Outdoor Lights

Easiest DIY Garage LED Lighting Upgrade \\ 5 Minutes!

Where you can position your outdoor light fixtures depends partly on how they are designed to be mounted. Wall-mounted exterior lights generally must be mounted to a flat vertical surface. Whether this is a wall or some kind of wooden post or fence is up to you, but the surface must be strong enough to support the weight of the light fixture.

Similarly, post-mounted lights or pier-mounted lanterns must be positioned on top of a lamp post or a pier-mount adapter. This means either they’ll be on top of a post positioned in the ground somewhere, or on top of a wall or flat surface. They can also be positioned on top of a wooden post or fence, provided it is stable enough to support the light fixture.

Locating outdoor lights generally means either you’ll position lights on a vertical wall – typically your building – on a post or wall-top somewhere. When you need to also provide light away from walls, either using a post light or some kind of landscape, path or driveway lights are an option. Remember to light the critical areas where you’ll be walking at night or moving the car.

Some outdoor lighting ideas to keep in mind:

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Desirable Features In Exterior Garage Lighting

Did you know that exterior garage lighting can add to your homes curb appeal? Not only can it help to establish your homes unique appearance, but it can also contribute to the overall esthetic appeal of your home. Of course, you will also want your outdoor lighting to provide an adequate amount of safety. The proper type of outdoor lighting will allow you to safely navigate in, out and around your home and entertain visitors without having to worry about slip and fall accidents. Additionally, adequate outdoor lighting will give you peace of mind because it will help to prevent intruders and break-ins.

Flood Lights And Motion Sensor Lights

Outdoor motion sensor lights are usually wall-mounted lanterns or flood lights which include a movement detector. The range of the motion sensor will be limited to a local area but when it detects motion, it will switch the lights on automatically. This can help to keep your property safe, deter intruders, and also activate lighting when you are in the outside area.

With motion detector lights, you won’t need to be concerned about when to switch the lights on or off. Some of the best outdoor motion sensor lights include flood lights which use bright light bulbs designed to flood the yard or driveway with light. Due to exposure to sunlight, solar motion sensor lights are also an increasingly viable option.

Security lights help to keep your home safe and deter intruders. With outdoor motion sensor lights, your building can be kept more secure and a lit area provides less hiding places for would-be intruders. With outdoor security lights you can create a sense of safety in your home and in your neighborhood. Consider adding a security light to your front driveway or at the rear of the house.

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Building Garage Curb Appeal

Garage Curb Appeal Design Ideas. It was time to add some garage curb appeal to our new pole barn home. In this process post, weve added our steel siding, steel roofing, painted our garage doors, added light fixtures and more. Let me show you! #garagedesign #garage #curbappeal #garagecurbappeal #camitidbits #homeexterior #steelsiding #steelroofing

Idea : Outdoor Accent Lighting

Waterspring LED downlight outside up and down sconce # ...

Lets start with the simplest and easiest method to improve your outdoor wall lighting, accent lighting.

Accent lights add visual intrigue to your house by highlighting particular areas or architectural details. Cover the perimeter of your home with spotlights and aim at your exterior walls. By strategically placing the lights, you can give your house a warm comfy glow.

Your house has a distinct look in daylight, which goes away as soon as the sunsets. Of course, there is no need to light up your home at night fully. But you can selectively light specific areas of your house to give it a unique look.

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Lighting The Architectural Features Of The Garage

When the garage is a prominent feature of a home’s curbside view, it can greatly benefit from landscape lighting. Instead of mounting coach lights to the exterior, consider up-lighting the columns to showcase the beautiful stone or brickwork. Light shining from the ground up is naturally more appealing and creates interest. You’ll love how it provides nighttime curb appeal and creates a welcoming first impression for your guests.

At McKay Lighting, we think this technique works best when you install the fixtures before pouring the concrete. If your concrete work is complete, we can core drill into the concrete and then install fixtures too. When you work with our experienced team, we will let you know your options to help you achieve this look. If it involves working with your builder, architect, or contractor, we work with them to coordinate the details and arrange the install.

More Ways To Mount Outdoor Light Fixtures

While outdoor lighting can be mounted to a wall, or on top of a post, they can also be adapted to other surfaces. For example an outdoor post lantern can also be mounted on top of a wall using a pier-mount adapter.

This small unit secures the lantern to the top of the wall, so if your driveway for example leads with a low wall, you can mount a pair of pier-mounted lanterns either side, foregoing the need for a taller lamp post and bringing the light closer to the ground.

You can also install a post of some nature and secure a wall-mounted lantern onto the side of the post. The main thing to keep in mind is that outdoor light fixtures, except for solar powered lights, need an electricity source and so some kind of cable must run from the light fixture to the building.

Landscape Lights

A large variety of landscape lighting is also available, designed to be positioned into the ground and to rise up a short distance to light the surrounding area. They serve more of an aesthetic purpose than a security one. As such, these lights tend to be less bright than full-scale light fixtures and so you may need at least a few of them to light a specific pathway or driveway.

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Different Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Creative ideas can be anything, from creative minds coming up with new ways to make a product or service work, to people coming up with unique and innovative ways to improve the way we live. Whatever the idea, creativity is needed in order to come up with them, and if you dont have any creativity yourself its easy to find others who do.

Types Of Landscape Lights

Cheap Led Garage Lighting / DIY / Shop Lights

Whether you want to show off your garden or pond, theres a type of landscape lighting to help you out. These lights will help draw attention to your favorite features while also making your outdoor space safer. The right amount of lighting will illuminate the area without drowning it in light.

If youre using any of the lights with visible fixtures, like floodlights, bullet lights and wash lights, consider hiding them. Do so by piling rocks around them, making them unnoticeable during the day but allowing them to shine at night. Here are a few types of landscape lights to consider:

1. Garden Lights

Garden lights are typically 18-24 inches tall and have a canopy on the top so all the light casts downwards. These lights are for illuminating garden beds or pathways and wont create a glare. Use these to show off your prized flowers or guide guests up a walkway.

2. Wash Lights

Wash lights radiate a wide, soft light you can position to shine at a different angle. Use wash lights to brighten flat walls or fences.

3. Bullet Lights

For a narrow beam of light, use bullet lights. These are great for lighting house features, trees or garden structures. These bullet-shaped lights are often used for spotlighting, also called up-lighting, which is when you shine a light beam upwards to showcase a plant or ornamental features of your house or garden. Since bullet lights cast a narrow beam, theyre best for taller features like trees.

4. Well Lights

5. Floodlights

6. Downlights

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Outdoor Exterior Garage Lighting Ideas

The important thing is to stay open to new ideas and be willing to experiment. You never know when that next great invention idea will strike!

searching about 50 Outdoor Garage Lighting Ideas – Exterior Illumination Designs youve visit to the right place. We have 9 Pics about 50 Outdoor Garage Lighting Ideas – Exterior Illumination Designs like 50 Outdoor Garage Lighting Ideas – Exterior Illumination Designs, 15 Different Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Home – Home and also 50 Outdoor Garage Lighting Ideas – Exterior Illumination Designs. Read more:

Outdoor Wall Lights For Porch Or Garage

A popular form of outdoor lighting is to mount a light onto the exterior walls of your home as outdoor house lights. Ideally you’ll place outdoor lights in key areas close to where you’ll be moving or operating at night, such as porch lights or garage lighting.

Exterior wall lights can be placed next to a porch, in front of a garage, at a side door, or on a rear wall depending on how you access and move around the building. You’ll want adequate lighting near any pathway that you’ll need to navigate safely in the dark.

Porch lights

Porch lights are mounted usually either side or at least one side of your main front entrance. These outdoor wall lights are designed to spread light in a local area, outwards and downwards.

Outdoor porch lights or outdoor wall sconces should be mounted near to shoulder height. This will provide a downward light to help you with your keys etc while keeping direct glare out of your eyes.

Sometimes called ‘coach’ lights due to the kind of lanterns used on horse-drawn coaches, these outdoor wall lights light up the steps and entry-way and nearby path leading to the entrance, to provide safety and help you to see what you’re doing.

Garage Lighting

Another popular choice is to position outdoor wall lights on the walls at either side of a garage. This garage lighting will help to light the driveway and surrounding area.

More Exterior House Lighting Ideas

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Outdoor Garage Lighting Ideas You Must Know

Outdoor light fixtures may not be as important to your home decor as living room chandeliers.

But they do serve a purpose.

The outdoor garage is a practical section of your home and the lights you choose should be stylish.

Take a look at these outdoor garage lighting ideas you can adopt for your home too.

The Top 34 Garage Lighting Ideas

50 Outdoor Garage Lighting Ideas

My study is a converted garage which is largely lined with bookshelves and cardboard boxes filled with manuscripts of my film scripts, plays, and books. William Nicholson

Do you have lights in and around your garage? If so, they are probably a single spotlight outside, and the light inside is the one that comes on your garage door opener. These are simply not enough lights.

You need an additional light fixture in the garage and an exterior garage light that can create a broader wash of light on your property. These garage lighting ideas will help you find the perfect lighting for in and around your garage.


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