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Where Can I Park In New Jersey To Get To Nyc

Parking at a premium in New York City as demand soars, along with prices

There are several ways to park your car in New Jersey and get into Manhattan. Here are a few options for cheap parking outside NYC:

  • PATH Train: This subway runs under the Hudson River, connecting towns in New Jersey with Manhattan. You can park on the street or in a paid lot near PATH stations in Harrison, Jersey City or Hoboken, for example, and be in NYC in less than 30 minutes.
  • NY Waterway Ferry: Enjoy the sights by parking your car and taking the ferry from Weehawken, Port Imperial, Hoboken, Jersey City and other stops. Most of the ferry terminals have a paid parking lot, or you can try to find street parking nearby.
  • New Jersey Transit Train: Some NJ Transit train stations have the Park & Ride option where you can leave your car in a lot and take the train in to the city. Parking in the lot costs $10, which is still a bargain compared to in Manhattan.
  • Bus: There are several bus lines from New Jersey that go into the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Midtown Manhattan. In fact, most major towns in the state have some sort of bus service into NYC, and you can look for street parking around the bus station or sometimes there are lots to park in.

What About New York City Parking Garages

There are more than a thousand off-street parking garages in Manhattan alone. If youre visiting New York City from out of town, garage parking may be a much more attractive option for you, as its convenient, guaranteed legal, and often safer for both you and your car. Additionally, in many cases, parking in a garage is more affordable than parking at a meter, especially in high-traffic areas near popular attractions and on holidays and during special events.

Cheap Parking Spaces In New York City For Rent

Spacer has 16 cheap and secure parking spaces available for rent in central New York City. You can select to rent undercover, outdoor, garage, driveway, overnight and secure parking spaces for your car right now. The average price per month is $414.31. For the cheapest and best central New York City parking we recommend selecting from the list above, viewing the car park details and booking a long term parking space by selecting the dates you need or you can find out more abouthow it works.

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Parking Garages & Lots

Parking garages are in operation Monday through Friday from 8am-6:30pm. Parking garage rates are in effect if you enter the garage during this time. A cashier located at the exit can assist you with your payment. Cash and credit card payments are accepted. You may also purchase a monthly permit for $96/month.

To submit a request for a permit at any or our facilities please use the OpenGov Citizens Portal.

For questions, please email us at , or call 849-2230.

All parking facilities are ADA accessible.

Picking A Garage With Fair Rates

Pretty cool concept for a parking garage in New York City. # ...

Margot Tohn, who wrote a past-edition Park It! NYC book, says to look for parking garages owned by larger companies that own multiple facilities these companies often have employee standards that encourage better service, and some larger garage companies also offer discounted rates and coupons.

Edison ParkFast manages more than 15 parking locations in Manhattan and runs promotions on their website while Icon Parking has more than 200 facilities in Manhattan and also offers regular online specials and discount coupons.

The average price for monthly parking in Manhattan is more than $500, according to Tohn, but some garages will offer discounts if you commit to a six or 12-month contract, so go ahead and try to negotiate when you book your parking spot.

On the other hand, hourly rates tend to vary widely by neighborhoodso you should always try to find a larger parking garage company in especially populated areas like Times Square and the East Village to avoid higher prices.

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Tips For Scoring Discounts On Nyc Monthly Parking

Before you get started, heres some background information if youre looking to save money.

1. Be flexible about location to save up to $300 Some areas of Manhattan are considerably more expensive formonthly parking than others. The areas shaded in red on the map to the right will likely be over $400.

Consider looking in a 5-block radius of your ideal location for the best luck at getting a lower rate. And avoid 5th Avenue at all costs!

If you dont need your car that often, these outer boroughs tend to have cheaper monthly parking options.

  • Bronx Monthly Parking
  • 2. Dont pay for more access than you need If you dont use your car every day, dont pay for a monthly parking spot with unlimited in and out access. There are usually different rates for different access levels. Ask your parking provider about discounts for infrequent use. We recommend negotiating here.

    3. Ask about timing discounts If your parking needs are the opposite of most people in the area, you might be able to get a discount from the garage.

    For example, if you live in Midtown, where many people drive to work, but you only need parking during nights and weekends, you might be able to get a cheaper monthly rate. It never hurts to ask!

    Top 5 Parking Garage Discounts On The Upper West Side

    1. 303 W 96th St the entrance to this valet garage is at 303 W 96th St. Book a discounted parking spot here for only $11!

    2. 540 W 45th St the entrance to this garage is at 550 W 45th St. You can park here at a discounted rate of $15

    3. 670 W 43rd St the entrance to this valet garage is at 670 W 43rd St, Park here for only $15.

    4. 80 W End the entrance to this valet garage is at 287 W 63rd, Reserve discounted parking here for $20.

    5. 100 W 92nd the entrance to this valet garage is at 122 W 92nd. Book parking here for $20.

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    Parking Services In New York City

    Sales tax is imposed on the services of parking, garaging, or storing motor vehicles in a garage, parking lot, or other place of business that provides these services .

    The services of parking, garaging and storing of motor vehicles within New York City are subject to the 4% state tax, the 6% New York City local tax, and the % Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District tax, for a combined rate of 10%.

    There is an additional 8% parking tax in Manhattan, for a combined state and local rate of 18%, that applies unless the purchaser is a certified exempt resident. Manhattan residents can find information on this exemption at

    Special recordkeeping requirements in ManhattanParking facility operators in Manhattan have special recordkeeping requirements. The requirements are found in Tax Law section 1142-A and section 538.4 of the regulations. See also, Tax Bulletin ParkingServicesin NewYorkCity.

    TicketsParking facility operators in Manhattan are required to furnish a ticket or other documentation to each purchaser of parking services and keep copies of each ticket for their records, with certain exceptions. See TP-832, Special Requirements for Parking Facility Operators Located in Manhattan, for more information.

    Your Comprehensive Guide To Finding The Best Nyc Monthly Parking Deals

    Drivers say cars have been stuck at Bronx parking garage for months

    So, youre looking for monthly parking in New York City? Whether youre looking to find a better monthly parking spot, or youre just starting to park in the city, you need to learn about your options.

    Given NYC monthly parking spots average $570, youll certainly want to do some research before you commit. To help you get started, weve created a step by step guide to finding monthly parking. Now lets get into hacking the NYC monthly parking system.

    NYC Parking Company Directory | | Cheapest Monthly Parking by Neighborhood | Monthly Parking Garages by Amenity | 9 Other Monthly Parking Resources | FAQ

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    Parking Near Midtown East

    With the help of SpotHero, enjoy the convenience of booking a parking spot ahead of time, ensuring you have a space waiting for you when you get to Midtown East.

    To get started, select the timeframe you wish to book parking for, find your ideal spot on the map, and head to checkout to complete your reservation!

    Where Can I Park My Car In New York City

    Where you can park your car depends on what part of the city youre in. Manhattan has less street parking but more garages, while the other boroughs of New York have mostly street parking outside of some commercial shopping areas. You need to pay close attention to street signs regarding parking regulations, but here are some general rules citywide:

    • Double parking is not allowed, even if someone is in the vehicle.
    • Alternate side parking rules for street cleaning are in effect across the city, and govern which side of the street you can park on.
    • You cannot park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
    • You can only park in school zones when school is not in session.
    • The easiest way to find open parking spots is with an app like SpotHero, Pango and ParkNYC.

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    Which Is The Best Parking App In Nyc

    Many parking apps let you book NYC parking near you without any hassles. However, if you want to get the best NYC parking spots, with an NYC parking map and details of all services offered, you need to download the WayApp. The WayApp lets you park hassle free across NYC and that too, at the click of a button. You can download the app from Play Store and App Store.

    New York City Monthly Parking Faq

    Park N Lock Parking Garage Sign in Midtown Manhattan, New York City ...

    1. Is there a NYC monthly parking app?

    Try the following resources to learn more about parking apps in NYC:

    2. What is the average cost of monthly parking in NYC?

    SpotHero reports that the average monthly parking rate in NYC is $570.

    BONUS TIP NYC Monthly Parking Groupons

    One trick for finding monthly parking coupons faster would be to search for a Groupon. You can often find coupons for discounted monthly parking offered directly from parking operators and third party providers.

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    Where To Park In New York City

    TripSavvy / Emilie Dunphy

    Finding an available parking space on the streets of Manhattan can be a frustrating and time-consuming endeavor. Even if you luck into a parking space, confusing signs, and expired meters can lead to expensive tickets. It’s no easy feat to figure out just where to park in New York City.

    It’s no wonder, then, that so many New York drivers rely on parking garages. Parking in a garage will cost you more than parking on the street, but it will also save you time and headaches when you’re in a hurry.

    According to Park It! Guides, a directory of Manhattan parking garages, there are 1,100 off-street parking garages and 100,000 spaces in outdoor parking lots in Manhattan. New York parking garages range from the tiny to the enormous .

    However, finding a convenient parking garage near your destination when you really need one can be a daunting task. Fortunately, a number of New Yorkers have compiled lists and directories of the best-rated parking garages in the cityjust make sure you pick a garage with a fair rate and avoid any additional charges when you park.

    Monthly Parking In New York Ny

    In the most densely populated city in the U.S. how are you ever going to find a reliable parking spot? With Spacer, thats how. We offer an alternative option for securing cheap monthly parking NYC that you may never have even thought about. You know all those empty parking garages you see driving to work every day? Or all of those empty driveways located near work? Now theres a place you can search to see whether those local New York residents are willing to rent their available space to drivers just like you. And, guess what? They absolutely are.

    We are the peer to peer network that puts people who need to find a good, reliable car park in touch with the people who have the space to share. Drivers and vehicle owners can source reliable monthly parking NYC for a flat rate every month. Its a fast and simple to find what you need when you use Spacer.

    The Spacer network spans all of the big cities including Los Angeles and San Francisco, as notorious as New York City for expensive and limited parking options. Were also covering Chicago and Boston, and Washington DC. Our network is reaching right across the U.S. and showing people how they can make a little extra money on the side offering monthly parking in their home cities to the people from all over the country who need a reliable and dedicated car park.

    How much does monthly parking cost in New York City?

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    Where Can I Park For Free In Nyc

    If you find a parking spot in New York where you dont have to pay, you might feel like you won the lottery. But if you pay attention to street signs and know a couple of tips, you can indeed find the unicorn that is free parking in NYC.

    • There is free parking on Sundays on metered spots. Be sure to look for signs listing any time limits or specific hours you can park there.
    • On major holidays, standing and alternate side parking rules are suspended.
    • You can park for free during off hours in areas with regulations like No parking between 2 am and 6 am if there arent meters.

    Do Lots Offer Overnight Parking In Nyc

    DOB says Bronx parking garage with broken lift won’t be penalized

    Yes. There are plenty of NYC parking lots that offer overnight parking in NYC at rates that dont put a dent in your wallet. However, getting a spot across most of these NYC parking garages can be difficult as they are limited in numbers. Your best shot at getting affordable overnight parking in NYC would be to reserve a city parking NYC spot in advance.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Park In New York City

    The cost of parking in NYC depends on what part of the city or borough, whether youre parking on the street or in a garage or parking lot, how long you are parked, and the time of day and day of the week, among other factors. The good news is that metered street parking in Manhattan is broken into zones, and you can find the cost online so you dont get sticker shock. As of 2022 you will pay between $1.25 to $4.50 for the first hour at a meter, depending on where in the city you are. The average cost of daily parking in New York is $19, although in prime parts of Manhattan you will spend around $50 to park in a garage for a day.

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    Nyc Upper East Side Monthly Parking

    This affluent neighborhood gives guests access to famous spots such as Central Park and the Met. But how easy is it to park there?

    Surprisingly, its not too bad. If you want street parking, though, youre going to have to hunt for it. It can take up to an hour of driving around block after block to find something suitable. However, there are plenty of convenient garages that allow you to book your parking spot in advance before prices rise on the weekends. If you do have your heart set on-street parking, though, you can usually find more spots available during the mornings, and street parking is free on Sundays.

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    Parking In New York City: The Basics

    Regardless of where you are in the city, you want to make sure you follow some basic, common-sense guidelines. Not following the rules is a sure-fire way to get yourself a nice souvenir to remember your trip by a ticket. Just remember

    Never double park your vehicle.

    Do not park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, no matter the signage thats around. If theres a fire hydrant, dont go within 15 feet of it.

    Do not trust the first sign you see. Always look diligently around your car for temporary signage that can change due to construction and a number of other factors.

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    Alternatives To Monthly Parking For Your Extra Car

    Parking Garage at Tribeca New York Stock Photo

    If you just moved to NYC and have multiple cars, heres what you need to know. Most people dont drive within the city public transportation is really good so you probably only need one accessible car per household, for road trips and other rare occasions.

    Wondering what to do with that extra car?

  • Store it with friends or family outside the city. People really do this!
  • Instead of monthly parking, look into garages that offer car storage. Youll know your car is in a safe and secure location, and its a lot more affordable than a full-access monthly parking spot.
  • Monthly Car Storage Resources

    Many parking operators in NYC offer a car storage option that gives you limited access to your car for a MUCH cheaper rates. Here are some resources to check out:

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