New Garage Door Cost Installed

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Cost To Install Modern Garage Doors

Garage Door Opener Installation

Modern garage doors are often made from a combination of glass and aluminum, which makes them easy to maintain but often less durable than the steel alternative. Unlike steel, they do not rust, and the added large panels of glass give your garage a sleek and stylish look. Glass and aluminum doors typically cost between $4,000 and $10,000.

New Garage Door Cost By Material

Garage doors can be made out of various materials, which factors heavily into the overall cost. Each type comes with benefits and setbacks. Ultimately, the right choice depends on your style and performance preferences. Below are popular options with prices shown for average single-car and double-car garages :

$2,000 – $6,000

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Garage Door

A new garage door can enhance your homes curb appeal however, a garage door replacement can be costly.

Many homeowners are asking, How much does it cost to replace a garage door? The answer to this question varies depending on the type and style of door you buy, whether you need to repair or replace the hardware that allows the door to open and close smoothly, and whether you need to resize the doorway or reframe the exterior.

Lets look at the main variables in garage door replacement costs so that you can budget for this important home improvement project.

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What Is The Average Size Of A Garage Door

Most homes have a standard-sized garage door, which will vary depending on whether you have a double or single garage door. Average garage door sizes are:

  • Standard single sizes, 8-by-7 feet, 9-by-7 feet and 10-by-7 feet.
  • Double garage doors, 12-by-7 feet, 14-by-7 feet and 16-by-7 feet

Generally speaking, a larger garage door will increase garage door prices. As doors increase in size, they require additional reinforcements, further increasing the amount of material used in construction.

Garage Screen Door Prices


Garage door screens cost $375 to $2,500, depending on the size and type . Walk-through screens cost $30 to $200 with easy DIY installation. Garage screens are best for keeping out pests while allowing in airflow and light.

Garage Screen Door Prices

  • Closes with zippers, magnets, snaps, or roll-ups
  • Easy to install but may not create a tight seal
Retractable Screens
  • Opening options: spring-loaded, chain-assisted, overhead pull-down, or roll straight up
  • Optional passage door
  • Requires an electrician and professional installation
Sliding Screens
  • Slides to the sides for quick entry and exit
  • Often installed as a 4-panel system
Replacement Screen Panels
  • Single panels for replacing part of the screen.

*Material prices only.

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How Do Different Styles And Materials Affect Garage Door Installation Costs

You can choose from several types and styles of garage doors that best fit the look of your home and fit your budget. Here are the most common options:

  • Swing-up or tilt-up doors. These doors are one solid piece that swings up from the floor and pulls into the ceiling:

  • Swing-out doors. These doors open outwards from the center, much like a gate.

  • Roll-up or sectional doors. Roll-up doors may be the most popular type of garage door. They open from the bottom and slide into a track along the ceiling.

  • Sliding doors. These doors open to the side by sliding along a track.

More expensive styles include carriage doors, French doors, and walk-through doors, while roll-ups and tilt-ups are typically less costly.

Garage doors can be single-layer, or they can have multiple layers with insulation inside. Single-layer doors are the cheapest, but theyre also the least durable and offer the least amount of insulation against the elements. Insulated garage door costsincluding double- and triple-layer doorsare more expensive to buy and install. Still, theyll typically last longer and can provide much more insulation, which is a key consideration based on your locations climate. If your garage is detached, insulation may not be a concern for you. But if your garage is attached to your home, a well-insulated garage door can help reduce energy costs and potentially save you money on your utility bills.

New Garage Doors In San Diego

New garage doors are an affordable way to give your home an upgrade or prepare it for sale. At Easy Open Door in Lakeside, weve been installing new garage doors in the San Diego area for four decades. Schedule a free estimate to learn more. We will help you find the right doors to suit your needs, giving your home a look your neighbors will envy.

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Clopay Garage Door Cost

Clopay is one of the largest garage door manufacturers in the U.S. Their products cost between $700 and $3,500, on average. They offer a variety of energy-efficient door designs, including modern, carriage house, and traditional styles. With Cloplay, choose from wood, composite, glass, steel, or aluminum doors. All are built-to-order, meaning you can find one that meets all your design and performance needs.

Wood Composite Garage Door Cost

Installing a Clopay Garage Door from The Home Depot

Composite is considered a low-maintenance alternative to wood. They can be insulated but tend to be pricey, with costs ranging between $750 and $5,000. They are made with a blend of fibers and resins, and they can have a natural-looking wood grain for a pleasing aesthetic that can enhance your curb appeal. They do not require as much painting as wood, but they also are not as customizable, so you have fewer options to choose from.

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Single Or Double Garage Door: How Much Does Each Cost

How much may a new electric garage door installation cost? Well, that will depend on some factors. Lets check them out:

  • Single/double car door,

Another factor is whether you want a single or double door if you have one car or two cars. For example, single door costs may be around $1,500 or lower, including installation. Double automatic doors are installed for $700$1,600. Depending on the company, this cost may include buying the door and labor. A one-car door will cost you $500$2,200, and a two-car one around $700$4,500.

What Goes Into New Garage Door Installation

According to the Bob Vila website, the national average garage door replacement cost is $1,157. An estimate from a garage door company will likely factor in labor, parts and supplies, as well as the disposal of your old door. Updating a manual garage door to an automatic unit incur extra cost but adds significant value to your property. Whether you choose a wood or steel garage door will impact your cost slightly as well.

An example of a midrange garage door replacement would be a brand new uninsulated Amarr Carriage House or Amarr Lincoln LI1000 garage door. Based on national averages, the average job cost of a midrange garage door replacement is $1,749, and the resale value is $1,345. This means a homeowner would recoup 76.9% of the cost, ranking midrange garage door replacement as the fifth-highest return on investment.

An example of an upscale garage door replacement would be a brand new 16×7 triple-layer insulated Amarr Classica CL3000 garage door with insulated glass windows and a lifetime warranty. Again, using national averages, the job cost for this type of door is about $3,304, and the resale value is $2,810. The homeowner would recoup 85% of the cost, the highest return on investment in the upscale projects category!

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Q How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade A Manual Door To An Automatic Door

The cost of changing a manual garage door to an automatic garage door depends on what kind of door is already installed. Some types of doors may not upgrade as easily as others will. On average, adding an automatic motor to a garage door will increase the overall cost by $200 to $1,300.

Sources: HomeAdvisor, American Home Shield, Fixr

Average Cost Of A Garage Door By Style

2020 New Garage Door Installation &  Replacement Costs (1 &  2

Like the front door on your home, garage doors come in a range of unique styles. Some may only be available with custom options, but you can also find many stock options in a variety of styles. Each style outlined below offers features and benefits. Choose the right fit for your home based on your personal style.

$1,500 – $5,000

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What About A Custom Garage Door

If you can’t find a garage door that you like, you can always have your garage doors custom built for you. This gives you the freedom to choose a garage door that suits your property and lifestyle to a tee. They will cost more, but when you consider the amount of visual space garage doors take up, custom doors may be just the finishing touch your home needs. Any type of garage door can be motorised.

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Carriage Style Garage Door Cost

Carriage Style Garage Doors provide timeless beauty, while homeowners envision a superbly designed getaway every time they enter or exit this garage. These doors inspire thoughts of canyon living, and even a hint of a cottage home far away from the bustling city. Their appearance is impressive and noteworthy, while their durability only adds to the allure.

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What Is The Cost Of Garage Door Openers

Automatic garage doors use openers. An opener is a device that opens and closes a garage door. It works with a motor and a switch placed on the garage wall. Modern garage doors work with a remote control so that you can open the door even from a distance. Depending on whether they run on belts or trolleys, openers are divided into four types:

  • Chainit is the cheapest opener however, it causes a lot of noise.
  • Beltdue to a rubber belt, this type doesnt cause noise. It also requires less maintenance.
  • Screwa steel rod moves the trolley, making it quiet and low-maintenance.
  • Directthe motor moves the trolley and requires no belt or screw. It works well for all types of garage doors.

A garage door opener costs $250$600, depending on the type. They typically come with a remote control and keypad. Extra remotes may cost approximately $50. When installing a new opener, you may also need a circuit. This may cost you an additional $600$1,000 for the new circuit and installation.

Garage Door Replacement Quotes

All Glass Garage Door/Full View – Modern & Elegant

Before hiring a contractor, be sure to ask if the quote includes:

  • Removing and disposing of the old garage door
  • On-site consultation and inspection fees for measuring the door opening before ordering the door
  • Garage door home-delivery charges
  • Reconnecting the garage door opener or installing a new opener
  • Re-sealing the garage door perimeter

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X 7 Garage Door Prices

Since these garage doors are smaller, they tend to cost less, ranging from about $400 to $900 on average. These dimensions are great for couples and smaller families because the garage can only fit one car. For the most part, you can park one car and have room on the sides for additional storage space. The biggest advantage of single-car garages is the price.

The Overhead Door Garage Door Prices

The Overhead Door products cost between $750 and $4,000 on average, depending on if you buy a single-car or double-car garage door and what other features you add on. They offer a variety of materials, including steel, vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and aluminum. They have a range of diverse styles, and their team offers 24/7 maintenance and repair services.

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What Factors Can Influence The Cost Of Garage Door

Regardless of whether you wish to install a new automatic garage door or upgrade your current door, a few factors will affect the cost.

The quality of the unit will be the biggest factor however, a better quality unit will be a quieter one that will open and close more efficiently.

Sensors, controls, lighting and other components will influence prices. Garage door openers can range from $250 to $450. Openers for sectional doors cost a bit more, usually $300 to $500. A remote control can cost up to $50, while a keypad can cost between $25 to $75.

Additionally, having windows to add natural light can be a sophisticated touch with sectional doors, but will have a higher cost.

If your garage door faces the street and is close to the road, it is ideal to spend more on an attractive timber garage door, sectional garage door or even a custom one. As garage doors can be an attractive feature, they can help add value to the house if you decide to sell.

An old garage door could also compromise the security of your room, another reason why it should be replaced.

An alternative type of garage door includes slatted garage doors as opposed to solid doors, providing a sense of openness. Garage doors can be divided into segments.

Garage Door Insulation Cost

Garage Door Installation by Elite Garage Door in Reno, NV

Garage door insulation kits cost $40 to $200 to retrofit existing doors DIY. Insulation kits are easy-to-install but are less energy-efficient and have a lower R-value than new pre-insulated garage doors. Insulation is usually polystyrene but also comes in polyurethane, fiberglass, and reflective kits.

Garage doors with built-in insulation cost $150 to $800+ more than non-insulated models or $400 to $4,000. Insulated garage doors lower energy bills and keep the garage warmer, cooler, and quieter.

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Whats Involved In Fixing A Garage Door

When your trader comes to replace your garage door, they will first arrive beforehand to survey the site and see what work needs to be done, and what their recommendations are. This could involve them saying a repair is fine, or a full replacement is needed this just depends on your situation.

Your new door or parts will then be ordered, and once theyre in, your trader will return to start the work. This will involve taking off the old door, and doing any structural work around the area thats needed, including putting a cover over the space if it is to be left overnight without a working door.

The new door will then be installed, with old fixings taken away and replaced with new ones. If there are any electrical elements to the door, such as it being remote-controlled, this will then be linked up with your electric supply.

Your trader will then clear the site if this is included in their quote, and remove the old door, as well as showing you how everything works.

Single Garage Door Cost

A single garage door costs between $600 and $1,500. It will be a great fit for smaller families. They offer ample space for a vehicle plus other belongings. While some families can get away with a this space, many bigger households need two of these designs next to each other to break up a larger space. These would be in place of a double garage door. It should ideally be at least 22 feet wide if you want to do this.

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Garage Door Price Calculator

Many factors go into the overall cost of your garage door. Wood doors are generally more expensive than steel doors. Also, expect to pay more for an insulated door rather than a non-insulated one. Prices also vary depending on your zip code. Use our garage door cost calculator to get an idea of the average estimated prices in your area, including high and low costs, to help you decide which door matches your budget.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Garage Door Opener

Garage Door – How To Install – Menards

The average cost to install a garage door opener is $500.

This includes the time it takes to remove the old opener, as well as the time needed to install the new one. The actual installation process will vary based on the type of opener you choose., so be sure to consult with a professional before making your final

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Cost Factors To Replace Garage Door

Additional cost considerations when replacing a garage door include:

  • Door Type New doors vary in price depending on the material, style, customizations, size, weight, and hardware.
  • Door Features Optional features include windows, screens, walk-through doors, insulation, or being hurricane-rated, which increases the price.
  • Labor Local construction costs, transportation fees, reconnecting the old opener, adding weather stripping, and replacing heavy or over-sized doors affect the price.
  • New Opener Installing a new opener costs more and may require adding an electrical outlet.
  • Resizing The Opening Creating custom door sizes or repairing a damaged door opening may be necessary.

Whats The Difference Between A Roller Door And An Up And Over Garage Door

As a roller door can withstand heavy weights hence why they were a popular commercial choice they are more expensive to purchase than a sectional or up and over garage door.

An up and over garage door is one piece of material instead of the usual slats of material found in other garage doors. They use a pivoting hinge mechanism to tilt the door upwards when its opened.

Up and over garage doors are typically quite affordable and a popular choice for lots of garage owners.

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Automatic Garage Door Installation Cost

Automatic garage door installation costs between $150 and $725 in labor on average. The total installation costs including material are between $680 and $5,725. Just like manual doors, automatic ones come in a range of styles. In addition to the door itself, you also have a range of different openers to choose from. Together, they can give you a lot of different choices, which in turn can create a wide range of total costs. It will cost less than a double, for example, while custom and unique installations will cost the most.

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