My Liftmaster Garage Door Won T Open

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Someone Has Pulled The Cord Switch

My LiftMaster Garage Door Won’t Fully Open

Your garage door opener should have a dangling red string known as the safety cord. When you pull this, it disconnects the garage door from the opener, which lets you open and close the garage door manually during power outages and other events. Theres a chance someone in your household pulled the cord switch without your knowledge. Or, you may have forgotten you gave it a pull earlier in the day. No worries! It happens to us all.

The cord switch has two settings pulled away from the opener for disconnection, and pulled toward the opener for connection. Try pulling the cord toward the opener first, as this should reconnect a detached cord switch. Then, try using your remote to close the garage door. If this solves your issue, your problem was a disconnected cord switch. If not, you may have a more severe issue on your hands involving your garage door opener.

Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Wont Close Door

Ive been a huge fan of LiftMaster Garage Door Openers for years. I like them so much because they work very well and last a long time. So this winter when I started having trouble with my door opener I was a bit puzzled and frustrated. However, as youll learn below the solution to this problem was extremely easy to fix and something you should know for the future.

The Problem: The door would always open fine but then would have trouble closing. Sometimes it would close part way before stopping and reversing and other times it wouldnt open at all. Another clue to the mystery was if you held the wall switch the door would completely close. However, the remote would not be able to close the door even if you held the button.

The Solution: Adjusting the Protector System® sensors fixed my problem and the door now operates correctly.

Your Operator’s Power Source Is Disrupted

Sometimes, people unplug their power source and then wonder why their garage door opener fails to work. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but it does happen. Make sure that your garage door opener is plugged into a working outlet. Outlets sometimes go out without warning, so you can check to see if the outlet is working by plugging another working electronic device into it. Also, check your circuit breaker, fuse, or GFCI.

Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring

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The Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Yellow Light Blinking

The yellow command and red serve LED lights will flash back and forth when the garage door opener is due for service, usually after approximately 4500 opener cycles. The maintenance alert system helps the garage door to work efficiently by reminding the user of maintenance practices. For proper maintenance, it is best to get a professional technician.

Garage Door Liftmaster Maintenance Practice

Liftmaster Professional Garage Door Opener Won T Close

To obtain maximal service from your garage door opener, practicing proper maintenance procedures is necessary. The most preferred garage door Liftmaster maintenance practice involves greasing the chain rail and lubricating the chain.

It is significant to note the type of grease for the rail and chain lubricant since some types are not suitable. For instance, lubricants in the spray category have solvents that disintegrate grease on the rail and draw dust particles.

It is advisable to apply lightweight bicycle grease on the rails in a uniform manner. You smear the grease on the rails upper side and wipe off the excess from end to end. For the chain, spraying with heavy-duty silicone lubricant on one side from end to end is advised.

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The Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Has No Power

Follow the troubleshooting steps to help figure out why the LiftMaster garage door opener has no power.

  • Ensure the power cord plugs in, and there is power at the electrical outlet. To verify, test if the opener lights and diagnostic lights are working. If they are, that means the opener has power.
  • Plug another device that can connect to the 120VAC outlet and ensure the outlet is receiving power.
  • If there is power in the outlet and the opener is not working, the logic board is probably defective and requires replacing.
  • If there is no power in the outlet, check the circuit breaker has not tripped. If it has tripped, turn it on or contact a professional technician.

How To Troubleshoot A Garage Door



Under 2 hours

Sometimes garage doors don’t open or close properly. There are a few simple reasons why most garage doors do not function correctly. With the right tools, getting yours working right again is something you can usually do yourself. Follow the steps below for garage door troubleshooting. Find out if you can resolve the issue quickly or need to hire a professional.

Safety Tip: When doing maintenance or small repairs to your garage door, make sure the power is disconnected and the door is in the down position.

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How Do I Reset My Liftmaster Garage Door Sensor

Resetting the garage door sensors ensures they are aligned. The garage door will not close if the sensors are not installed or are out of alignment. To reset the sensors

  • Loosen the wing nuts hold the sensor brackets in place, and reposition the sensor. If alignment is correct, the LED lights on the sensors should glow steadily.
  • Tighten the wingnuts to keep the sensors well positioned.
  • To test if the reset was correct, place a carton box on the doorway and press the remote control button. The garage door should not move more than an inch, and the opener lights will flash ten times. If the door moves, it should reverse when it makes contact with the carton.

Do Garage Door Openers Have Fuses

My Garage Door Won’t Fully Open, LiftMaster Model 8500W Wall Mount Opener

A garage door opener is a combination of various features that allow the product to function properly. Depending on the model or brand you own, it might include a fuse on its list of parts. This component is an essential part of inspecting if your garage door opener is malfunctioning.

A fuse is an essential part of an electrical circuit. To put it simply, this safety feature is what protects your garage opener if theres something faulty within the circuit. The fuse has a small wire inside that will melt and break the circuit if theres too much electric current passing through.

There are a few ways to tell if a fuse in your garage opener has burned out:

  • Your circuit breaker is on.
  • Your garage opener has no power, but the system is plugged into an outlet.
  • You know the outlet the system is plugged into has power.

Either the fuses or another internal component is likely the cause of your faulty garage opener. Its best to consult a professional technician if you suspect an issue is occurring with your garage opener. This way, you wont encounter any safety issues. If the fuse is your concern, the technician will check to see if its still operating by:

  • Locating the glass fuse
  • Inspecting if the fuse has blown
  • Using proper tools to check its performance
  • Replacing the fuse if needed

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What If I Can’t Get Into My Garage

Maybe the battery died, or a spring broke, but you can’t get into the garage to even see what the problem is. If the garage door is the only way in or out, or if you can’t find the key to the door, you’ll have to either find a way to break in or call a locksmith. As a preventative measure, it’s smart to keep a spare key or install an emergency key release that would allow you to release the emergency disconnect to the operator so you can manually raise the door.

Your Photo Eye Is Blocked

Most garage doors from the past 1520 years have a photo eye that detects if a person or object is blocking the door from lowering all the way. The photo eye will be about 46 inches off the ground for most doors, with an eye about the size of a pea. It shoots a laser across the length of the garage that, if interrupted, will cut off the signal used to lower and raise the door.

Check to see if the cord attached to the eye is cut or damaged occasionally, a rainstorm or leak can damage the photo eye.

Dirt and dust can clog the eye and block the laser beam, so a thorough cleaning with tissue can sometimes solve this issue.

Plug it in!

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Door Control Wiring Malfunction

If the remote and wall-mounted panel method doesnt raise or lower your door, then you may have a problem with your garage door systems control wiring or the openers receiver board. Quickly test the quality of your openers wiring by following these steps:

  • Unplug the opener and disconnect the two wires from the motor
  • Reconnect your machine to power, then clear its memory and reprogram all remote controls
  • Unplug the device for a second time and reconnect the control wiring to the motor
  • Locate the wall mounted controls and disconnect the wiring
  • Use your garage door opener remote to test the functionality of your door

Resetting Your Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Won T Open All The Way

Home | Blog | Resetting Your Garage Door Opener

Numerous homeowners across the country have a garage where they store their car and belongings or utilize the space for hobbies. The garage may also be your main entryway into your home. Ultimately, you likely use your garage quite often, and your garage door opener should be reliable.

If the automatic opener system is broken or damaged or youve lost it, your best bet is to reset the garage door opener. The process of reprogramming your garage door opener is dependent on the type of opener your own, the age of the opener and your garage door opener system.

The good news is changing or reprogramming a garage door opener is generally an easy task. The first step you should take to reset your garage door opener is to check an instruction manual. If you lost the original instructions or dont have access to it, or prefer to follow our helpful guide, were here to help. Keep in mind that attempting to reprogram a broken garage door opener can be dangerous, which is why its best to work with a professional.

Check out everything you need to know about how to reprogram your garage door opener successfully.

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Garage Door Opens And Closes Automatically By Itself

This is not a common problem at all, but it could happen. When your Liftmaster garage door opener opens and closes by itself, here are the troubleshooting tips you need to follow.

  • Disconnect the control station: Remove the bell wire from the single button control stations terminals, and operate the garage door opener from the remotes. If this solves the problem, then the control station is faulty, or there is a short circuit in the wire. It would be best if you had them replaced. The Liftmaster Multi-Function Control Panel is an upgrade to the single button control station. They give you much more functionality, like the ability to turn on or off the opener lights, and a vacation mode lock button. They are compatible with all Liftmaster models
  • Erase and reprogram remotes: Sometimes, your remote controls may be sending signals that you may not be aware of. Erase all remotes from the garage door openers memory and reprogram them, one at a time. Learn how to do that here.

The Remote Signal Is Blocked

A dead battery is not the only issue that can prevent a remote from doing its job. If you press the button and the door fails to activate, something might be blocking the signal. Alternately, you might be out of range. There is also the possibility that the remote antenna on the opening device has been obstructed or damaged.

Tree growths, obstructions or dirt can affect your garages remote signal. In minor cases, you can simply trim a branch or clean off the antennae, and it should work fine. For broken antennas, youll have to call a service.

If your garage door wont open when you press the remote, there could be a branch or some other intervening object obstructing the signal. Sometimes, a remote will cease to work from a particular angle because of tree growth. If your remote no longer works from the same angles you have always used it and changing the batteries doesnt help, it could be time to trim back some branches.

Then again, the obstruction could be directly on the remote antenna. You can often remedy this situation by inspecting the antenna for traces of dirt or foreign matter. Also, make sure the antenna is pointed toward the door. Every now and then, an antenna will somehow get misdirected. If the antenna is in fact broken, call a service person.

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The Door Was Manually Locked

If your garage door doesnt open, but the opener motor runs for just a few seconds and then shuts off, the garage door itself may have manually been locked. If youve checked the door springs and the track for obstacles, and those things appear to be fine, check to see if the lock on the door is engaged.

Quite a few garage doors come with manual locks, especially older models, for added security for your house. These typically look like a knob or handle in the middle of your door with two bars running horizontally from each side. There may be a small button on the top or side of the handle that you can press to slide the bars across the doors, thus locking the garage door from the inside. It can be somewhat easy to accidentally hit that button, especially if youre getting large objects out of the trunk of your car near the door.

To manually unlock your garage door, simply turn the handle until you hear a clicking sound. This will move the horizontal bars away from the edges and secure the handle in the open position.

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How To Reset Your Garage Door Opener Code

My Garage Door Won’t Fully Close, LiftMaster Wall Mounted Garage Door Opener

Its important to reset your garage door opener code somewhat frequently so you can keep your belongings and home secure. Fortunately, the process of resetting your garage door code on your keypad is simple. If its time to start using a new pin code to access your garage, we can help you with the process.

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Liftmaster Garage Door Wont Open

Manual operation of garage doors is slowly becoming a thing of the past. To make the home experience more expedient, the use of garage door openers that are long-lasting, quietly operating, and still versatile has picked a trend among many homeowners. The Liftmaster brand has excellently established its eminence by providing one of the most reliable and practical garage door openers. This brand has even pushed the envelope by making available exceptional openers that you can control from your smartphone. However, being a mechanical appliance, the development of mechanical problems is expected. For instance, what does it mean if you find that your Liftmaster garage door wont open?

When you observe that your Liftmaster garage door wont open, feeling a pang of worry creeping in you is typical. However, realizing that there are several ways you can diagnose this problem ought to reduce fretting. Multiple causes such as track alignment issues, concerns with the photo eyes, or power source issues can make your door fail to open or get stuck. You are in luck, though, because setting these problems right is quite a breeze, meaning you can fix the faulty Liftmaster garage door on your own without the aid of special instruments.

Tag along to learn more on how to deal with a Liftmaster garage door that wont open.

How To Check If Your Garage Door Opener Is New Or Old

The best method to check whether your garage opener is a newer or older model is looking at the main unit. This part of the opener should have a series of switches or a button on the inside of the unit that will read Home or Learn.

Finding a button on the inside of your garage door opener typically means your unit is newer, while switches will indicate that its an older model. Youll have to reset your unit differently depending on the type of garage door opener you have. If you cant figure out whether your system is new or old, you can always contact a professional to get their expert opinion.

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How To Replace The Flawed Circuit Logic Board

  • Detach the portion of the garage door opener that holds the controls from the garage ceiling. Place it on the workbench and loosen the screws holding it together with a screwdriver. Remove the circuit board and examine for any cracks.
  • Use the epoxy liquid to glue together the broken or cracked halves together. Thoroughly apply epoxy liquid into the cracks, following the instruction on the epoxy kit. The epoxy liquid adheres well to circuit boards and dries within 30 minutes.
  • Scrape any traces of debris from the damage left by the crack or break using a utility knife. Scrape along the line where the damage is.
  • Employ a soldering iron at 400 degrees Fahrenheit to sell it over the previously broken or cracked surface to further seal it. Apply the flux liquid in the soldering areas and the circuit board holding the copper joints. Solder over the liquid to create the seal over the broken area on the circuit board.
  • Rub alcohol in a cotton rag and use it to clean off excess flux liquid on the circuit board.
  • Use a tiny bit to drill a hole at the end of the crack in the damaged area. Drill the hole at the centre directly on the break. The holes prevent the gap from increasing across the circuit board.
  • Place the circuit board into the garage door opener mechanism. Install the tool in your garage and test it to ensure it is back in working order.

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