My Garage Door Won’t Close

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My Garage Door Wont Close During The Day

Garage Door Wont Close? 4 Reasons Why!

Garage door openers are installed with sensors to enhance the security of any given house. This has been the case since 1993, where all garage doors that were being sold in the United States had to be installed with safety eyes or the standard 2 part optical sensors. The modern garage doors employ the following two systems in creating a functional and safe garage: garage door wired to the house and are the remotely powered system. This utility proves to be very efficient and safe for most homeowners. When these two systems dont work its highly possible to experience issues like when your garage door wont close.

The safety eyes function as electronic detectors. They are able to detect if someone or something is under the door. Sensors are electronic devices that enhance the safety of a garage, by preventing the garage door from closing on people, pets or objects that are in the doorway. The sensors are usually placed above the flooring at each opening side of the garage door. One side you will find the sensor transmitter usually known as the sender and the other side you will find the sensor receiver. The sensors generate a low voltage beam that will complete the electrical circuit when the door is opened.

The best solution American Veteran Garage recommends for this problem will be to change the safety sensors. This should resolve the problem and your garage door will go back to working as normal.

Check For Track Damage

Occasionally the track that guides your garage door up and down can have an issue. If the track is blocked, warped, or if it has been bent or damaged, your door may not close.

Check the track to make sure nothing is preventing the rollers from moving. Make sure theres no visible damage or misalignment. You may be able to clear obstructions or straighten the track to get things moving again.

Be very careful if you attempt to remove items or manipulate the track in any way. The door could close unexpectedly, and even fall from the track if there is significant damage.

The Safety Sensors Are Faulty Or Misaligned

This is another problem that makes a garage door close partway and then open again. It happens when either of the safety sensors fails to emit or receive a signal. One way to tell the sensors are faulty is if the garage door wont close and the overhead opener, wall panel or sensors themselves flash, even though nothing is blocking the door. Faulty sensors must be replaced.

Do you have a garage door that wont close unless you hold the button down? If so, the safety sensors may be misaligned. Before you assume theyre faulty and replace them, try cleaning the sensors and adjusting their aim. This may be all it takes to get your garage door working properly again.

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How To Fix A Garage Door That Wont Close All The Way

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If your garage door opens just fine but gets stuck at any point on the way down, you need to get the problem taken care of. A stuck door is more than an eyesore its a weak point in the structure of your home that leaves your property exposed to everything the world has to offer. In many cases, a garage door that wont close all the way is caused by something simple that you can resolve yourself without calling a professional repair service.

Hub Is Too Close To The Motor Unit

My Garage Door Won

In some instances, interference may occur when the hub has been installed too close to the motor unit preventing the hub from controlling the garage door opener.

  • Unplug the hub and move it away at least 4-6 feet from the motor-head. Test to see if the door will open and close. If this takes care of the issue, the hub will need to be installed further away from the motor unit.
  • If the hub has to be installed further away from the opener, it must still be installed inside the garage so that the flashing light is visible to the door.
  • Reposition the hub on the bracket. Turn it 180 degrees.
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    Something Is Obstructing The Doors Path

    Garage doors are crafted with a reversing mechanism that deters them from mashing objects in their way. So if your garage door fails to close, there might be objects on the ground preventing the door from closing, such as toys. Also, it could be a result of debris buildup on the tracks, making the rollers unable to move forward. Its interesting to know that if the garage door hits even the tiniest object, it will retract to avoid smashing whatever is underneath.

    What youll do is to examine the area around your garage door to know if there is an object preventing the door from closing. Then assess the tracks and see whether there is any debris buildup on the inside. If any, run a damp rag along each track and remove all the buildup thats lingering on the tracks.

    Its best to use a ladder to access the tracks from the top part of your garage, as it is tricky to examine from the ground level.

    Check The Tracks And Rollers

    If your sensors are functional but the garage door still wont close past a certain point, check the tracks to ensure there arent any obstructions blocking progress.

    A bent track or damaged roller can have the same effect. Inspect both tracks to ensure there arent any signs of damage. If you find a damaged section, you can often bend it back to position with clamps or carefully-placed hammer strikes.

    Be sure to check the overhead track coming from the garage door opener as well.

    This is a good time to check the rollers and grease them with white lithium or silicone-based grease. Several stuck rollers can trick a garage door opening into thinking the door is hitting something.

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    Your Sensors May Be Faulty

    If your garage door wont shut all the way, the problem may be with the door sensors. One of the safety features on garage doors is the safety lasers, also called photo eye sensors, mounted near the tracks on the floor.

    The purpose of these is to prevent the door from closing in case there are obstructions, such as pets or small children. However, if these sensors become dirty, they may send the door openers control panel a false signal that prevents the door from opening or closing properly.

    All you need to do to fix this is to simply wipe the sensors with a soft cloth, taking care to not scratch the surface.

    Another reason why you cant close your garage door is that the sensors may not be aligned properly, because of which, even if the sensors blink properly, they may not be able to sense the signal being sent. This can easily be fixed by simply realigning the sensors.

    The Sensors Are Misaligned Or Obstructed

    Garage Door Won’t Open or Close: Force Adjustments

    Most modern garage doors have another safety feature that uses photo-eye sensors for protection. These sensors sit a few inches above the ground on both sides of the door. They use tiny cameras to see if anything is beneath the garage door as it closes. If anything is in the photo sensors path, the garage door will not close. It could also stop in its tracks or reverse its direction to protect whatever is underneath it.

    First, see if anything passed through the sensors when you tried closing the garage door. Clean the floor beneath your garage door and try closing it again. If the problem persists, take a soft rag and gently wipe the photosensor lenses. There could be dirt or debris obstructing the sensors vision. You should also make sure the two sensors lenses are facing each other. If they are out of line, the garage door wont be able to close all the way or at all.

    Check out Continental Doors photo-eye troubleshooting video for more information on fixing this issue.

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    Why Wont My Garage Door Close Completely On One Side

    What comes to mind when you think about your garage door? Maybe its design appeals to you, or you think about the security if provides, or you might think about the garage door opener and how cool it is that the door opens magically as you drive up.

    No matter what you think, you probably dont think about springs. We told you recently about why your garage door springs might be the most important part of your door. We mentioned that the springs are needed to balance the great weight of the door and make it easier to open and close the door. So, without the springs , you might not be able to even open your garage door.

    But the springs that are part of your overall garage door system balance the door in two ways. Balancing the weight of the door is the job of the torsion spring or springs, which are mounted along the top edge of the door.

    Doors also need to stay evenly balanced in the tracks they roll along. If one side of the door is not in line with the other, the door wont run smoothly in its tracks and, when closed, one side of the door wont close completely, leaving an open gap.

    Side-mounted extension springs are installed above the horizontal roller tracks on both sides of the door. The extension springs are evenly matched and installed to keep the garage door properly aligned so that it runs smoothly throughout the entire length of the track and closes evenly.

    Your Photo Eye Sensors Are Not Working

    Many garage doors have a photo eyes that sense if a person or object is blocking the door. Over time, your photo eyes can experience these common problems:

    • Disconnected Wires

    If a photo eye is dirty, the light from its beam can become blocked.

    If the photo eyes arent pointing in the same direction and angle, they wont register properly and will assume something is blocking its path.

    If the other two things have been checked and are in the clear, a disconnected or damaged wire could be at fault.

    Give us a call, and we can fix any of these problems quickly and efficiently.

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    Broken Tension Springs Or Cables

    Your garage doors need tension springs and cables to close slowly and safely. Once the springs break, your door will close extremely fast with a loud bang when it hits the ground. It is a dangerous situation because someone or something can be under it.

    In such a case, you should call a professional to solve the problem, mainly because it is very likely that the cables will also break quickly because of increased pressure on them. Keep in mind that snapped cables fly fast and can hurt someone. Regular inspection of any damage to the cables will prevent severe consequences.

    The Opener Has A Motor Circuit Or Mechanical Failure

    Garage Doors That Won

    If the above troubleshooting recommendations didnt solve your issue, the solution might be more complicated and expensive. Your garage door opener may have a motor circuit or mechanical failure. Both these issues will stop your garage door opener from opening and closing. Since they involve tinkering with your garage doors inner workings, your best bet might be to call a professional.

    If something is wrong with your openers motor circuit, you may be able to get a replacement, especially if your opener is still relatively new and has a warranty protecting it from malfunctions. The problem could either be a factory error or an unfortunate natural cause, such as a lightning strike. Call your garage door openers manufacturer to ask about their replacement policy.

    Your garage door gets a lot of use. Consider if you open and close your garage door twice per day once when you leave in the morning and once when you come home. Assuming you work five days per week, that adds up to more than 500 times per year. If multiple people live in your household, chances are you use your garage door even more often. That puts a lot of wear and tear on your opener, so its normal for it to suffer a mechanical failure.

    Call a professional and see if they can repair your garage door opener. If you have an old opener, your best option may be to get a new one.

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    Check The Rollers And Tracks

    If you have checked your sensors and determined that they are functioning normally, check your rollers and tracks to determine whether an obstruction inhibits the garage doors movement.

    Damaged rollers or bent tracks always have the same effect and may block the garage doors from fully opening or closing. Inspect the rollers and tracks to guarantee there is no damage.

    If you establish a damaged section, you can bend it back to position using clamps or place the hammer strikes appropriately. In doing so, ensure you have checked the overhead track with the garage door opener. Besides, check if there is good greasing of the rollers. You should grease the rollers with white lithium for effectiveness and smooth running.

    The Motor Has Been Deactivated

    Sometimes when a garage door wont open or close, it does not actually mean there is anything wrong with the door, your remote or even one of the opener-assembly parts. The issue could all boil down to the simple goof of a disconnected motor. To solve this, you can reconnect the motor.

    The motor switch is there so you can open a garage door without the opener in the event of a power outage. Sometimes, however, the cord that connects to the motor switch will get caught and pulled, thus disabling the motor.

    In some instances, it might be because of human error. Have you ever inadvertently pulled a cord or flipped a switch? That very action could be the source of your problem.

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    Pinched Or Loose Photo Eye Wiring

    Photo eyes rely on low voltage wiring to provide power to both the safety beam and glow lights. Bell wire is used for both the photo eyes and wall controls. These wires can come loose if hit by an object or from vibration over time. The two points of contact to monitor are the back of the opener and the back of the photo eye.

    Wiring can also get pinched if hit toys or tools in the garage. Another common problem is a staple or tack pinching the wiring too tight to the drywall. Its generally better to run garage door opener wiring through conduit as opposed to stapling it into drywall. Always check for loose or pinched low voltage bell wire when troubleshooting a door that wont close.

    Check The Myq App For An Error

    Garage Door Won’t Close: Lights Blink 10 Times
    • Offline – Ensure the myQ device has a connection to the Internet. Unplug the router and plug it back in and see if this restores the internet connection for the myQ device. If the myQ device doesn’t reconnect, see . For Wi-Fi devices, ensure the myQ device doesn’t have a low Wi-Fi signal. See .
    • Monitor Door Only – The Wi-Fi hub is not paired to the garage door opener. See to pair the hub to the garage door opener.
    • Close Error – Resolve any issues preventing the door from closing such as obstructed or misaligned safety sensors. Once the issue preventing the door from closing has been resolved, operate the garage door opener locally from the control panel on the wall or a handheld remote control to clear the error. See .

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    Youve Accidentally Locked Your Door

    Some garage doors have a lock handle located on the outside of the door that can be locked manually. Look to see if any metal parts have shifted down. If so, just locate the locking knob or handle and use it to unlock your garage door.

    Regular maintenance can help prevent common garage door problems and extend the life of your door. Whether you live in Vancouver or Regina, or anywhere in between, our certified technicians are always available to help with any garage door issue or maintenance service. Click here to find the nearest location near you.

    Garage Door Sensors Misaligned

    In connection with the limit setting, the sensor for your garage door could be misaligned. The sensors are located near the bottom of the garage door where it meets the floor, ensuring that the door does not collide with any possible obstructions along the way. Sensors are crucial to a modern garage door system, but for them to function properly, they must be aligned. Some sensors are extremely sensitive, so even the slightest bump can send them out of alignment.

    If your garage door isnt closing and is backtracking its way up to the open position, the sensors being bumped out of place could be the cause of the problem. You can resolve this problem by leveling the sensors.

    Most modern sensors have a red indicator light that beams when they have been aligned correctly. If youre certain that the sensors beams are meeting, but the garage door is still refusing to stay closed, the sensors could be dirty. Clean them off with a damp rag, then dry them.

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    Eye Is Out Of Alignment

    The photo eye is the safety sensor on the garage door. Its job is to detect a person or object in the way of the door. If you hear a clicking noise and see a light flash from the garage door opener, there may be an issue with the photo eye.

    Since photo eyes are sensitive, there are several reasons why the photo eye could be out of alignment. Try these remedies for realigning photo eyes:

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