Modern Faux Wood Garage Doors

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Fabulous Brown And Grey Exterior With Faux Wood Garage Doors

Resurface Your Garage Door with Modern Wood Panels

Another example of coordinating look between the faux wood garage doors and other exterior elements is shown in this picture of the craftsman exterior. Here, the entry looks to match not only the shingle siding but also the wood beams.

This one also brings the carriage style, complete with the decorative hardware that perfects everything. The design looks even more beautiful because of the built-in yellow lights installed on the top, adding a more welcoming atmosphere to the design.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Collection Modern Series

Canyon Ridge® Modern Series faux wood garage doors are constructed from a durable, low-maintenance, composite material that won’t rot, warp or crack.


  • 4-layer construction including durable, composite, steel, and Intellicore insulation. R-Values range from 6.3 to 20.4.
  • Features our Safe-T-Bracket®, which prevents injury that could occur if the bottom bracket were removed with the door closed and under tension.
  • Heavy-duty 14-gauge steel hinges and brackets provide smooth operation.
  • 10-ball nylon ball bearing rollers help ensure smooth, long-lasting, quiet operation.
  • Replaceable vinyl bottom weather seal with a rustproof aluminum retainer.


  • CANYON RIDGE collection MODERN series garage doors feature key elements of contemporary architecture, including clean horizontal lines, sleek windows and aluminum accents.
  • For doors with windows, insulated tempered glass is standard. Insulated Frosted, Insulated Obscure and Insulated Rain glass are also available.
  • Attractive black powder coated grip handles and step plates are provided standard. Optional aluminum grip handles are available.

Canyon Ridge Collection Ultra

These Craftsman-style, carriage house garage doors are insulated and made with Ultra-Grain steel and wood-look finishes. The steel base is covered with a composite overlay that is molded from actual wood to create a natural look. Some characteristic features of the series include:

  • 4-layer steel base with a faux wood finish
  • Intellicore insulation
  • Overlay materials molded from actual wood pieces to reproduce natural grain pattern and texture
  • Spade step plates and lift handles other decorative hardware also available
  • Finish options including Medium, Slate and Walnut

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Cons Of Faux Wood Garage Doors

  • Aesthetic preference: some people feel that faux wood garage doors do not compare in beauty to their authentic wood counterparts.
  • Sometimes unconvincing: Usually its impossible to tell the difference from the street, but depending on the design, it might become obvious the door isnt wood the closer you get.
  • Pricing: While more wallet-friendly than wood garage doors, they may not fit a project budget.

Stop By For A Closer Look At Our Contemporary And Modern Garage Door Collections

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If youre interested in seeing our selection of impact-rated garage doors, please feel free to stop by to see our doors in person and meet our team at our showroom in Boca Raton. If youre in Broward County, give us a call at . In Palm Beach County, you can reach us at . If you prefer to contact us online, please .

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Faux Wood Garage Doors With Realistic Texture And Grain Pattern

Garage doors with a wood-look can also have realistic texture and grain patterns. Something like this is perfect for an exterior with a solid natural touch.

The picture above shows the examples. The wood-looking garage door here becomes an excellent companion to the natural stone walls.

An idea like this is genuinely considerable. The reason is that you can gain the natural wood appearance without dealing with the more complicated care and maintenance.

From this view, you can see that the exterior is even better because of the yellow lighting. Overall, each element here compliments each other and creates an inviting atmosphere that perfects the houses appearance.

Matching Rustic Feel From Faux Wood Garage Doors And Dormer Windows Siding

The following example also shows a gorgeous combination of garage doors with a realistic wood look and natural elements of the home exterior. The difference is that the details included there are not only limited in the stone walls choice but also wood columns and beams and even the thing included in the landscaping.

Another thing that we couldnt miss is that the faux wood color of the garage looks matching with the siding used on the top part of the dormer windows on the second floor of the house. Something coordinating like this is worth considering when choosing the natural wood color for the garage doors.

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Canyon Ridge Louver Series

Our Canyon Ridge® Louver garage doors bring you the plantation shutter style you love with efficient upward operation and lasting strength. These durable garage doors have a five-layer steel base to withstand all kinds of weather and damage. The faux wood composite cladding and overlay materials are molded from actual pieces of wood, exactly replicating the unique natural texture and detailed grain patterns for a one-of-a-kind look. This series comes in your choice of several color options walnut, dark or medium finish, slate, black, white or primed.

Every one of our louver doors comes with Intellicore® insulation to maximize the energy efficiency of your garage. Add extra charm to your colonial home or modern farmhouse with custom shutter garage doors.

Dodds Garage Doors Platinum Series

Garage Door Transformed by Dodds | Faux Wood Window Modern Design

The exclusive Platinum Series from Dodds Garage Doors offers a premium garage door at an unbeatable price from the most reliable company in the Greater Toronto Area. The exclusive Platinum Series, often referred to as the Dodds Door, is specifically manufactured for the Canadian customer. The Platinum Series comes standard with upgraded hardware including nylon ball silent bearing rollers.

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Cons Of Wooden Garage Doors:

  • Frequent maintenance: They require regular upkeep and need to be stained or painted every two years or more to maintain a fresh look and deflect damage.
  • Lack of winter durability: If not sealed properly and frequently enough, these doors can get wet and rot or bow in the winter.
  • Higher price: Partly because they are custom-made, wood garage doors are typically more expensive than any other option.
  • Longer initial wait time: It takes a while for your door to be ready after you order it because its being made to suit your specific requirements.

Other Reasons For Wood

  • Easy to Clean: steel garage doors are easy to wipe down after a storm that may splash mud, dirt, and grease.
  • Safe from Warping and Cracking: because metal doors cannot absorb water, they are safe from rot, mold, or swelling.
  • Highly Durable: though metal doors are more prone to dents and scratches than real wooden doors, they are more durable.
  • Easy to Install: faux wood grain garage doors are lightweight, making them easier and faster to install, which helps lower costs.

At Thompson Garage Doors, our faux wood grain garage doors are perfect for classic carriage houses, providing curb appeal for the guest house above your garage. Originally buildings that held the manors carriages, carriage houses are now typically detached structures that double as a living space and a garage. Carriage houses can typically house two to three cars or more with a one-bedroom, one-bath studio or larger living space up above. To make your carriage house really stand out, consider faux wood garage doors to add value to your home.

From classic carriage house designs to contemporary ush panels, our faux wood garage doors are designed to give you exceptional performance, while being low maintenance. Our doors are durable enough to stand the test of time. At Thompson Garage Doors, we offer a variety of steel collections with faux wood finishes to create a unique, fashionable, and functional garage door for your home.

Give us a call today at , or visit us at171 S. 18th Street, Sparks, NV 89431

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Easy And Economical Steel

If youre looking for a more affordable option, consider a durable steel door with Clopays wood-look Ultra-Grain finish.

Available in a variety of colors, this energy-efficient garage door has a wood grain pattern imprinted on the steel for a long-lasting, low-maintenance finish. The only upkeep required is to wash and wax the surface annuallyit doesnt get much easier than that!

Mahogany Cladding And Overlays To Give Steel Garage Doors A Wood Look

Planks Contemporary Faux Wood Garage Door in

This other creation of Clopay shows a fabulous combination between a white exterior and faux wood appearance in steel garage door design. FYI, the look here results from the use of mahogany cladding and overlay.

Although the doors are very possible to have a sectional opening, we love the detailed addition that makes them look like they have a swing opening instead. Those include the black handles and hardware, which also look coordinating with the wall lantern sconces.

As a part of the traditional exterior, these steel garage doors add warmth to the visual. As you can see, other elements there are dominated by monochromatic hues. Thanks to the wood look of the garage door, the exterior gains a welcoming touch.

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Canyon Ridge Modern Series

If youre looking for a beautiful faux wood garage door that complements your mid-century or modern home style, then youll love the Canyon Ridge® Modern Series. Not only do they incorporate wood-look materials that wont rot, crack or warp, but they also feature key characteristics of contemporary architecture. This includes clean horizontal lines, sleek windows in a variety of options, full-view glass options, as well as aluminum accents all topped with faux-wood finishes.

Although theyre made of low-maintenance, durable steel, the faux wood finish is the perfect way to highlight the natural building materials or other textures present in your homes exterior.

The Doorman Is Your Source For The Best Modern And Contemporary Garage Doors

If your Southeast Florida home features either of these attractive design styles, youll want to choose a garage door that complements the exterior. The Doorman offers a wide assortment of high-quality contemporary and modern garage doors from Clopay®, Americas #1 residential garage door manufacturer. Clopay doors combine superior craftsmanship with unmistakable curb appeal.

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Stained Composite Garage Doors With Real Wood Appearance

The first time we saw this picture, we were directly interested in how the garage door really looks like wooden swing-opening doors. The visual is even more prominent because of the addition of round handles and oversized decorative hardware. To complete everything, there are large, arched windows at the top too.

Like the other examples that we have already presented to you earlier, this one is also not a genuine wood door. Instead, it is made from eco-friendly material and gains its realistic look from a fascinating hand-paint work.

If you are thinking about increasing your houses curb appeal, you should really consider garage doors like this. The design is decorative without looking too much at all.

Brown Metal Garage Doors That Look Like Wood In A Cozy Traditional Shed Exterior

DIY Faux Wood Garage Door

The next garage door that looks like natural wood is shown in this shed exterior. Together with brown and beige colors on this exterior, they form a cozy visual. FYI, these gorgeous doors are manufactured by Fauxs and Finishes.

In a closer look, they do not come with any decorative hardware. However, thanks to the fascinating paintwork, it does not reduce the realistic wood doors appearance.

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The Doorman Can Handle All Your Installation Repair And Maintenance Needs

As a full-service Clopay Authorized Dealer, you can trust The Doorman of Southeast Florida to install your contemporary or modern garage door and entry door needs. We can also perform timely repairs when needed. Our cost-effective $39.95 tune-up service makes garage door maintenance affordable for every household.

Take Out The Middle Man And Go Directly To The Garage Door Professional

  • We Install All Of The Doors We Sell.
  • We Know More About Garage Doors Than The People You Will Typically Find On The Sales Floor At Do It Yourself Stores.
  • We Are Backed By The Industry Leader, But NOT All Of The Companies That Are Sub-Contracted By The Box Stores Are Backed By The Manufacturer.
  • Because We Are The Pros We Can Insure That The Garage Door Is Ordered Correctly.
  • We Are Faster. With Us You Call. We Measure. We Order. We Deliver. We Install. Usually Up To Two Weeks Faster Than When You Go Through A Third Party Sub Contracting The Labor Out For The Garage Door Installation.
  • We Handle Our Warranties Directly. Box Stores Are Reputable But They Rely On The Sub-Contracted Labor to Provide Service In Warranty Situations Which Could Be Frustrating vs. Going Directly To The Installing Company That Knows How To Fix The Problem First Hand.

When It Comes To Garage Door Installation and Going To A D.I.Y. Store You will Save Money, Time, And Frustration By Finding A Garage Door Professional Yourself!

We have A Low Price Guarantee. We Are Clopay Master Authorized Dealers. We are Backed By The Trust Dale Guarantee, Google Verified, and Five Star Rated Guarantees. Our Employees Are Background Checked MULTIPLE times. Our Showrooms Are Garage Door Showrooms Vs. An Eight Foot Section In An Aisle. The Phone Representative You Speak With Knows The Products You Are Looking For. They Do NOT Work In Gardening or Paint. They Are Garage Door Professionals!

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The Gorgeous Natural Look Of Wood Without The Upkeep

Banko Overhead Doors offers a wide selection of Clopay faux wood garage doors including their popular Canyon Ridge Ultra-Grain and Canyon Ridge Modern Series garage doors. Clopay faux wood doors are crafted using quality construction steel and faux wood composite overlay materials for better functionality and long-term performance, even in Floridas climate.

Clopay Canyon Ridge garage doors feature a timeless design and contemporary finishes for an unforgettable look without the expense or continuous upkeep. Canyon Ridge faux wood steel garage doors are the perfect complement for any home.

Natural Cedar Look In An Overhead Steel Garage Doors

Loving our faux wood garage doors from Clopay Garage Doors and Front ...

These elegant garage doors in a Spanish-style residence look like genuine wood. The color option chosen here becomes an excellent addition to the exterior color scheme, particularly when paired with the multi-tone flooring.

At a glance, the wood hue chosen here makes the garage door look like genuine cedar. It seems to tell us a benefit offered by an entrance like this. There is a chance for you to get your favorite wood look easily and more economically and even without the maintenance like the one done to the genuine one.

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Pros Of Wood Garage Doors:

  • Popular visual appeal: One of the primary wood garage door benefits is their elegant and authentic appearance. Popular designs include classic, contemporary or carriage styles.
  • High potential for customization: You have color, wood type, stain and many other choices at your fingertips. Wood doors are custom-made any way that works best for your home and matches your tastes, and they can be carved to incorporate any design.
  • Dent-proof durability: Unlike aluminum or steel, wood doors are extremely sturdy and wont dent from most impacts.
  • Variety of prices: While almost always more expensive than other garage doors, wood garage doors range from mid-price to extremely expensive.

Advantages Of Faux Wood For Your Garage Door

With a wood-look garage door for your West Central Florida home, youll experience many benefits including:

  • Durable construction: Faux wood garage doors crafted from steel and composite materials are much sturdier than wood. They can withstand a variety of climates and temperatures and resist rot, cracking, shrinking and warping.
  • Low-maintenance design: A real wood garage door requires routine sanding, staining and repairs throughout its lifetime. In contrast, a faux wood door requires very little maintenance and wont need resealing.
  • Affordability: Because faux wood doors are crafted from readily available materials and are not custom made, they are much more affordable than solid wood alternatives.

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Beautiful Faux Wood Arched Garage Door In A Warm White Craftsman Exterior

This is another example of garage doors with natural wood appearance. From the detail that we can see in a closer look, it seems to be steel with a sectional opening.

We love the choice of wood finish chosen for these garage doors. It looks fantastic being connected directly with the warm-white stone walls.

We also love how the decorative handles are placed in the center position. It makes it as if the doors really have the swing mechanism.

Choosing Between Wood Vs Wood Look Garage Doors

How to Paint your Garage Door Faux Wood”

The difference between wood garage doors and Faux wood garage doors is that wood garage doors are made entirely of wood while faux doors, also called wood-look doors, are typically made of steel or aluminum covered with a wood or wood composite cladding and overlays. Wood garage doors can provide wide customization and are dent proof. Wood faux doors, on the other hand, provide great reliability and low maintenance.

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Explore Exciting Contemporary Garage Door Ideas At The Doorman

A shining example from our selection of Clopay contemporary garage doors is the RESERVE® WOOD collection. This series consists of expertly crafted four- or five-layer polystyrene-insulated wood doors, with your choice of several fine wood species. These doors seamlessly combine great looks and excellent energy efficiency with a variety of visually appealing design options.

Many of our modern and contemporary garage doors comply with Southeast Floridas WindCode® guidelines, ensuring maximum wind and hurricane protection. Use our handy guide to determine the ideal W rating for your needs.

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