Mid Century Modern Garage Door

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Adding Raised Trim To Get The Look Of Midcentury Modern Garage Doors

Modern garage door ideas for your home | Canyon Ridge Modern By Clopay


I decided I wanted to change up the design a little from the original door and sent Peter some new drawings. One key element in the new design is the placement of the raised horizontal details. I placed the raised design elements just above the segments the roll up door is composed of. This detail helps to create the illusion of a solid swing up door by disguising the segments. Once we worked out the details it took about a month to have it installed.

We were jumping up and down when we saw the photo of the door in the wood shop. Just couldnt believe how awesome it looked!

Garage Doors With Mid Century Modern Design

This garage door is perfect for those who wants a minimalist yet chic look. The garage door is white with very subtle horizontal panels that matches the modern look of the architecture, but at the same time, stand-out from the wood-centric design.

Wood is definitely one of the most notable features of mid-century modern designs. In this garage door design, the narrow horizontal wood slats used on the garage doors adds a touch of warmth to the dark gray cement finish of the walls.

Mid-century modern designs are also known for their colors. Most often, light colors are used, but you will also see a lot of muted earthy tones.

This design is a great example, as it uses a warm brick orange paint for the garage door to match the color of the shiplap panels on the walls. Adding a few frosted glass panels also adds more dimension to the design.

Another example of a very subtle mid-century modern garage door. This design uses dark gray horizontal panels of the garage doors, which makes it stand out from the light-colored stone cladding used on the walls.

At the same time, the color is subtle enough to not distract you from the rest of the architectural finishes of the house. Read our guide of garage door color ideas for more related content.

For help realizing your own design, visit our top garage design software programs list and start creating your own plan.

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Insulated Carriage Style Mid

This is another carriage-style garage door that has a sense of mid-century design.

This one-car garage door is made of faux wood and painted in brown to mimic the natural medium tone of the wood.

There are double window panes attached at the upper part of the window. The smaller glass panels here balance the smaller doors.

The window glass seems not really opaque. In order to protect the homeowners privacy, the window panes are installed horizontally stacked instead of vertical, so it would take extra effort for the passers-by to look into the garage inside.

The doors are Clopay Canyon Ridge Carriage House, and perfectly insulated, thanks to their five layers.

Even though they look a lot like wood, basically, these doors are structured with steel for durability and strength and molded composite materials for realism and beauty.

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Choose Your Garage Doors Material

The first step to choosing a garage door for your midcentury home is to select a material that suits your needs. Choose a medium that looks appealing and matches the style of your house. You should also consider climate and durability. Your garage door should be able to endure any outdoor condition that comes your way.

Consider some of these popular material choices for your midcentury garage door:

  • Glass: This option is lightweight, durable and great for high-wind areas. It can be frosted, powdered, tempered or insulated, depending on your environment.
  • Wood: While its more costly than other materials, wood has a classic, timeless appearance.
  • Aluminum: This versatile metal can give your home an artistic look. Its corrosion-resistant, lightweight and easy to work with.
  • Fiberglass: This option is durable and crack-resistant, and it has insulation for both high and low temperatures.
  • Stainless steel: This contemporary material can withstand high temperatures and resist corrosion. It is strong and low maintenance.

Design Highlight: Contemporary Garage Doors

A mid century modern garage door brings contemporary style to the home ...

Having an attractive home with welcoming curb appeal is important to most homeowners. Contemporary homes today embrace and incorporate a variety of updated classic architectural styles, such as Mid-Century Modern, Ranch and Mission. However, many homeowners overlook the importance of having a contemporary garage design that enhances their homes design style. Considering that your garage door can take up to one-third of your homes façade, its a design element that can really add impact.

Well-chosen modern garage doors can complement a homes look, while a poorly chosen contemporary garage design can fight with a homes aesthetic and be an outright eyesore. While its clearly time to replace your garage door when its old and rickety, newer garage door features make any time a good time to upgrade your outdated doors with a contemporary garage design.

Contemporary Style Garage Doors

Types of Contemporary Garage Doors

While the actual style of your new garage door may be Ranch or Cape Cod, there are many options regarding the type of compatible modern garage doors available. Depending on the color and material, even though you might have a modern Colonial home, youll still find a wide variety of garage doors that can match your design style. Here are a few of the more popular types:

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Frosted Glass Panels Garage Door In Mid

It is obvious that this garage is an architectural center point of this exterior.

The garage door looks gorgeous with its anodized aluminum frame and opaque glass panels. This is Clopay Avante Collection overhead door, an excellent choice for a mid-century design.

The designer opted for this door to complement the white exterior paint and the houses clean lines.

With a door like this, natural light could enter the garage easily and at the same time protect privacy as well. At night, the door emits a warm glow, pretty much like the desert around this home a moment before sunset.

How To Choose A Modern Garage Door: Things To Know

Home » Blog » How to choose a modern Garage door: Things to know

Are you in the market for a new garage door for your residence or business? Modern garage doors are one of the most common ways today to modernize and complement any type of home. You cant go wrong with contemporary garage doors, whether you have a classic farmhouse or a mid-century modern rancher. Lets look at the advantages of Modern Aluminum Garage Doors and why theyre a good investment for your house.

What Does It Mean to Be Modern?

A design language with a focus on form rather than ornament structure and materials rather than picturesque constructions and the logical and effective use of space, according to the definition of modern architecture. Modern architecture has its origins in the 1890s, but it gained popularity in the 1930s.

Theyre Built to Match Your Decor

If you want your garage door to stand out or blend in with the rest of your homes architecture, theres a modern garage door to suit your needs. If you want passersbys to notice your door, choose a bright color or a special window design. If you want your door to fit in with the rest of your building, use design elements from the rest of your house.

How to Pick the Modern Aluminum Garage Doors for Your Home

If you want to be confident that your decision is the right one when you are going to shop for aluminum garage doors, deal with the right garage door company and your chances of making the best decision will increase.

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Beauty And Elegance Unique Modern Steel Garage Doors From Best Overhead Door

Along with their quality construction materials, Clopay’s Modern Steel garage doors are available in several designs, specially customized to exact standards and personal aesthetic preferences. While steel residential garage doors complement contemporary and midcentury modern home styles, they can be paired with a variety of home styles. Whether your home features more traditional architecture or striking contemporary design elements, the Modern Steel garage door can be styled to enhance your home’s existing character with eight base designs with and without window inserts, decorative glass and color and stain variety. Clopay’s Modern Steel garage doors feature the following design varieties:

  • Available as either a flush or grooved steel panel design.
  • Steel surface textures vary by model and paint surface. See chart here for more details
  • 13 factory finish options available, including Ultra-Grain® wood-look finishes.
  • Many glass and window size options available including insulated, frosted, and long and short designs.
  • Optional window grilles can be removed for easy cleaning.

Learn more about the wide selection of design options available with Clopay’s Modern Steel garage door today by contacting us or visiting our local Tualatin, OR, showroom. Our team of experts and garage door design specialists are available to help to you select and design a quality residential garage door tailored to your exact needs and specifications.

Uneven Garage Door With Sloping Bottom Sections In A Mid

Glass Garage and Front Doors | Painting | Ep. 8 Building Modern on a Budget

Building your garage in a sloped area? You can go for this garage door.

It is clear that this door is actually a custom-made product. It was designed, created, and installed by Dynamic Garage Doors, making it blend naturally into the homes architectural style.

You can see here that the ground was pitched at a sloping angle. It needed a custom-designed asymmetrical garage door that would fill the huge gap at the bottom of the opening.

Measuring correctly was the key to handcrafting this garage door, so it would perfectly fit into the asymmetrically shaped garage opening. The result is an uneven garage door in a mid-century design to complete the whole look.

The fine-lined garage door is made out of horizontal tongue and groove slats in solid mahogany. It was also stained to duplicate the homes existing Ipe wood accents.

The designer chose Ipe-stained mahogany instead of real Ipe to save more cost because it turns out that having a custom-made Ipe garage door is more expensive than a mahogany door.

However, wood is basically a perfect element to add if you want to achieve a mid-century design.

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Choose From A Wide Array Of Sleek And Modern Garage Doors In San Diego & Beyond

  • If youre looking for a way to enhance the appeal of your home in San Diego, Carlsbad or Coronado, designer-curated modern garage doors may be the perfect solution. If you choose Radford Garage Doors & Gates of San Diego to install your contemporary garage door, youll get to enjoy:

  • Sleek, timeless designs: our designs can complement your home with refined sophistication and lasting beauty.
  • Boosted curb appeal: enhance the resale value of your home by enhancing its curb appeal with modern glass, aluminum, wood, or steel garage doors.
  • Premium materials: whether its authentic wood or fiberglass, our garage doors are all made from durable high-end materials.
  • Streamlined functionality: our garage doors combine sophisticated aesthetics with precision functionality.

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Match Your Garage Door With Your Midcentury Home

If you have a midcentury home, youve probably put lots of time and money into cultivating and maintaining a look thats fresh yet timeless. If youre thinking about upgrading your garage door, youll want to choose a model that complements the style of your house.

Luckily, you can match your garage door to your midcentury home with ease by keeping a few simple considerations in mind.

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Painting The Garage Door To Make The Midcentury Detail Pop

And finally the project comes together with a paint-color twist. Nanette says:

We finally finished painting the garage door so this story could happen any time now.

We got it all primed last October but then it started raining, and life happened, and we just now finished painting it.

Originally I had planned to paint it just like the old door, dark green with minty details. But after seeing it white we got attached to it that way.

For now its white with minty trim. The big issue with painting it all green is theres this bendy plastic trim that seals the door and that stuff can be challenging to paint. That plastic trim is white so it was easiest to leave the door white for now. I did find products out there that say they will adhere to plastic and a local resource that could help, some suggest pre-treating the plastic with some special stuff before painting. .

We just LOVE it. I no longer need help opening the garage door and its noticeably much warmer and cooler in the garage/studio now. Thanks so much PacDoor for helping make our garage door dreams come true!


Sleek And Clean Lines Of Flush Panels Garage Doors With Mid

Modern Garage Doors

If you dont like window panes on your solid door, you might love this one.

This simple and sleek garage door is also from ProLift Garage Doors of St. Louis, offering a mid-century design with a lovely combination of modern and contemporary elements.

Installing a flush panels garage door is one of the best ways to add a mid-century modern look to your homes exterior.

You can see here that the lines of the door are sleek and clean without any ornamentation.

The door is made of faux wood with the appearance of weathered wood. The soft gray tone is also completed with wood graining, delivering a minimalist and simple look with an energy-efficient feature.

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Eichler Sliding Garage Doors In A Mid

The moss green color of these garage doors creates a soft and subtle contrast to the creamy white siding surround.

These doors are the original Eichler sliding garage doors sleek, simple, and stylish, perfect for a mid-century design.

However, this door is quite pricey for some.

If you want to duplicate this look with a more affordable alternative, you can buy a standard flush panel garage door and mount Eichler siding to the door panel.

This way, you could custom your own garage doors design and paint it in any color you want.

Farmhouse Modern Garage Doors

Farmhouse Modern keeps the minimalistic tradition of modern design but adds warmth and rustic ease. For Décor Aid, this means that it brings a comfortable hominess to your architecture without sacrificing the utility of modern lines. The rustic elements of Farmhouse Modern focus on natural materials and muted colors. This helps to keep a modern lens of simplicity as each line is both practical and beautiful.

Farmhouse Modern garage doors take these design elements to heart with the use of color and architectural design in the following ways:

  • Muted colors like gray, white, and brown
  • Unique paneling from the traditional X of a barn door to diagonal crossings
  • Frequent use of wood in warm, natural hues like driftwood or reclaimed wood
  • Small, framed windows along the top of the door
  • Minimal, dark hardware

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Complete The Look Of Your Portland Home With Clopay’s Modern Steel Garage Doors

Your Portland home is more than a place to prop your feet up at the end of the day with the right types of , design elements and attention to detail, you can express yourself and your unique personality. While garages are often just seen as a convenient place to leave and enter your home and store your car, improved and stylish modern garage door products can accentuate your home’s architecture, add security and peace of mind and .

At Best Overhead Door, you’ll find one of our most daring and popular garage door styles available to homeowners today Clopay’s Modern Steel garage door. Modern steel garage doors are specially crafted with the finest materials available today and can be customized with nearly endless design options for the best modern representation of value, design and performance.

Designed Like No Other

Renovated Mid-Century View Home | 2210 Cielo Place, Arcadia

Steel-Craft doors are specially designed and crafted to handle all Canadian weather.


Our patented Weatherlock system overlaps the interior and exterior skins, locking out the cold, preventing interior heat loss, all the while extending the life of your door.


Steel-Crafts ClimaCore insulation is specially designed to achieve the highest insulation between steel skins, providing the best R-Value, strong and consistent protection from the elements.


Every Steel-Craft component is made in-house by Steel-Craft. Track, hinges, and rollers are made in Canada to handle our Canadian weather. Durable and highly efficient, Steel-Craft doors are made to last.


We take pride in our solution-based customer service and carefully plan each component of our doors to meet your needs. Review our Warranty Documents or submit a Warranty Claim Request Form here.

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A Midcentury Modern Garage Door Made New For Nanette

Nanette wanted to replace the heavy, drafty, worn and scary garage door that was a defining feature of the front of their house. Taking a chance, she walked into a local garage door company and sure enough, the company was happy to work with her create a custom design with the look of midcentury modern garage doors, but using 21st Century functionality.

Nanette writes:

Replacing our garage door was something we talked about doing for many years but wanted something period correct and just couldnt find anything available on the market to replace it with. We were in love with the style of the original Swing Up door even though it was semi-functional, so we just lived with it for the past 17+ years. Then last year, I turned our garage into my art studio, and it became crucial to have an insulated garage door that would seal so we could heat and cool the space.

Above, the before door. Nanette explains:

Weve loved the original door visually, but it needed restoration and it was pretty difficult to use. It hung at an angle creating large gaps which allowed a nice flow of air into the space. The old door was also really heavy and difficult to use swings up, one large unit with massive springs. I needed a helper to get the swinging started in order to open it.

Nanette continues:

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