Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Reviews

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Motion Activated Wall Console

PRA7 Reviews Liftmaster MyQ Secure 2 Wifi Garage Door Opener

Most homeowners love motion activated wall control panels, and its for good reason. If you frequently walk out into your garage to grab something, having a light automatically turn on and off is very convenient. Gone are the days of turning a light on when you enter the garage and leaving it on all night long because someone forgot to turn it off.

If you are working in the garage, you can manually activate the light to stay on until youre finished with your project. This can be done from the wall control panel, or you can set it up in the MyQ app.

Which Brand Wins The Battle

We believe that LiftMaster is the winner, as it offers excellent innovative features, in-garage delivery, and a better warranty than Genie.

Still, Genies Safe-T-Beam, Aladdin Connect® features, and Genie Sense Technology are all excellent reasons to choose it over LiftMaster.

In the end, your decision depends on your unique needs and preferences.


Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

This Space saving garage door opener comes with a sleek design and the manufacturers have kept in mind the constrained space area of a garage while product designing it. Hence, this Liftmaster Wall Mount Garage Door Opener 8500 is very small is design and does not occupy too much space in your garage. Also, as we have already told you about the integration of Liftmaster products with their myQ application that lets you monitor the garage door opener from distance is also integrated within the product.

Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

  • Comes Integrated with myQ app
  • Ultra-Quiet Performance
  • 5 year warranty on parts

So, no longer having to worry about forgetting to close the garage door, as the app will take care of it for you. Another important feature of this efficient and affordable Liftmaster Wall Mount Garage Door Opener 8500 is that it operates very noiselessly. We all know the pain of bearing the loud noise that a garage door makes while opening or closing the shaft. This product works so noiselessly that you wont even realize its operating behind your back. It absorbs the sound and vibrations made through the door and eliminates them through the ceiling.


  • Does not work with roll up doors
  • Can be pricey for some people

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Chamberlain B2212t Ultra Quiet Wi


  • Set schedules and receive alerts on your smartphone

  • Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery compatibility

  • Installation directions could be clearer

  • Extension kit required for doors over 7 feet tall

If you want your garage opener to work without creating a lot of noise, the B2212T Ultra Quiet Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener’s DC motor and belt drive system offers impressively smooth and quiet operation. You can control this system via the myQ mobile app, which lets you receive alerts about the door’s activity and set schedules for opening and closing the door and turning the system’s lights on and off. The system is also compatible with HomeLink for remote-free control and Amazon Key for Amazon Prime package delivery to your garage.

Other standard features include one remote, a push-button door control, and safety sensors to prevent closing if they sense people or objects in the way. The installation instructions for this model could be more straightforward, but once it’s up and running, the controls are quite user-friendly. This model also includes a battery backup, so you can still use the opener in a power outage.

Price at time of publish: $239

Dimensions: 26.75 x 13.38 x 8.06 inches | Weight: 30 pounds | Opener Type: Belt drive, Smart | Lifting Capacity: Not listed | Drive Type: Steel-reinforced belt-drive | Horsepower: 0.5 | Power Source: DC motor with backup battery

Timer To Close Feature

LiftMaster 3800 Residential Jackshaft Garage Door Opener review ...

The LiftMaster 8500W comes with the LiftMaster 880LMW wall control panel, which features the timer to close feature in the settings. The 880LMW control panel has a digital LCD screen that allows you to set the timer to close anywhere from 1, 5, or 10 minute intervals or a custom setting up to 99 minutes. We dont use the timer to close feature, but we also dont live in a neighborhood where our garage is exposed. I set my garage door openers on a custom schedule in the MyQ app to close my garage doors every evening at 8pm.

Here is a link to an extensive article I wrote about Timer To Close.

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Liftmaster 8500w Vs Chamberlain Rjo70 Wall Mount Opener

One of the most common questions for anyone looking for a wall mount jackshaft garage door opener is what are the differences between the LiftMaster 8500W & the Chamberlain RJO70?

If you dont already know, The Chamberlain Group manufacturers LiftMaster and Chamberlain garage door openers. The LiftMaster brand is sold through installing dealers, but you can find some of their product online, especially the wall mount openers, since they can easily be shipped. The Chamberlain brand is their DIY line that is sold online and through local home stores.

The only real differences you will find between the LiftMaster and Chamberlain wall mount openers apart from branding is the remote and control panel they come with. The LiftMaster unit comes with a three button remote, while the Chamberlain comes with a single button remote. The wall control panel mounted inside the garage comes with an LCD screen on the LiftMaster, while the Chamberlain does not.

The last important distinction between the LiftMaster 8500W and Chamberlain RJO70 wall mount openers has to do with warranty. While both carry the same manufacturers warranty which is 1 year on accessories, lifetime on motor, and 5 years on parts, its the labor warranty that differs.

Requirements For A Wall Mount Opener

The #1 most important thing you must have for any wall mount garage door opener to function properly is a garage door that runs properly when operated manually by hand.

A wall mount jackshaft style garage door opener cant be installed on any type of door. There are specific requirements needed for the installation and proper operation. You need to check your garage to make sure you meet these requirements, or you will have to contact a trained door technician.

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What Model Is My Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

According to LiftMaster, you can find the garage door opener model in the following locations:

  • Under the front light lens
  • Under the left light lens, if facing the garage door opener
  • The opposite side of where the antenna is on the garage door opener

Tip: The model number is typically on the other side under the light cover if you see the Part Number.

Liftmaster Secure View Garage Door Opener

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener, LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series Jackshaft Operator Review and Install

We test and review fitness products based on an independent, multi-point methodology. If you use our links to purchase something, we may earn a commission. Read our disclosures.


The LiftMaster 87504-267 is a smart garage door opener with a number of enhanced features, such as:

  • Two-way audio communication to an app you can install on your smart device
  • A built-in camera for video
  • A light ring that shines in 360 degrees using LED lights
  • A motor that is ultra quiet

Tried it? Review this product

  • Secure deliveries

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Compare Best Garage Door Openers

One battery backup, two sensors, one keypad, one control panel, two remote controls Lifetime motor and belt warranty, 5-year parts warranty, 1-year accessories warranty
Two sensors, one keypad, one control panel, and two remote controls 15-year belt warranty, 10-year motor warranty, 1-year parts and accessories warranty
One battery backup, One keypad, one control panel, and two remote controls Lifetime motor and belt warranty, 5-year parts warranty, 1-year accessories warranty
One control panel and one remote control 1-year belts, part, and accessories warranty
Two sensors, one control panel, and one remote control 1 year

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This garage door opener comes with a keypad for outside of the garage, a remote for inside of the garage, two remotes for remote access, two sensors, and a battery backup for power during outages. Built-in technology allows you to get real-time alerts via mobile app.

Courtesy Amazon

Comes with a battery backup that keeps the opener working when there is a power outage

Has a remote range of up to 1,500 feet

Works in heat, humidity, and other extreme weather conditions

The smartphone app requires a subscription to use some of its features

Has a somewhat older-looking design

How We Picked And Tested

We have continually tested our existing picks while also keeping an eye out for updates on competing models and new releases . For this guide we spent more than 200 hours testing controllers in four different garages over a period of nine months, in addition to living with our top picks for the past 12 months.

Most of the controllers performed well when we used the app to remotely open and close the doors. We found that differences among devices came from their feature sets and whether they suffered from false alertsa common problem in our testing and in user reviews.

These false alerts stem from the wireless door sensors that nearly all of the controllers use. The sensor tells the controller the state of your garage doorwhether its open or closed. A wireless sensor is a much easier install, since you dont have to run wiring through your garage. But these are prone to false alerts for a variety of reasons, including dead batteries, simple malfunctions, interference from the metal garage door, or, in a few cases, falling off the door.

We focused our testing on how easy each controller was to work withwhen installing and setting it up, and in everyday useand we tested out integrations with smart-home systems including voice assistants.

We favored controllers that could operate more than one garage door . Some of the models we tested require you to buy the whole device again for subsequent doors.

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Both Brands Offer A High Level Of Security

LiftMasters openers have the so-called Security+ 2.0, which changes your doors access codes after every open/close operation, says Jeremy Thompson, a garage door tech at YouthfulHome. That way, you dont have to worry about anyone breaking in.

Genie has Intellicode, which works the same.

With LiftMaster, you can even set a timer with the Timer-to-Close feature, which is particularly useful when coming home with multiple bags of groceries.

My Biggest Problem With Liftmaster And Chamberlain Openers

Liftmaster 8355 Review: A Garage Door Opener Buyers Guide 2022

Chamberlain continues to use a 20 year old design for the safety eye mounting bracket that is utterly ridiculous. If there is a concrete stem wall right up against the track, you will not be able to clip them on at the proper height without a bunch of extra work blowing out some concrete. They are not adjustable or extendable in any way. They cannot be mounted to the same wall surface as the track is because they are short and will be blocked by the track. Anchoring into the concrete floor or wall is often the only option.

They are also easy to knock loose from the track since they just snap on. And since garage door track vibrates slightly as the door opens and close, the wing nuts that are used to tighten them down work their way loose, leading to misaligned eyes .

Chamberlain safety eye sensors are also polar, which means that there is only one way to connect the wiring if you reverse the wiring when you connect it to the opener, it wont work. This makes connecting to pre-existing wiring that is often inside the wall more of a challenge because you have to do multiple splices without mixing up the wires. It also complicates troubleshooting the wiring. Many other brands have non-polar safety eyes where the wires can go either way, a much easier system to deal with.

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Why Trust The Spruce

This article was written and researched by Camryn Rabideau, who is a freelance writer and product tester for The Spruce. She considered a wide range of garage door openers, including models from top-name brands and smaller manufacturers, and evaluated each pick for power, convenience, and versatility. All of the garage door openers included have at least 0.5-horsepower motors and can be used on standard 7-foot garage doors. Emma Phelps, an updates writer for The Spruce, also assisted with this article by reaching out to Michelle Nichols, a Merchant at The Home Depot, who provided purchasing insight and helpful resources for garage door opener installation.

Liftmaster 8160w Vs Chamberlain Openers

What most people dont know is the chain drive Chamberlain garage door openers sold at your local home store actually use a cable and chain drive system. Half of the drive system is standard chain and the other half is cable. Like we discussed earlier, LiftMaster chain drive garage door openers actually use a 100% chain drive system.

The next main difference between a LiftMaster and Chamberlain opener is the rail. LiftMaster uses a one-piece solid steel t-rail, while Chamberlain uses a multi-piece hollow tube rail. The reason for this is so homeowners can take a Chamberlain DIY garage door opener home from the store with the rail in the box. This allows the complete package to be shipped efficiently to a store or to the customers home when sold online. Most LiftMaster openers sold online do not ship with the rail because its cost prohibitive.

Finally, the main difference between a LiftMaster and Chamberlain opener will be warranty. The warranty I am referring to is not the manufacturers warranty, but more so the warranty that is provided by the installing company. If you have a LiftMaster garage door opener installed, the installing company will provide you with a parts and labor warranty.

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Best Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Reviews

Need to keep your property secure, your family protected, and make your life improved? At that point welcome to the Best Garage Door Opener Reviews 2019 stage. Here you’ll discover immaculate Garage door opener frameworks for your home without a doubt. Look at these best garage door opener and accomplish something beyond open your garage entryway. Opening your garage door presently has turned out to be considerably more advantageous with these top of the line LiftMaster Garage Door Openers. On the off chance that you are looking for buy one for your home and need to purchase just the best item available, at that point you’ve gone to the opportune spot.

The Universal Garage Door Opener from Liftmaster which is one of the best garage door opener 2019 is productive, dependable, and everything accompanies a charging battery framework. Best Garage Door Opener from LiftMaster additionally has a preinstalled clock that shuts your garage door naturally. Along these lines, presently you don’t need to stress over whether you left the garage door open.

What Customers Are Saying

BEST LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Motor of 2022 – Is this their Last Flagship?

Positive reviews highlighted that this garage door opener was easy to install and convenient and reliable to use. Many reviews noted that it was ultra-quiet and worked well in cold weather. Negative reviews criticized this product for requiring a subscription to use certain features on the smartphone app.

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Customers Love The Liftmaster 8160w Opener

At this point, we have installed hundreds of LiftMaster 8160W openers and our customers are loving the unit. So much so that many times if they have multiple openers in their garage, we will get a call back to replace their second or third openers within a month. This is usually because they enjoy the quietness of the motor and the smartphone control.

Yes, LiftMaster offers lower priced units, but we have stuck with the 8160W because the satisfaction level has been so high among our customers. Its nice to install something in a customers home that provides them with so much satisfaction. Homeowners interact with their garage door opener daily, so its important to get something you will enjoy using.

Other Garage Door Openers We Considered

Chamberlain B2405: Even though this opener is the updated version of our old top pick, its lack of battery backup resulted in us leaving it off our list. It does feature all the MyQ capabilities of other Chamberlain models, though, and its belt drive should guarantee a quiet operation.

Genie 7035-TKV Chain Drive Garage Door Opener: Although it’s not as affordable as our current budget-friendly pick, this Genie opener is still priced lower than most. It also includes helpful features like a pair of pre-programmed remotes and a backup battery, and is compatible with Homelink and Car2U systems.

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Both Manufacturers Have Adopted Smart Technology

All LiftMaster models use myQ technology to control the opener from your smartphone and various smart home devices.

You can even activate in-garage delivery for Amazon shipments, enabling delivery drivers to leave your packages inside the garage after you permit them via the myQ app. You have to be an Amazon Prime member, though. This myQ feature is exclusive to LiftMaster openers.

Every LiftMaster model has built-in Wi-Fi and is compatible with HomeLink® and Car2U® vehicle-based wireless control systems, enabling you to control your garage door from within your vehicle.

They also have a Maintenance Alert System , which helps you keep the garage door in top working condition.

As for third-party integrations, LiftMaster models support Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Xfinity, Clare Controls, and more.

Genie offers a proprietary app for controlling the opener from smart devices called Aladdin Connect®. It sends real-time notifications whenever the door is activated and even records the last 100 open/close operations.

All Genie models are compatible with Aladdin Connect®, HomeLink®, and Car2U®, most have built-in Wi-Fi, and their remote controls come pre-programmed. Every opener comes with Genie Sense Technology that monitors the opener and sends real-time alerts.

They integrate with Google Assistant, Alexa, Control4, and Yonomi.

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