Led Lights For The Garage

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Lightdot Motion Activated Led Garage Light Fixture

Garage Shop LED Lighting Upgrade // Cheap LED Fixtures

If you want an automatic on/off garage lighting fixture, try this Lightdot motion-activated LED garage light. It equips with a microwave motion detector that can detect up to 8-10m range movements and with a 360° sensing angle. When you move into the detection range, it turns on automatically and turns off when you leave.

Whats more, theres a switch that you use to select operate by motion detection or operation by the switch. When its off, these garage lights just work like a normal light without a motion sensor, so you can decide which control method to operate.

Similarly, its a deformable design with 3 adjustable panels that can be folded to form different light angles. One difference is that these panels are with milky cover rather than a transparent one. It makes the lights softer, but you still dont want to look at it directly.

Brand / ASIN:
  • Easy installation, just screw in and its on, Bright enough for a small garage, Deformable design with milky cover.
  • Things We Dont Like: × Motion detection is too sensitive,× Wide light distribution, no narrow beam.

Why Is Shopping For Garage Lighting So Hard

One of the most popular threads on the Garage Journal forum is over 115 pages long and has over TWO THOUSAND REPLIES!

Thatll take you a couple of days to read, never mind sifting through everyones opinions and deciding which is the right light for you.

Thats why I put off upgrading my garage lighting for so long. Theres just so many options and so much to learn.

I didnt want to make the wrong choice.

The fact is though, nothing will make more of an impact to your garage than good lighting.

Sunco Lighting Led Shop Light

Check out this Sunco Lighting two-pack of LED shop lights for commercial-grade garage lighting. These 4,000-lumen, 4-foot-long lights have a 5,000K color temperature, making them perfect for garage environments. With the hanging gear and cord that are included, you can mount them to the ceiling or suspend them from it. Each lamp has an on/off pull switch, and a chain that comes with it is far more durable than a string in an industrial situation. Anyone who likes to control all of their lights from one switch can connect a few sets and use a wall switch to control them.

During testing, we found the Sunco Lighting industrial shop light to be top-notch. Even though the set of lights was wired together, each light was functioning, meaning we could switch them on and off separately without impacting the lights before or after them.

Unlike other systems, which can employ proprietary plugs, these lights utilize ordinary 110-volt outlet plugs. This made connections easy, and daisy-chaining a set of them across the garage was made simple by the lengthy wires. I also appreciated that this system could be mounted flush to the ceiling or hung from a rope. The main drawback is that there are no obvious mounting holes elsewhere, so flush mounting will probably require drilling through the backplate.


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Royana Portable Led Garage Flood Lights

If there is no E26 socket available to screw in the deformable LED garage lights, try this Royana portable garage flood light with a standard North American plug. Whats more, its with a hook on top, so simply hang it on the ceiling and plug it into the socket, then thats it.

The hook also makes this light portable, and easy to take from room to room. You can carry it around and use it either in the basement or in the workshop. In addition, this plug-in garage light is with a built-in two-prong outlet, that allows you to charge other devices, so you get an extra outlet to use, which is a great bonus.

Also, its with a rocker switch design for you to easily control the light, more safe and convenient to use the lamp. The wattage options are 60w and 100w available, and with a radar induction version for you to choose from

Brand / Part Number:
  • Ready to plug in installation, Built-in two-prong outlet, Rocker switch design for easy control, Deformable aluminum construction.
  • Things We Dont Like: × Wide light distribution, no narrow beam.

Our Innovative Lighting Technology Is Adaptable And Simple

60W LED Garage Light, 6000lm Tribright LED Garage Lighting, Super ...

LIINC Garage Door Lighting Systems produce 6000k daylight white to bring brilliant light turning your garage into a more usable and safe space.

Utilizing our LIINC Active Harness Technology when your door fully opens, the Garage Door Opener Light is automatically turned on. These systems will work on two car and single car garage doors. Once installed our system flexes and moves cordlessly with your door.

Each of our low voltage LIINC Power Supplies come pre-wired and ready to install.

The patented LIINC Garage Door Lighting System ensures an automatic 14,400 lumens of light turn on when your garage door is open.

Our LIINC Garage Door Lights are designed and assembled in California.

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Can You Put Recessed Lighting In Garages

Absolutely! In fact, I actually had recessed lighting in my garage for almost three years before I installed my Hykolity shop lights.

Recessed lights are a great lighting solution thats easy to install in any room. The challenge with using recessed lights, is that they dont output enough light to light up a room as large as a two-car garage.

Weve already seen that you need between 62,000 and 72,000 lumens to light up a two car garage. In my garage, I hit that number with four eight foot and one four foot LED shop lights.

To get 60,000 lumens of light from the Phillips Hue recessed lights I have inside my house, Id need A WHOPPING NINETY LIGHTS. Thats a total cost of over $3000 dollars in lights that use over 700 watts of power!

I love recessed lighting, but I found that my garage simply wasnt the right application for me. Even adding additional lights to my garage, I found the lighting was dimmer than I wanted. Thats what started this entire process for me.

Best Led Shop Lights For Garages And Workshops 2022

Still squinting when working on your car and not a fan of the higher power bill that more lights would bring? Its about time to replace your outdated fluorescent shop lights with LED units, then!

  • Overall dimensions: 47.37 X 7.43 X 1.75
  • Total weight: 4.7 lbs.
  • 5000K cool white light
  • Overall dimensions: 48 X 5.3 X 3
  • Total weight: 6.2 lbs.
  • 4000K cool white light
  • Overall dimensions: 35.7 X 1.33 X 2.48
  • Total weight: 1.7 lbs.

No matter whether you are a professional mechanic or simply a DIYer, your garage, repair shop, or any other workspace needs to be sufficiently lit, period. And unless your garage was recently renovated, you probably have conventional incandescent bulbs dotted all over the place. However, since cool light significantly improves concentration and makes it a lot easier to see details a characteristic not to neglect in a workshop. Luckily, the best and most efficient source of cool light is modern LEDs, a type of light bulb that rapidly gained in popularity in recent years due to the numerous advantages they offer, including a longer lifespan and significantly lower energy costs.

Of course, not all garages or shops are the same, so we made sure to include different types and models suited for various applications there should be a little something for everyone in there.

I hope it helps!

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Different Sizes Of Exc Outdoor Led Light

In terms of EXC outdoor led tree lamp, there are many different sizes for the different specific purposes for you to choose from. They can be generally classified into mini, small, and large sizes. For example, the EXC-BC155ARL light palm tree lamp’s size is 155mm X 155mm X 165mm , which can be classified into small sizes. And the EXC-BC245ARH tree lamp led’s size is 245mm x 245mm x 323mm, which is larger than the former one. For more detailed information and sizes of specific products, you can click the link on the website for looking.

Barrina Led T5 Integrated Single Fixture

Best and Brightest LED Garage Shop Lights

This collection of LED T5 single fixtures from Barrina is a wise choice if you want to brightly illuminate a complete garage without going overboard on your lighting budget. Each light in this set of six produces 2,200 lumens, and they are all connected by easy plug-in jumpers. The full lighting system for a garage can be finished with a simple plug-in and clip-in.

Barrina lights have a very cool 6,500K color temperature and are each 4 feet long. They also require extremely little power . There are no justifications for putting off those tasks when the weather becomes chilly because they are LEDs and will function well in extremely cold situations.

The Barrina LED T5 system is very easy to install because each bulb merely needs to be snapped into place after screwing the clip to the ceiling. Additionally, with six lights included, the ability to position the light as needed is a pleasant deviation from the customary. The brightness was also more than suitable for most garages, in our opinion. The jumper wires were significantly too short we already had a similar system in my business that came with cables that were more than twice as long, so that is our only concern.


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Shop And Garage Lights

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  • Cool 5000KNatural 4000K

    Correlated Color Temperature is the hue, or tint of white to expect from a light source and is measured in kelvin. Lower numbers give off a warmer white that is closer to candle light, and is good for relaxed and cozy spaces. Higher numbers give off a cooler white light that will appear more blueish. While values to the middle of the spectrum give off a more neutral or natural white light that is similar to daylight. Natural and cool white are considered ideal for task lighting.


    The brightness of a product in relation to the 40 results.

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  • Cool 5000KNatural 4000K

    Correlated Color Temperature is the hue, or tint of white to expect from a light source and is measured in kelvin. Lower numbers give off a warmer white that is closer to candle light, and is good for relaxed and cozy spaces. Higher numbers give off a cooler white light that will appear more blueish. While values to the middle of the spectrum give off a more neutral or natural white light that is similar to daylight. Natural and cool white are considered ideal for task lighting.


    The brightness of a product in relation to the 40 results.

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    Taxi Yellow For The New York Times

    For all new buildings in Times Square, local regulations stipulate facade lighting that corresponds to this special location in terms of brightness, colour and dynamics. The lighting technology of the spotlights was perfectly suited for the extremely high facades of the New York Times building. At the request of the lighting design office OVI, the ERCO luminaires mounted in pairs on the base storey were coated in the special colour “New York Taxi Yellow”.Architecture: Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Paris/Genoa, FXFowle Architects, New YorkLighting design: OVI Office for visual interaction, New YorkLocation: New York, USA

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    Precise Light For Democracy

    Lighting in the Reichstag plenary hall is a balancing act between the comfort requirements of Members of Parliament and the technical requirements of television cameras. Together with lighting designer Claude Engle, a high-output spotlight with very good glare control was developed. The spotlights were precisely aligned and individually focused in the plenary hall.Lighting design: Claude Engle, Chevy ChaseLocation: Berlin, Germany

    What Are Your Lighting Needs Can You Create A System Of Several Styles To Be More Versatile

    3 Leaf LED Garage Light Screw In Bulb Deformable Ceiling Lights Lamp ...

    A garage is a big, open space. Light can get lost in the high ceilings and the large number of square feet, but defining your space will help you decide where to put what lights to section off the space for different uses. For example, one big light in the room isnt going to be as efficient as adding a smaller, brighter light in your workspace while installing softer lighting throughout the rest of the garage for parking and storage. Likewise, adding under-cabinet lighting in your storage space will help add storage visibility while sectioning off spaces at the same time.

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    How To Choose The Best Led Garage Lights

    Now that you know the difference between each type of garage light fixtures and their features, its time to decide on which LED garage lights should fit for your car garage or your workshop, basement.

    • Check the ceiling height

    You should know the ceiling height before you make up your mind to purchase the light. Since most garage spaces are with lower ceilings, between seven to nine feet high, LED wraparound lights or LED screw-in garage lights are more suitable to install under this condition.

    Because they are surface mounted on the ceiling, it will not be an obstruction as they wont hang as an ordinary shop light would, keeping them out of the way of ladders, boards, and other objects you might be moving around the space.

    If you have a preference for the LED shop lights, make sure they are hanging in the high ceiling on chains, to avoid hitting your head.

    • Choose the high CRI one

    If youre doing the garage works that require you to see the real colors, always check the color rendering index rating of the light before purchase. The CRI rating indicates how clearly or accurately objects appear in the LED light.

    Generally, the CRI could be 70, 80, or higher up to 97. Just like with lumens, the higher the CRI, the more true color you can see. LED garage lights with a rating of 85 or above are best for rendering true color.

    • Sensor function
    • Dual-color feature

    Dimmable and CCT Tunable

    • Installation methods
    • Adjustable Beam Direction

    Best Led Garage Lights

    In our home, the garage is another activity space that we spent lots of time in. A well-constructed garage is not just a place to store our loved cars, but it can also serve multifunction duty as workshops for a variety of projects, including painting, repairing, and assembly. Hence, it is vital that garages and workshops are sufficiently illuminated since the garage lighting makes car repairs and other tasks much more efficient as well as safer.

    The good LED garage lights should be bright enough while also with the feature of energy-efficient and longevity. Besides these, it should be also installation-friendly or wiring easily, in case you have an existing old garage light system that needs to be retrofitted.

    There are many types of LED garage lights you can found in the market, such as LED T5 integrated lamps, T8 Tube light fixtures, LED shop lights, LED wraparound lights, LED bulb garage light fixtures, and so on. Each light has its own feature and functionality.

    So which garage lights are best suited for your home garage or workshop? Read on and see our review and analysis for various garage lighting ideas, as well as our complete guide to help you select the best LED garage lights for your garage workshop.

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    Other Things To Think Of

    Lamp color: Most of the garage lights are either in black color finished or white color finished, some are with other colors available. If you want the color to match your decor or ceiling style, go with the appropriate one, so it does not look awkward.

    Waterproof function: If you need to install the light outside of the garage or in a carport, standard garage lights are not suitable, since they are mainly for indoor application. To install outdoor, the light should be waterproof and dustproof , this is to ensure the light can work properly and with a long lifespan.

    Get The Best Led Garage Lights From Primelights

    LED Garage Lights – Watch before you buy!

    Need a hand finding the best LED light for your shop or garage? Use our handygarage lighting calculator to determine the best light for your space. Simply plug in your ceiling height, square footage, and exposure conditions to see a compatible LED light fixture thats perfect for your garage.

    Have a question? Need assistance? Contact us today to speak to a PrimeLights team member who can answer all your questions and help you find the best light for your garage!

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    Lithonia Led Motion Sensor Light

    As previously mentioned, a good LED garage lighting system isnt complete without a good central fixture that meets the basic needs. You can add all the undercabinet lighting, LED strips, and task lighting you want, but without a good central fixture your lighting will be incomplete.

    The Lithonia motion sensor LED fixture is that solution for anyone who wants a motion-activated light to provide basic lighting to the entire garage when its in use. Mounted to the ceiling or hung via suspension, this fixture can be hard-wired into the garage or plugged into any standard outlet. This means anyone can install it, regardless of electrical or technical skill.

    Best for basic, motion-activated lighting in any garage.

    The biggest advantage: The versatility of this LED garage light means you can have it permanently installed as a fixture, or you can plug it into any regular electrical outlet.

    Key parameters:

    • Versatile installation: AC outlet plug-in or hardwire.
    • Can be suspended from the ceiling or installed flush.

    Keep in mind:

    • Best installed from the ceiling.
    • Consider attaching to studs from installation points.

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