Keep Flies Out Of Garage

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Make Homemade Fly Repellent

How to get rid of Garbage Flies (House Flies)

What if I tell you that you can make your house and garage smell amazing and keep flies away at the same time. This will be a win, win situation for you. The only thing you will need to do is to make your own homemade air freshener with one secret ingredient that flies hate.

This ingredient is essential oils. Lavender, cinnamon, and peppermints are fly-repellant odors that will make your house and garage smell great. All you need to do is add 15 drops of essential oils to a spray bottle with warm water and spray it all over the garage. This will keep flies away from your garage.

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Keeping The Garage Surroundings Clean

The female flies lay 75-150 eggs at a time or around 500 eggs in their very short life. They lay these eggs, known as maggots, in dirty places so that they have access to food immediately.

Flies love to lay their eggs in garbage bins, open or leaking sewer lines, pet waste, rotting food, especially fruits.

To stop flies from infesting your garage, you have to deprive them of all their breeding grounds around the garage. Keep the surroundings clean!

What Causes Flies Outdoors

Houseflies are most active when its warm outside, generally between the months of April and October in most parts of the U.S. With super speedy reproduction rates and very basic survival needs, fly populations can blow up seemingly overnight. A female housefly is capable of laying more than 500 eggs over her lifespan of only 15 to 25 days. And those eggs turn into grown flies in as little as a week. Thats why a swarm of flies can feel like a sneak attack that youre completely unprepared for.

Mostly, flies are nothing more than annoying. But it is possible for flies to spread disease and cause foodborne illness if they land on the food youre eating.

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Vinegar & Dish Soap Solution For Flies

Vinegar and dish soap has long been considered effective methods for getting rid of pests from home. And the good news is these two ingredients can also be used together to get rid of flies from your garage. All you need to do is mix equal parts of vinegar and water with dish soap before spraying on the surfaces where flies are active.

Keeping The Garage Clean

Garage door opener chain adjustment: Plastic door curtain to keep flies out

You must treat your garage as a part of the living space of your home. So you must apply all the practices of good housekeeping to your garage as well.

Basically this means that you must

  • organize your garage storage, including overhead garage storage
  • use airtight plastic storage containers as far as possible
  • not keep sweet beverages or snacks in open cans or plates

You must also regularly and frequently clean up your garage. If you like having beverages and snacks in the garage, clean up immediately. It is a good idea to have a small refrigerator in the garage.

Be extra careful about spills & waste disposal of beverages, snacks, especially sweet items like donuts & ice creams. If your garage has a bad smell, you are sending an open invitation to the flies outside.

Storage of unclean gardening equipment, outdoor activity or camping gear and sports equipment such as hockey gear, golf bags & clubs can also be a source of food for flies in the garage.

Clean them properly before storage. Cleaning will also increase the life of the equipment.

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Make A Neem Oil Repellent

Neem oil is a natural insecticide and repellent. Despite its reputation as an insecticide, it is completely natural and safe to use on yourself and pets. In fact, neem oil is considered beneficial to the skin.

It must be diluted before use, however, since the essential oil is strong and can cause skin irritation. Try our Natural Neem Oil Repellent recipe on your skin or use our Neem Oil Insecticide Spray to cover large areas.

  • 10-20 drops of neem oil, less if you have extremely sensitive skin
  • A few drops of lavender oil or other pleasant smelling oil
  • Warm coconut oil

Fill a two-ounce bottle with warm liquid coconut oil and add the other ingredients. Shake and spray on exposed skin.

Spray this mixture directly on flies and in fly-infested areas.

Smack Flies With A Fly Swatter

If there are only a few flies in your garage, hit the ones you can find with a fly swatter and throw away their dead bodies so these dont attract more flies.

If you want to use a fly swatter, you can try:

  • These traditional fly swatters. I find it easiest to kill flies with these types of swatters when they land on something and are sitting still.
  • This patented smart fly swatter that not only kills flies but picks them up for you too, so you can throw the dead fly straight into the trash can. No more picking up dead flies.
  • An electric fly swatter, like this rechargeable racket. These types of swatters are good for zapping flies in the air. If your aim isnt very good, go for the large size to improve your chances of success.
  • A bug-a-salt with rapid fire and sight will make sure you always hit that fly. Bug-a-salts are made for serious fly seekers who want to kill these pests with regular table salt. They certainly arent toys and can only be sold to those over the age of 18.

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Use Sticky Traps To Catch Flies

Sticky traps are a great way to catch flies and keep them from getting to your food. All you need is some tape and a piece of paper or cardboard, and you can make your own trap in minutes. Just put some tape on the paper or cardboard and leave it where flies are likely to land. The flies will stick to the tape and be unable to get away.

How To Keep Flies Out Of The Garage

Rodent Proofing your Garage

Flies are probably one of the most annoying creatures in existence. They love dirty areas like garages because they offer them food and shelter . And while cleanliness is ideal when it comes to keeping flies away from your garage, sometimes it isnt possible, especially if you have kids or pets around who make messes daily.

In such a scenario, you may need to resort to other options that dont involve being slaved by the housework it is your garage, after all! If you have been wondering how to keep flies out of the garage, this article has got you covered.

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Purchase New Trash Cans

This is one of the most common practices I see most of the time. People are keeping their unused or old cans in the garage. Sadly, leaving open cans in your garage is the #1 reason why flies see your garage as the best habitat they would ever find. And because youll find yourself throwing trash into such cans, youll be attracting the flies even more.

During hot seasons, youll need to ensure that your trash cans are cleaned at least once every month. Alternatively, you can get rid of any cans that you no longer use to limit the chances of flies getting into your compound.

If your trash can doesnt have a bag in it, there are chances that organic matter could be stuck inside. In this case, you may want to use high-quality cleaners because water alone isnt going to clean your trash cans properly. In a nutshell, you need to go through the proper steps in ensuring that your trash cans in the garage are always clean.

Make Your Own Flypaper

You can make homemade fly paper from a brown paper bag or kraft paper and corn syrup. It is easy but takes a while since the paper needs to soak and dry.

How to Make Flypaper

Cut a brown paper bag into 2-inch wide strips. Bring equal parts corn syrup and water to a boil, stirring constantly.Remove the mixture from the heat and add the paper strips. Soak the paper in the syrup for four hours or more.

Remove the paper and hang them to dry for two to three hours. Hang them with thread or string in fly-infested areas.

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Control Options And Tools


Keep all areas of the barn clean. Insecticides cannot be expected to control flies under poor sanitary conditions. Some producers spend too much money on insecticides and ignore that flies require moist organic matter to reproduce. The immature fly takes ten to 21 days to develop. Cleaning goat pens weekly helps break the fly’s life cycle. Attention should be given to the perimeter of the pens and area around water bowls, as more maggots are often present at these locations. The drying action of desiccants such as Dry Start or Stalosan spread after pen cleaning can play a role in reducing fly populations. These desiccants also reduce manure odours which attract flies. It is important to not overlook the kid pens. The kids are on high liquid diets and thus excrete more liquid making these pens a perfect area for fly reproduction. Eliminate spilled feed, rotting hay and moist decaying organic matter, repair any water line leaks, and keep vegetation around the barn and manure pile well mowed to reduce areas where flies can rest.

Mechanical Control

Sticky tape and traps can play a role in controlling small or moderate fly populations. A clean, well-managed milk house may only require sticky tape for fly control. Sticky rope placed above a highline pipeline will help. Electronic fly zappers are a onetime cost and can help in localized areas.

Chemical Control

Consider Biological Control

Ontario Companies that Supply Parasitic Wasps

Try Electric Light Traps

IdeaWorks Instant Garage Screen Door

Youve probably seen these around peoples porches for getting rid of mosquitoes and moths.

Electric light traps can create a crackling sound when they catch a bug, signaling that its been fried to death. The best thing about this method is you can just plug it in and leave it inside your garage to do its work.

There are many types of electric light traps for both outdoor and indoor use. You can ask the salesman from your local merchandise store to pick the most suitable type of trap for your garage.

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Clean Out And Remove Food Sources

Different flies come into your garage looking for different things.

Most house flies come into your garage because they can smell food rubbish, recyclables, a cat litter box, or any food or drink lying around. Other flies come in for different reasons. Like drain flies, who are looking for standing water.

Its time to clean out and get rid of any food sources.

Give your garage a good clean and purge. Wash away food or drink spills, and dry up liquids and standing water. If you keep a litter box in your garage, make sure to clean it out at least once a day as flies are famous for feasting on feces.

Your Garage Might Be A Safe Place For Them

After food, come two important factors that can attract flies in your garage: breeding and living. Normally most garages are not given the proper attention they require when it comes to cleaning. All the stored items and furniture make our garage an ideal place for them to live safely.

Besides, there is a lack of airflow and public interaction inside a garage. The environment is mostly humid and warm, making it ideal for the breeding of house flies.

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Use Fans Or Light Candles

Wondering how to get rid of flies outside on your patio or deck while youre enjoying a meal? In a small space like this, a fan can work wonders. The constantly moving air confuses flies, who prefer to fly in still air. Citronella candles, while more commonly used to deter mosquitos, can effectively keep common flies at bay as well, especially when used in small spaces.

How To Get Rid Of Cluster Flies Effectively

How to Keep Bugs out of the Garage

Cluster flies are irritating small creatures that can find their way inside your garage through the smallest of spaces. So the best way to get rid of cluster flies is to prevent them from coming. You can use citronella to keep them away, or you can burn candles with essential oils.

You can kill them using the same methods mentioned above. Smoke bombs can also be used if you know how to use them properly. Try to trap clusters inside your garage and kill them with your electric swatter racket.

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How To Keep Flies Out Of Garage In 8 Simple Methods

The garage is the entrance to your house, which is most likely the most often utilized entrance. The issue is that its also one of the most common routes for flies to enter your house. So lets see how to keep flies out of garage. Weve compiled a list of 8 tried-and-true strategies to get rid of flies in your garage, preventing insects from knocking on your door.

Dish Soap And Vinegar

If you are looking for a natural way to keep flies out of your home, consider using dish soap and apple cider vinegar. You can place it outside your garage, and it will trap any flies. Put an inch of apple cider vinegar in a glass and add a few drops of dish soap. Cover the glass with a piece of cloth and secure it with a rubber band or adhesive tape. Make holes in the fabric and place the glass outside your garage. You can hang it or place it on a stool. The vinegar will attract the flies, and they will get into the glass, and the soap will make them sink instead of flying out.

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How To Get Rid Of Cluster Flies In Garage

Cluster flies are small, irritating pests that will invade any space where they find an opening the trick is to prevent them finding an opening!

  • Cluster flies dont like the smell of Citronella, like many other insects. Try spraying it about the place, or leaving an oil burner or a candle in the garage.
  • You can also try smoke bombs and foggers, but remember that these should be used by professionals, because of the chemicals involved.
  • It is also possible to get rid of your cluster flies by simply vacuuming them up this may seem pretty cruel, but remember how much you dont want them in your garage!
  • Electric fly killers are also a good option for these irritating little critters you just need an electric source and youre away.
  • Keeping everything clean and free from dirt and spilled food will also go a long way to reducing the incidence of cluster flies in your garage.
  • Once you have dealt with the invasion, consider installing fly screens to keep the little midges away.
  • As soon as you are sure there are no flies in your garage, consider blocking up any entry points to make sure they dont sneak their way back in.
  • Here is a helpful video that deals specifically with getting rid of cluster flies:

    Amazing Ways To Get Rid Of Flies In The Garage

    PressFit uPVC single door fly screen

    If you notice pesky insects in your garage, you must fix this problem right away before they can cause any more harm to your home.

    Additionally, flies can damage your fabrics and clothing items as they will find shelter from outdoor components and build a home in them. So how do you get rid of these annoying insects? Lets find out:

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    Homemade Fly Traps Are An Easy Solution To Killing Flies

    Making & using homemade fly traps is a cheap and easy way to get rid of flies from your garage.

    Vinegar & Dish Soap Trap

    Mix 2-3 spoons of apple cider vinegar with a few drops of dishwashing detergent in a glass. Cover with cellophane, securing it to the glass with a rubber band. Make a few holes in the cellophane, large enough for the flies to get in.

    The flies will be attracted to the vinegar. Soap reduces the surface tension of the vinegar. The flies are not able to stay on top of the vinegar and will sink.

    Make a Fly Trap from a PET Bottle

    Itâs so simple a kid could make one. Take an empty PET bottle and cut off the top quarter. Invert it and place it in the bottom part of the bottle. Seal the joint with an adhesive or tape.

    Pour in a bit of sweet liquid to lure the flies and your trap is ready. The flies will get in but will not know how to get out. Place a few, if you like, in different locations in your garage.

    Whats The Difference Between Cluster Flies And Houseflies And Bluebottles

    Its very hard to distinguish between which fly is which, other than the size of the fly, but were here to help you identify the most common flies.

    • Cluster flies typically 8mm long, which is slightly larger than the usual housefly. Cluster flies dark patches are darker in colour than that of a housefly but cluster flies have patches of short gold hair on their thorax. Cluster flies are mainly recognisable by their laboured movement.
    • Houseflies these flies have light grey bodies and clear black, vertical lines on top. Houseflies are constantly in search for available food and water sources and are more threatening to our health because they regularly rummage through bins and land on any excrement they can find.
    • Bluebottles these are the same size as houseflies, their bodies are a petrol colour, often blue/purple when they catch the light. Adult bluebottles have big red eyes and long, transparent wings. Bluebottles are also a health concern because they land on excrement and rotting flesh, so its important to remove them as soon as you can and to keep all food covered to prevent contamination.

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