Interior Garage Wall Paint Colors

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Picking Garage Interior Paint Colors

Of course, we want the garage to have everything you need: heaps of different tools, drawers, overhead storage and shelves, a sofa with a guitar and even a corner with exercise machines. Ah, well, a car or a motorcycle, as without them :).

But figure out if it fits your garage, which is usually not as big as in the photographs. Are you ready to throw away old cabinets or completely change the cover on the garage paint for your floor? Probably not.

Lets try to make the most of the size of your garage, comply with the rules of design and be sure to use optical illusions that give space and light.

Prep The Wall For Paint Application

If the drywall is unpainted, you need to prime it first. The drywall is porous, so you need a primer to seal the surface. Putting interior paint directly on an unfinished wall will soak the material. The result will be a bumpy finish that looks uneven.

Should the walls be painted, it can be more complicated. If there are stains, you can cover them up first. But first, you must determine if it is latex or oil-based paint to choose the right priming material. To help you assess:

  • Wash a section with mild detergent.
  • Dip a cotton ball in alcohol and rub it on the area.
  • Check the cotton to see if the paint comes off.

If it rubs off on the cotton, it is latex paint. Should it stay put, you have an oil-based paint. On top of that, if you have oil-based, you must sand the walls first and use a bonding primer before coating them with latex paint. If you want to skip that step, cover it with another oil-based paint.

Clean Garage Walls Before Painting

Before you begin the painting process, you will need to clean off your garage walls. Because they are often left unfinished, garage walls, and ceilings, tend to be much dirtier than walls in your home. They accumulate dust and dirt, and often have water damage or oil stains. Whether your garage walls are painted or not, you will need to clean them using a broom or shop vac. Once you’ve removed the majority of the dust, wash the walls with a mild mixture of water and dawn dish soap. The water doesn’t need to be too soapy, you’re mainly focused on making sure the surface is clean of debris and dirt. Don’t use any harsh chemicals or a pressure sprayer to wash walls because it will damage them. If your walls aren’t that dirty, you could skip washing them all together. Make sure you walls have completely dried before you move on to the next step.

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The Best Paint Colors For Garage Interiors

  • Should the inside of the garage be painted?
  • Why is it important to choose the best paint colors for your garage interior? Thats because it will add more value to your home and improve the overall feel of the space.By choosing the best colors, your space will be much more distinctive. Plus, you can be proud to show it off to your visitors and neighbors!

    There are known effective ways to make your garage interior look more and more attractive. Some of the best color combinations to try are painting your walls in neutral colors, painting your garage cabinets in bold colors, and painting your garage doors in bright colors.

    However, it still depends on your preferences. But what if you still dont have ideas on how to choose the best paint colors for your garage interior? Here are some tips.

    For the walls of your garage, you should use paint colors that are very easy to clean. Because the garage is where you park your vehicles, your walls can often get dirty.

    Neutral colors like beige, tan, or gray are some of the best colors you can paint on your garage walls, as they are all easy to maintain and clean. It is best to use these colors for your wall since if they are dirty, it will not be clear.

    For your garage floors, it is recommended that you use scratched floors covered with a higher grade Polyaspartic floor covering. But when choosing trout flooring, make sure the colors blend well with your garage walls.

    What Is The Best Type Of Paint To Use

    50 Garage Paint Ideas For Men

    There are two general types of paint: water-based and oil-based. While oil based paints are OK to use indoors, theyre a pain to work with, take much longer to dry, need paint thinner to thin them out, are hard to clean up, and have a very strong odor which can cause severe health issues.

    Latex paint is what you want to use when painting the interior of your garage in 99% of cases. It is sometimes referred to as acrylic paint and they work the same. They have much lower levels of chemical vapors, can be thinned out with water, dry faster, and cleanup is much easier.

    ALWAYS use paint labeled for Interior use when painting the inside of your garage. You may think exterior paint is more durable to stand up to the harsh conditions in a garage, but the toxic chemicals they contain cant be dissipated into the outside air so they would instead go into your lungs. A good interior paint is plenty durable without the high toxicity factor.

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    What Color Should I Have My Garage Walls Painted

    As one of the leading home painting companies in Philadelphia, Rathgeb Painting understands that any time you renovate a section of your residence, selecting the best paint colors should be an essential component of your design and choosing garage paint colors is no exception!

    With well-chosen paint colors for the garage, youll be able to highlight the most important and With well-chosen paint colors for the garage, youll be able to highlight the most important and functional aspects of its interior. The result will result in a more inviting environment that increases your family and guests comfort level, as well as your homes value. While you may have planned on dipping your brush in whatever color is readily available, there are a few guidelines you should follow to make the most out of your garage when youre getting ready to paint.

    The Garage Ceilings And Floors

    When you are painting your garage walls, do not forget to give some much-needed TLC to your ceilings and floors. The same paint brand you will use for the wall can work for your ceilings.

    As for the color, most people, even designers, prefer to keep the ceiling white. After all, white is a classic hue that matches everything. Besides, when it is on the ceiling, you do not need to worry about messy hands or pets dirtying the pristine color.

    Similarly, do not forget to pay attention to your garage floor. If your flooring is a certain color, it must complement the walls. Should you decide to paint your garage floors along with your walls, keep in mind that the floor usually has an epoxy type of coating.

    Thus, choose a paint designed to be over coated cement. And no matter what paint style or color you choose, always paint with good ventilation. On top of that, always allow the paint to dry between coats.

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    Faqs About Top Garage Walls Paint

    Lets have a look at some of your resolved queries below:

    Is the painting utilized for a garage inside or outside?

    Be careful! Exterior paints are specifically designed to keep your walls safe against dust, debris and other environmental factors. These elements can be highly toxic for your health so choose the interior and exterior paint accordingly.

    Use the garage inside the paint at all times. External paint is only designed for outside usage and emits compounds that may be hazardous if they can be constructed interior.

    How is the garage wall painting finished to be used?

    The finish is preference-dependent, however, the best choice on garage walls is typically a satin finish. Scratches and blemishes are properly maintained and irregularities are also covered.

    Whats the optimal garage wall paint color?

    The choice is preferable, although it is often advised that a garage neutral color beige, tan, or grey should be used. These colors are cleaner than white but always luminous enough so that the garage doesnt feel dark or hollow.

    How long is garage wall painting going on?

    Paint is vulnerable to considerable wear and tear on garage walls. It will probably take around 3 to 5 years to repaint the walls.

    Whats the finest outdoor garage paint?

    Interior Or Exterior Paint For Garage Walls

    Garage Interior Painting

    A garage is kind of an in-between space, so you might be curious if you should use interior or exterior paint for garage walls. Its a good question, and luckily, we have the answer for you. Interior latex paint is perfect for the inside walls of your garage and there are several reasons why. Here are a few to help put your mind at ease.

    Latex paint:

    • Handles high-traffic areas well
    • Does a good job to hide wall imperfections
    • Dries quickly and has less odor & fumes than oil-based paints
    • Comes in a semi-gloss finish, satin finish, and matte paint
    • Is the best paint for garage interior walls

    It might be tempting to use oil-based paint in your garage, thinking that itll do a better job of protecting your walls against the temperature changes and moisture that might be present. You should fight this urge. Exterior paint is made exclusively for outdoor use and has a very strong odor, releasing chemicals that could build up indoors and be harmful.

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    How Can I Make My Garage Bigger

    If you want your garage to look bigger, you can paint it white. But again, this contradicts another factor. White is difficult to clean and can easily highlight stains.But if you decide to go white, be sure to give it an egg or satin paint finish so that the paint is a bit shiny, and at the same time easy to clean and maintain.

    Even though you used white paint, you can still enhance it by finishing it with an egg or satin finish, as they will help reflect the lighting in your garage, making it look bigger and more spacious.

    You can visualize different interior garage wall paint colors using a garage design software program. This will allow you to input square footage and layout of your space and apply different wall colors to see your favorite things.

    Garage Door Paint Colors

    As one of the largest, most prominent features of your homes exterior, an aesthetically pleasing garage door can do wonders for property value and curbside appeal. When deciding on a color for your garage door, you will want to consider how it will match the rest of your homes exterior. Loud primary colors can clash with brick and other colors of siding, as well as roofing. Make sure it coordinates with your homes front door, which should be your homes external focal point.

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    Modern Garage Paint Ideas With Glass Doors

    Who says a garage is a mere parking space? Aside from letting you park your cars, it also reflects your personal taste.

    This garage is possibly the most fascinating room in the house. Textured slate tiles harmonize with the walls boasting two different gray shades.

    Gray cabinets keep the garage mess-free.

    Modern glass garage doors add daylight to the interior. Meanwhile, the 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo blends with masculine wall colors well.

    The Best Garage Wall Paint Brands

    50 Garage Paint Ideas For Men

    The most highly recommended brands for paint are the Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Acrylic Satin or Semi-gloss and the Sherwin Williams Promar 200 Zero VOC Eggshell . That being said, you don’t need to choose the most expensive paints and primers for your garage. Just make sure the drywall primers have PVA and the paint is good-quality and latex-based. When you head over to purchase your garage wall paint you will also need to know how much to buy. To determine the amount of paint required, you will need to know the square footage you are painting and purchase accordingly. When you’re finished with your garage wall paint job, wash your paintbrush and roller under running water until the water runs clear. Put any extra paint back in the can, and gently tap it closed with a rubber mallet . Clean off the paint tray, and store any additional paint at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

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    Garage Cabinet Paint Colors

    Painting your garage cabinets can give your garage a fresh, new look. Not only will it make your storage spaces feel more organized, but youâll have a blank canvas on which to play around with color.

    What color should you choose? That depends on what you hope to achieve by painting them are you looking for something bold and bright or do you want something that fades into the background? It also depends on what kind of overall style and vibe youâre going for with your space.

    Ensure That Garage Paint Ideas Complement The Remodeling

    Your garage wall color ideas depend on the type of garage remodeling youre going for. Whether its a simple garage door replacement, a new garage floor, or a complete garage renovation its a good idea to choose paint colors that complement the new additions visually.

    Add pops of color in a way that the entire space looks inviting. And heres a color tip: You can use the most dominant color in your speckled flooring as a wall color to help tie the look together.

    Youll also need to think of how your new garage color will complement your homes exterior wall colors.

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    Get Expert Help When Choosing Your Garage Paint Colors

    A garage is a frequently used part of your home and deserves to look its best. You can achieve that by following these simple guidelines when choosing your garage paint colors and relying on the expertise of a garage makeover professional.

    Visit one of Garage Livings showrooms for some inspirational ideas to get you started or book a free consultation with one of our designers.

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    Is A Coat Of Primer Necessary

    Painting my Garage HARBOR GRAY

    The short answer is YES in almost all cases. If youre like most people, your garage is currently unpainted and has sheets of drywall connected with drywall mud and tape.

    If you were to simply apply paint on top of that, the drywall would simply absorb some of that paint and every seem or imperfection would show through.

    A coat or two of primer would create a seal on top of the drywall paper, smooth out the surface, and allow the top-coat to bind and stick to the surface.

    Even if youre using a 2-in-1 paint + primer, youll want a coat of primer. Remember, primer alone is much cheaper than the 2-in-1 so you want that going into the surface of the drywall.

    If your walls are already painted, a coat of primer is still best . It will allow you to get away with only 1 coat of paint where otherwise youd need two.

    The only instance where you would not need primer is if your walls are already painted in a light color, in good condition, and youre using a 2-in-1 primer + paint combo.

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    Prime Existing Garage Wall Paint

    If you find the walls already have oil or latex paint you don’t usually need to prime unless you have stains coming through the garage wall paint. If that’s the case a can of oil-based primer over the stain area such as Kilz, Preprite Problock, or Covertstain. Simply spray them on and let them dry. If you have large stains, roll the primer over the whole wall.

    What Color Paint Hide Flaws Best

    If you want color paint that can truly hide flaws, then go for darker colors. But just like what I said earlier, dark colors make the garage look dim and confined.

    However, if your garage walls have numerous flaws and you want to conceal them, then you may paint them with a dark color. But it would contradict so many factors because the most recommended paint colors for garage walls are neutral.

    Neutral colors arent that superior in terms of covering wall blemishes. But, you can still paint your garage with a neutral color and hide wall imperfections as well. How?

    Just paint your garage walls with a neutral color, then make sure to finalize it by giving it a matte sheen or flat finish. Matte paint finishes can strongly conceal flaws. See more related content in our article about creating a minimalist garage on this page.

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    The Function Of The Room

    If you mainly use your garage for storage, white or beige is a good choice. These colors keep your garage looking clean and functional. If youve got a good organizational system in place, these classic neutral tones can serve as a great backdrop for color coded bins, different types of shelving and cabinets, and can help make it easier to find things.

    However, if you use your garage as more of a workspace or to park and work on your cars, bright white might not be the best choice, as it definitely shows every little speck of dirt and grime. In this case, youre better off going with a slightly darker neutral, such as gray or tan. These colors will help to hide dirt and scuff marks a little better, and they add a little more visual interest to the room, which is nice if youre spending a lot of time working in your garage.

    Now, if you use your garage as more of an extension of your living space, you can have a little more fun with your color choices. Whether its a games room, a home gym, or just a space to hang out, youll want to choose colors that make the room seem a little brighter, since most garages dont tend to have much natural light. Consider softer shades of blue or green, or white with warmer undertones of yellow or blush to make the room feel a bit warmer.

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