Insulated Garage Door With Windows

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What Is A Good R Value For A Garage Door

Insulating garage door window panels with polyiso foam

Most manufacturers measure the R-value based on the overall door, but some base their numbers on the center of a panel, which produces a higher R-value. Some plastic doors, as well as some top of the line wooden ones, come insulated. Rubber bulb or flange weathersealing at the bottom of the door completes the stormproofing while keeping dirt, debris and water out.

Insulation Door & Window Services In The Burlington Vt Area

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Insulated Garage Doors Help You Save On Energy Costs $$

Unless you turned your garage into a spare bedroom, you probably didnt install a heater vent inside. Even so, the heat from your home can escape into the garage and get sucked right out through a poorly insulated garage door. This energy loss can keep your heater on for extended periods of time. The inside temperature wont reach the thermostat setting to trigger the automatic shut off.

The amount of heat escaping through your garage may not be enough to make a significant impact each month, but will add up over time. The key to saving on energy costs is to reduce your energy waste everywhere you can because it does add up. Consider that saving just $10/month on your energy bill saves $120/year. That money could be used for a home repair, taking your family out to eat, or paying off debt.

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Is A Garage Door With Windows More Expensive Than A Garage Door With No Windows

Garage door costs vary depending on the style of garage door, the material used to manufacture the

door, and the accessories chosen for the garage door.

Steel garage doors in general are less expensive than wooden garage doors. The weight of the steel used

to manufacture the garage door is the primary factor in the cost of the garage door. Our base model

garage door is made of 25 gauge stamped steel. You could also chose a 24 gauge garage door as an

upgrade. Adding windows or insulation to the door would be an upgrade option and would add

additional cost to the price.

The same is true for steel back garage doors. Steel back garage doors are two pieces of stamped steel

with foam insulation between the two stamped steel panels. Steel back garage doors are available from

us in 1 3/8 inch thick and 2 inch thick, with differing R-factors for the insulation. Adding windows is also

an upgrade option for steel back garage doors, with additional cost for the windows.

The simple answer to the question is yes traditionally windows are an upgrade option for garage doors

with additional cost for adding windows. Check with your local garage door company for the cost of the

garage door and the cost for adding windows. The cost will vary depending on the manufacturer of the

garage door and the garage door company you are using.

Besides The Type Of Door There Are Some Other Garage Door Options Available

Clopay Gallery Collection 8 ft. x 7 ft. 6.5 R


Depending on what you elect to do with your garage door space, proper insulation can transform your garage into a much more pleasant space. Is your garage simply a storage space for old tools and unwanted Christmas presents from the in-laws, or is it a workshop or studio that is often used? Besides moderating the temperature in the garage, an insulated garage door usually improves the structural integrity of the door. Additionally, the R-value of your door is a measurement for how well insulated it is the higher the R-value, the more your door acts as a barrier to the outside, keeping the heat or the cold out. For many of our customers, this is very important, so insulation options are always available. Most of our manufacturers offer doors with varying degrees of insulation which is typically in two different forms listed below.

Insulation options, materials, and pricing will differ by manufacturer and type of door. Give us a call today to discuss having insulation added to your door or getting a brand new insulated door! Whatever your goal, we are happy to offer our expert advice and service.


All of our manufacturers offer doors with different options for windows. Ask your sales representative if you think windows would make your door look like it belongs on your home.

Track Configuration

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Reinstall The Door Hinges

Once everything is secured and sealed, be sure to clean the panel as well as the window frames. Put the panel back in place on the door and secure it with locking pliers. If necessary, trim the central hinges to avoid overlapping the frames and screw the hinges back in place. Slide the fourth panel back in place and, if the central hinges overlap the frames, trim those as well. Screw the hinges back in place.

Keep in mind that the spring system of your garage door, which acts as a counterweight, will need to be adjusted according to the added weight of the windows you have installed. Any spring system is calibrated with a maximum variation of approximately 5% of the total door mass. For instance, if a row of windows is added on the top panel of your door weighing 125 lbs, the weight will likely be out of balance, and the spring system will need to be changed. The door opener is essential to the proper operation and safety of your garage door, and it is fine-tuned to lift and lower the weight of the door. A well-balanced garage door should generally only weigh 7-10 lbs, so it should be possible to lift it with one hand.

Aesthetics And Best Garage Door Brands

A garage door can be a big partup to 30 percentof the front exterior of your home. All major companies offer numerous options to add a bit of style to a standard door. You can choose a basic frame-and-panel design or elaborate, sculpted segments. If you own a contemporary home, you might consider a door with bands of horizontal ribbing, or a nontextured flush door design.

Generally, the color palette for garage doors is limited to white, beige and brown. However, Gadco offers blue, grey, hunter green and deep crimson on some of its doors. If you’re truly picky when it comes to color, painting your metal dooror painting or staining a wood oneis an option.

Windows, available as snap-in or screw-in units, come in a wide variety of styles, from basic rectangular lights to multipanel sunburst patterns. For the privacy-conscious, “etched” or colored panes admit light but don’t allow a clear view of the garage interior. You’ll have to do some prioritizing when deciding on a window material: Acrylic panes are less likely to shatter under impact, but they lack the thermal benefits that laminated glass offers.

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Insulated Garage Doors And R Values

An insulated garage door is better if you live in a three or four season climate and your garage is attached to your home, or if theres finished space like a guest room over your garage. Not only does it cut down on cold but it also dampens noise and makes the door skin less vulnerable to denting.

A steel-door “sandwich” made of thick-gauge steel outer skin, a core of insulation adhered to this skin and a light-gauge backing material of steel or plastic make a very strong but lightweight door. The thickness of this insulation can range from a thin sheet of polystyrene to as much as 2 in. of polyurethane or polystyrene, with resulting R-values ranging from 5 to 10. However, you need to be sure you’re comparing apples to apples when shopping.

Why You Should Consider An Insulated Garage Door

insulated garage doors with windows downers grove,il 60515

With Colorados hot summers, cold winters, and unexpected temperature swings in between, your home has to put out a lot of extra energy to control the temperature in your garage. But with added insulation, you can experience benefits like:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Added protection of your belongings
  • Lower garage door maintenance
  • Longer-lasting garage door
  • Increased sound isolation

Here, were sharing some of the best insulated garage doors and everything you need to know about them, including their R-value, or insulation rating. The key to remember here? The higher the number, the more efficient the garage door is.

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Garage Doors With Windows

An insulated garage door is great, but what about adding windows? Regular windows greatly reduce the R-value of your door, and insulated windows are expensive. Its nice to see out of your garage, but consider what youll be sacrificing.

If you tend to get snowed in, having a garage door with windows might not be the best option unless you can easily afford insulated windows. On the other hand, if you live in a mild climate where you can open your garage door in the winter without freezing, windows can add some charm to your home.

Measure The Space Needed To Install The Windows

Double-check that the window frame you chose is suitable by measuring its dimensions and comparing it to the window opening you intend to cut out of the panel. To guide you in your measurements and to avoid mistakes, we recommend placing masking tape around the planned opening. Then, punch out the four corners of the space to be drilled.

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Door Materials And Insulation

Some garage door materials are more naturally insulating than others. However, with additional layers and insulation, any garage door can be crafted to meet your needs and wants. Some common garage door materials are:

  • Wooden garage doors: Are wood doors insulated? Many homeowners want a wooden garage door because they offer timeless style and curb appeal. Dont worry about sacrificing insulation for design, though. Today, high-quality wooden insulated garage doors including Clopay® insulated garage doors are constructed with multiple layers of wood and insulation, making them an excellent choice for your home.
  • Steel garage doors: Steel doors are a sleek style choice, and a practical decision for a homeowner interested in a low-maintenance, high-quality door. Steel garage doors are often constructed in multiple layers, which make them natural insulators. When you add an extra layer of insulation, you get a garage door that truly delivers.

Some garage doors, including Canyon Ridge® Collection carriage style doors, are constructed out of both steel and a wood composite. Steel and wood doors offer the best of both worlds: the beautiful, wood-like finish you love and the durability and insulating power of steel frames and an Intellicore® interior.

Everything You Need To Know About Insulated Garage Doors

Clopay Classic Collection 9 ft. x 7 ft. 6.5 R

Every aspect of your garage should be properly insulated, including your walls, the ceiling, and your garage door. There are plenty of ways to insulate your garage to make it more energy efficient.

You may not spend a lot of time in your garage, but having it properly insulated protects your cars, tools, and stored belongings against weather and temperature-related damage. An insulated garage also prevents heat loss that causes your monthly energy bill to rise.

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Benefits Of Insulated Garage Doors

Garage doors with insulation:

  • Save Energy and Money: With outdoor heat or cold kept out, your furnace and air conditioner wont have to work as hard to maintain your desired indoor temperature.
  • Increase Indoor Comfort: AC and heating systems can easily keep your home at a consistently comfortable temperature with help from your homes insulation, which includes your insulated garage door.
  • Have Added Strength: All quality garage doors are durable, but the insulation layer or layers inside the door help increase its overall stability and strength.
  • Dampen Noise Levels: Insulated garage doors can reduce sound coming in from the outside and also help muffle indoor noise, to help keep it from getting out. Insulated garage doors also open and close more quietly with less rattling or creaking.

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Quality Insulated Garage Doors In Indianapolis & Muncie In

When shopping for a new garage door, many homeowners look for doors with insulation. Insulated garage doors have added thermal resistance, allowing them to minimize the effect of outdoor heat on the indoor environment of your garage and home.

Insulation in your garage door is just as important as insulation in any other part of your Indiana home, if youre concerned with energy efficiency and lower energy bills. In a climate like central Indianas, with hot summers and frigid winters, the insulation can make a big difference.

Contact us to learn more about insulated garage doors or to schedule installation at your Indianapolis or Muncie home today!

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Attached Garages And Insulation

For garages that are attached to your home, insulation is especially important. Attached garages with an uninsulated door can cause your home heating and cooling system to run continuously, as all warm and cool air will escape through the garage door. Whether its an attached or detached garage insulated door, you should always have the following components:

  • Properly sealed doorways: Make sure the door between your home and the garage as well as the garage door itself is properly sealed, and there are no gaps for air leakage.
  • Insulated walls: All walls between your home and garage including any upstairs living spaces should be insulated just as thoroughly as you would insulate any other wall in your home.
  • Closed windows: All windows should be closed and sealed when the heating or air conditioning is running inside your house to prevent energy waste.

How Often Do You Open Your Garage Door

How to Install a Steel Insulated Garage Door | This Old House

You could have the highest rated garage door in the world, but an open garage door has an R-value of zero. This is why its important to select your door based on more than just R-value.

If you dont open your garage door very often, youll benefit most from a garage door with a high R-value. Since your garage door will be closed most of the time, youll reap the full benefits of its R-value. Your closed garage door essentially becomes a wall.

If, however, you open your garage door often or leave it open for extended periods of time while you do shop work, then R-value wont be as significant for you. Its important, but remember that the R-value only applies to a closed door.

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Garage Door Insulation Kits

Another option where the garage will be used for living space is to insulate the door with a garage door insulation kit,available at home improvement centers. There are two types of kits usually available. A vinyl-faced fiberglass batting kit provides a decent R-8 insulating value for the door two kits will cover a standard 16-foot-wide garage door. This type of soft insulation is taped to the inside surface of the door. Another option is to buy precut expanded polystyrene rigid foam panels and apply them to the door. The panels are cut to length and snapped into the space between the horizontal rails on the door panels. This type of kit provides an insulating value of roughly R-4.

Secure The Door And Prepare The Workspace

First, install locking pliers on each side of the garage door to secure the door panel on which the windows will be installed. Next, remove the screws from the hinges of that same panel. In the pictures, the thermal windows will be installed on the third panel of the door, so it needs to be removed. The panel above it, in this case, the fourth panel, can be pushed up in the rails and secured with locking pliers. Then, rest the removed panel on the trestle stands with the interior side facing up and clean it thoroughly.

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If In Doubt Trust A Garex Expert

Depending on the season, your garage can have different functions. By choosing to install thermal windows, your garage will have beautiful natural light. You will want to spend more time in your garage to work in the shop, exercise or create a game space for your children during the winter.

Installing decorative windows on your GAREX garage door is not an easy feat. That is why we recommend that you never attempt to do such maneuvers yourself unless you are fully equipped and specialized. We advise you to call on one of our professionals for any type of work on your garage door, whether for embellishment purposes or to add new amenities to your door. This way, you will be sure to have an adequate and safe installation that guarantees the optimal functioning of your door for many years to come. Request a quote online.

Drill The Holes And Make The Inserts

Pella Carriage House 96

Using a 3/8 drill bit, line up with the holes you just made to drill a wider hole in each of them. When your holes are drilled, clear the debris from the surface of the panel. Next, place the saw blade in one of the holes and cut a line following the line of the masking tape. Make sure that your cross-section is cut at 90 degrees, and remove any debris that could obstruct the insertion of the frames.

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