In Ground Garage Storm Shelter

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Your Source For Garage Floor Storm Shelters In Arkansas

FlatSafe Storm / Tornado Shelter – In-Ground Garage Installation

Garage floor tornado shelters are your ultimate protection during a storm. We provide comprehensive solutions for storm shelters under garage floors in Arkansas, designed to ensure your safety and protection. Choose from our range of in garage storm shelter options that can be customized to your needs, with options for housing 5 to 14 people. With a leak proof warranty, your garage storm shelter provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind during tornado season. Interested in a storm shelter for your new build? Speak to us today by calling .


Storm Shelter Costs By Material

Storm shelter costs vary by type of material. Concrete and fiberglass tend to be the cheapest, while Kevlar-lined steel runs the highest.

Steel Shelter

Steel shelters cost $4,000 to $30,000. This is the most common material since it is generally lightweight but durable. Youll find lots of options for above-ground and underground installations.

Fiberglass Storm Shelters

Fiberglass storm shelter prices range from $3,000 to $10,000. The unit itself may be one of the cheapest options, but you can only install it underground.

If youre looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative, polyethylene shelters cost $3,000 to $7,000.

Concrete Shelters

At $3,000 to $7,000, concrete shelters are often the most affordable. The material is cheap but extremely heavy, which makes it able to handle high winds or flying debris.

You can have it poured custom or buy pre-cast options. Given an average weight of 15,000 to 25,000 pounds, youll need to install a pad for above-ground units.

Kevlar Storm Cellar Cost

Kevlar storm cellars cost $5,000 to $10,000 per room. This material gives you the strongest structure available that also resists intruders. Pre-fabricated units are usually made of steel lined with Kevlar. You can also convert a room in your home using the material.

Storm Shelter Costs By Size

The size of your storm shelter impacts the cost. Review our table below to determine how much youll spend for one that accommodates you and your loved ones.

Storm Shelter by Occupancy Number Average Price Range
15+ $10,000 $30,000

As a general rule, plan for 6 square feet per person for tornadoes and 10 square feet for hurricanes.

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Building Permits And Legislation

Regardless of how desperate you might be for some solid storm protection, you still need to play by the rules. In some states, that means applying for a building permit before constructing an outdoor, above-ground storm shelter.

Of course, this wont apply to safe rooms or shelters constructed inside and may make that option more viable.

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Why Should You Choose In

Garage Tornado Shelter

This type of shelter can be found under the garage or yard. Though there are various similarities, it is still different from the traditional basement. One of the most advantages of this type of shelter is that you can access it easily. You do not have to get out of your house during the storm. You can take shelter in the underground storm shelters immediately.

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Why Choose An Underground Tornado Shelter

No one in the central United States is truly immune from tornadoes. As a family business that has been operating in Oklahoma for nearly two decades, we have seen firsthand the destruction tornadoes leave behind. There are many reasons to choose an underground storm shelter, the most important reason being that you need a way to protect your family in the event of a tornado. Secondly, underground storm shelters are practical for those who do not want to add a bulky container on their property. In-ground shelters are more discreet and dont get in the way of everyday life.

Storm Shelter Cost Factors

Building a Storm shelter in the garage may run up to $5,000 to $7,000 more if you need these additional products or services.

  • Beds with Mattresses: $300-$400 each
  • Handrail: $50-$100
  • Emergency Exit: $500-$2,000, may only be available on custom units
  • Enhanced air ventilation or filtration systems: $100-$3,000
  • Plumbing : $100-$5,000
  • Electricity or Internet: $100-$1,500

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The Price Listed Has A Limited Time Offer Of The Onepriceguaranteed Install Package Which Means There Cannot Be Any Extra Costs And Insures Everything Is Always Included In The Price We’ve Given Youto Qualify For Onepriceguaranteed Please Answer The Following Questions:

How would you describe your driveway?

Awesome!! We love flat driveways.

Unfortunately your garage does not qualify for this type of storm shelter due to the steep grade. Please view other shelters.

Please request more into and we will help you verify it.

The OnePriceGuaranteed Install Package covers placing the shelter inside the garage centered up in one of the vehicle bays so that it’s easy to straddle. We place the leading edge of the shelter 24-36 inches inside the garage door depending on what is required by local code.Does that location work for you?

If you are not able to place the shelter in the standard location where we place the shelter, then your property does not qualify for this shelter.

Thank you for selecting the default location of inside the garage starting 2 to 3 foot from the garage door.

Please submit your information below and we will help you determine if that is a problem with getting the OnePriceGuaranteed Installation Package

Below Ground Steel Shelters

In ground garage tornado shelter by Torshel

American Tornado Shelters offers a variety of shelter styles.

Below Ground Steel Storm Shelters Serves as a Safe Room and Vault

We have four new sizes of flush-mount tornado storm shelters to meet your familys needs. We have an 8-person Regular storm shelter, 10-person large storm shelter, 12-person X-Large storm shelter, and a 14-person Jumbo storm shelter. We also have 10 new upgraded features that makes them the best garage tornado storm shelters on the market today. We also have an 8-person and a 14-person tornado shelter that comes with a 4 raised sliding door that can be installed in your yard, patio, driveway, or carport.

Regular Flush Tornado Storm Shelters

Storm Shelter Dimensions: 3 feet wide by 6 feet long by 4 1/2 feet deep

  • Has the New, included, battery operated, filtered, forced-air ventilation and lighting.
  • Has auto-latching and outer key locking, sliding, ball-bearing door.
  • Three carpeted, removable stairs for more room.
  • Two carpeted, adjustable benches.
  • Has the new patch-free installation.
  • Has adjustable, removable, hand-rail.
  • Both lids removable in an emergency.
  • This unit can seat eight average sized adults with stairs removed. It has the new quartz-epoxy coating and carries the Lifetime Transferable Warranty against rusting out and leaking.

Large Flush Tornado Storm Shelters

Storm Shelter dimensions: 3 feet wide by 8 feet long by 4 1/2 feet deep

Jumbo-Flush Tornado Storm Shelters

Jumbo Standard Door Tornado Shelters

Tornado Storm Shelters

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Why Choose Ground Zeros Above

Founded in 2004, Ground Zero Shelters is a family-owned business that believes every family should have access to an affordable, durable storm shelter. Every shelter we install meets or exceeds FEMA standards in tests conducted by the Texas Tech Wind and Science Institute for your peace of mind. Comprised of ¼ inch plate steel attached with bolts, our above-ground tornado shelters can withstand 10,000 psi of sheer pressure, making them one of the most effective on the market. They also come with a warranty to ensure your satisfaction for many years to come. Let our family protect yours!

Stay Safe & Protect Your Family With Ground Zero Shelters

If you live in Kentucky, you know the threat of tornados is genuine. In December of 2021, one of the deadliest tornado outbreaks on record devastated much of the southern United States. An EF4 tornado, surprisingly late in the tornado season, destroyed more than 15,000 buildings and claimed 71 lives 22 of which were in Kentucky. Whether you live in Bowling Green, Louisville, or Owensboro, your top priority should be protecting your family from severe weather. If youre lacking proper shelter for your home, consider Ground Zero Shelters, Co. Serving the entire state, we specialize in above-ground tornado shelters for Kentucky residents. Our team will work with you to find the best solution for your storm shelter needs. Dont hesitate to reach out to us today!

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How To Best Prepare For Tornado Season In Kentucky

The best advice experts can give about tornados is to be prepared for them before they strike. Follow these simple steps to keep you and your loved ones safe from a Kentucky tornado:

Have an Emergency Plan Its crucial to have an emergency plan and practice it. Youll be less likely to panic and forget something important if your family has a plan. Many people prepare an emergency kit containing three days worth of supplies for each household member. You may want to go over the basics of first aid and how to use a fire extinguisher. Ensure everyone knows where utility switches and valves are located and how to turn them off in an emergency safely.

Stay Tuned to Local Weather Stay tuned to your local weather reports. Special weather radios can be tuned to the latest meteorological broadcasts. If you hear a tornado warning, you have about 10-15 minutes until the storms estimated arrival time in your area.

Is It a Tornado Watch or Tornado Warning? Know the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. A tornado watch means severe weather is possible in your area. A tornado warning means a tornado has been spotted or indicated by weather radar in your area. If a tornado warning has been issued in your area, take immediate shelter.

Familysafe Missouri Above Ground Storm Shelters Provide Comprehensive Tornado Protection And Install Easily In Your Garage

One of our recent customers out of Owasso, Oklahoma has some serious ...

Our EF5 certified storm shelters are easily installed in garages, or anywhere there is a quality concrete slab. Our tornado shelters are steel welded, prefabricated in our controlled shops, and install quickly usually in less than one hour.

In garage tornado shelters provide easy access to reliable tornado protection. Simply step into the shelter, secure the door, and know you are protected from even the worst tornadoes. Our shelters come in a variety of sizes and configurations, making them suitable for placement in many different locations.

Since 1998 our tornado shelters have survived numerous direct hits from EF4 and EF tornadoes without buckling or budging. Even when the entire home was demolished, the Familysafe In addition, our shelters have been fully tested by Texas Tech University to be impact resistant to the forces of EF5 tornadoes. So, whether its in the lab or the field, you can rest assured that our shelters have been proven effective.

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Custom Residential Tornado Shelters

We offer concrete and steel storm and tornado residential tornado shelters in various sizes and can custom build group shelters to accommodate any number of people. Our above ground concrete residential shelter allows you to walk in from ground level. There is no pad or additional anchoring requiredjust flat, level ground. This shelter is made with concrete and built to FEMA 320 specifications, which is the standard for the building of residential shelters. The steel door has been tested at Texas Tech Wind Science and Debris Impact Testing Center and is rated for 250 mph winds or EF5 tornado.

Require No Construction or AnchoringCustom Garage or Concrete OptionsMeets FEMA Standards

Lifeguard Tornado Safe Rooms

Dont go outside when you need to take shelter! LifeGuard shelters are located inside your home for your safety.

From the makers of LifeSaver Storm Shelters, the all-new LifeGuard shelter brings the safety and security inside your home for easy access during a storm.

This 7ft by 4ft shelter is a full 54 inches tall for your comfort and can be installed into existing concrete floors or new construction.

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Cost Of Storm Shelter In A Garage Floor

A storm shelter on a garage floor is $3,000 to $9,000. Of course, youll pay more for options with a staircase or one that will hold more than eight people. Garage floor shelters are great for homeowners who want underground protection without leaving the house. They tend to be smaller than other in-ground units.

Prefab Storm Shelter Prices

Underground Garage Storm Shelter Installation

Pre-fabricated units give you the most options, including concrete, corrugated steel, steel plates, fiberglass, and high-density polyethylene. Generally, custom-built structures feature reinforced concrete.

Pre-manufactured storm shelters can cost as little as $3,000, including installation. The average cost of an 8 foot by 10-foot above-ground structure is between $5,500 and $12,000. The price includes delivery, installation, and a range of features, such as a welded steel box and steel planks.

A 5 foot by 5 foot by 8 foot in-ground shelter costs $3,000 to $8,000, with an additional $1,000 to $3,000 for delivery and installation. You can expect to pay more if you want a larger size or additional features like electricity.

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Tornadosafe Underground Garage Shelter

VideoConvenience is key when it comes to safety during a storm. Our TornadoSafe Underground Infinity Shelters are unique because they can be installed in your garage and don’t require the use of valuable square footage. The Medium Infinity Shelter Meets/Exceeds FEMA 320, 361, and ICC 500 protocols including impact testing, design pressure testing and uniform load structural pressure testing. Designed to fit up to 11 people.

Perfect for protection against Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Natural Disasters, Intruders, and Destructive events.
Features 1/4″ Steel Plate Lid and Frame
Features Molded, One-Piece Design made of high density Polyethylene.
Designed to be installed with a Full Concrete Backfill for Extra Protection.
Includes an emergency secondary opening hatch
Guaranteed for a lifetime to never leak or rust.
Includes removable, store away handrail for easy access in and out.
Includes Removable 6″ HDPE steps and benches and Built-in shelving for storage
Impact Tested and Pressure/Vacuum Tested
Safe Latch can be easily disabled by pulling the pin from inside. No tools required!
Features Elongated 4′ 9 by 7′ by 5′ 9 design
Designed to fit up to 11 People.

Shipping Notes:Special Unloading Requirements When Shipping Via Truck Freight or Common Carrier:

Are Under Garage Shelters Safe

Yes. Underground shelters are designed with reinforced steel or concrete. Because they are underground, the shelter is safe from dangerous winds and flying debris. However, modern research shows there are a number of risks associated with an underground shelter.

The main one is flooding which is a fatal risk as there is a likelihood of drowning when heavy rain or flash flooding accompanies a storm. Alternatively, debris may block the shelter doors and prevent them from opening. In some cases, people can be trapped underground.

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The Importance Of Underground Storm Shelter

If you live in Oklahoma, then you are well aware of the extreme weather conditions there, especially in spring. Most people in the United States know that a tornado can be life-threatening if they do not take precautions. Nowadays, storm shelters have become very popular among people. Only tornado shelters can save peoples lives and other valuable things during disastrous storm and flood. But now, people are keener to install underground storm shelters because compared to others those are more beneficial. Lets check why people should consider underground storm shelters before anything else to protect their life during tornados.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Storm Shelter In A Garage

Lifeguard Underground Garage Storm Shelter

The cost of building a storm shelter ranges from $2,565 to $10,150, averaging $6,306. With a typical range of $3,000 to $11,000, the brand makes a big difference in the price. An above-ground unit for 4 to 6 people starts at around $3,000. And an underground model for 12 or more can run up to $30,000.

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Through Instense Research We Identified Vacuum Air Pressure And Debris As The Most Damaging Forces Connected With Tornadoes

With possible wind speeds of 300+mph in mind, we recognized that vacuum is one of the most damaging forces that tornadoes create. It doesnt take much vacuum pressure, with respect to psi, to cause structural damage. To counter vacuum forces, FlatSafe designed a lid system which allows for 360o of ventilation for quick equalization of pressure within the shield. By boosting the pressure inside of the shelter to quickly equalize with the outside pressure, the secured lid process is held firmly closed.

We recognized that 300+mph winds can cause tremendous damage to whatever it slams against so we sought to lower our exposed surface area as far as possible. The patented FlatSafe lid system only sticks up 1/4, so theres very little surface area affected by horizontal wind speeds.

Since FlatSafe Tornado Shelters are below ground, it is out of the way of horizontal winds and the debris thrown and circulated by it. So the only debris to worry about is falling debris. We knew that all debris falls at the exact same speed and only mass determines its effect. Our 1/4 plate lid is bigger than the shield opening and is reinforced to absorb and withstand any falling debris that might land squarely on it. We designed it to provide more than adequate ventilation even after effect.

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