How To Tighten Chain On Garage Door

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Chain Adjusts By Shortening The Chain Itself

How to tighten a loose sagging Chain – Garage Door Opener repair

Adjustments on the chain are located at or near the master link where thechain engages with the cable . These usually consist of a bolt with two orthree nuts, one or two for locking and one for adjusting. You loosen thelocking inner nut, and turn the outer nut clockwise to adjust the excess slackfrom the chain. Do not over tighten the chain! This will cause prematurewear on the chain rollers. Adjust it tight enough so that the center ofthe chain sags about 1/2″ down from parallel with the track .

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Q: What Should I Use To Lubricate My Garage Door Chain

A: There are several different types of lubricants for garage door chains, but I recommend a Dri-zone or WD-40. These can be found at most home improvement stores, and they both work well on this task. In addition, you use the same process to apply them, so it doesnt matter which one you choose to buy.

Chain Adjusts By Moving The Opener Trolley Guide Tubeor Rail

The second adjustment is located on the top of the opener body. This iscommon on the Stanley chain drives that utilize the tubular-style track . There is a bolt that is turned clockwise to actually extend the length of thetrack, thus removing the slack from the chain. Same rule appliesconcerning recommended chain slack… don’t overtighten the chain!!

One thing about this second adjustment styleis that, if the body of the opener is mounted in a very rigid fashion and has no”give”, the tubular track will bend when you try to make thisadjustment. So, you might have to loosen the mounting bolts or make otheradjustments to the mounting assembly to allow the adjustment.

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How To Tighten The Chain On Your Garage Door

Do you have a feeling your garage door chain is slack, but youre not sure? Do you know what actions to take to correct it if you can confirm that its not as tight as it used to be?

Due to the repetitive vibrations from the motor, the doors weight, and natural wear and tear, this is a very common problem with a chain-driven garage door. But dont worry, were here to assist you.

What To Do With A Sagging Drive Chain

How To Tighten Chain On Garage Door Opener

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If your garage door opener uses a chain drive, then it is probably like a lot of other garage doors. This opening system is one of the most popular options, but it can manifest a problem. Over time, the drive chain can loosen and create slack. Overall, this gives the opener less power to open and close the door. You may even see the chain hitting the door itself, creating one of the more annoying garage door noises.

However, if you have a loose chain, it doesnt necessarily mean you need to make a service call. Homeowners may be able to tighten it up themselves. However, if you are uncomfortable doing so, calling a service technician is the best course of action.

To tighten the drive chain, start by closing your garage door, turning off the power, and pulling the emergency release rope. These steps are all done for the sake of safety, and should be considered necessary.

Once done, using your user manual for the opener, locate the adjustment bolt. This bolt will have nuts on either side of it and is tightened by loosening the nut closest to the opener and tightening the nut on the other side. As you do this, the chain should tighten. You want the chain tight, but not so much that it is inflexible.

If you have a loose drive chain, but arent sure you want to risk tightening it yourself, contact us today. We can help get that chain back to normal as well as solve all your other garage door woes.

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How To Tighten Garage Door Chain

If you find your garage door chain sagging, you may need to adjust the chain to avoid issues in the future. Ignoring chain issues could result in problems in the future, so we have a few tips to help you get started.

In this article, you will learn how to tighten garage door chain and avoid problems in the future.


Two: Locate The Adjustment Bolt

Climb up on a stepladder and take a look at the trolley assembly. There should be a bolt on one side. Its a threaded fastener thats about five to seven inches long on which two nuts are screwed. One is for locking and one is for adjusting. The locking nut and the adjustment nut are separated from each other by a divider, with the locking nut being closer to the opener. Tightening the adjustment nut increases tension in the garage door chain.

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Checking Garage Door Chain Tension

The garage door manual isn’t clear about exactly how to check the chain tension. The tension differs if the manual “override” is engaged or not. When it’s in “manual mode” , the chain sags too much when the door is open, but it’s fine when the door is closed. However, if the door is connected to the motor , the chain sags too much if it’s open or closed . This seems to match the manual better , so I think tension needs to be checked with the motor engaged, but I’m not sure. I don’t want to over tighten the chain.

So, do you check tension in “manual mode” or not? If in “manual mode”, should the door be open or closed?

The opener is a Sears Craftsman, which appears to be the same one by Chamberlain . The website that had the Chamberlain manual was


Loose Garage Door Chain: Tighten Or Replace

How to Tighten the Chain on a Stanley 7400 Garage Door Opener

When you utilize the Garage Door Doctors 21-point maintenance inspection annually, this would likely not even come up as a question. Part of the Doctors maintenance inspection includes a check of your garage door chains tension. Garage door openers and garage door moving parts require periodic maintenance and lubrication. Regular maintenance will prevent loose parts and dry, noisy operations.

When sudden noise occurs when opening and closing your garage door, part of a visual inspection should include the garage door chain. Not all garage door openers use a chain drive some use a belt or screw drive system.

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Check For Larger Issues

Before beginning the process, open and close your garage door several times to make sure that there are no bigger issues with the door, springs, or motor. Listen for unusual noises other than the loose chain to see if the larger chain drive system is having problems. Be sure to also look over the chain to make sure that it is not broken and does not require replacement or repair.

What Should You Do If Your Garage Door Chain Is Broken

Keep in mind that tightening the chain on your garage door should be part of your monthly maintenance. If your garage door chain is still loose after tightening it, its time to replace the chain or the garage door opener.

There are additional options if you dont want to replace the chain or opener right now. Consider getting an estimate from a local garage door repair agency to take care of the problem for you.

Final Thoughts

Allow yourself to be frustrated every time you open and close your garage door if your garage door chain is loose. In many circumstances, the simple actions outlined above can be used to swiftly and easily resolve the problem. If the chain is too far gone, fixing or replacing it can be as simple as calling to make an appointment or ordering a replacement online.

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How To Tighten A Loose Garage Door Opener Chain

A loose garage door chain is quite common on chain drive garage door openers. Over time, regular use of the garage door and the weight of the garage door, which can exceed a hundred pounds, stretches the chain and eventually causes the chain to loosen.

This is where regular garage door maintenance can help.

If you notice your garage door chain making extra noise either due to rubbing or knocking against the rail, you likely have a loose garage door chain. The looser the chain gets, the higher chances of your garage door jumping off of its tracks leading to potential damage to your property and the integrity of the garage door system.

A loose garage door chain can also put extra strain and pressure on the garage door opener making things not just noisy but less efficient as well.

Some Tips To Maintain Garage Door Chain

How To Adjust A Craftsman Garage Door Opener Chain
  • Wipe off the garage door chain with a suitable cleaning agent regularly and maintain it in good condition.
  • Store the garage door chain properly if you do not use it for a long time to avoid its rusting.
  • Inspect the garage door chain regularly to eliminate possible accidents due to rusty or loose garage door chains.
  • Check the garage door chain regularly for possible damages before using it to avoid injury from accidents.
  • Replace the garage door chain if it is damaged or no longer has a firm tension on it and replace it with a new one in good condition and can be used safely.

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Reasons Why Garage Door Chain Loosen Overtime

  • If you use your garage door a lot, the frequency of opening and closing causes the chain to loosen.
  • Winterizing your garage removes all air from it, causing a vacuum that loosens the chain when you open and closes the door.
  • A bent screwdriver or an Allen wrench can both cause damage to your sprocket and loosen the chain.
  • Bent or missing teeth in your sprocket can also cause damage to the screwdriver and lose your garage door chain.
  • If you are using an old, rusty screwdriver instead of a new one that has been properly aligned, it will wear quickly and bend out of shape, causing damage to your spring system.
  • If your garage door chain is broken from the sprocket, it could be because of a screw that became loose and fell off.
  • If you have tried to loosen the chain once already and failed, try again with an Allen wrench instead of a flathead one so you wont damage your sprocket if its bent or rusty.
  • Having different-sized springs can cause tension in your chain to become uneven and loosen it more often.

Find The Adjustment Bolt

On your garage door opener, there should be an adjustment bolt for the chain. If youre not sure where yours is, check the operation manual. It usually will be on the side of the trolley assembly. Its a threaded fastener that has two nuts screwed onto it. One is the locking nut and the other is the adjustment nut, and they should have a divider between them. The locking nut will be closer to the opener.

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How To Adjust A Garage Door Chain Useful Tips To Tighten The Chain Drive

Among the most common garage door problems is a loose chain that makes the door ram against the rail noisily. It is annoying and can lead to multiple problems if left as it is. For example, it can make the opener less efficient by forcing it to do more work. Dont worry, though, because we come bearing good news.

Tightening the garage door chain should be a part of your maintenance schedule but if you depend on the technician to do this for you, its totally okay. We have enlisted all the steps you should follow to safely adjust the door chain when you arent able to reach out for help and/or would like to try it on your own. Lets begin.

Garage Door Chain Belt Or Screw Drive

Garage Door Help : How to Adjust the Chain on a Garage Door Opener

First, disconnect the garage door opener from the garage door. Get a step ladder and visually inspect the chain if it is sagging, you may be able to tighten it on your own using the trolley adjustment bolt. This adjustment is a do-it-yourself project if you have the knowledge, time and tools.

Another thing to consider is the age of the drive chain. If your drive chain is less than ten years old, and in good physical condition beyond drooping, you should tighten and lubricate it or get it tightened or replaced by a professional.

When the garage door was present when you bought the house, and you do not know how long the garage door chain has been in operation or how frequently the door got used, call the Garage Door Doctor to get your system inspected.

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What Causes A Garage Door Chain To Come Loose

There are several reasons why your garage door chain might come loose. One of the most common reasons is that the chain is old and needs to be replaced. This is because the chain can stretch over time, which causes it to become loose. Another common reason is that the chain isnt properly lubricated. This can cause the chain to rust and eventually break.

The other main reason why a garage door chain comes loose is that the tension isnt properly adjusted. Finally, if the garage door is unbalanced, this can also cause the chain to come loose.

How To Determine Whether Or Not Your Garage Door Is Loose

For at least a year, the tension on your garage door chain should be maintained. Keep in mind that gravity will always cause some bowing in your garage door chain. The chain should have some slack because if it is excessively tight, it might cause harm.

If the chain starts to scrape against the rail, its almost probably too loose.

A slack garage door chain can cause a variety of problems, including:

  • Make your garage door opener perform more efficiently.
  • Reduce the efficiency of your garage door system as a whole.
  • As a result, your garage door will jump off its track.

As a result, tighten the chain just enough so that it doesnt bump against the rail.

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Realign The Safety Reverse Sensors

PDIY: Maintaining your electric garage

Safety reverse sensors are the two light-beam devices near the bottom of the door. If something breaks the beam while the door is closing, the sensor reverses the door. Sometimes, the beams can get out of alignment.

  • Typically, the sensors will have lights that indicate theyre in alignment with one another.
  • Make sure the sensors face each other across the garage door opening so they function properly.
  • Test the sensors by closing the garage door and passing a broom in and out of the doors path. If the sensors are aligned correctly, the door should reverse.

Tip: If your garage door opener doesnt have a safety reversal system, whether mechanical or light-beam sensors, then its time to replace the opener with a newer model.

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Three: Loosen The Locking Nut Then Tighten The Adjustment Nut

Using an adjustable or half-inch wrench, start by loosening the locking nut slightly. Then tighten the adjustment nut, which will, in turn, increase tension in the chain. The chain should be tightened until it sits, at its midpoint, about a quarter-inch above the rail for a square rail and a half-inch above the rail for a T-rail. Its important that you dont over-tighten it, as this will cause the chain rollers to wear out prematurely. In fact, as a rule its better for the chain to be slightly loose rather than tight.

Once youve adjusted the chain to the proper tension, tighten the locking nut. You should use two wrenches for this, one to hold the adjustment nut in place and the other to turn the locking nut.

How To Troubleshoot A Loose Chain On Your Garage Door

Do you have a garage door chain that is loose and knocking against a rail? This is one of the most common issues with garage doors that operate with a chain drive opener. Garage door chains become slack from everyday use because of the vibrations created by the motor and the weight of the door.

Tightening up the chain is therefore an important part of regular maintenance. A loose chain isnt just noisy, it also forces your opener to do more work, making the whole system less efficient. It can also cause your door to jump the track.

A technician will adjust your garage door chain during a regular maintenance appointment, but this is also something you can do yourself if youre handy. Here are some tips on how to do that from the garage door experts at Creative Door!

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