How To Program Garage Door Opener Liftmaster

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How To Program Garage Door Opener

How to program a Garage Door Remote & change battery LiftMaster Chamberlain

Before starting to program your garage door opener, ensure that your remote is fully functional. Then, review your remotes manual for any safety instructions or varying methods.

Now, you can enable the Program Mode on your garage door opener.

However, your devices Program Mode will only stay active for a short period. Once its enabled, you should start to program your remote:

  • Enable the Program Mode on your remote The Program button position differs between the various models of Liftmaster remote controls. However, you can usually find this button inside the pinhole or behind the visor clip of the remote control. Now, press and release this button , using a paperclip or the removable visor clip to enable the Program Mode.
  • Next, you need to specify which button you want to program by pressing and releasing that button . Then, press and release any other button on your remote to finish the selection process.
  • Press and hold the button that you have selected for 3 seconds. Some models of garage door openers and control panels will have a light that flashes or a LED that will turn off/on to indicate that the programming was successful.
  • Finally, press and release the programmed button to test your remote. If it initiates your LiftMaster garage door opener, the programming is successful. Alternatively, you can restart the process if it is unsuccessful.
  • Liftmaster 891lm And 893lm

  • Press the Learn button to enter programming mode.
  • Press the Learn button again, the LED will flash once.
  • Press and hold the button on the remote you want to use with your opener.
  • Release the button when the openers lights blink or two clicks are heard.
  • Test the remote.
  • Press and hold the program button until the LED turns on. Slide off the clip to reveal the button on the 893MAX, which can be pressed using the long end of the clip. For the mini keychain 893MAX, the button can be reached using a paper clip or pin through a hole in the side. See the above images for reference.
  • Press and release the button you want to use with your opener based on the color of the Learn button:
  • Yellow: 1 press
  • Exit programming mode by pressing any button other than the one from the previous step.
  • Press the Learn button on the opener or control panel.
  • Press the programmed button from step 2 until the opener lights flash or you hear two clicks.
  • Test the remote.
  • Liftmaster Remote Programming: How To Program All Liftmaster Remotes

    Want to know how to program your Liftmaster remote? This is your step-by-step LiftMaster remote programming guide. So keep reading

    Undoubtedly, LiftMaster has been a household name when it comes to garage door openers for decades. People choose them over other brands because of how simple and straightforward it is to use.

    Programming a LiftMaster remote is a walk in the park. Just follow these simple steps and you will get your LiftMaster remote working with your garage door opener in no time.

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    But Why Reprogram That Old Garage Door Opener It May Be Time For A Replacement

    All you need is to program the device, after all thats why youre here! Getting a new one sounds a little over-dramatic.

    Dont be afraid. It takes a while, but all garage door openers eventually have an end of life. Plus, important safety features have come out in recent years that make getting that new garage door opener a worthy investment. Lets explore those improvements and why theyre so important!

    Oh dear, was your LiftMaster by Chamberlain garage door opener manufactured before 1993?

    Stop! Do NOT reprogram that device. If you want to ensure the safety of yourself and everyone in your home, you have to replace that obsolete garage door openeing device.

    There were major innovations made to the safety features of garage doors in 1993. Since then, all garage door opening devices manufactured in the US and Canada have required 2 door reversal systems.

    Previously, there were no safety systems required for garage doors. Dont endanger the lives of the people and animals you love. Invest in a modern garage door opener that considers their lives, so you dont have to worry about an avoidable accident occurring in your garage.

    But I Dont Know When My Garage Door Opener Was Made We Can Help

    How To Program Garage Door Opener Liftmaster

    Above are the major models of LiftMaster by Chamberlain garage door openers that describe where their manufacturing stickers are.

    On each garage door opener, there is a sticker with vital information, including the model and serial numbers. These are especially good to have on hand when you contact a local garage door professional for advice or installation help!

    Find the manufacturing date by looking for the section labeled MFG. This will tell you what year the garage door opener was made.

    What if your garage door isnt one of these models? Well, if the device is of Chamberlain make, but not in the LiftMaster product line, referencing this FAQ may help!

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    Erasing The Motors Memory

  • 1Press and hold the “Learn” button for roughly 6 seconds. Press firmly down on the button to engage it. When you press it, youll notice that a small LED lights up next to the button. Continue pressing down until the LED goes out. This will erase all remote-control and keyless entry codes that had been connected to the garage door.
  • If your fingers are too large to push the small button, try poking it with the tip of a pen.
  • 2Press and hold the button again to erase linked smart devices. If you have a smart phone or tablet linked to your garage door, they will still be active at this point. If youd like to de-link these devices, press down on the “Learn” button a second time. Hold it down for 6 seconds. When the light goes out, all linked devices will have been de-linked.
  • Liftmaster smart garage door openers can be connected to smartphones and tablets via the “myQ” setting. To use myQ, download the myQ app from the Apple or Google Play store. Set up an account on the app if you dont already have one. From there, follow the apps directions to connect myQ to your home Wi-Fi network and hook it up with your smart garage door opener.XResearch source
  • If you have more than 1 garage door, youll need to reset each unit individually.
  • Benefits Of Programming Your Garage Opener

    Here are a few benefits of programming your garage door opener:

    You will be able to open and close your garage door without having to get out of your car.

    If you have a wireless keypad, you will be able to program it to work with your garage door opener so that multiple people can have access to your garage.

    You can program your garage door opener to work with other devices, such as a security system or home automation system.

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    How To Program Your Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

    You do not have to be tech-savvy to program your garage door opener, as it typically only takes a few minutes to complete.

    Newer LiftMaster garage door opener models and accessories have SMART functions that make the programming process practically effortless. In addition, your garage door opener Program Mode allows you to program various compatible products conveniently.

    Possible functions you can manage using your devices Program Mode:

    • The Clear/Reset function removes any remotes, keypads, and systems previously connected to your LiftMaster garage door opener. Press and hold the Program/Learn button for 6 seconds or until the Learn LED turns off to enable this function. We recommend using this function if you lose your remote or use an unfamiliar/new device.
    • The Limit Learn function configures your garage doors open and close limits, preventing damage to your garage door. For example, if your garage door opener is not fully opening or closing, you should enable this function. Also, if the garage door opener continues to operate after the garage door is entirely closed or opened.

    Preparing To Program Your Liftmaster Remote

    How to Erase and Program Liftmaster Garage Door Remote (604) 757-6557

    Before we get around to doing the actual programming, youll need to have two things ready:

  • Access to the Learn button on the opener. Take note of the button color.
  • The remote you want to program with good batteries .
  • Most openers will require a ladder to reach. Start by locating the antenna wire that hangs from the motor, which may be hidden under a light cover, usually on the back side. Most covers can be opened by gently pushing the sides out from the inside.

    The Learn button will be located near this antenna wire, and will be either yellow, purple, red/orange, or green. Sometimes , the button will match the color of the antenna wire.

    If you have a wall-mounted panel, there may be a physical button or menu option to assist with the programming steps. If the panel has a digital menu, you should find it under Menu Features Program Remote.

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    How To Reset Your Garage Door Opener Code

    Its important to reset your garage door opener code somewhat frequently so you can keep your belongings and home secure. Fortunately, the process of resetting your garage door code on your keypad is simple. If its time to start using a new pin code to access your garage, we can help you with the process.

    Garage Door Opener Installation And Servicing Across Western Canada

    If you’re experiencing difficulties programming your remote control, or if your garage door opener isnt functioning properly, contact us at Creative Door Services today! Our experienced garage door technicians will resolve the problem for you as quickly as possible. From Winnipeg to Vancouver, there is no job too small or big that we cant handle for you! To learn more about what we have to offer, contact us or visit one of our eight locations in Western Canada.

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    Easy Safe And Convenient Access To Your Garage

    As you can see, you do not have to be tech-savvy to program a Liftmaster garage door opener. Whether you want to link the opener to your handheld remote or cars HomeLink system, you should be able to complete the process in just a few minutes. That being said, always prioritize safety when dealing with garage doorskeep the door in sight as you perform the programming process.

    Have you tried to program your door opener? Leave your questions or comments belowwed love to hear from you!

    S To Program The Travel On A Liftmaster Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Equipped With Myq

    Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Wall Button Not Working
  • Make sure your garage door is closed but not disengaged and your trolley is near the garage door.
  • Find your garage door opener adjustment buttons. Their place may vary depending on your LiftMaster or Chamberlain garage door opener model. Look at the picture below to help you out.
  • Press and hold the black square button until the UP Arrow begins to flash or you hear a BEEP > This means your opener can now be set in the OPEN POSITION.
  • Press and hold the UP or DOWN Arrows until your garage door is fully open > This is your desired UP Position.
  • Press and release the black square button > The garage door opener lights will flash 2 times and the DOWN Arrow will start to flash. It means your opener OPEN POSITION is now LOCKED and your door opener is ready to set the CLOSE POSITION.
  • Press and hold the DOWN Arrow until your garage door is fully closed.
  • Press and release the black square button to indicate to your opener that your garage door is in the DOWN position you desire > The garage door opener lights will flash 2 times and the UP Arrow will start to flash. It means your opener DOWN POSITION is now LOCKED and your door opener is ready to set the force programming mode.
  • Press and release the UP Arrow. When the door travels to the programmed UP position, the DOWN Arrow will begin to flash.
  • Press and release the DOWN Arrow. The door will travel to the programmed DOWN position. Programming is now complete.


  • Your garage door must reverse when stricking the 2×4.
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    Put The Control Button In Learning Mode

    Press and hold the two outside buttons of your control button simultaneously for up to 20 to 30 seconds only. Make sure not to press it for more than 30 seconds because it will reset your system.

    Pay attention to the indicator light. Youll know youve entered learning mode when the light changes from steady to flashing.

    How Can You Clear The Device Memory

    There are twomethods to clearing the memory of your garage door opener:

    • The first time you hit the learn button, the remote control and keyless entry connections will be cleared. To do so, hold down the learn button for a few seconds. The light will illuminate for six seconds before turning off.
    • Within three seconds of the first light going off, press and hold the learn button to erase the memory of MyQ accessory connectivity and door controls. Hold the button down for six seconds before releasing it and waiting for the light to turn off.

    If both methods do not work, you can always reprogram the device.

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    How To Reset Standard Liftmaster Codes

    In order to reset a standard set of codes on your LiftMaster garage door opener, all you have to do is press and hold a learn button for about 10 seconds, until a small LED light located beside it turns off. Lear button can have a different color usually located on the back or side cover of your opener. Button color can be red, purple, green, or yellow.

    Once youve erased the codes, none of your existing remotes will be able to open the door.

    In order to pair your opener to remote again, all you have to do is press a learn button for about a second, until small LED light comes on, and then press the button on your remote control. You should hear a click and your openers light will blink, which indicates a successful Liftmaster remote reprogramming.

    Using The Learn Button To Program Your Garage Door Opener

    How to Program LiftMaster’s 971LM and 973LM Remote Controls to a Garage Door Opener

    Once you have found the learn button on your LiftMaster garage door opener, which is usually on the rear panel, you should use it to configure garage door remotes or other accessories quickly and efficiently. The color of your garage door openers learn button will significantly impact how you program your device.

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    Locate The Learn Or Smart Button On Your Garage Door Opener

    This step is time-sensitive. Although you can do this by yourself, you can also call somebody to come and help you.

    Go to your garage and find the receiver or the motor head unit. Find the learn or smart button. You can usually locate his button near the hanging antenna wire attached to the unit. If you have difficulty finding the button, you can consult the owners manual or read our article on the LiftMaster learn button.

    How To Find The Year Your Liftmaster Or Chamberlain Opener Was Made

    Here are the main models of LiftMaster or Chamberlain garage door openers with their sticker locations and the information you can find on it.

    Your garage door opener should have a sticker with a lot of important information written on it like the model and serial numbers those are really handy when you call your local garage door specialist.

    If your garage door opener is a Chamberlain, but not a LiftMaster model, this FAQ could help you.

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    Do Garage Door Openers Have Fuses

    A garage door opener is a combination of various features that allow the product to function properly. Depending on the model or brand you own, it might include a fuse on its list of parts. This component is an essential part of inspecting if your garage door opener is malfunctioning.

    A fuse is an essential part of an electrical circuit. To put it simply, this safety feature is what protects your garage opener if theres something faulty within the circuit. The fuse has a small wire inside that will melt and break the circuit if theres too much electric current passing through.

    There are a few ways to tell if a fuse in your garage opener has burned out:

    • Your circuit breaker is on.
    • Your garage opener has no power, but the system is plugged into an outlet.
    • You know the outlet the system is plugged into has power.

    Either the fuses or another internal component is likely the cause of your faulty garage opener. Its best to consult a professional technician if you suspect an issue is occurring with your garage opener. This way, you wont encounter any safety issues. If the fuse is your concern, the technician will check to see if its still operating by:

    • Locating the glass fuse
    • Inspecting if the fuse has blown
    • Using proper tools to check its performance
    • Replacing the fuse if needed

    Find The Model Number Of Your Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

    Liftmaster 1 3 Hp Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

    Locate the product serial/model number of your LiftMaster garage opener.

    You can find this information on a sticker or label on the outside of most devices. Alternatively, you may locate it under the lens or cover.

    Now, you can use this number to get your device manual, specifications, tutorials, and information you require on your device from LiftMaster Support.

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    Accessing The Garage Door Motor

  • 1Set up a ladder beneath the garage door motor in your garage. The garage door motor is a roughly 8 in × 5 in box mounted to the roof of your garage. Open the ladder by pulling the 2 metal halves apart from each other and pressing down on the 2 cross-beams. Then, climb up the ladder until you can comfortably reach the garage door motor.XResearch source
  • If you dont have a ladder, purchase one from a hardware store or a home improvement store. Or, borrow one from a friend.
  • 2Open the panel on the left side of the motor unit. If youre standing in front of your garage door and looking at the motor unit, the left-hand light compartment doubles as a panel covering the units controls. Pull firmly down on this panel until it comes away from the motor unit. The hinges at the bottom of the panel will allow it to swivel down without falling.XResearch source
  • The panel placement may differ from one style of unit to the next. The panel may also be located at the back or side of the garage door motor box.
  • 3Locate the “Learn” button at the front of the control panel. Once youve lowered the light panel out of the way, youll see a series of warnings and safety information, a light bulb, and a small control panel. Look over the control-panel area until you spot a small button labeled “Learn.” The button will only be about 12 inch in diameter.XResearch source
  • Depending on the make and model of your garage door opener, the button may be yellow and round or purple and square.
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