How To Keep Mice Out Of Garage

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Preparing Bait And Setting Traps In The Garage

How to Keep Mice Out of Your Garage (Or Shed)

When it comes to setting up a baited trap in the garage you will have to exercise caution. Poison can be extremely harmful to children and other pets if accidentally ingested.

Using baits like nut butter, instant mashed potato flakes, etc. to attract the mouse to the spring trap. If you set up a spring trap make sure you keep all children and animals away from the set traps to avoid injuries. Placement of traps should be near the entrance of holes or gaps that mice are using to get into your garage. Other areas to place traps are along the walls, counters, and other spaces where the mice creep along.

Block The Garage Doors

The garage doors are the easiest access points for the mice to get through. They often gnaw their way in by chewing on the weather stripping on the doors. Using steel, vinyl or rubber sweeps or thresholds are effective in keeping them away. Garage door rodent guards also regulate the temperature inside the garage and insulate the interiors by keeping wind and water away.

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Garage Removal

If youve got droppings, youve got mice and its hard to tell if you have 1 mouse, or dozens of mice. You have to eliminate them. Fortunately, this is very easy. Decent traps, when properly baited, lure the hungry mice out from the shadows very quickly. Use any of the following traps and keep changing them out daily until there are no mice. If done properly, this shouldnt more than a few days unless you have a serious infestation.

These are my favorite mouse traps

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If Youre Not Driving Your Car You Could Be Attracting Mice Experts Warn

There are a handful of reasons you may have a car sitting idleyou have a spare vehicle, youre working on the car, or you just havent been driving as much during the pandemic. But the unfortunate truth is that your car quickly becomes the ideal spot for mice to call home if it never leaves the driveway.ae0fcc31ae342fd3a1346ebb1f342fcb

John Burkhauser, certified master technician and director of education at Bolt on Technology, says to discourage rodents from moving into the hood of your car and chewing on essential wires, which can lead to pricey repairs, you need to drive the vehicle regularly.

Seal Off Entry Points

How to Keep Mice Out of the Garage

The single most important thing that you can do to prevent most critters, mice in specific, from entering the garage is to seal off all the possible entry points. This can be quite difficult as mice can squeeze into some pretty tight areas.

Do a walk around the interior and exterior perimeter of the garage. Look for any spaces that could potentially allow access for mice and seal them off accordingly. Taking away those entry points will force the mice to find another place to set up shop.

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What To Do If You Have Mice In Your Car Or Garage

If you already have mice in your car, try to rinse the engine out with water connected to a garden hose. Take out the nesting materials and wash away the mices scent. Make sure not to vacuum mice droppings to avoid contracting Hantavirus, which is an airborne disease. Also, using household solution like vinegar is not an effective disinfectant. Check the vehicle parts for damage especially the engine area. Seek advice from your mechanic regarding what to look for and how to recognize signs of damage.

What Time Do Mice Come Out

Since mice are nocturnal creatures, theyre typically active during dusk and dawn. They usually cant be seen during the daytime, but these creatures sometimes go out in daylight if their nest is disturbed or theyre looking for food.

Its best to note that seeing them during morning hours indicates a large infestation.

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Move Trash Cans Outside

While mice love various forms of seed as a main food source, they wont turn down scraps of human food, either. Garbage cans that are improperly sealed and stored in the garage can offer another attractive food source for mice.

The worst part about keeping garbage cans inside is that mice arent going to be the only things that are attracted to the garbage. There is a chance of finding maggots as well. Properly seal your garbage cans and store them outdoors, preferably on the side of the house or garage. Building a little fence around the garbage cans is also advised as it can keep other critters away.

How To Get Rid Of Mice In The Garage Without Killing Them

How to Keep Mice OUT of Your Garage

If you want to get rid of mice in the garage without killing them, you can use the following method:

Citronella Oil

Citronella oil is an effective ingredient in repelling mice. According to the National Pesticide Information System, rats steer away from areas sprayed by citronella oil.

To apply, get a clean spray bottle and mix 1 ½ tablespoon of citronella essential oil and 1 cup of rubbing alcohol. After that, shake lightly and spray liberally into the suspected affected areas.

Live-Capture Traps

Live-Capture traps are one of the most classic ways to get rid of mice without killing them. To use, get a plate and put some treats there for mice, such as soft cheese, peanut butter, and wet cat food.

The smell of these food items lures the mice into the trap. Once they enter the trap, the door behind them will shut. The trap will only imprison the mice and not kill them. Thus, you can release them in a secluded area, away from home.

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Are Mice In The Garage A Problem

Mice in the garage are a problem since they can damage your property and cause insect infestation. In addition, they can also pose health issues like lymphocytic choriomeningitis , hantavirus, and salmonella.

To prevent this from happening, remove the things that attract them to your garage. This includes piles of stuff like old newspapers and empty boxes and sacks of grain, pet food, birdseed, leftover food, trash, and snacks.

Get A Quality Garage Door

You have quite a few things to consider when getting a new garage door. You want something that will help to prevent pests from getting inside, but you also want to have something that looks nice on your home.

Keep in mind that you should avoid wooden garage doors. If a rodent is determined, it will get through those types of doors.

You should also choose a garage door that has good insulation. This will ensure mice dont try to nest in the door.

The doors we offer are made from galvanized steel, so you dont have to worry about mice chewing their way into the garage. We also have insulated doors, so the mice wont nest in the door.

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How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Garage

The Spruce / Madelyn Goodnight

A mouse infestation in your garage can create a surprising amount of damage and debris. The mice might chew walls and electrical cords, as well as leave food waste and droppings. Plus, they can carry diseases. Fortunately, its usually fairly easy to get rid of mice in the garage. Heres what you need to know.

How To Keep Mice Out Of Garage Using Natural Methods

Keeping Rats Out of an Outdoor Aviary?

For the faint of heart, there are some natural methods you can try when getting rid of mice in the garage. If you have small children, house pets, allergies to poisons, or in general dont want to kill the mice then natural methods are your best bet.

Poisons can also be toxic to other wildlife too so it is often advised to use natural methods over the traditional poisoned bait traps.

How to get rid of mice in the garage naturally:

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Using The Mouses Natural Predators: Cats And Barn Owls

If you have a good mouser , then you have the perfect mouse removal method.

If you dont have a reliable feline on hand, you can always purchase owl nesting boxes and place them in a nearby tree, pole, or your sheds outer wall. Once the owls start to nest they will naturally hunt all the mice near your home.


Not only do these little smelly balls of poison ward of moths and bunnies, but they are also useful for keeping mice and rats away.

Place some mothballs in vented containers near the areas you have found mice. For added protection, you can spread mothballs around your garden and home exterior as well.

Cat Litter

Spread used cat litter in places you found mice. Mice will smell the cats urine and avoid the area.

If you arent into the idea of having to smell cat urine constantly then you can always soak unused cat litter into peppermint oil.

Cocoa Powder and Plaster of Paris

A combination you wouldnt typically think of first but is very effective. Mix a few tablespoons of cocoa powder with Plaster of Paris together and spread it around the areas youve found mice.

The cocoa will attract the mice and result in them ingesting the Plaster of Paris too. Once the mice finish they will leave to go drink water and die. This method kills mice due to causing blockages in the mouses stomach.


Beware! Onions are also toxic for dogs and cats. Also, you will have to throw them away every other day to avoid rotting smells.

Instant Potato Flakes

Steel Wool

Place Dryer Sheets In And Around Your Car If Youre Not Driving It For A While

Some smells that we find enjoyable are ones that mice find repulsive . Thats why Burkhauser says you should use scent-based products to repel mice. Pest Kill suggests dryer sheets since theyre cheap and easy to useplus, while mice will hate the smell, you and your passengers will love it.

A passionate car owner explained to Hagerty Car Insurance that when he stores his car, he lays the sheets all over the interior, under the hood, in the trunk, on top of the tires, and in the exhaust pipe. When hes ready to drive, he collects the dryer sheets and tosses them. Not only will there be no mice, but the car will also smell like it just came out of the dryer. Works great for me! he said.

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Remove Or Contain Things That Attract Mice

Rethink the way youre storing any potential food sources or nesting materials . If you have a car you rarely use, turn it on and rev the engine every now and then check under the hood, in the trunk, and inside the glove compartment for nesting material or damage to mechanical wires.

Heres a list of some everyday items you may have in your garage that can attract mice by providing food or nesting materials.

  • Piles of stuff, including empty boxes and old newspapers
  • Sacks of grain, birdseed, pet food, grass seed, or other bulk edibles
  • Leftover food, snacks, and trash inside your car
  • Unused or infrequently started vehicles and engines
  • Uncovered garbage
  • Rags, towels, outdoor clothing
  • How To Tell If You Have Mice In Your House

    How to Keep Rats & Mice Out of Your Garage

    Its probably more common to see mouse droppings or mouse damage before you see the mice themselves, as they are nocturnal.

    When I was a kid, the little buggers would drive me crazy at night running around up in the attic. Thankfully we didnt get rats in the house, but they would sometimes show up in the outbuildings around the farm.

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    Keeping Mice Out Of The Garage In Winter

    In the winter months, mice are seeking shelter from the cold. Keep an eye on the nesting materials you may have in your garage during colder weather.

    Empty boxes from the holidays, towels to clean off the car, or extra clothes to keep you warm may also make a home for uninvited guests.

    Walk through your garage and try to identify any pockets of cold air coming in. This could indicate a gap around pipes or another area that needs to be sealed.

    Food is less plentiful outdoors, so they will also be especially attracted to any source of nutrition. Look for any possible food source or smells.

    • Winter coats if you keep any recreational gear like ski clothes or extra jackets in the garage, be sure to check the pockets for empty wrappers.
    • Christmas Decorations Do any of your Christmas decorations have edible elements? Popcorn and cranberry strings, candy canes or crafts may leave behind an enticing scent on your decorations.
    • Trash cans kept in the garage during extreme weather can be a strong attractor of mice.

    How To Recognize Mice Infestation

    Depending on how serious the mouse infestation in your garage is, you might see different signs, ranging from smelling an odor, seeing nests made around your garage, to even finding dead mice lying around the garage.

    However, before you start anything to get rid of the mice, you need to determine whether its actually the mice that are the problem or rats. They usually leave the same signs, which is why you need to examine them closely. Mouse droppings, rub marks, tracks, etc., are usually smaller than rats. Whats more, the easiest way in which you can determine which one youre dealing with would be the noise. Mice tend to squeak quite often, while rats tend to make noise by scratching things or fighting.

    Once you find out which one – mice or rats – is the issue, it will be a lot easier to get rid of them, which brings us to the second point.

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    How To Prevent Mice From Nesting In Your Car

    There are several ways you can keep mice from nesting in your vehicle. You may want to start with blocking any possible points of entry to the garage. Try to keep the area clean. This can be hard since many of us store multiple vehicles, lawn mowers, snowblowers, and lawn equipment in our garages. Try to utilize shelving for storage and sweep away leaves, sand, and other materials out of the garage frequently. This will also assist with eliminating food sources. Though irritating, you may want to use repellent fragrances or mothballs to keep mice away. Mice are less likely to nest in areas with light, so consider leaving a light on in your garage.

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    Keep Mice Squirrels And Other Creatures Out Of The Garage


    No matter how much you might love animals, you also need to make sure they arent causing damage to your garage and all the items you store there. Mice might be adorable to many people, but there is no denying the problems they can cause. Imagine what would happen if they built a nest in your Christmas ornaments? You would have an unwelcome surprise come early December. What if they were to chew through your garage door opener?

    If you think that you have just one or two mice right now, you need to act fast. Mice reproduce quickly, and they have a gestation period of just 19 to 21 days. They can give birth to up to 14 babies each time, and those babies mature in less than two months. Given a few months in your garage, they could multiply into thousands of mice.

    Your first thought might be to hire an exterminator. While this can work, it also happens to be expensive. Fortunately, there are some other things you can do to help rid your garage of mice. Below, you will find some simple and workable solutions to remove the mice and keep your space safe from pests.

    Make sure that you remember the importance of organization and insulation. Well cover these more later.

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    How To Get The Mice Out

  • Inexpensive wood and wire mousetraps that are baited with peanut butter and placed every few feet around walls can catch and kill mice. The CDC recommends against using live traps, because they can cause startled mice to spread infected urine.
  • Rat poison can be fatal to more than mice. The University of California Integrated Pest Management Program advises the use of government-approved toxins safely contained inside rodent-control bait stations.
  • When removing dead mice, wear gloves and air out the garage or house, since diseases can be transmitted through direct and indirect contact with dead mice and droppings.
  • If your house or garage is infested, hiring a professional exterminator can prove cheaper than the danger to your health and costly damage to your home or business.
  • How To Avoid Attracting Critters

    • Ideally, park away from places that are known to draw rodents, such as near trash bins or natural food sources, such as vegetable gardens.
    • Park in a sealed garage, if possible, and keep the doors closed.
    • Make sure the garage doesnt have stored food and prime nest materials like newspapers, cardboard, straw, rags, and patio furniture cushions.
    • Look for gaps around garage windows and doors for possible places that rodents can sneak in. Weather strips under side doors can help seal them. Likewise, inspect the vertical seals on retractable garage doors for damage.
    • Dont store trash cans used for food waste in the garage.
    • Keep the car interior free from food wrappers their scent can draw rodents.
    • Move the car regularly, discouraging varmints from taking up residence. And occasionally honk the horn before starting the car to scare away any napping critters.

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