How To Convert Garage Into Living Space

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How Can I Save Money On A Garage Conversion

Garage Conversion To Living Space | Cost Breakdown $$$

Comparing quotes is a great way to potentially reduce the cost of your garage conversion. HouseholdQuotes can help you get quotes from multiple builders near you, so that you can find someone that suits your budget.

Comparing Quotes Could Save You Up To 40%:

As weve covered above, there are a great number of ways a garage conversions costs can skyrocket. Thankfully, there are some ways to keep costs down during the project, which well outline now:

Where you can, removing debris, furniture and old flooring from the existing garage can help to shave time off your contractors clock.

Instead of paying a premium for them to do the heavy lifting for you, if youre able, opting to move things before they step foot in your property can save both time and money in the long run.

Similar to the above, if youre willing to take a few trips to the tip yourself, you can save on skip hire and get rid of the building debris yourself.

This isnt a pleasant job, but it can help to save you a few hundred pounds. This could be the difference between a slightly more premium finish to some of the aspects of the garage conversion, which could pay dividends further down the line.

Already a dab hand at your home? You can choose to pick up the paintbrush once the contractors have left and finish off the job yourself with a lick of paint or wallpaper in your newly converted garage.

How To Find A Garage

Many general contractors can handle a garage conversion. A few companies actually specialize in garage conversions, and will handle the entire process for you, including designing the space and obtaining the necessary permits.

Theres a lot to consider when turning a garage into living space, and most homeowners are happy when an experienced builder takes the time to explain those details at the very beginning of the project, Veron explains.

When looking for a company that would help convert our very drab garage to a comfortable, cool, man cave/theater room, we found Edison Home Improvement, notes Yelper DJ M. of Encinitas, California. Our project manager was there every step of the way, with suggestions or changes we made. Any issues that arose were taken care of immediately.

To get a realistic idea of overall costs, request bids format least three different contractors. Be sure to include details of the work to be performed and materials used. That way, youll know youre comparing prices for the same job.

Although it may be time-consuming to gather all this information, its the best way to ensure the success of your project, Danny Lipford says.

Also, find out how long the project will take. A simple conversion, such as a family room, can be completed in 24 weeks. Transforming a garage into an apartment with kitchen and bath, however, might take two months or longer.

What Are The Light Sources

The biggest thing to consider is adding light, Uyar says. Garages dont usually have windows. Theres only natural light when you open the garage door. They plan to add four regular-sized windows, and one large 6-foot by 5-foot window overlooking the backyard.

For a garage to be a legal living space or bedroom, most municipalities will require that the room has at least one window. The average cost to install one is $1,000, but that varies based on size and type.

You will also likely need to run more wiring and outlets for additional lights, as most garages only have a bare bulb ceiling light. Additional outlets only cost $75 to $100 to install, but if you need to hire an electrician, expect to spend $50 to $100 per hour.

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Can I Convert My Garage

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Before getting carried away it is important to check whether your garage is suitable for conversion.

Youll need to consider how the garage is constructed and what you want to use it for, says Jude Tugman, managing director at Architect Your Home . These criteria will impact on the cost of the conversion.

Do you want more light, a quiet study, a utility area or an extra bedroom? Additionally, if youre doing away with your main storage space for bikes and tools, youll need to work out where these items can be moved to.

Whilst a garage conversion is, in the majority of cases, a brilliant way to add space and value to your home, there are certain instances where it might not be a viable option or might cause more problems that it is worth. Consider whether this project is right for you by thinking about the following:

  • Will the work mean one or more existing rooms will frequently be rendered unusable by building work?
  • Remember that you will be held responsible for the legality of work done on your property. Time and energy will be required supervising work, being present to allow tradespeople access and making design and other decisions
  • Will planning permission be granted? Is the house listed or in a designated area?
  • Might the cost of reinforcing foundations, a new roof etc. mean you are paying more than you expected?

The Practicalities Of The Job

Converting a Garage Into a Living Space: Your Family vs. Your Car ...

See how a garage conversion transformed this home: Have a look around this Scandi-style Eighties house in Oxfordshire

Garages are often on a different level from the house, so you may need to raise or lower floors or ceilings if you want your new room to flow on from the rest of your home. The garage door will need to be replaced with a window and matching bricks, so make sure your builder has access to materials that blend in with the rest of your house.

Youll need heating and insulation to make it usable all year round plumbing, lighting and security also need to be assessed.

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Converting A Garage Into Additional Living Space

Have you outgrown your home’s available living space? Maybe you want a game room or recreational area, but your house doesn’t allow these activities. Perhaps you want a guest room, a kid’s room, or a home office so you can work and tend to family matters. This extra space just doesn’t fit into your current floor plan.

This is when it is a natural inclination to convert your garage into additional living space. One main advantage of a garage conversion is that you get extra space to work with in a way that is relatively fast, inexpensive, and unobtrusive.

A garage conversion is an ambitious remodeling project that includes raising the floor, insulating the walls, adding heating, cooling, and ventilation, as well as updating doors and windows. But this home improvement project is likely to be considerably cheaper than building an addition from scratch to your home.

Let’s look at why converting your garage could benefit you. Here are some practical tips for preparing for a garage conversion.

3Rs Construction & Remodeling is here to help you remodel your garage and convert it to usable space. We are your trusted general contractor in Salem, Oregon.

Converting A Garage Into Living Space

If you are thinking of turning your garage into another room in your house read on. A well done garage conversion can net you up to 80% return on your investment. The greatest increase in value will come from a useful design and a space that flows naturally and looks like it has always been a part of your home. One of the best things about converting your garage is that you get extra space to work with in a way that is relatively fast, unobtrusive, and inexpensive.

Due to the rise in popularity of house sharing in some communities, garage conversion permits can be more difficult to obtain. You will need to investigate local requirements for transforming vehicle space into habitable space before you begin. You may not need planning permission, but building regulations mean that if you are converting a garage, or part of one, into habitable space, you would normally need approval from your local authority. Garage conversions in general can be a quick job to complete. This is true if the existing garage building is in good structural condition. You can expect a turnaround time of 3-6 weeks for a single, standard garage conversion.

How to make a garage conversion into a comfortable living space:

Garage conversions can be more work than they appear. The pros of a complete conversion are you have no loss of a yard, and your structure is already built. The cons are your loss of storage, parking space challenges, and no value gained on your home.

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Insulating The Garage Space

A garage living space is supposed to be insulated. If your garage has drywall and insulation, you do not have to do much. However, garage installation is necessary for temperature control. Garage insulation can help you to save on the cost of heating and cooling the space. When living in the garage, space should be as comfortable as possible, and insulation can be very helpful.

Garage wall and ceiling insulation is the first thing that you should do before you even work on finishing the space. There are a variety of garage flooring options like spray foam and fiberglass. Insulating your garage can be done by a professional, but it is still something that you can do on your own.

Converting A Garage Can Boost Your Property Value

Garage Converted into AMAZING Modern Living Space – Tiny Home Tour

When it comes time to put your home on the market, buyers dont want to see your stuff jammed into every available inch. So if a garage conversion means extra psychological space to spread out, thats a win, Norton says.

In every case I can think of, converting from parking to living space has had a very significant positive effect on property value, says Norton .

But to reap the rewards, youll need to convert with finesse. In fact, a well-done garage conversion to living space can give you up to an 80% ROI, HomeAdvisor reports.

The greatest increase in value and satisfaction will come from good design: building a space that flows naturally from the upstairs and looks like its part of the home, Norton says.

That means making sure brickwork, windows, flooring, and lighting match the rest of the house.

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How Do I Install A Toilet In My Garage

If your garage is on a concrete pad, you can always break through the pad to install the drain pipes and patch it when you’re done. An easier alternative, though, would be to set the toilet and shower on raised platforms so you can run the waste pipes through the wall and route them underground when you get outside.

Do You Need Planning Permission To Turn A Garage Into A Room

Yes, you need planning permission to do nearly any kind of remodeling in your home.

In the case of a garage conversion, you need to conform to building regulations, fire safety, and local zoning codes.

A lot of people illegally convert garages into living spaces without complying with the local building code.

Not only is this extraordinarily dangerous for anyone living in an illegal unit, but its also dangerous for the homeowner because it leaves them open to lawsuits. Imagine you are renting an illegally converted garage to someone and they start a fire.

Not only are you 100% liable for the damage, but if they injure themselves you are on the hook for their medical bills and leave yourself open to a serious lawsuit.

Its extremely risky! Check out our article for legalizing an illegal ADU if you already have one on your property.

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Garage Layout And Garage Plans

When it comes to the garage layout or plans, it all depends on how you are planning to use the garage. If you want to convert a garage into a studio apartment, you will need the architectural plans to help you with planning the space. On the other hand, if you want to use the garage as an extra bedroom or man cave, you do not need to come up with a plan. Setting the garage layout can help you to get maximum usage of the space.

Adjustments To Garage Entryways

15: Detached Garage Turned Into Living Space

Whether you choose to leave your garage door intact, seal off the entryway, or replace it with some other sort of door is up to you, but your choice should reflect the intentions for your new bonus space as well as climate considerations. Weatherizing a garage door can be a challenge, so homeowners in cold climates may want to consider other alternatives.

However, those who live in places with warmer climates, such as Austin, TX, may choose to keep a garage door in place to allow for fresh air and the option to attach a patio or outdoor area.

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What Are The Alternatives

If you have a full-height basement, it may be a better option. Because walls, floors, and ceiling are already in place, remodeling a basement is about the same price as converting a garage. Plus, you wont give up the indoor parking spaces or tool storage.

Another approach is to leave the garage parking intact, and add new living space above it. Its rare for a garage roof to be able to accommodate a full second story, so this project typically involves tearing off the existing roof, beefing up the garages structure, and then building the new space over it.

Thats a lot more work youll pay $50,000 to $100,000, plus $15,000 to $25,000 for a bathroom. However, you wont have to give up any yard space or worry about setback requirements. Be sure to check your local building codes for any restrictions on height due to solar access rights rules designed to prevent you from blocking your neighbors sunshine.

Also, some municipalities ban living spaces over garages because of concerns about carbon monoxide poisoning from vehicle exhaust. Where such projects are allowed, make sure to install CO monitors and never idle the cars in the garage — even when the doors are open — good rules of thumb for any attached garage.

Convinced you want to convert? This slideshow of living rooms might give you some ideas for your new living space.

But Buyers Might Prefer The Parking Space

However, when parking is at a premium, such as in urban areas, you might actually the value of your home if you swap out your garage, Tsalagas says.

In certain parts of Boston, parking is worth a lot more money than the square footage of the living space, unless its high-luxury, he says. For example, a single-car garage can easily be sold for $300,000 to $400,000, he says, so its definitely not a smart decision to convert when you have a parking space that will give you that much of a return.

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Turning A Garage Into A Bedroom: A Beginners Guide

Many homeowners decide to convert their garages into extra living space. If youre considering making this type of home improvement, you may be wondering where to start. Do you want to turn the garage into an office? An entertainment room? Some even convert their garage to an extra bedroom. This guide will teach you the basics of turning your garage into a comfortable bedroom.


What Kind Of Room Can You Turn A Garage Into

Convert garage into living space
  • 1A converted garage works well for a living area, office, or bedroom. A garage can be the perfect size for any type of large room once you finish your renovations. A living space like a family room, playroom, bedroom, or office works great since youll have a pretty large space to work with.XResearch source
  • 2You can convert a garage into an apartment to rent out to make money. If youre looking for a little extra income, turning your garage into a studio apartment or accessory dwelling unit may be a good option. ADUs require additional work since you need to install a bathroom and additional entrances, but you could get a return on your investment once you start renting the room out.XResearch source
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    Is A Garage Conversion A Good Idea

    One of the best things about converting your garage is that you get extra space to work with in a way that’s relatively fast, unobtrusive, and inexpensive. … But the good news is that converting a garage is still faster and much less expensive than buying a new home or building an addition on your home would be.

    Should You Eliminate Car Storage Space

    While some people are giving up their cars indoor space altogether, others are slicing their garage in half, said Michael. This leaves room for at least one car, and the rest of the space becomes something else. That way you can still have a garage when you sell your house, he said.

    Michael believes the jury is still out on if the property value increases whether the garage is converted or not. Some Sweeten contractors believe a garage is much more valuable as a living space for the homeowner and for resale purposes. Reports indicate that a homes value could increase by as much as six percent, but thats only if the area has ample street parking. Taking away your garage and off-street parking in a high-density area could bring that value down.

    However, some towns might require at least one car space on your property and potentially two in some areas, Michael said. This could mean slotting your car into an outdoor area somewhere else in your front yard. Do your homework, Michael said. More on zoning and permits below.

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