How To Clean Out Garage

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Old Appliances Electronics And Outdated Media

Ultimate Garage Clean Out – Extreme Clean With Me

Outdated media and the devices to play them on may be stored in your garage. Now is the time to finally ditch all of those obsolete electronics and media that just cant compete with todays smart devices and streaming technology.

We hate to sound like a broken record , but because vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, and VHS tapes all have paper packaging and liner notes, you know by now how theyll fare with long-term garage storage.

Being kept in a storage space with moisture and changing temperatures will often cause playback issues with these different types of media, too.

Old VCRs, DVD players, CD players, cassette decks, computers and peripheral devices, turntables, receivers, TVs, and maybe even an ancient 8-track tape player should be brought to your local electronics recycling facility or donated if they still work.

Some charities may take donations of your old media, depending on the format. Well-preserved vinyl records, which have seen a revival in the past decade or so, will certainly generate the most interest.

Get rid of any old appliances like a fridge or window air conditioning unit that dont work. Small appliances that never got used and ended up in the garage should also be joining your junk exodus.

Maybe you bought something like a juicer or slow cooker and simply never got around to using them , or you received them as a gift. If they are still clean, in their original packaging, and actually work, a charity will certainly take them off your hands.

Seal Cracks And Repair Hazards

Garages bear the brunt of the harshest weather. Often theyre not heated or cooled and temperature fluctuations and moisture tend to cause mildew, cracking leaks and other issues. Since most of us dont spend ample amounts of time in the garage, many of these issues can go unnoticed until theyre difficult to repair.

With everything out of the garage, really survey any areas that might need to be fixed or touched up. Seal any cracks with spray-in foam or sealant and consider spraying on a protective coat of LeakSeal or other flexible coating.

This is also the time to check out the wires around your garage and make sure nothing looks chewed on or presents a fire hazard. Look at anything that might be exposed and call a professional if needed.

Clean the gutters around your garage and be sure to look for signs of water damage. This is also a good time to check lighting, locks and seals around your windows. You want to ensure not only weather protection, but protection from intruders.

Sort Eliminate Donate Or Sell

Once everything is out of the garage, its time to start sorting everything into piles: keep, donate/sell and eliminate. Purge once, then go back through the keep pile and purge again.

Ask yourself if the item is something youll use again or something youve used in the last yearbe realistic and honest. Holding onto those rollerblades because you think your kids might want to use them or that tennis racket that needs to be re-strung? These are the types of things that create clutter. There are many sports stores that will buy back equipment or sell it on consignment. You may even make a nice little profit that can be put towards something the whole family will like.

When it comes to tools, consider what you use frequently and what can be borrowed or rented. This is a difficult one, because many of us fancy ourselves to be Bob the Builder or Rosie the Riveter and tend to hoard tools. If your husband is indeed a handyman, and especially if its a hobby, then by all means, let him keep a tool bench/workstation area, but keep it organized and useful.

Broken items or items rusted or past their prime can be tossed immediately. Give yourself permission to let go and stop keeping things in hopes that one day youll get around to repairing them. If youre a gardener, keep one, rust-free version of each tool you frequently use. Toss seeds over a year old , and be sure all pots and planting items are clean and free of dirt and moisture before stored.

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Tip #: One Of Everything And Everything In Its Place

You could also call this tip how not to be a hoarder.

My goal is to have one of everything. No more. No less.

I want a screwdriver set. One hammer. One tape measure. One socket set. Etc.

Why? Because I can only use one at a time. Obviously, if two people in the house use tools regularly, have some select duplicates.

The exception is if you work at job sites and have a travel set of tools and a home set. In that case, go ahead and have two sets of tools, but keep them organized.

In my case, I had three tape measures, two socket sets, three stud finders, and four sets of small screwdrivers. I could happily eliminate the duplicates to streamline my toolbox and free up wasted space.

Clean Out Your Garage

Tips for Getting Your Garage Clean and Organized

Now that youve got everything sorted out, its time to give your garage the cleaning it needs.

When you clean your garage, you get rid of visual clutter as well. From old oil stains to any existing mold, cleaning your garage will surely bring it back to life.

Start off by cleaning your shelves and cabinets on your garage walls using a wet cloth and a mild soap. Then, you can make your way to the floor and start sweeping it. You may also use a blower to quickly get rid of any leaves and debris.

To remove any oil stains, youll first need to use clay cat litter. This step is to help absorb the oil. The more time you let it sit, the better results you will have. Then, use dish soap to break up the grease particles and remove the stain. Lastly, use a scrub brush to clean off the spot.

When having any mold spots, one great way to clean them is by using vinegar mixed with warm water. You can use bleach instead of vinegar in case you need a stronger solution.

After cleaning, be sure to mop to dry out the floor and allow your garage air dry for the next hour.

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Perform Garage Maintenance Fixes

Besides cleaning, you should also use this opportunity to perform any fixes your garage needs. Be sure to check if your shelves are all tightened up. Seal off any garage floor cracks by using an epoxy concrete patch kit. You can also restore your floor by using a protective floor coating as well.

Another great update you can give to your garage is by getting rid of any old light bulbs and replacing them with LED shop lights. These lights are relatively inexpensive and will help you reduce energy costs.

Lastly, you should inspect your garage door. This includes checking your photo eye sensors and cleaning them, lubricating your door, and inspecting your openers condition.

Old And Broken Lawn And Garden Supplies

Lawn and garden supplies that break, get worn out, or just dont work very well anymore can likely be found scattered throughout any cluttered garage.

Round up that split or leaky garden hose, cracked hose reel, old sprinkler, ripped or orphaned gardening gloves, and those unreliable watering accessories and just toss them out.

Do the same with any ceramic, clay, and plastic pots that are damaged and no longer useful. Look for plastic planter trays and paper fiber pots youve accumulated over the years as well.

Depending on where you live, some of your old plastic gardening products can simply be added to your recycling bins.

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Contact Crew Junk Removal To Discard The Items You Dont Want

A different service that is beneficial, apart from renting a dumpster and the professional removal of junk. Contact to come and take away the rubbish youve decided to dispose of in your storage. Theyre fast and efficient, and the prices are flexible, depending on whether the junk in your garage will fit in one quarter, half or 3/4 load of any of the trucks we use. If you need assistance in moving things around when you are cleaning out junk from your garage, phone us now.

How To Clean Out A Garage Full Of Junk

ORGANIZE | Garage Clean Out! (and where to take stuff)

Garages can quickly fill up with junk quickly and when they do, finding what you need can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. If thats the case for you, follow these steps to clean out your garage and bring back its functionality:

  • Give yourself ample time. Rushing through a cleaning job will only amount to more work that needs to be done. Be prepared to spend a few days cleaning your garage.
  • Your garage should operate similar to a retail store where each section has its own items. Move your outdoor gear together, your sporting equipment together, your garden tools together, and create any other categories that make sense. Once you have categorized your items, evaluate what needs to go and what can stay. The more thorough you are in this step, the easier the rest of the garage cleanout process will be.
  • Discard, sell, or donate items that dont belong. Place any remaining items in a discard pile to be dealt with later. Turn your junk into someone elses treasure by selling or donating it if its usable.
  • Hire extra help. While you might be able to do it on your own, our professionals at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? are trained to handle cleanouts with ease. This way you can enjoy a clean garage without the additional hassle.
  • Figure out the ideal garage layout. Now that you have separated all of your items into distinct piles, determine where these sections are going to live.Due to the space needed to park your car,,you may need to install shelves to get some items off the ground.
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    Follow This One Rule With Your Garage Junk Cleaning Project

    When you start your garage junk cleaning project, figuring out what you need to get rid of should be obvious in many cases. That broken VCR, filthy old couch, and rusty garden tools, for example, are no-brainers.

    But if youre on the fence about whether or not to toss or donate anything, follow this one decluttering rule: have I used this item in the past one or two years?

    Most organization professionals adhere to the one year rule with decluttering, as in get rid of anything that hasnt been touched in the past year.

    That may not work best for everything that gets stored in the garage, however. If you give yourself some leeway and stretch that out a bit to two years, the answer should be even clearer about what items actually get used and are truly worth keeping.

    Finally dealing with your clutter and junk can pave the way towards creating a beautiful room in your home that goes well beyond what you ever thought was possible with a garage. Just look at the before and after garage makeover photos below for proof!

    Prior to its makeover, this unfinished garage had floor clutter and lacked effective storage and organization systems.

    After the makeover, this clean, stylish, and tidy garage looks like a completely different room.

    Clean Your Garage Top To Bottom

    While your garage is empty, give it a thorough cleaning. Start at the top, and sweep away any cobwebs from the ceiling and walls. Clean out light fixtures and replace bulbs. Open any side garage windows to air out the space. And dont forget to dust shelves and clean workbenches.

    Next, clean the floor. If it has oil spots, use a floor-friendly degreaser. Or you can try putting kitty litter on the stain and scrubbing with a wire brush. If you use a pressure washer, be sure to leave the unit outside for ventilation and be careful not to damage the walls. Sweep or use a leaf blower to remove any debris. Then hose things out and allow the floor to dry.

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    Garage Junk Cleaning: 15 Items To Toss That You Wont Miss At All

    Starting a long-delayed garage junk cleaning project is the most meaningful step you can make towards reclaiming your garages functionality.

    Cluttered garages severely limit the usefulness of this vital room in your home. Instead of using the garage for parking vehicles, efficient storage, and for things like working out or as a home workshop, stacked piles of unused junk rule the roost.

    Essentially, a space that is capable of serving your family in many different ways becomes completely one-dimensional.

    Remember That You Can Donate

    Neat Freak: Paint Can Storage Do

    The donate pile will be items in good condition that you know someone else can still use. If you find something new with tags on it, you might be able to sell these items on a secondhand marketplace or to a resale shop. You can have a garage sale or a garage giveaway type of event with some friends or just your neighborhood. Something that you may find useless might be something your neighbor is in dire need of.

    Your next pile will be all the stuff youre keeping. Dont put this back into your garage just yet. Youll want to keep your garage empty so you can clean and organize it.

    One mans trash is another mans treasure!

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    Set Up A Workspace Outside The Garage

    But how do you clear out a garage thats so full theres no place to even sort?

    • Set up a nearby workspace like your driveway or patio.
    • Move the cars, wind up the hose, and clear the driveway of toys

    If you dont have an outdoor space to work, start by gathering smaller items in the lidded tubs. Then either:

    • Stack two tubs to use for a sorting table.
    • Or put the tubs inside the house to clear floor space in the garage.

    Alternatively, you can clear a workbench by shoving the clutter into tubs and then use that space as a sorting surface.

    Dont worry as you work, your cleared area should get larger, and it will get easier to move around.

    Once youve cleared a spot, inside or out, set it up to sort.

    Lay out boxes or tubs or designate areas for:

    • Trash/Recycling
    • Donations/Other Stuff to Get Rid of
    • Stuff To Keep In the Garage

    Cleaning The Garage And Workshop

    Most garages and workshops have concrete floors because they are quite robust and easy to clean. To clean a concrete garage floor, it is recommended to first give it a once over with a sweeper. This prevents loose debris such as dust or leaves from being carried into the house. Alternatively, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner can be used, as it can pick up both dry and wet dirt. When cleaning the workshop, it is worth looking at the premium products on offer. These are more robust and are therefore able to deal with pointed or hard materials such as screws or nails. The vacuum is the right choice especially for workshops, where small metal objects often end up on the floor. This makes it ideal for cleaning the workshop floor. All wet and dry vacuums are also equipped with a wide and flexible suction hose, which guarantees you can vacuum without worrying about the hose clogging up. If the garage is very dirty, a pressure washer is ideal for cleaning a concrete garage floor. If the garage is cleaned wet, however, it is essential to ensure beforehand that the dirty water can easily drain away. Another option is to attach the power scrubber to the pressure washer to clean the garage floor. The integrated dirt blade on the scrubber allows the water to be easily pushed out of the garage. Alternatively, the wet and dry vacuum cleaner can be used to get rid of the residual water.

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    How To Organize Your Garage

    Once youve cleaned out your garage, and you know how much time and energy it took to do it, youll want to implement some space-saving strategies to stay organized. Proper storage solutions will help keep clutter at bay and allow you to find items with ease.Use these tips to keep your garage tidy:

    • Install shelves to add layers of organization
    • Use storage bins to keep similar items together
    • Think vertically and hang tools, bikes, and toys
    • Designate cubbies or places where each person can store their items
    • Think ahead by planning the space needed for seasonal items

    Keeping a garage organized is the easiest way to save time and energy when it comes to a full garage cleanout. Check out our garage organization tips for more information!

    The Fastest Way To Clean Out A Cluttered Garage

    Let’s Clean The Garage Out (Finally)

    Garages are one of those places in the home that tends to collect various clutter.

    Disorganized clutter can build up quickly in your garage if you’re not careful, making it impossible to park your car in the garage or find items in it when you need them.

    Old paint cans, unorganized tools and lawn equipment, slightly-used holiday decorations, old athletic equipmentâall of this can build up quickly and can cause your garage to be a cluttered, ugly mess.

    When considering the process of your garage, it can feel like an overwhelming task.

    If you’re unsure where to start or how to get the job done quickly and stress-free, you’re not alone.

    Luckily, Hometown is here to help answer those questions, and we make it easy to get started.

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    Tackle Floor Grime Appropriately

    Your garage is a breeding ground for all sorts of grime and stains on your floor. Whether from rust, paint, or motor oil, it can get caked in dirty within weeks. After sweeping your floor, determine the type of grime youre dealing with. Here are a few ways to eliminate it:

    • All-purpose stain removal: Pour some laundry detergent or dish soap onto the stains and let it rest for 45 minutes. Add water on the dirty surface and scrub with your nylon-bristle brush to avoid damaging the concrete.
    • Lemon juice or white vinegar: Lemon works wonders with rust stains. Grab a lemon from your kitchen and squeeze it over corrosion stains. Alternatively, use some white vinegar. Let your preferred cleaner sit for 10 minutes, rinse with water, and scrub the surface with a nylon-bristle brush.

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