How To Build Shelving In Garage

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Cut Out And Install Plywood Storage Shelving Material

How to Build Garage Shelving – Easy, Cheap and Fast!

With the framework of the shelving done, I could get the actual shelving material, ½ plywood in my case, cut to size. This plywood was actually left over from my shop build and was perfect for this. Since most of the weight is over the 2×2 structure when using the plastic storage bins, ½ plywood is plenty strong, but you could certainly use ¾ plywood if you wanted some extra strength.

Also, since I already had this plywood on hand, I had to cut it to size myself with my track saw, but I would highly recommend letting your local home center cut it for you if youre buying this plywood new. All of the pieces are cut to the same size and it would save you a ton of work having them cut the pieces on their panel saw.

With the plywood pieces cut to size, I could get them mounted on the 2x2s, and you can see that the plywood fits perfectly between the wall and the 2×4 uprights. I used 1 trim head screws to mount the plywood, but pretty much any screw shorter than 2 will work.

That said, I like trim head screws for this application because the heads end up below the surface of the plywood, so its easy to slide the storage bins onto the shelves without them catching on any screw heads.

I made pencil marks on the wall, using the laser as reference, so I could still line things up even if my body was blocking the laser when it came time to mount the 2x2s.

Finally, I could add all of the plywood to finish another section of shelving.

Supplies Tools And Cost

Supplies & Cost

  • 2x4x8 $2.79 ea.
  • 2x4x10 $4.30 ea.
  • OSB 4×8 $10 ea.
  • Framing Angles $0.50 ea.
  • Joist Hangers $0.75 ea.

Total: $68.71 + tax

Time Needed:

The time to complete this project was about 2.5 hours, for the two of us, once we had all the materials needed.

Helpful Tip:

Most home improvement stores have a saw to cut down the OSB which eliminates the need for a table saw. I, almost always, have them cut it down for me.

Helpful Diy Garage Shelves That Are Cheap To Build

Need some extra and well-managed storage space? Then, learn to build your own garage shelves these 30 inexpensive DIY garage shelves come with easy instructions and a full material list! Who doesnt need some reasonably managed storage in their garage? Everyone has something to store. And usually, it ends up making the garage an epitome of mess almost everywhere or stacked in a corner!

Everyone wishes to make those things vanish by some type of magic, but thats not possible. However, there is one thing you could do, which is so easy that it will feel like you just did some kind of magic. What is that? Building some DIY garage shelves! You will be so amazed by how much these things can store. They may not look like it, but they can probably organize almost everything in your garage.

Why should you build your own DIY garage shelves, instead of getting them professionally done? Well, the answer is simple, and just what youre expecting. You will save a ton of money. Not only that, but youll also realize how easy it really is to make these at home. Most importantly, you can completely customize them as per your needs and store them just the way you like!

This article will cover a range of DIY garage shelves, from 2x4s to workbench garage shelves, from attached to walls to shoe storage shelves, from floating to corner shelf ideas! Theres a lot to choose from! Everyone loves to have some choices!

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Diy Garage Shelf Variations

  • The garage floor under the bottom shelf can be used for storing items, too. It’s the best area to place heavy or large items.
  • If you have different shelf height needs, size each shelf individually as you work your way upward. Not all shelves need to be the same height.
  • Use storage totes as spacers for each level. First, lay down a sheet of shelf plywood. Then place two totes on the shelf, one on each end. Place a scrap piece of two-by-four on top of each tote as a spacer to create 1-1/2 inches of buffer room.
  • To create a lip on the front of the shelves to keep items securely in place, nail or screw down one-by-two boards.
  • If you have tall items that need to protrude from one layer to the next, install just a partial section of plywood. Make sure that the plywood touches lateral braces on each end. Don’t leave an end hanging.

Overhead Diy Garage Storage System

How to build shelves

Tuck medium and lightweight stuff onto shelves suspended from the ceiling. The wooden overhead garage storage shelves are designed to fit into that unused space above the garage doors . However, you can adjust the shelf height and put them anywhere. The only limitation is weight. We designed this 4 x 6-ft. shelf to hold about 160 lbs., a load that typical ceiling framing can safely support.

Family Handyman

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Hanging Shelves Above The Garage Door By The Cavender Diary

The space above the garage doors is generally left vacant and wasted, but these Hanging Shelves Above the Garage Door by The Cavender Diary are a unique way to make use of that space by turning it into storage space.

Unlike the other shelves here, these shelves are suspended from the ceiling by chains. The effect is very interesting, though still plenty stable for storing lots of stuff if you get strong enough mounting hooks. Because of the need for hanging this from the ceiling and the extra risk that introduces, this is a more advanced project and should only be attempted if you feel comfortable hanging shelving from the ceiling yourself.

Project Difficulty: Advanced

Time to Build: 2-5 Hours

ToolsNeeded: Brad nailer, Drill and bits, Screwdriver, Tape measure, Level, Stud finder, Miter or circular saw

How To Build Garage Workbench And Shelves

Learn how to construct the proper workbench in your workshop.

DIY Garage Shelves / Shelf / Workbench / Storage / industrial. 1,759,663 perspectives Apr 29, 2020.

Biglogan #bigloganchannel We tackle building a storage workbench and cabinets and and display you a way to build a workbench on your garage!

How to build this area-saving garage notebook with garage. This video is subsidized through Trademore. This modular, expanding workbench.

Husky Workbench Plans. 1 Hour Workbench. Garage Storage Shelves in a Weekend. DIY Garage Storage/Workbench. DIY Modern Cedar Planter. DIY Epoxy Resin Coffee Table. DIY Sofa made with 2×4’s. Blog /. Bathroom Remodel Huge Transformation.

Garage Shelves Attached to Walls You can continually alternate up the size and personalize it up a bit bit, relying for your own choices. However, this plan is for a shelf, for you to be 8 toes tall and 2 ft deep. The longer, the better because it will be more spacey and can be able to store extra stuff! Ana white 8. Garage Storage Shelves

STEPS TO MAKE DIY GARAGE WORKBENCH Step 1) Construct the pinnacle and backside frames. If you are using a Kreg Jig ensure to set your board thickness at 1 half inches. Make pocket holes within the ends of all of the frames’ pass helps and attach them to the side helps the use of the encouraged 2 1/2 inch pocket hole screws.

Whether you need a easy desk for your private home office or a piece bench on your storage.

When you only use your garage to park the auto.

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How To Build Garage Shelves

Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 13 years.

Deane Biermeier is an expert contractor with nearly 30 years of experience in all types of home repair, maintenance, and remodeling. He is a certified lead carpenter and also holds a certification from the EPA. Deane is a member of The Spruce’s Home Improvement Review Board.

RossHelen / Getty Images

  • Total Time: 4 – 6 hrs
  • Yield: 1 garage shelf unit 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Estimated Cost: $100 to $250

Garages offer enough space to store all of those large or infrequently used items that don’t belong in the house. But without a proper shelving system, things can get messy.

Garage shelves are an inexpensive, quick way to move items off the floor, organize them, and display them for easier access. With just two-by-fours, plywood, and basic power tools, you can have one or two large garage shelving units up and ready to go in a day.

Easy Diy Garage Shelves With Plans By The Handymans Daughter

Garage Storage Shelves | EASY BUILD

If youre looking for a cheap and easy project that you can build in an afternoon with basic 2X4s and plywood, then these Easy DIY Garage Shelves by The Handymans Daughter are a good choice. Theyre large enough to offer ample storage and simple enough that a beginner can build them in a few hours.

One nice thing about this build is that youll have several storage compartments of different sizes that allow you to store all sorts of stuff. It adds a lot of convenience and organization to your garage, plus, its a fun project that will help improve your DIY skills to tackle bigger projects in the future.

Project Difficulty: Easy

Time to Build: 1-3 Hours

ToolsNeeded: Pocket hole jig, Pocket hole screws, Drill/driver, Speed square, Level, Clamps, Miter or circular saw, Sander and sandpaper

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Load Up Your New Diy Garage Shelves

It’s amazing how much storage you can get in a tiny footprint! This set of garage shelves is less than 20″ deep and about 6 feet long.

After a week of sorting and purging all our old junk, everything left went into these clear plastic bins. The lids click into place to protect the contents from sawdust from the workshop, and each one is clearly labeled to make stuff easier to find! Larger bins sit on the top shelf with a tiny bit of an overhang.

We got rid of so much stuff when we cleared out the room, we ended up with a bunch of empty bins, although I’m sure they’ll fill up in no time! I’ll be storing all my gallon paint cans on the floor underneath

I’ll be moving more things from the workshop into this space, like these smaller pieces of hardwood I’ve been hoarding collecting. Mmmm, curly maple . . .

These DIY garage shelves give us so much more storage space than before, and help keep everything organized. Now there’s no excuse for allowing junk to pile up on the floor!

Check out these other DIY storage ideas!

Wall Mounted Garage Shelves Ideas

You dont need a lot of garage floor space to create a lot of storage space in your garage. Go up with your garage organization and utilize the unused space on the garage walls. You could mount a single cabinet above your workbench for an easy to reach place to keep tools. Or you could dedicate entire wall space to installing a storage system with varying sizes of cabinets and drawers.

Another smart option is to skip the racks and cabinets and install a slat wall. You can then use a variety of hooks to hang your tools and larger equipment on it. This makes it easy to customize how youll store your tools and gets the larger equipment off of the floor. You could hang your rack, shovel, broom, weed trimmer, ladder, hand truck, sporting equipment, or anything else that you can hang from a hook. You can also find baskets that will hang from your slat or pegboard wall. Then you can organize smaller items in the baskets.

For more shelving ideas, .

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Portable Garage Storage Shelves

How unique is this shelf! Nothing like youve ever seen before! If you like to sing or play any instrument, for example, a guitar- then this is the perfect way to store it! 2 brad nails, storage bins, wall control, 1/2 wood screws, and a few other materials will be needed for you to nail this project! rogueengineer

Garage Shelves For Storage Totes

31 The Best Beautiful DIY Garage Storage in 2020 with Shelves

If you’ve ever dreamed of tossing out your mismatched storage bins and buying a new, standardized set, now is the time. Designing garage shelves around storage totes maximizes the shelves’ storage capacity and helps protect items.

This project is designed around a popular type of container: 27-gallon plastic storage totes, each about 15-1/2 inches tall. The garage shelves are 32 inches deep, 8 feet wide, and 8 feet tall. Five shelves stack four totes across for a total of 20 totes.

38 gallons

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Diy Lumber Garage Shelves

The lumber material could be must be the best option you can consider. It helps your garage looks tidy, and everything is in the right place. And if you want to save much money, consider the legless style of the DIY garage shelves.

No worries, even when the shelves are lack of legs, it is sturdy enough to hold your tools and equipment since it is attached to the cinder block and fasten by the screws.

Easy 2 X 4 Storage Shelves

The main focus for this week was clearing out the clutter and installing some more storage. I wanted cheap, easy and functional. These plans from Ana White DIY delivered all of that and more. You can check out her site for an instructional video as well.

I built my shelves alone so Ill give you a quick tutorial and my own tips for installing these solo.

***Big thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post! I have been monetarily compensated for my work, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. We only share what we love here, and as always, thank you for your support!***

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Rustic Accent At Its Best

Bringing in the rustic style to your garage is a smart option to increase the value of your garage. And these rustic garage shelves are the answer where it works to hold your stuff tidy, yet infuse the aesthetic hint in your garage.

If you have the old shelving unit, you can modify it only by staining it to add a rustic vibe.

Tips: Add the vinyl lettering to the plastic storage tubs to simplify your storing time.

Attach Outer Vertical Supports

The BEST Garage Shelving – Easy One Person Project #anawhite

Now attach another vertical 2 x 4 on each end. If your shelves will span more than 8 feet or youll be placing extremely heavy items on them you may want to add a middle support as well.

Now, are you ready for the magic trick of this whole thing? Unscrew the second set of horizontal 2 x 4s and BAM, youve got an identical set of rails for your exterior side. Mind. Blown.

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Customize The Style Of Your Shelves

If you want to jazz up your garage space with some neat looking shelves, you could always create a basket type of shelf or get stencils to burn designs into the wood. If youre wanting to change the color of it, you will want to take care of the painting before mounting so that you can get all the nooks and crannies without accidentally painting your garage wall.

You can also add some wood lettering onto your shelf or under it to personalize the space even more. However, if you want to keep it simple, thats okay too! Throw some varnish on the wood and hang it up!

Repurpose A Pallet For Diy Garage Storage

Long-handled yard and garden tools can be difficult to store. All you need for this pallet organization hack is a pallet, a couple of screws and a drill. And if you dont have any pallets lying around, they are easy to get for free. This is a quick one-hour project and after youre done, your tools will be organized and easy to reach. Its a cheap DIY garage storage idea.

You could easily attach this pallet to a fence, shed or to the exposed wall studs in your garage. No matter what you choose, youll want to make sure that your screws are long enough to go through both your pallet and the wall you are attaching it to. We drilled two screws into the pallet, one into each exposed wall stud. You wont need a ton of screws or nails because the pallet isnt all that heavy. Now you have a quick and free way to store your lawn tools!

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Diy Garage Storage Shelves

The materials needed for these garage storage shelves include circular saw, miter saw, wood screws, table measure, wood pieces, plywood, foam insulation, and Kreg rip cut.

Place some slat of foam insulation on the ground and lay a piece of plywood above it, the purpose of the foam insulation is to prevent the blade from scratching the ground when cutting the plywood. After this, cut the 2×4s into pieces and make 2 shelving assemblies. Attack the shelves to the shelving assemblies and you have your storage shelves.

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