How Much Does It Cost To Build An Attached Garage

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Garage Costs Per Square Foot

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Garage? (2018)

Most garages will cost around $35$60 per square foot to build on-site, varying by size, location, finishing, and features. For example, you can expect to pay more per square foot for a high-end, multipurpose garage that includes plumbing and electrical wiring than a general garage used only for cars and storage.

When To Build A New Garage

Here are some reasons to seriously consider building a new garage.

  • A crumbling foundation, rotting wood, broken garage door, or undersize space are reasons to consider building a new structure.
  • The cost to tear down and rebuild a garage ranges from $44 to $85 per square foot. If the original pad is in good shape, you wont have to pay for a new gravel pad.
  • Your garage is structurally compromised and prone to rain, snowfall, wind, earthquake, etc.
  • You need ample space to hold extra cars, create a workshop, living space, or a gym.
  • You want to sell your house at a higher price range and need a new garage that increases your homes value.

Building a garage is a worthwhile investment hence do not compromise on its construction in any way. Find the right professional with enough experience to have a structurally solid and appealing garage unit.

Is Adding A Room Above The Garage Right For You

Adding a second story to a garage is no easy task. The difficulties stem from creating a stable, expansive living space over an accessory building that was never intended to have an extra living space on top. Before you start fantasizing about an extra bedroom over the garage, here are some pros and cons to consider.

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Garage On A Basic Budget $300000 To $40000

A standard garage size is 3.5 metres by six metres, which is called a single âbayâ. For a basic budget, youâre looking at a standalone garage, rather than one connected to your home, which would require more extensive engineering, design and consents. Refresh Melbourne consultant Paul Cree says for a single garage your price range will be $30,000 to $40,000 which includes âbrick walls, metal roof, no internal linings for finishes, a manual door concrete slabâ.Regardless of the size, itâs important to consider what your garage will be used for. If you are going to park your car in it, consider how big your car is. Big Aussie cars can be as long as 5.5metres and as wide as 1.9metres and while they will fit in a single garage there wonât be much room for anything else.

What Are The Benefits Of Converting Your Garage Space

Detached Garages: How Much Does One Cost?

Many families need more living space or storage and parking. With a little planning and the right vision, a garage can find many new uses:

1. An added bedroom. Families grow in all sorts of ways, from new children to older relatives needing care. Extra sleeping space is also useful for guests.

2. More living space. Rather than building a new room, this space can become a family room, dining area or game room.

3. A studio or office. More and more companies let their employees work remotely. This requires office space at home.

4. An apartment. Added income can be important for a home. Changing it into an apartment could provide some help in paying the mortgage.

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How Much Does A Detached Garage Cost

For homebuyers with multiple cars, secure garage space is a huge selling point. In addition to vehicles, garages also store those outdoor items that would be awkward to stash in the house: sports gear, power tools and lawn equipment. The upfront cost of adding a detached garage to your property can be steep, but the boost to your property value and the added convenience may be worth it.

Adding a garage to your property could be a great investment but its also an expensive undertaking. To help you plan your project more effectively, heres a cost breakdown.

Excavation And Site Prep

The average costs to excavate and prep the site for your attached garage is $3,500 to $5,700. This includes the land prep and demolition to open your home to the new structure. Like any build, the construction area must first be cleared and prepped. This varies depending on the condition of the lot beside your home. If it is level and cleared, the excavation will be less invasive than if you need to clear and level the lot. Typically, excavation for a garage simply involves clearing the site of any landscaping and ensuring a level area for the foundation.

This area needs access to your home. So, the project may have demolition costs, depending on whether yours will be minimally attached or open fully into your homes interior.

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Why You Should Build A Garage Addition

Building a garage is a big project, and many families build them for various reasons. Here are some different ideas to why you should invest in a garage addition.

A garage addition can be used to…

  • Store extra cars, ATVs, boats, or RVs
  • Give you a place to workout
  • Create a home office space

Now that youve seen some of the different ways you can use a garage addition, it time to explore if a detached or attached garage is right for you.

How To Finance The Cost To Build Your Garage

How much did it cost to build my new garage | 2020

The cost to build a garage can be quite high for some homeowners. If you cant afford to build your dream garage, consider a home renovation loan from RenoFi. RenoFis three loan options: Home Equity Loan, HELOC, and RenoFi Refi, let you borrow up to 80% of your propertys after-renovation value. RenoFi partners with lenders to offer the lowest rates and longest terms without refinancing. Visit RenoFi to use their loan calculator to know how much you can borrow.

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Building An Rv Garage Diy Vs Contractor

The amount of money that you pay for building costs can greatly influence the final price of your project.

However, you can also mitigate the cost of your build by either doing the work yourself with a DIY approach or paying a contractor to handle the development.

If you do not have a huge budget for the project, then the DIY option is going to be the way to go. You can focus solely on building costs alone and finalize your budget relatively quickly.

Roughly 50% of the total costs that you spend on building an RV garage are going to go to a contractor.

A contractor will charge you an average of $35 per square foot for the build, which can be several times the amount that you pay for your materials per square foot.

When you calculate this for the entire development the labor costs will add up to $14,000 to $35,000.

These are costs that you can completely avoid by taking the DIY approach for your RV garage.

With that being said, doing the work yourself requires you to be competent with tools and basic construction.

Although the DIY route is going to save you a lot of money, you do want to approach it carefully, as making mistakes and miscalculations in your build can result in time and money wasted.

If you are not feeling up to the job, relying on a contractor to build your RV garage is going to be a safer option given that you have a guarantee that the development will be conducted properly.

Detached Vs Attached Garages

Generally, a detached garage costs more than an attached garage. Because youre adding on to the existing structure, an attached garage only requires the construction of three walls instead of four.

A detached garage of the same size would likely cost more since its an entirely new construction project that involves more labor and materials.

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How Long Should It Take To Build A Garage

Typically, a crew can build the structure of a garage in three to five days. Adding electrical, painting, door installation and other finishes will likely take additional time to complete.

References: Cost vs. Value Report, Family Handyman, National Association of Realtors, This Old House,

The Cost Of Materials

Attached Vs Detached Garage Value

The materials you choose for your garage will have a large impact on the cost of the project. When considering the material costs for your garage, take each of these factors into account:

  • Doors: Garage doors are a specialty item that most contractors will hire subcontractors to take care of, which makes them one of the costlier parts of construction. Garage doors can cost between $500 and $900 before labor costs . Remember that if youre planning for a two-car garage, youll need to double that.
  • Siding: Once your garage is built, its time to finish the exterior. You can opt for a variety of materials, including vinyl siding, aluminum siding, cement board and wood. These materials range in cost from $2 per square foot for vinyl to $6 per square foot for cedar siding.
  • Foundation: Your garages foundation will depend on the local climate and your homes setting. If the ground doesnt freeze where you live, you can likely get by with a poured concrete slab. In climates where the ground does freeze, youll also need footers that reach below the frost line. Either way, estimate $2.50 to $4.50 per square foot, allowing for higher costs if excavation is needed.

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Framing And Entry Door

Consider framing costs if you wont use metal garage kits or concrete blocks. Most homeowners choose timber frames because they are lightweight, affordable, easy to use, and insulated. In addition, cinder blocks can withstand harsh weather and termites.

Including labor, garage framing costs $5 to $13 per square foot. Depending on security features, an entry door can cost $100 to $2,500.

What Are Some Hints And Tips For Building A New Garage In Calgary

When building, consider these helpful bits of advice:

1. Pick the right time of year. In a climate with freezing winters, build in early spring, summer or fall to avoid weather delays.

2. Think about the future. The new space should provide room for storage and vehicle needs down the road.

3. Talk to the pros before you make permanent plans.A specialist building pro can help you think through your needs and budget.

4. Make sure it matches. If it clashes with your house, it might reduce its curb appeal and value.

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Your Choice Of Materials

You can see from our comparison table above how the choice of garage material impacts the price you pay.

Metal is the cheapest, between £1,750 to £4,000 while concrete comes in at the most expensive, costing between £4,000 to £12,100.


Timber garages are good natural insulators, unlike some other materials. They have a lifespan of around 20 to 25 years if well-maintained over the years, and can come in a variety of shapes and styles to suit your individual wants.


Brick garages blend well into the landscape of your home , making the addition look seamless and as if its always been there. Theyre incredibly secure and a popular choice amongst homeowners.


Possibly one of the most durable, weather-resistant styles of garage out there, concrete materials offers a wealth of positives to homeowners. Being flexible in design while being energy-saving, concrete can be a good choice for those wanting a durable spot to stow their vehicles or other household items.


Metal garages are by far the cheapest option out there, being easy to assemble and vitally not needing a foundation to be stood upon, saving you further money on other construction work that youd need with other garage materials.


You can of course choose to forgo construction on-site and have a prefab garage placed on your property, offering a level of convenience thats unmatched with other garage materials.

How To Finance An Adu

How Much Does It Cost To Install a New Garage?

ADUs more than repay their investment in terms of personal comfort, extra living space, and the prospect of generating a second income. Initial financing is a question many homeowners have on their minds. Obviously, cash savings are the simplest way of obtaining the outlay needed to get your project off the ground. If you lack the immediate liquidity, there are other options, such as:

  • Cash-out refinance loan

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Ensuring The Professional Is The Right Fit

First and foremost, you must agree on a written quotation, with an itemised list of aspects of the build and their associated prices. This helps to iron out any confusion and reduces the chance of extra fees popping up while the project is underway.

Like a job interview, youll want to see the traders experience and get a look at their references from past customers, as well as any photos or videos of their old work to make sure their standard is a good fit for you.

Finally, make sure your trader has insurance to keep themselves and you covered in the event of any accidents on site.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A 3040 Garage

Glenn Prescot

In this article we will go over the cost of building a 30×40 garage along with several other related details like types of 30×40 garages, attached vs detached options etc.

According to construction experts and real estate professionals, there are at least 8 reasons to build anew or replace an existing garage. If youre launching this project, you probably have more reasons to add to this list:

  • Your current garage may be unsafe, thus a replacement lowers chances of injuries and accidents.
  • The garage isnt expansive enough to meet your needs, especially when the size of a family grows.
  • A good garage increases the value of any home, no matter which material option you choose.
  • You can add storage, a workout space or make other practical use of all or part of the space not being used for cars.
  • Garages protect cars when downpours, hail and snow fall and can serve as second entertainment venues when extreme weather arrives.
  • Attached garages can help insulate your home due to the structures proximity.
  • A garage can add curb appeal to a home in addition to being a practical addition.
  • You can build/design to your own specifications by choosing from many options: DIY kits, software design apps or by contracting with a builder to do the job.
  • Mistakes homeowners make when adding or replacing existing garages
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    How Much Does It Cost To Build A Garage

    The national average cost to build a garage is $24,000. Garage costs depend on its siding material, foundation and finishes, like electricity and garage door style. A single-car, detached garage kit starts at around $7,250 while an attached three-car garage with a loft can cost $50,000.

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    How Thick Should A Garage Floor Be

    How Much Does A 24/24 Garage Bldg Kit Cost

    A standard garage floor made of concrete should be at least 4 inches thick to handle one or two small cars or tricks. Increase the floor thickness to at least 6 inches thick if your garage has standard-size cars or a few trucks. Check your local building code to determine whats required for your region and concrete type.

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    Average Cost To Build A Garage Calculator

    Every component in your garage project adds to the bottom line, and there is flexibility regarding how high end the project can be. Alternatively, you can save money by cutting out or reducing nonessentials like windows or textured and painted walls, which could be added at a later date, instead of having unfinished concrete and drywall. Following is a breakdown calculation of the prices you can expect for the construction of a 12 by 24 one-car basic garage.

    Cost to Build a Garage Calculator

    864 $4,587 $7,179

    The first step in building the garage foundation is pouring the concrete, which costs $140 per cubic yard. A 12 by 24 by 6 slab equals 7.41 cubic yards and will cost about $740 for concrete poured directly by a chute from a mixer truck. You will need to add between $5 and $35 extra per cubic yard if a boom arm pump delivery method is required because of access restrictions.

    Final Checklist And Conclusion

    If you want to add a garage to your home and want to get started now, take a look at our final checklist to make sure youve got everything under control.

    • Do you need a garage, or can you make use of a carport?
    • Choose your material, keeping in mind the look and feel of your property
    • Single or double?

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    How Much Does It Cost To Extend An Existing Garage

    If theres not enough room in your existing garage, consult a garage contractor to see if adding on is an option. Extending an existing garage isnt likely to save a bundle, though, because youll still need new concrete work, siding, and roofing. You might even need a new garage door and extended driveway.

    The cost to add about 300 square feet, the amount of space to accommodate another car, is $12,000 to $21,000 on average.

    Attached Vs Detached Garages

    How Much It Costs To Convert A Garage To An ADU

    Consider an attached garage if you have extra space and a side door. A detached garage door is best if you dont have enough space around your house and plan to use noisy equipment.

    Attached one-car garage costs around $10,800. Sharing a wall with your house makes installing electricity much cheaper. One-car detached garages cost about $19,300. Depending on materials, size, functionality, and labor, a detached garage can cost $43,000.

    Consider driveway and foundation costs when budgeting for a detached garage. The cost of building a driveway is anywhere between $2,900 and $5,500, depending on size and material.

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