How Does Amazon Garage Delivery Work

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What Is The Key By Amazon App And How Is It Different From Myq

Customer’s warning about Amazon in-garage delivery

MyQ is the app that homeowners use for all garage control and garage alerts. The homeowners myQ account can be linked to the customers Amazon Prime account directly in the myQ App. Technicians do not need to have the customer download an additional app in order to get a registration credit.

The homeowner will be asked if they want to download the Key by Amazon app at the end of the setup. This Amazon app has real-time notifications about In-Garage Delivery. On delivery day, the customer will receive a notification in the morning with a 4-hour delivery window upon which the delivery driver will arrive at the home. Right before the driver arrives at the home, customers receive an Arriving Now notification. Customers can choose to watch the delivery live if they have opted to install one of the cameras listed above.

Do I Need A Camera For In

While youre not required to have a security camera, you should consider installing one. After connecting your garage door to the Amazon Key app, you can follow these optional steps:

  • Set up an Amazon Cloud Cam or another security camera to track all deliveries.
  • Take a picture of your garage door to help the delivery staff find it.
  • Leave delivery instructions to place packages in the location of your choice.

When the driver comes, youll be able to view their activity from your phone. You could also use video clips as evidence in case of theft.

Is It Safe To Use In

Using Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery is safe. Amazon runscomprehensive background checks on all its drivers before their first delivery.In addition, they verify the driver, the package, and the package locationbefore the driver is given temporary one-time access to your garage. If youchange your mind, you can revert to doorstep delivery at any time.

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Install Smart Garage Door Opener

You need to have a smart garage-door opener installed on your garage. A smart garage-door opener uses WiFi and special sensors on your garage door to transmit data to an app. You can then remotely work and monitor your garage door, including opening or closing it and viewing the history of when it was last opened. Overhead Garage Door, Inc. installs smart garage door openers throughout northern Illinois. Call us at to schedule installation.

If you dont have a smart garage door opener, you can get Chamberlain Smart Garage Control to make your garage door WiFi enabled.

Tcgd Offers Myq Smart Garage Products

Everything you need to know about Key by Amazon In

Twin City Garage Door can install and service myQ smart garage door openers in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. At TCGD, we carry the full line of LiftMaster residential garage door openers. Our technicians are highly skilled in the installation and repair of a wide variety of garage doors and openers. To learn more about our services, contact us today!

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What Are The Benefits Of Amazon Garage Delivery

There are many reasons to invest in a garage door opener that supports Amazon garage delivery:

  • It protects your parcels from inclement weather and keeps them secure.
  • You have the option of watching the delivery to ensure it was completed correctly.
  • This service tells you exactly when your delivery arrives.
  • You can be away from home when your item arrives and it will still be there when you return.
  • You can lock your doors or garage even when expecting a delivery.
  • Your package will remain in a climate-controlled environment, which can help preserve perishables.
  • You can control your delivery and garage door from any mobile device with the Key app, no matter where you are.

How Can I Get Amazon Key In

As an Amazon Prime member, you can follow these steps to get the technology in your garage:

  • Check zip code eligibility.
  • Purchase hardware if you dont already have it.
  • Choose FREE Key Delivery at checkout.
  • You can set your notification preferences once Amazon Key is activated. You can also select when to receive deliveries.

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    If Customers Want A Live View Of Deliveries Taking Place What Cameras Will Work With Key By Amazon

    The LiftMaster Smart Garage CameraTM, the Amazon Cloud Cam , and the Ring Indoor Cam will work with Key by Amazon deliveries. Other cameras can be used in the garage if customers can scroll back and see recordings. However, the cameras listed are the only ones that allow users to view the delivery event directly in the Key by Amazon app.

    Is Amazon Myq Garage Delivery Safe

    How Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery Works with your myQ Smart Garage Door Opener

    The primary purpose of Key by Amazon is to provide safe and effective delivery of your valuables. Your garage is like a temporary locker room for your packages. Instead of wondering if your items will be there when you get home, youll know theyre secure from weather damage and theft. These are some of the safety features that Amazon implements with this delivery service:

    • Upon employment, all drivers have to complete a background check. They also need to submit motor vehicle records.
    • Amazon confirms the driver has the correct package before granting access to your garage.
    • Amazon will never give your access codes or any keys to the driver.
    • Youll receive a notification during each step of the delivery process.
    • Youll receive a video receipt showing the delivery in real time or a recorded video clip.

    Amazon takes care of any fear you may have about the safety of your packages and your home. On top of these security features, they also offer a Key by Amazon Happiness Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your delivery experience, you can file a complaint.

    You can also check out Amazon Garage Deliverys customer reviews.

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    Amazon Key Will Open Your Garage For Deliveries In 2019

    Amazon has concocted a new way for strangers to infiltrate your home and vehicle, all in the name of secure package delivery. The Key by Amazon service , which allows delivery drivers to unlock certain connected front doors and car trunks, will expand to include MyQ-connected garage doors in Q2 2019.

    Key for Garage works just like Key for Home and Key for Car: An Amazon courier arrives at your home and scans your package, verifying he’s at the correct location with the proper order. The garage door opens, the boxes are dropped inside, and the door closes before the delivery person leaves. The customer can monitor the process on the Key app, starting when the package is en-route and following it until the garage shuts. Folks with Cloud Cam can watch it all happen live, too.

    You’ll need a few things before signing up for Key for Garage. First, it will only work with MyQ-branded Chamberlain or Liftmaster garage door openers, or the MyQ Smart Garage Hub, which adds this connectivity to existing openers. Second, you must live in one of the 37 test cities. Third, you’ll need an iota of faith in your fellow man.

    But, hey, at least Key for Garage is easier than setting up a city-wide sting operation to catch package thieves, or building a spinning glitter bomb disguised as an Apple Home Pod.

    What Hardware Do You Need For Amazon Key

    As you can tell from the delivery process, there are specific hardware requirements for in-home and in-garage delivery. Before we get to the hardware, its important to know that Amazon Key is only available to Amazon Prime members in certain ZIP codes. First, you should check Amazon Key is availability in your area. To check your eligibility, enter your ZIP code in this webpage and click Update location.

    Now that you know if youre in an eligible ZIP code, lets look at what the hardware requirements are for Amazon Key. If you want in-garage delivery with Amazon Key, you need a myQ connected smart garage, and you need to enable in-garage delivery in the myQ app. While you can use a myQ connected Chamberlain or LiftMaster door opener, even Amazon recommends a $30 myQ Smart Garage Hub for use with Amazon Key. Most openers from after 1993 should work, but you can use myQs compatibility checker to check if you have a Smart Garage Hub-compatible garage door opener. Once you have compatible myQ hardware, you need to enable Amazon Key in-garage delivery in the myQ app in order to use the service.

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    Which Garage Door Openers Are Compatible With Amazon Key Delivery

    The myQ app is compatible with most garage door opener brands. To be sure, check your garage door openers compatibility on Amazons website. Chamberlain and LiftMaster are Amazon Key compatible garage door openers. If your garage door doesnt come with WiFi capabilities, you can buy a myQ Smart Garage Hub. All our LiftMaster garage door openers have built-in WiFi and myQ features.

    Is Amazon Key Safe

    Amazon plans to expand its garage

    Amazon Key has many security measures in place to ensure your packages are safely delivered inside your home or car.

    When a delivery driver arrives at your home, you will receive a notification. Then Amazon will confirm that the delivery driver is at the right location before they are allowed to enter. You can also watch live video of the delivery in real-time. Once the delivery is complete, you will receive another notification, and you can check to make sure the Amazon delivery driver locked your door or garage.

    Amazon screens all its delivery drivers, and none of them are given access codes or keys. Also, Amazon drivers are instructed not to go more than five feet into your home or garage. If you dont feel safe with Amazon Key, you might want to consider setting up a hidden camera that isnt connected to your WiFi.

    If something goes wrong or isnt completed satisfactorily in your delivery, you can file an claim on the Key app within 30 days so that Amazon can set things right.

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    How Does Key For Garage Work

    For Amazon Key for Garage to work, just link your smart garage door opener to the Key app. This lets you choose in-garage delivery when you buy something on Amazon, and you will receive notifications of your garage doors status. Then you can watch your in-garage delivery in real-time.

    Amazon Key works with Chamberlain and LiftMaster garage door openers that have myQ connectivity. If you own a garage door opener of another brand with standard safety sensors, you should get the Key Smart Garage Kit. The kit includes a WiFi-enabled myQ garage hub and an indoor camera.

    On the day of an in-garage delivery, you will be notified that your package will arrive within a four-hour delivery window. When your package arrives, the delivery driver will request access to your garage. If you permit them to enter, they will leave your package inside and ensure that your garage is locked afterward.

    Keep in mind that you dont need to provide keypad codes to an authorized Amazon personnel. If you want to deny garage access instead, the Key app has a Block Access feature where your in-garage delivery can be changed to a standard delivery. Be warned that enabling this will prompt the driver to leave your package outside.

    What Is Amazon Key

    Amazon Key is exclusive to paid Prime members. It’s an in-garage delivery service in which a delivery driver or courier can temporarily gain access to your garage to leave a package safely inside, rather than on the doorstep, where it could be stolen. There are various ways your smart home can work with it but, in most cases, you will need a cloud-based Amazon Alexa-compatible camera and a smart door lock.

    Once it is all set up, you’ll need to select “free in-home delivery” at checkout on Amazon. Amazon says that Amazon Key in-home deliveries are carried out by the same drivers who currently deliver your Amazon orders.

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    Order With Key Delivery

    Place an order at and select Key Delivery at checkout. Youll be notified via the app when the delivery arrives at your home. If you have the camera feature installed, youll be able to communicate with the Amazon delivery driver.

    Amazon In-Garage Delivery is a powerful service that provides Prime Customers an extra layer of security and safety. If you would like assistance getting your garage ready to receive deliveries with Amazon Key, contact our staff at Overhead Garage Door and schedule garage door installation! We can help get your garage ready for no-hassle deliveries with the Amazon Key. Contact us if you have any other questions or comments.

    Chicken Vs Amazon Delivery Driver: Video Shows Hilarious Back

    How to set up Amazon Key garage delivery

    Hilarious video shows Amazon delivery driver trying to stop pet chicken from escaping its home

    A Ring security camera captured video of an Amazon delivery driver trying to coax a homeowners pet chicken back into its garage home after it darted out to the driveway as he tried to drop off a package.

    MINOOKA, Il. A caring Amazon delivery driver made sure someones pet chicken wasnt going to escape its home on his watch.

    In a hilarious video captured on a homeowners Ring camera in Minooka, Illinois, a delivery driver is seen opening a garage door to make an , and when he does a white chicken runs out to the driveway.

    After the driver drops off a package in the garage, the video shows him trying to lovingly coax the chicken, named Fancy, back inside.

    Uh, youre going to have to go back into the garage now, the driver tells the chicken.

    In the video, the worker could be seen picking up the chicken and bringing it inside the garage, only for it to dart back out of the garage in a funny, back-and-forth encounter.


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    Where Can It Be Improved

    Currently, its not available everywhere and to be used with all deliveries. So it is a bummer if some of your order is delivered in the garage while the other waits at your front door. But Im sure this will improve soon. However, for now, you will need to check if Key in-Garage delivery service is available in your area.

    See if your garage is compatible with Key In-Garage delivery at .

    How Do I Set Up Amazon In

    Amazon Key Garage Delivery is efficient for anyone with a Prime membership. Youll need to download the myQ app. Follow these steps to set up Amazon In-Garage Delivery:

  • On the Lets Get Started screen, select Set up a Residence.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen. These instructions will prompt you to link to your myQ account.
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    What Happened To Stranger Danger

    Amazon is no stranger to trust and security issues, so why should you allow them into your house? After all, the Amazon delivery person is still a person, and Amazons vetting process can only be so thorough. Its worth weighing the pros and cons and deciding whether the risk is worth it to you. If you order off Amazon enough, or if your area is rampant with porch pirates, it may well be worth it to invest in Key for the convenience. If youre not comfortable using Amazon Key, you may want to instead.

    Do You Have To Pay For Amazon Key

    Smart Garage Door Opener

    Amazon Key is a free service the company offers to Prime members. Once you have the necessary electronic equipment installed in your home or garage, there are no additional fees to use this service. Amazon Key works with myQ connected smart garages. If you dont have that, you need a myQ Smart Garage Hub, which is $22.99 on Amazon. If you want to purchase the hub complete with a camera, the package is currently $178.99 on Amazon for Prime members. You can also contact Overhead Garage Door, Inc. to schedule myQ installation in Lake County, Illinois.

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    Amazon Garage Delivery Faqs

    If youre ordering from Amazon, your garage door and garage door opener can play a significant role in keeping your parcels and deliveries secure, even when youre not home. The team at Consolidated Garage Doors put together this Amazon garage delivery FAQ to help you decide how to accept packages safely at your home.

    How Does Amazon Delivery In My Garage Work

    Amazon has released a new delivery system for Prime members called Amazon Key. Garage delivery is a safe alternative to dropping your boxes at the front door. In this guide, well answer some of the top questions users have about signing up for Amazon Key for Garage.

    Amazon Key allows you to safely receive packages from Amazon when youre not home. Wondering how it works?

    If youre an Amazon Prime member, select Free Key Delivery at checkout.

    After Amazon processes your order, you will receive several notifications. The first notification is a four-hour window of when the delivery driver should arrive at your home.

    When the driver arrives, they will scan and verify your package to open up your linked garage door using the myQ app.

    Once your garage door is open, the driver will place your delivery inside.

    When the delivery is complete, the driver will close your garage door and stay on the property until it is fully closed and secure.

    In addition to the real-time notifications during the delivery process, you also have the option to watch the delivery as it happens via camera.

    The primary purpose of Key by Amazon is to provide safe and effective delivery of your valuables. Your garage is like a temporary locker room for your packages. Instead of wondering if your items will be there when you get home, youll know theyre secure from weather damage and theft. These are some of the safety features that Amazon implements with this delivery service:

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