Hot Wheels City Robo T-rex Ultimate Garage

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Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage | Hot Wheels City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Garage Parent Review

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Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

  • Encourage hours of imaginative play with this Hot Wheels toy garage
  • Comes with lots of storage and thrilling racing and stunt challenges
  • Features a vertical tower with parking for more than 100 Hot Wheels cars
  • Send cars up the elevator – 2 at a time to speed down the side-by-side racetrack from the top of the parking tower for a thrilling downhill challenge with big air jumps
  • Look out for the hungry T-Rex looking to devour some tasty Hot Wheels vehicles
  • Expand the adventure play with multiple connection points that work with other Hot Wheels track sets

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Hot Wheels City Robo T

Snapping up Christmas gifts for toddlers is a hard nut to crack. Thinking of shopping just any toy for your little one? If the plaything is not to your childs liking, theres no way you can bring a big broad smile to your toddlers face. Put your brain to work. Knowing which toy legs up the thrill and joy in your child might work wonders. Of course, picking the right toy is tricky. Theres always some new game being launched.

Is your young one obsessed with cars and motors? Surely, you have shopped the Hot Wheels before. For Christmas this year, surprise your kid with a big fat Hot Wheels Garage. The vertical garage is impressively tall. Whats more? Your sprightly young child can pull up and park as many as 100 Hot Wheels toy cars.

It is easy to lose count when kids stack Hot Wheels model cars. The Hot Wheels City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Garage is an exciting new playset. A garage that stations 100 cars is no joke. Theres an elevator to position the cars on the top level and a cool race track too. Are you skeptical about shelling out close to $100 for the Hot Wheels Garage? Well, unlike the regular toys, the tower garage is designed with impeccable features.

Details you cannot miss

1. Imaginative play

It certainly is an adventure play for the little one. Having to safekeep the toy cars without falling prey to T-Rex involves a play of mind.

2. A race-track for an exciting rally

3. Creating an exclusive Hot Wheels City is easier done than thought

4. Whats unique?

Hot Wheels City Ultimate Garage

Hot Wheels City Robo T

This Hot Wheels City set is the ULTIMATE challenge in the TALLEST Ultimate Garage playset so far, offering endless storytelling and vehicle action play!


  • Inspire hours of imaginative play with an enormous Hot Wheels garage, a vertical tower with parking for more than 100 cars!
  • Watch out for the hungry Robo T-Rex looking to devour some tasty Hot Wheels vehicles.
  • Speed down the side-by-side racetrack from the top of the parking tower for a thrilling downhill challenge with big air jumps.
  • Featuring an opportunity to include some Hot Wheels’ id action, too! Plug in the Hot Wheels’ id Portal to scan a car, race opponents, escape from Robo T-Rex and win!
  • The adventure continues with multiple connection points to connect to other Hot Wheels sets and create your Hot Wheels’ City.


  • One Hot Wheels City Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage with one moving Robo T-Rex and more than 100 parking spots for die-cast cars. Includes 2 Hot Wheels 1:64 scale cars.


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