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Top 3 Metal Mounted Racks I Would Buy

Storage on Garage Ceiling | HOME DEPOT TOTES

Fleximount offers a variety of smaller racks. I personally like the larger size if my garage can accommodate it.

Product Information:

  • 22 to 40 ceiling dropdown provides up to 105 cu. Ft. of storage
  • Dimensions: 96 in. L x 48 in. W x 22-40 in. H.
  • Heavy-duty cold-rolled steel construction provides safety loading up to 600 lbs.
  • Metal material and has a powder-coated finish


  • Space Capacity: 105 cubic feet
  • DIY Installation- depending on what you think about home projects
  • Cost is very reasonable ranging from $109.99 $179.99 depending on the size you purchase
  • Has additional accessories you can buy to hold bikes, strollers, and other items you want to off the ground
  • Easy to Install
  • Not easy to access items
  • DIY Installation- depending on what you think about home projects
  • If joists arent evenly spaced, you may need to spend a little extra time and a trip to the hardware store to properly secure it to the ceiling
  • Not easy to access items
  • DIY Installation- depending on what you think about home projects
  • If joists arent evenly spaced, you may need to spend a little extra time and a trip to the hardware store to properly secure it to the ceiling
  • According to some reviewers, SafeRacks customer service is not great

Best Hanging: Newage Products Pro Series Garage Wall Shelving

  • Made of heavy-duty, garage-friendly steel

  • Can mount on the wall or ceiling

  • Shelves arent solid

  • Assembly required

Dimensions: 96 x 24 x 66 inches | Material: Steel | Weight Capacity: 600 pounds

If you want a shelf that you can mount on your wall or hang from your ceiling, NewAge Products has you covered. The brands Garage Wall Shelving is equipped with brackets on one side and cables on the other, giving you everything you need to hang shelves from your ceiling, your walls, or even other shelves. Each heavy-duty steel shelf offers 16 square feet of storage space and is capable of supporting up to 600 pounds at a time. And if youre worried about stuff sliding off your shelves, you can rest assured knowing that a 1-inch lip lining the shelfs border should keep everything securely in place.

Our top pick is Huskys Steel Garage Cabinet Set , which does the work of multiple storage solutions at once. It comes equipped with cabinets, drawers, rods, shelves, pegboards, and a built-in workspacegiving you everything you need to upgrade the storage set-up in your garage. If youd prefer something a little lower-profile, Imilets Wall-Mounted Organizer set is an excellent option.

The Most Important Features To Consider

  • Heavy-duty but LightweightOverhead garage storage racks are generally meant to hold hundreds of pounds securely, but theyre also built to be attached to ceilings.
  • Therefore, its extremely important that the rack you choose is made out of metal that is both heavy-duty but as lightweight as possible so as not to add too much to the load the ceiling is bearing.
  • Be sure to examine the weight of the racks youre looking at and ensure theyre guaranteed to be constructed with heavy-duty or industrial-grade steel.
  • Keep this in mind as you start getting garage storage ideas. Because some of the worst garage organization ideas will crash and burn if you dont get sturdy racks that are easy to put up.
  • Adjustable HeightWhat you use your garage for and what you use your overhead garage ceiling storage rack for are likely to change over time. For example, a new vehicle or a roof rack may require you to increase ceiling clearance.
  • For these reasons, the adjustable height is an important feature for overhead storage racks to have, as long as it doesnt decrease the racks weight-bearing limit.
  • All of the racks on our list feature adjustable height, making them perfect for great garage overhead storage.
  • However, not every rack available comes with adjustable height, so make sure to read item descriptions carefully.
  • But, unfortunately, theyve also got to attach to ceilings, which means that the most secure place they can be attached is the ceiling joists, also known as ceiling studs.
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    Fleximounts Floating Garage Shelving

  • Heavy gauge steel construction features a load capacity of up to 200 pounds
  • Utilizes wall space in order to keep your garage floor clutter free
  • Suitable for securing to standard wall studs, or concrete walls
  • Wide variety of installation configurations enable you to get creative with this storage system
  • Can easily hang items from the brackets for even greater storage/organization potential
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Black and white color options available
  • Cons:

    • Wire shelves are connected to the brackets via velcro
    • Can NOT be mounted to metal walls
    • Installation is not difficult, but certainly more involved than standard storage racks due to the mounting measurements

    Available in an array of different sizing, FLEXIMOUNTS Floating Garage Shelving offers a wonderful off-the-ground storage solution for your garage space without forcing you to reach high overhead, or clamber up a step ladder to access your gear.

    The heavy-gauge steel construction features a load capacity of up to 200 pounds per shelf, so dont let the low profile and slim design here fool you into thinking these racks arent capable. A wide variety of installation configurations furthermore enable you to get creative with this storage system, so you can really orient these shelves to ideally work with your space.

    Keep in mind you can also easily hang items from the brackets for even greater storage/organization potential, so the benefits of this style rack go beyond the shelf space.

    Best Overall: Husky Steel Garage Cabinet Set 6

    NewAge Products VersaRac White Adjustable Steel Overhead Garage Storage ...
    • No built-in wheels or lock

    • Hooks for pegboards sold separately

    What do buyers say? 100+ Home Deport reviewers rated this 5 stars.

    Dimensions: 52.23 x 19.49 x 69.33 inches | Material: Wood, steel | Weight Capacity: Not listed

    Huskys Steel Garage Cabinet Set isnt just a cabinetits a full-blown storage system. And it comes complete with two open shelves, two closed shelves, two pegboards, two rods, one cabinet, and a wooden surface that doubles as a workspace. The sleek piece is crafted from heavy-duty steel and stain-resistant woodtwo materials that promise to be durable enough for your garage. And since the entire system is 5 feet 10 inches tall, 4 feet 5 inches wide, and 1 foot 7 inches deep, it should give you plenty of storage spacewithout demanding too much real estate in your garage.

    Dimensions: 16.75 x 2.3 x 3.15 inches | Material: Plastic | Weight Capacity: 6.5 pounds per rolling ball, 3 pounds per smooth rod

    • Great for hanging large items

    • Assembly required

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    Overhead Ceiling Racks For Garage Storage Faq

    What Are Overhead Ceiling Racks For Garage Storage? Overhead ceiling racks allow you to store items that would otherwise clutter your garage.
    What Are The Benefits Of Overhead Garage Storage Racks? Overhead storage racks are a great place to store seasonal items, such as winter clothing or holiday decorations. They are also great for items you need quick access to, such as tools or sports equipment.
    How Many Pounds Can Overhead Ceiling Racks Hold? Smaller storage racks can hold up to 250 lbs., while larger racks can hold 600 lbs or more!
    How Much Do Overhead Garage Storage Racks Cost? Smaller overhead ceiling racks can cost under $100. Other larger models cost $250.00 and up.

    Newage Products 40151 4

    Something to be aware of about the NewAge Products 40151 Ceiling Mount is that it can hold a higher level of weight than the previous option. You can easily support 600 lbs with this rack, so its perfect for larger items. It is made to provide a heavy-duty solution and remain durable. A key benefit is that you can adjust it so it either has a width of six or eight feet depending on your requirements. You can also buy several of these and connect them together to create more space as long as they do not put too much weight on one joint. You do however need to be aware that this particular rack is designed to be mounted to wooden ceiling joists rather than metal ones. It does have a fairly easy installation. The only issue you may encounter is ensuring that you connect it at the right points.

    Key Points

    • Supports a high level of weight and will be suitable for storing various larger items
    • Adjustable to meet your requirements
    • Designed to be durable and should last for years


    • Ease of installation will differ depending on your garage set up
    • May not work with metal hoists

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    Syzzor Loft Retractable Garage Storage Lift

    The Syzzor Loft Retractable Garage Storage Lift is unlike any other overhead garage storage unit featured in this post. Sold right here at Garage Door Nation, it’s the first retractable overhead garage storage system that doesn’t require a power source of any kind. It can be raised or lowered quickly and easily with a drill or a simple hand crank. No ladders are required!

    Made of the highest-quality steel in the USA, the Syzzor Loft Retractable Garage Storage Lift can hold up to 800 pounds of distributed weight. And what’s more, the retractable unit does not swing due to the support cables and exclusive Syzzor function.

    Key Points

    • Less expensive than other retractable units


    • Holds up to 800 lbs. in distributed weight
    • Designed to last with USA Steel.
    • Does not require power to use


    • Storage totes are not included

    Greater Garage Wall Shelving Ideas And Tips

    DIY Overhead Garage Storage for $100, easy weekend project

    If you are someone who likes to get craft and repair tasks done, the garage is where you likely spend most of your time. It is also the place where you can refresh your mind when your work-at-home setup gets suffocating. Want your creative juices flowing? This is also the ideal space!

    But what if your garage seems to have become a battlefield? Where small storage boxes are brimming with mixed tools and sports equipment and gears are pressed over one another. Worse, you have a virtually non-existent floor because of all the drawers and tables! Not only do these put a damper on your productivity, but they also create a hazardous environment. If you find yourself in the situations weve described, worry not because there are things that you can do to alleviate them!

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    Massive Garage Wall Shelving And Storage Ideas

    Modified: October 7, 2022

    Keep your garage functional and organized with wall shelving storage ideas that work. Maximize your space fast and worry-free!

    Many of us consider the garage as one of the most functional parts of a house. Not only does it keep our vehicles safe, but it is also where we can easily store all our tools and knick-knacks. And now you can make the most of it with various garage wall shelving and storage ideas that we have for you.

    With these garage shelving storage ideas and tips, we will help you maximize your space and maintain your garage fully organized and functional. Keep on reading to find out how you can transform your garage easy and fast.

    Monsterrax 4×8 Overhead Rack

    The Monstrax 4×8 Overhead Rack doubles the weight capacity of the previous two options on this list. It has a standard rack design with a mesh wire bottom to support your storage needs. The system spans two ceiling joists to guarantee the max level of strength and ensure that there are no issues with keeping the items in place. You also have a wide range of different drop-lengths so you can adjust the item to match your individual needs or garage build.

    The product is built of high-quality materials and this means that you wont need to worry about it failing you over time. As well as this, it also offers a strong frame. That means that you can go right up to the max weight level, providing you with a great level of efficiency in terms of how much you can store. Similar to another option on this list, the most difficult part of the installation is going to be selecting the right place to install the rack itself.

    Key Points

    • Expert installation available


    • Easy to install as long as you can find the right place to put it up
    • Heavy-duty and designed to last for years
    • Provides a lot of weight support compared to the size
    • The safe design ensures that products wont fall


    • Some reviewers report not getting all the items they need to be delivered to complete the installation
    • Long shipping time – may take a couple weeks to arrive

    Key Points


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    Home Depot Overhead Garage Storage

    Overhead garage storage is so old school that the top storage unit is just a flat box with a wire rack on the bottom. The boxes are then packed in boxes of boxes of boxes of boxes of boxes of boxes of boxes of boxes of boxes of boxes of boxes of boxes of boxes of boxes of boxes of boxes of boxes.

    Home Depot overhead garage storage boxes are designed to hold roughly 50,000 packages. You can think of them more like an oversized shopping cart with an open end.

    Overhead garage storage boxes are also available in a variety of sizes. Theyre most popular with those who want to keep their items out of sight. As a general rule, smaller garages tend to have more overhead storage space.

    Home Depot overhead garage storage boxes are relatively easy to find, so its not a bad idea to get one if you can. Theyre also fairly cheap, but you might have to pay around $80 for the smallest one. Thats because larger garages tend to be more expensive to maintain.

    The only drawback is that theyre not exactly the best method for storing boxes. When it comes up to it, a box can be used to hide a lot of items. But the best way to store boxes is on shelves, as they are easier to store and they help give the boxes extra height.

    I think boxes are great for storing boxes and are a good way to hide items as well. However

    There are lots of ways to store boxes: on shelves, in the garage, or even on the ground. They can be put in the garage or the garage can be used as a storage area.

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    SafeRacks White Adjustable Height Steel Overhead Garage Storage Rack ...

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    Home Depot Overhead Garage Shelving


    White Adjustable Metal Overhead Garage Storage Rack The Everbilt eight in. White Magnum Shelf Bracket The Everbilt eight in. White Magnum Shelf Bracket is a durable, stylish bracket that is right for displaying objects in any room within the home. This L-shaped metallic bracket features a white powder coat finish and matching screw-concealing white vinyl stickers to offer a sleek.

    Get loose transport on certified Overhead Garage Storage merchandise or Buy Online Pick Up in Store these days in the Storage & Organization Department.

    Sorry, there arent any merchandise available online or in your nearby store.

    “When we first heard this, we were simply horrified and astounded.” Plans& #a hundred and sixty filed with the town name for 477 garage devices and a 3,000-rectangular-foot storage.

    Gladiator GearLoft 48-inch W x 23-inch x 37-inch H x ninety six-inch L Overhead Garage Storage Rack in Hammered White. $319. 99 / each. Save 20% $400.00. Out of Stock Online. Not Sold in Stores. View Details. Compare.

    The Husky ninety six in. W x 42 in. H x 48 in. Ceiling hooked up storage unit is best for organizing any garage space. These units can hold up to 600lbs making.

    Top 2 Individual Rail Racks I Would Buy

    This is a one size fits all, as long as they are the same size and style bin.

    Product Information:

    • Weight: up to 450 lbs for the whole system
    • Industrial Steel


    • Each sturdy channel can store four 27-gallon tote/bins with a load capacity of 35 lbs per tote
    • CONVENIENT ADJUSTABLE RAILS Designed to be compatible with any tote or bin on the market, the customizable rails can be adjusted to fit any heavy-duty storage bin.
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty
    • You have to purchase your own wood
    • DIY Installation- depending on what you think about home projects

    Complete DIY Overhead Shelves

    This is our favorite option because we get to design and execute an overhead storage unit that fits our exact needs. This can be time-consuming and costly if you let it, but can also be more affordable depending on wood prices.


    • Cost: can be done fairly inexpensive depending on the size you are looking to build
    • Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets cost anywhere from $7 $15 and can hold up to 500 pounds
    • Standard 2×4 wood cost anywhere from $4 -$8 per board
    • Hardware costs around $20
  • You get to be creative
  • Classic DIY project- depending on what you think about home projects
  • Cons:

    • Cost: you can get super fancy and all of a sudden end up spending way more on an overhead storage unit than planned
    • You are not comfortable building
    • You need to have all the tools required to cut, hammer, drill, etc
    • Coming up with a design

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